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hello i am lol am I not or do you not think I am?


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Hey Maw!

I'm working on a rep guide for Knights of Ebon Hold and really like your format. It's clear and easy to read and I like how you linked non-daily quests, but didn't have to go into explanations of them. I think I'm going to hijack it for my guide if you don't mind. Why mess with a good thing? lol. Do you have any tips for making it faster/easier? I'm very new to this and want to keep the quality up to par with the quality of the site. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for the great guide! Laughing out loud


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Nah, I think the original

Nah, I think the original ones actually look better (no offence). But yes, I do agree that the quality of the images could ideally be higher, but I think they'll do. They're not all bad. Besides, what do you expect from Paint? Sticking out tongue

And yes, I will use GIMP in the future, I've just been too lazy to download it until now.

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Haha, okay. Glad you've taken it into consideration. If you need any help using it, I don't mind giving you a hand.

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The pictures

The pictures look a bit low-quality, no offense. I tried editing your existing images a bit (simply because I'm probably too lazy to make new images from scratch) and here are the links to the results:

I hope that helps! Oh, and sorry if the text looks a bit gritty; it's due to the non-perfect-clarity of the original pictures. Sticking out tongue

War is not about who is right, it is about who is left.

Can't get quest in Howling Fjord

I can't get any quest in Howling Fjord.
I got no idea about this.

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Do you have a bit more information for us ?

Are you of high enough level ?
If not, go check a zone from a lower level.

If you are, please tell us a bit more.
Wich level / race / clas are you.
Wich quests do you try to accept, and where.
Do you see the ! marks but cant accept, or cant you even see the ! marks.

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There are some quests you

There are some quests you need to do before you're able to accept this quest.

It's the Quest chain that requires you to gather 6 island shoveltusk meat, the follow up to that one that requires you to gather 3 chimera horn and the last one that requires you to kill 8 slave masters at Ilaak

Achnos, Tauren warrior, Ravencrest


For the Planning for the future its very easy to just hotkey /tar Snowfall Glade Pup and spam it as you run around. At 80 Its easy to forget about killing the mobs, run in spam your macro and turn in in 2-3 min at max.


Jame's guides will get you

Jame's guides will get you well into revered while doing the dailies only once

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great guide

Thanks a bundle.
Very nice looking, informational guide.
Two thumbs up.
( dont have more thumbs, sorry )

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There is an other way to

There is an other way to "The Way to His Heart...", which is by catching 1 fish, and kiting (but not killing them!) to a cow, and then use the fish. I find this alot faster, rather then swimming all the time until you see some fish.


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Awesome job once again Maw!

Awesome job once again Maw! Smiling 5/5

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Great Guide I find no

Great Guide Smiling

I find no fault with this at all! Job well done!