Best Class to Proffesion Combo

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Basically this forum is to discuss the best Proffesion for class and why.

All the things i say are my own personal oppinion if you want to prove me wrong feel free.

This is not a discussion about which proffesion makes the most money so please dont post anything that has a gold makeing emphasis.

In my personal oppinion:

Hunters are the class in which skinning and leather working mixes with best. even without the RP value (for the RP players can you just imagine the hunter skinning the beast after killing it, his pet at his feet and then later on molding it into a chest piece complaing about the bite marks). But the sheer amount of beasts you can kill in quick numbers to skin is astounding. Not to mention the fact that you can earn money from the skins but you can make armour for yourself and have a healthy supply of armour kits that boost your own armour and it makes you very popular with your guildies and the guild bank. This can be applied to any Leather based player.

Warlocks, Mages anything that uses Cloth as your armour Herbalism and Alchemy are for you normaly i would say ''use the proffesion that creates items for yourself'' in this case it would be Tailoring but in my oppinion the only good thing about Tailoring is being able to make bags and Cloth Bolts to make money but apart from that i dont like it at all. Alchemy and Herbalism is for Cloth wearing Players is what Skinning and leatherworking is to Leather based players... accept better! Extra armour, extra power, extra speed, underwater breath the list goes on and espesialy to the fragile Cloth wearers that little bit extra health or power or speed culd be the difference between death and victory.

Please leave your own oppinions below so i dont look like a sad act Laughing out loud


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Great thread

Glad you started this thread. I just read thru the replies/comments and found much that was helpful to me.

When I first started playing WoW, [shortly after the BC expansion], I tended to just pick the professions that matched the character like discussed in this thread.

But when I took a strategic look at what I wanted to have collectively in my 10 chars per server, I tried to cover all of the professions, like the person who called that a mini-guild.

I have two accounts now, with 5 servers each and am spending more time reading forum threads to learn from others. Smiling



Might seem a little odd but.....

I have Tailoring, Alchemy, Fishing, and Cooking on a Retribution Pally that is going to dual spec in Holy to get some benefits of the tailoring. I sell bags for money with my tailoring. I have made a lot of money with fishing and even some on cooking. I have cooking mostly for raid buffs my Disc. Priest healer. She has herbalism and from the very beginning collected herbs to help raise the alchemy. I now make transmutations with my Alchemy and the best seller I have so far is Primal Might.

"we are loved beyond our ability to comprehend" - Jewel

"we are loved beyond our ability to comprehend" - Jewel

Couldn't make up my mind

I have ten Alliance characters on one server. I did it more as a mix of professions than to consciously match skills to class. However, the mix works well.

Feral Druid Skinning/Herbs
Hunter Skinning/LW
Mage Tailoring/Enchanting
Hunter Herbs/Alchemy
Warrior Mining/Blacksmithing
Rogue Mining/Engineering
Balance Druid Mining/Jewelcrafting
Shadow Priest Herbs/Inscription
Rogue Skinning/Herbs
Enh Shaman Mining/Skinning

I have 4 miners, 4 skinners, 4 herbalists and all of the crafting professions. It's almost like a guild-lite and I am able to use almost anything I can gather or loot. Thank goodness for the instant mail system. I can remember when attachments used to take 1 hour to be delivered and you could only send one thing at a time.

I also use Altoholic and I am able to see everything in all of the bags and banks of all of my characters.

IMO the best profession

IMO the best profession combo is JC/BS. I think this is awesome even for clothie classes. Yes, BS for clothies.

The two additional sockets will scale really well with the coming Epic gems.

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For every class there is a

For every class there is a number of "best" Tradeskill combo, depending on which role you want your character to excel at.

Money making?

Pick two gathering skills.

You want to play casually and farm for your epics without having to raid, pvp or instance?

Pick two tradeskills which produces items you need. Example: Blacksmithing for warriors and paladins. Tailoring for mages, priests and warlocks. Etc.

Your only concern is to excel at one aspect of raiding?

Consider which tradeskill bonuses are best for you. Skinning is +25 crit rating when maxed. Good if your main role is to DPS.

Mining yields +35 stamina. Good for tanks.

You get the drift. There are a lot of parameters to take into account when choosing your tradeskills.

ps: This reminds me, we could use a guide with a list of all the tradeskill bonuses. If anyone feels like doing that, it'd be a nice addition!

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more profession pro's

i found a list of pretty pro's for the professions at wowwiki.

pretty far down the page is they summorise the bonusses.

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Well considering Tradeskills

Well considering Tradeskills are my favorite part of the game I may have to continue to work up to that. And as far as choosing trade skills that are best fit for a class I don't think there is a right or wrong answer to that. If you are a sadist like me though you theorycraft the worst possible combination like a paladin who stacks Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting. Why?! Well for one I get 2 extra sockets that no one does in blacksmithing and jewelcrafting gets to craft Dragon's Eye gems which you can have 3. So I stack belt buckle, with gloves socket, and bracers socket and use 3 dragon's eyes with +27 defense on each until I can get gear that covers the lack of defense to hit the cap at 80, then regem for stamina once I hit the proper defense cap. I also have a Death Knight which hands down is the best farming class out there now that does mining and skinning to cover my bases.

Don't be famous, be infamous

Don't be famous, be infamous

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just small thing: its

just small thing: its 50stamina+ from mining.
good reply.

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Profession Matching

I think that any profession that matches the gear you wear is good a good pairing. There is a benefit to wearing leather and be able to make leather or wearing plate and being able to forge plate. But I will agree that the combination of a hunter that is a skinner is a time saver because when you pet is attacking you can be skinning and it save about 5 secs per kill.

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Nice thread:D but actully think you need to think more harde core raider and whats is best when you want to boost your character. For example mining is good for anyone that playes PvP becaus the 50+stamina skill. Jewelcrafting is good becaus the fact that you can make IMBA sockets that realy is much better than regular sockets (these are soulbound). Allso as you sad skinning is good for hunter.. and thats totaly correct, skinning=crit chance:). BS is good for any hardcore raider special Plate wearer. BS can make extra socket spots in waist(even nonBS can use it), in vrist and hands(not that sure its the 3places corrct me if im wrong). So for example a tank with BS and mining gets much more stamina than a tank without proffesions: 2-3extra sockets form bs and 50+stamina from mining and maybe 3x24stamina gems and that means a total of 122extra stamina and 1220hp is pretty nice. enchanting is good becaus you can enchant your own rings O.o. and herbelism= a healing spell Smiling. But i think you are right in that for first charcters make stuff you can use and dont think about raid inprovment Smiling.

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Efforts on your spelling

Efforts on your spelling would also be nice! Sticking out tongue

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seeing as the highest level

seeing as the highest level char i have is 25 Sad i cant realy say much about end game pvp so i dont try lol the things i said where more for players leveling etc Laughing out loud i didnt know things like mining had such good things (my pala with mining and BS is gunna be powerfull Laughing out loud ) thanks for the comment Laughing out loud