Shinke's Tauren Starter guide - Addon Version

Hi there,

WARNING: Wall of text inc.

I'm currently working on an addon version of this guide.

Currently, however, I'm experimenting with the questcircuits a little bit. The don't seem to be perfect to me yet. So I'd like to discuss them here, if somebody wants to.

First of all I think from level 6 on Mulgore can be quite hard. Sharing the land can be a real pain, the venture co. mine isn't fun at all either, and you start running into level 9 mobs quickly...

The first thing is, that i cleared up the first step a little bit. Not really a change to the guide.

I included Kyle's gone missing. I don't think it's a waste of time, since you get the plainstrider meat anyway, and kyle will surely pass by you at some point anyway.

After doing sharing the land the guide tells us to go kill the harpies and go more to the northern part of the map, and then return to the south.

In order to reduce the running around I though it'd be nice to do what we can down in the south first, so i moved Thunderhorn Totem forward a little bit.

The main difference is, that we finish the hole Cleansing Quest series before we head north, thus being able to run one big circle there. The only downside is that we can't combine it with "The hunter's way" anymore, which is a quest that requires level 10 in order to take. However in turn you are able to finish the last Cleansing Quest, which normally wouldn't be finished in the guide. You save quite some running around that way, get the Camp Taurajo flight path already and thus can head towards the barrens faster, once finishing Mulgore.

After doing the "big circuit" we go to thunderbluff, just like in the guide, but we set our hearthstone there. Then you can do all the quests form Thunderbluff, while slowly advancing to the south during the process. Hopefully the Hearthstone will be up again once you turned in every Quest in Bloodhoof Village. After you did you just port to Thunderbluff, turn in your quests and fly towards the Barrens.

Currently I have to tell the player to grind quite a lot from level 8 to 9, but i tried to include as many quests in it as i could. I'm just not sure if it's better to get to level 10 first in order to be able to take "The Hunter's Way", or if it would be better to just skip that quest.

I think that, by grinding the way to 10, you are likely to get along faster after that. I mean Jame also always tells us that it's a good thing to be 1-2 levels ahead of the guide so things go smoothly.

It would be good if someone tested the guide without the grinding. You can put Venture Co. mine and the Harpies to a later point then. Especially the mine should be much easier then. I found it really hard at level 8, and in the current planning you would have to go there with level 9. I don't know if it's doable, and if it's too hard, I think I just should skip "The Hunter's Way".

However I just didn't want to make such a change to the guide, although besides it i stick to it closely, without getting some opinions, maybe also from the guide writer himself Smiling

Wow, that's a lot of text for my first post here.


Hey, I'd really like to

Hey, I'd really like to upload the guide so it can be tested, so can someone tell me how to do it? It's finished for 4 days now ..

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Unfortunately you can't

Unfortunately you can't upload these filetypes on this site. Here is a comment I made explaining what to do: comment.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hey. I got forward quite

Hey. I got forward quite fast today and finished the guide half an hour ago. I included Hunter and Druid Class Quests, since warriors an shamans have to go to barrens for theirs. Where can i upload it now? I need testers Smiling

Hey, just wanted to report

Hey, just wanted to report my progress.

I wasn't able to do much the last few days. Today I reached level 10 in the guide. It seems you don't have to grind as much as I thought to reach it in time to accet The Hunter's Way. I did the venture co. at level 9, if it turns out to be too hard for other classes it can be done later, i was 2500 XP into level 10 without turning in the quests so it wouldn't be a problem to leave it out probably. I guess i will be finished within a few days. But i will keep improving it, it just needs testing then.

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Wow! I guess my guide isn't

Wow! I guess my guide isn't that good after all Sad

What you're doing is great, and if you'd be interested, you can take over my guide. (I've got too much going on in the next couple weeks to update this) Anyhow, I like what you suggest, and I say "go ahead and do it!" This makes so much more sense than what I wrote... I'm actually ashamed... Like I said, let me know if you are interested in taking over the guide. I'm guessing Jame can make it happen.

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Hell, everyday I get

Hell, everyday I get somewhere in between 3 and 5 comments with suggestions on how to improve my guides, and it's been like that for 3 years, so don't worry. You can't write a perfect guide on the first try. This is why this community is great, you get feedback from hundreds of players and that's how you end up with perfect guides Eye

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Oh now I understand. Hey,

Oh now I understand. Hey, give me a break, I'm fairly new to guide writing Eye

Haha. Actually I was a bit down on myself because of some real life things...mostly because of these real life things..and then there's that little part of me that's begging for the promotion to Revered Member Shocked

But I'll take back most of what I said before about my guide. I think the idea of tag teaming the guide is great, so TzTz - write the TG file with the changes you suggest and then in two weeks after my real life stuff is mostly out of the way, let's get to work on "perfecting" the guide Smiling

Oh and if you we're wondering why I'm going to be gone for a couple weeks.. I'm in the process of moving from Minnesota, USA to Arizona, USA... and if you've ever moved you know how hectic my life is right now. Thanks for caring Eye

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I figured you were down

I figured you were down about something else, Shinke. Cheer up! You have lots of friends on here, even if we're online online friends Sticking out tongue

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Hey, thanks Jiyambi It

Hey, thanks Jiyambi Laughing out loud

It may sound cheesy, but you just made my week a hell of a lot better Smiling

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Yay! I know how much even a

Yay! I know how much even a little kindness can do when you're feeling down. I like cheering people up, that's one reason my avatar is a big cuddly Totoro!

Hey, your guide is great. I

Hey, your guide is great. I don't even know yet if "my" route turns out to be faster. Even if it is, it's still your guide and I just made small changes. I really appreciate the work you put into it, I guess I wouldn't have been writing this addon without having your guide as basis.

I will write the addon version, but I can't guarantee that I will be looking after it regularly, so I think it's better when you keep maintaining it. Laughing out loud

But I can help you with that I think.

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Exactly Smiling

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Aww that's not fair to say

Aww that's not fair to say Shinke. It's awesome that TzTz sees some improvements to make, but (at least in my opinion) it's probably a lot easier to make those improvements with something solid to base them on! With you two working together, you can make the guide the best it can be Smiling