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I have been using a mixture of several strategies to make money; in the last 2 weeks I have financed 2 epic flying mounts and got a nice amount of gold to just sit on. However I probably play too much Sticking out tongue. Having made enough cash I feel I can now release these to the general public Eye.

Disclaimer: Prices are very server dependant!


  1. Strategy 1

  2. Strategy 2

Strategy 1


  • 400 Herbalism (375 come patch 3.1).

  • A character level 68 or above.

  • No mount required (although it will speed things up).

  • Time = 5 minutes.

    This little tip is best if you come on, do the loop, then log off and do something else for 10 minutes or more, then come back. In this way you can use both Strategy 1 and Strategy 2 as I have been doing and you will be making some serious cash.

    First head over to Borean Tundra. The place where we are going to be farming is a little lake in the middle of the map called . Here is a map of Borean with the lake circled.

    Ok, now to the route. As you can see on the map below there are quite a few spawns of Tiger Lily here. If you use a route like one on the map below you can cover the whole of the area in mere minutes.

    This usually nets me about 1/2 a stack of Tiger Lily, which on my server is worth around 12g50s; all that for just 5 minutes of work. However that is not the only money source. Occasionally you will get Crystallised Life drop with the herbs, gather it up; its worth about 10g minimum for one Eternal Life (which is 10 Crystallised Life). However, the drops keep on coming, you also get some Deadnettle drops. This sells for about 25g a stack. Finally if you are lucky you will get some Frost Lotus' dropping. These beautys are worth around 25g each.

    So to sum up you will be gathering:

  • Tiger Lily (25g a stack)

  • Deadnettle (25g a stack)

  • Eternal Life (10g each)

  • Frost Lotus (25g each)

    Continue to do this until your bags are full, this will take a while, be patient.

    If you aggro one of the mobs around the edge of the lake just kill it and collect the loot, you can get greens drop and rags sell for 50s each, which is pretty nice.

    Strategy 2


  • Able to enter Wintergrasp

  • Part 2 requires Engineering (to use Zapthrottle Mote Extractor).

  • Part 3 requires Mining (to mine the nodes in the circuit).

  • [*]Additionally you can use a Herbalim route instead of Part 3.

    There are 3 parts to this following guide, and they all interlink to gain as much resource/hour as possible.

    Part 1

    All characters can do this, but with varying success. All you have to do is make your way to the Cauldron of Flames in South-Eastern Wintergrasp.


    Here you will be farming Eternal Fire. I would advise that you only kill the Flaming Revenants, although you can kill the smaller ones if you want or your faction does not control Wintergrasp. As such this tactics is best if your faction controls Wintergrasp, as Flaming Revenants have a 100% drop chance for Crystallised Fire, usually dropping around 3. The reason that I do not suggest that you kill the smaller elementals is because they do not drop Crystallised Fire as often as Revenants, and in this guide I am trying to maximise the amount you get in the time taken.

    After having killed the Revenants that have spawned you will have a little bit of time before they spawn again, in which I suggest doing Part 2 or Part 3.

    Part 2

    For this part you will require 320 Engineering.

    While you are killing elementals and Revenants look out for Cinder Clouds which spawn around the cauldron (as shown on the map below), these can be 'mined' using the Zapthrottle Mote Extractor, and yield 3 or 4 Crystallised Fire.


    The Cinder Clouds look like this:

    Part 3

    For this part you will require at least 400 mining (preferable 450).

    You will be looking for nodes of Saronite, Rich Saronite or Titanium. I suggest you use a route similar to the one shown on the map below, it usually yields one or two nodes, more if you are lucky.


    Once you have completed the circuit you will be back in the Cauldron of Flames, and ready to begin again. If they have not spawned yet then you can log off and do other things and come back later.

    Note: It is probably possible to do a similar thing with herbalism, I do not have herbalism on the character that I do this with, but you can easily construct your own little circuit around the Cauldron of Flames using an addon such as Cartographer, Gathermate or Gatherer.


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    Wrath-specific info

    We are recently working on improving the quality of content here on, both by limiting low ranked guides and by moving out of date guides into archives. For more information, see the full news post detailing this process.

    The information in this guide is very Wrath-specific. It will be moved to the archive section when Cataclysm is released.

    Frost Lotus

    1. I dont know about your server but on my server a Frost Lotus sells for around 50G.
    2. About the farming Route, If you farm in the northwest area of Wintergrasp for Herbs After you have farmed down in Southeast you will see that around there is a Specific Frost lotus Node( Or whatever you wanna call them) And lots of others herbs there ( It would have been nice if you've had added that if you did Know that Eye

    Otherwise Good job Smiling
    -Lores Laughing out loud

    This was a very nice guide,

    This was a very nice guide, my deathknight is gonna be next toon to go thru NR, might just have him take up herb now Smiling Thank you very much for this guide

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    Very Nice!

    Very nice!
    Hope you will make more of these tips. If you could add a link to the big quest lines including [D.E.H.T.A's Little P.I.T.A.] archievement in Borean Tundra just beside your herb route. I'm sure you will have to kill the mobs, since they aggro pretty easy. Just for some extra gold. (even better if you're doing it while leveling, exp also!)

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    Great idea, I'll add that in

    Great idea, I'll add that in Eye


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    Updated for 3.1 and released!

    Updated for 3.1 and released!