Which race do you think has the best racial abilities?

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26% (795 votes)
4% (108 votes)
3% (80 votes)
Night Elf
12% (362 votes)
8% (250 votes)
8% (236 votes)
14% (414 votes)
10% (290 votes)
6% (184 votes)
Blood Elf
11% (325 votes)
Total votes: 3044



why do so many people like the human racial?? its really boring, you can get multiple stun-breaking trinkets... i think the night elf racial is the best. its like nothing else, and it saves my ass all the time in dungeons when i get into a shitty group. everyone dies and i just walk into the corner and shadowmeld


It has to be human cause' when I tank and get stund I cant keep the aggro and lots of other peeps get the aggro. But every man for himself makes it so I can get away from the stun and get the aggro back without any1 getting hurt.

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IMO the Tauren have the best racials.
The stun has saved my life a couple of times and the extra 5% health bonus is also very nice ;D

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lol biased

but i love blood elf racials.

arcane torrent is actually on my primary hot bar. AoE silence, free mana (energy and rage?) fast cooldown. perfect imo ^_^

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I would go for Orc, they get

I would go for Orc, they get very much Attack Power of that, really love it Smiling


i enjoy the tauren racial because i have a tauren DK and i can war stomp then chains of ice to get away a little easier along with how i can get away from mobs because of war stomp it may only be a 1 second stun but that one second can mean life or death Sticking out tongue

Runing away????

Who run's away with a DK? oh I forgot NOOBS DO!

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You're running away from

You're running away from mobs.. WITH A DEATH KNIGHT?

That's .. not cool!

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I guess it is

I guess it is a hard question considering all of the variables involved, although i would have to say human because of their every man for himself as well as their rep farming increase. or Dreanei because of their HoT as well as their 1% hit increase

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human / draneai

Human is great with the 10% rep gain, saves a LOT of farming. But once the farming is done it is useless.
( but there is so awefully much rep to farm, i doubt i will ever make i all ) but it kinda is like, farm 1 faction rep for free when you have farmed 10 others )

Also the get out of jail for free card is great ( every man for himself ) against snares etcetera.
Sword and mace specialisation ( melee classes ) is great. Will also save you on +hit and will do bette damage i believe. +5 sword skill...... nice....

+1% hit is awesome, saves 2 gems wich can be used for +spellpower ( lock, hehe )

will of the forsaken is awefull ( for an alliance lock that is, no use casting fear on an undead PVP)

The most wasted talents are the +5 skill in any profession. Useless. Will save you the 5 cheapest maths in game for any profession and gives nothing else in return.

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Trolls mon.

Trolls mon.

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Well, well, for new dinged

Well, well, for new dinged in level 80 where you want some rep. gear. But in raids i say dreanei is the best of the 1% hit bonus.
I choose Dreanei

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The 1% hit bonus saves you

The 1% hit bonus saves you from having to find 32.79 hit rating at level 80, this allows you to concentrate on different stats with your gems and enchants, which is a good thing. Smiling

WAY to many variables to ecide

Is it PVE or PVP?
For what role? Tanking? DPS? Healing?
Solo or in a group?
Leveling or end game?
You even have to throw in level, as some abilities have a time they are better than others but fall off.

All things considered and just in general I have to agree that end game, a human and their +10% for Diplomacy is pretty tough to beat.

Heroe's have flaws, it is overcoming those flaws that makes them heroes. Me? Im not a hero

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Depends on pve or pvp and

Depends on pve or pvp and class.

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As much as I

As much as I DETEST Alliance and esp Drenei, they have the best overall racial...more for leveling. Whenever they get in a bind, any class, they can just pop a free heal dot! I'd give my left nut for that racial on my Hordey.

DKs rule...others drool

DKs rule...others drool

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I'm going to go with Troll,

I'm going to go with Troll, for Hunters, that is. One of the few things I do at 80 with my hunter is BERSERK! On boss fights it's natural to use ALL my abilities, and it adds to the attacking power. I'm on top of the charts every time Eye

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Orc's racials are perfect

Orc's racials are perfect for hunters, if you're thinking of rolling a hunter an orc would be a good one to roll. Unless you do not like the way they look that is.

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The way they look..

Hunters are good aye i have a Draenei-hunter. Has been quick to level imo.

*I choose soley on the way a character looks >_<

Anyway, beautiful Night Evles Eye for:

Shadowmeld, great for getting out of things you don't want to do..
Elusiveness (I have Druid), makes the shadowmeld better and Stealth is awesome

Also, Quickness is good too Smiling

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Really hard.

Very hard question, thus it's exciting!

Most races have good racials only for certain classes, but in order to answer your question I'll say that it's better to spot the best racial for every class/race combo.

Human, for sure, has the best racial: diplomacy. Doubtless

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Most of the races have ones

Most of the races have ones which are good in combat or for your profession, but the human +10% to reputation gain is priceless when you are at 80.

Just my 2 cents

I'm amazed no1 mentioned

I'm amazed no1 mentioned Stone Form yet, but thats probably because they are unaware of its awesomeness!

Stoneform has saved me 1 too many in PvP on my hunter, and is priceless on my DK when tanking. Eye

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True, Will of the Forsaken

True, Will of the Forsaken is pretty nifty for PvP also.

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the blood elf arcane torment is great, but if you are not using a mana-type it's not as useful.

I like the orc bonus to pet damage, makes hunters fun to play.

But i would have to say tauran str are a huge asset cause I play heavy melee DPS.