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Okay, so here I am at 1:30 AM in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, typing a sentence that I have no reason why I'm typing it because I'm trying to have a good introduction to this topic yet I have no clue what to write here. Oh look, that's a pretty good intro Eye

So over the past few weeks, while running instances, I've asked some party members if they've heard of WoW-Pro or Jame's leveling guides. Out of, hmm, 50 people, only 5 have heard of us. Now this may be different in the EU or other US servers, but Laughing Skull is... I'm not sure where I'm going with this.

ANYWAYS, I think we should brainstorm new ideas for getting the word out about our site and what we have. I have come up with this method:

Take 5 minutes and think to yourself about what WoW players go to for information. Places like WoWWiki, WoW Forums, Radio Shows, Online Newsletters, etc. Once done, post a comment here with as many things you come up with.

My hope is to double if not TRIPLE the WoW-Pro community!

I'll start with a fairly common idea: A WoW-Pro Podcast.

Brainstorm! Go for it!


There is no doubt in my mind

There is no doubt in my mind that getting a recommendation from boubouille or anything else to get on the front page of mmo-champion would an enourmus ammount of people. I don't know if you'd actually want that many people, or if that's not the right way of going about bringing people to the site. I'm just suggesting the first thing that popped into my mind:)

And if you're talking about getting interviewed on a podcast, I guess the Wow Insider Show would be pretty good as well. Or getting an article written about the site/your guides on their front page. Wow insider does a lot of addon reviews, so that could be a way to go about.

Ever thought about having one of the top pve guilds provide you with videos/strategies and whatever else neccessary for you guys to make raiding guides? Doesn't neccesarily have to be boss encounter guides. Guides to raid trash, raid rep farming(if there is any), speed runs, what can be skipped and what can't etc.


Anways, I looking forward to your 80-85 guide, I've already recommended it to my guild, and seems like most of us are going to use it. We're counting on you guys to help us getting those realm firsts! Eye

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Just whisper yer friends.

I always just whisper any of my friends that are leveling to try this website. So far, around 5 have started using it, and love it. ^.^

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Perhaps a couple of posts on

Perhaps a couple of posts on Wowhead would help getting the word out. I know a large number of people from all servers frequent the forums on Wowhead.


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Hmm.. I have some ideas, but

Hmm.. I have some ideas, but alot of them may not be 'practical' if that's the right word..

1. Promote the idea of donating money to the site, so we can buy some advertising space on popular websites (Unless some of these websites are willing to do it for free, which is unlikely).
2. Advertise in Trade chat. (Although, this might cause TOO many people on one server to use the guide, so therefore areas become too crowded).
3. A PodCast is a mighty fine idea :] We could get someone else to take care of it other than Jame? And other people to present it.
4. MOAR INTAVEWZ! Get Jame/The moderators/Some of our community to take part in interviews with popular WoW sites, talking about our site, and 'bigging it up, dawg'.
5. Tell your friends who play WoW - Although simple, it may prove efficient. It could end up multiplying bacteria. One more members grow into two, two into four, four into eight, and you are perfectly capable of working out the rest of the maths yourself.
6. Create more gold-making guides. This COULD be good for advertising in trade chat. A good chunk of the WoW community are level 80 - and need gold for their mammoths. Plus lower levels need money, too :]
7. You have drained Rob's brain of ideas, therefore he will self destruct in ten seconds.

There's my umm.. two cents.. As they say in America, with their nylon stockings and their chewing gum. >_>
5, 4, 3...


"I do not see why man should not be just as cruel as nature."



"I do not see why man should not be just as cruel as nature."

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I don't think advertising in

I don't think advertising in trade is a good idea at all...

I once bet someone that I could sit down and read the whole of the WoW ToC and I'm pretty certain that advertising external websites (apart from things like guild websites, which isn't REALLY advertising) is against the rules. Suggesting, if someone asks about levelling guides, no problem.

Saying 'What has Wow-Pro prepared for your Christams? Wrath Levelling Guides!' Is NOT allowable Sticking out tongue

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Rather than having a WoW-Pro

Rather than having a WoW-Pro podcast, which would be a stretch of Jame's already stretched time - why don't we see if a popular WoW podcast will interview Jame as a guest on their show?

I listen to a podcast called "The Instance" that I really love. The guys are awesome and I think they might go for an interview. I know there are other podcasts out there as well.

Personally, if Jame gets

Personally, if Jame gets interviewed on something, I think it would be interesting for him to have an interview on PuG ( when it returns, assuming its format is the same as it originally was.

I've never listened to "The Instance," but I'll have to check it out if Jiya likes it! Sticking out tongue

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I'll warn you, no matter how

I'll warn you, no matter how much they protest otherwise, they really are Hordies at heart. They aren't "biased"... but both of them play Horde as their mains and that's what they know and love best.

They are also complete goofballs, especially Scott. Which is why I like them Smiling I don't listen for education, because honestly I learn a lot more on here or browsing WoWhead or Elitistjerks. I listen for entertainment Smiling

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... A NEW CAR!!!



(Thats another vote for the instance by the way)

That's also why I listen to

That's also why I listen to, myself.

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I also listen to The

I also listen to The Instance. It's actually the reason I had an idea for the podcast. But like Rob said, let's get someone besides Jame to do the show. Although an interview on the instance would be great, how often do Scott and Randy actually interview people that run websites like ours?

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WoW-Pro lunchboxes!

WoW-Pro lunchboxes!

I'd buy twenty.

I'd buy twenty.