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Chapter One of this three part series guide, will tell you about Mage Talents, Glyphs and Rotations for each Specialization. Choosing a specialization is totally up to you, what ever your play style is in game you should choose a build appropriate to it.

Frostfire Raiding Build (PvE)

Great build, this is my personal preferance, and is one of the best builds out there for raiding I definitely would choose this.

Rotation: You mian nuke spell is FrostFire Bolt, when Hotstreak procs then cast Pyroblast, always keep up Living Bomb.

Major: Glyph of Frostfire/Glyph of Improved Scorch*/Glyph of Molten Armor
Minor: Glyph of Slowfall/Glyph of the Penguin/Glyph of Arcane Intellect

*If someone in you raid can apply this debuff then replace the glyph with Glyph of Living Bomb

Fire Raiding Build (PvE)





I realize that there are many more builds out there but I do not use them, these are the two best builds that will maximize your damage output, if you don't like them then you can always use the a Frost Build 0/0/0 or and Arcane Build 0/0/0 Also, I do realize that tracking when Hot Streak procs and when the Living Bomb debuff expires can be a pain so I found an addon that will help: Magefever


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Sorry for the huge delay on this guide but things kept on coming up and I had absolutely no time to work on it, I'm really sorry, I'll try to get the next three guides up as soon as possible.