Music to Crank While Playing WoW?

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Does anyone else listen to music while playing?

I posted that we were taking a trip in February to Florida. The other couple that we went with wanted to the the Blue Man Group while we were at Universal Studios, the theatrical show. That was the most amazing show I've ever seen. I bought the DVD/CD of their concert and I can't quit listening to it. Whenever I'm driving around by myself (my wife is tired of listening to it), I'll crank up the CD. If I'm at home by myself, I'll either put the DVD in and have the show playing in the background, or I'll play the "Serenity" movie from the DVR. If my wife is home, I've ripped the CD to MP3 and I'll put the headphones on one of the PC's and listen to the music. I don't know what it is about it. Part of it was the fact that I saw them in concert, but another part of it the fact that they're playing instruments made out of PVC pipe.

Just wanted to share.....LOL



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Either the Alien or The New

Either the Alien or The New Black albums by Strapping Young Lad or Southern Storm album by Krisun. Either will suffice, note that the second one is for anyone who wants brutal background music to set the mood for some PvP stomping - it's how I generally use it anyway Smiling

Or the Cannibal Corpse album Evisceration Plague...

- Skumball

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I mostly listen to

I mostly listen to electronic music and pretty much every subgenre there, except hardstyle and the like...
Depending on my mood I also like to listen to alternative rock. And in very few occasions Pop or RnB.

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Do you know of/listen to

Do you know of/listen to Project Pitchfork? I <3 them.

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Nah never heard of them

Nah never heard of them sorry :> I'm more into the recent stuff Eye Scan through and you know what I'm listening to. *g*

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I usually just listen to a

I usually just listen to a couple of channels on via foobar. Usually I listen to alt/indie rock, trance and some techno styles.

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I always listen to music

I always listen to music when playing wow, even when writing guides or working on the site. Hell, I pretty much listen to music all the time whenever possible. I listen to a very wide range of music styles, from Beyonce to Metallica, but of course I got my favorites: Rock, Metal, Punk Rock and all that headbanging goodness.

Like for example right now I'm moderating a bunch of comments and listening to a huge playlist from Three Days Grace. It's my favorite band this month, just like last month was paramore, just like the previous month was 30 Seconds to Mars. I pretty much listen to a band a lot until I get fed up with it, then move on to the next.

I'm a very unfaithful person when it comes to music Sticking out tongue

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Haha, I do that sometimes as

Haha, I do that sometimes as well. My brother is really into Paramore right now, and I like them as well.

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I listen to music when when

I listen to music when when I play, but I can't really say what kind, because it's always different. I usually use Pandora, and set it to quickmix so that what I'm listening to is always changing..

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Hah, great topic. It really

Hah, great topic.

It really depends on my mood. I always listen to a Pandora station (if you don't know what Pandora is, go there RIGHT NOW and make a station, it's the most amazing thing on the internet). However I have quite a few stations.

Lately I've been mostly to a station I've dubbed "dark rock". My favorite song on it and a good example of the type of music it plays is Seven Days to the Wolves by Nightwish.

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"We believe that you are in

"We believe that you are in Norway (your IP address appears to be xxxxxxxxx). If you believe we have made a mistake, we apologize and ask that you please contact us at "

Oh, yeah - most awesome thing on the internet >.<

No, really, I think a US-only station is great, only problem is that I can't listen to it, and it excludes the rest of the world.

Oh, no wait, now I remember, most Americans think they ARE the world...

Sorry to any Americans that got hurt now, I'm just really fed up with US-only sites. That's like when Dattebayo stopped dubbing Naruto Shipp. and they were like: "But hey, there are other free offers, like on this site." - Guess what? The only real Naruto streaming site left is ... you said it - US-only! We love it! (Yes, I know about Crunchyroll, but that sucks)

Enjoy Pandora guys, lol Sticking out tongue

PS: I was just about to mention proxy, but then I recon alot of people would go Jawdropping! Jawdropping! Jawdropping!

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US-only sites really are

US-only sites really are annoying, and I don't really understand why they're doing that. The more traffic, the happier a site is, so I don't get it.

But anyway, you can try to circumvent such things with programs like

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I wonder if it has something

I wonder if it has something to do with legal stuff, since Pandora has to deal with that for their music.

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I suppose the EU is pretty

I suppose the EU is pretty narrow-minded with music copyright and stuff like that...

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Wow, that sucks, I didn't

Wow, that sucks, I didn't know it was a US only site (and not gonna apologize cause there is no way I could have known!). For those who *can* access it, it's pretty cool and you should check it out.

Ya most Americans are pretentious a-holes, though there are still some good ones out there! I like to count myself as one Eye

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Of course you are a good

Of course you are a good one! You're actually my favorite one Sticking out tongue Right behind Obama, Tarantino and Michael Moore!

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Hehe, Jame has revealed

Hehe, Jame has revealed himself as a crazy liberal French hippy! Not that there's anything wrong with that Eye

Oh on a completely unrelated note, my new favoritest books (The Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin) have a character named Jaime in them. He starts off as sort of an a-hole but ends up as a really interesting character.

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Ofcause I'm listening to

Ofcause I'm listening to music while playing xD!

PvPing - Different World - Iron Maiden

Raiding- Nugget - Cake

Leveling- B.B. King - Riding with the King

Kicked by Guild- Celesty - Fading Away

Wipefeast- Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight

"Just Got Betrayer of Hummanity"- Mr. Lover Lover

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That's an eclectic selection right there!!! LOL

As long as we're posting links.... Sticking out tongue

Rods and Cones


Up to the Roof

I Feel Love

Baba O'Riley

Unfortunately, I can't find my favorite song in a decent video. It's called "Light Suits" on the DVD, but I've also seen it called "Stomp Your Feet, Clap Your Hands." No, not the Quiet Riot version....LOL