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I've been thinking about various possibilities for my enchanting guide.

One thing I absolutely hate about every enchanting levelling guide I've ever read is that it's for 'Powerlevelling'.

It seems extremely pretentious, as it seems to presume that the author and everyone reading it would 'obviously' be very L33T and have the gold on hand to just powerlevel.

If it doesn't do this, it usually links to a paid goldmaking guide to help with the 'powerlevelling'.

Either I am just a complete nub, or there are in fact quite a few people, levelling through Northrend and levelling enchanting as they go.

I'm trying to tap this audience in a way that hasn't previously been done (to my knowledge) and talking at them instead of down to them.

What I really want, though, is something somewhat new, and revolutionary.

I've been working on a weighting system based more on the chance of getting a dust or an essence from a quest reward, (and your level, and the amount of mats you'll get on average) and using this to weight the values.


Wow, typing really helps with ideas.

Got a good one. If anyone gets any more ideas though, please, post below.


That's a really good idea!

That's a really good idea! You may even be able to pair it with auctioneer, to find average prices of mats, for a more optimized way to level professions based on the cheaper skilling up ^^

I was also thinking recently about having all profession guides being turned into addons that would work kind of like atlas loot, where you can check them all ingame and set trackable goals for materials etc..

This just looked like a good place to post my idea for those who know what their doing ^^

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The thing is, even if you

The thing is, even if you use auctioneer, server economies are going to differ greatly. There's no real way of tracking prices.