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It's a question to the mods (nice to say it!): is there any chance to add a search function to the site? The reason it's simple to me: there are a lot of guides, part of them are missed because of the fact they aren't on the main page (let's face it: main page gives a lot of exposure) and maybe users can't bother to browse through the site to find them. So, a simple search *guide* or search *post* could help a bit. If users would use it properly, some post will just decrease (like: when will Zul'Drak guide come out? how can I get working my addon? etc.),, or users can just search for posts answering questions less discussed but already pointed out.

So, is this possible?


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Wonderful Idea

That sounds like a wonderful idea. I'm sure it will be possible. In the meantime, you can google this in addition to what you are trying to find on the site.

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Thanks a lot man, I was

Thanks a lot man, I was worried because no one answered me in this loooong time! Thanks for the link though, very good and quick (google has always been very quick honestly), I'll use that for now.