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Boss HP: 830,000
Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Start Position

Split your party up in 2 groups (see picture). Whwn someone hits the boss the fight will begin.

Phase 1

When the boss is attacked, there will spawn adds on both sides of the room (living side and undead side). There is 3 different adds. A Unrelenting trainee with 10k hp. Shouldn't be any problem. Unrelenting Death knight - 34k hp, they will randomely inertupt party members. Unrelenting Rider - they have 55k hp and does *Unholy Aura* which does 350damage every 2 second.

Phase 2

After 4:30 seconds phase 1 will end, and the boss will attack the living side (south on the map). The boss will teleport from side to side and when the boss is at 30%, the gate will open. The boss does a de-buff every 15 seconds which will decrease all atributes by 10%. Stacks up to 10 times. So actually, you got 2:30 minutes to kill the boss.


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On the Gothik the Harvester

On the Gothik the Harvester fight it might be worth mentioning that the adds pass through the living side, then when killed go over to the dead side. Also if you have any Paladins it is a good idea to put them on the dead side because of abilities like Holy Wrath which really help when the dead side begins to get a bit busy.

Also worth mentioning on the

Also worth mentioning on the Four Horsemen Encounter is that, when you have a paladin, tanking kor'thazz or rivendare, let the pala taunt first, due the nature of their taunt.

And for the love of got, don't pick 2 palas to tank them.

Paladin tanks

This problem is not the case since pallies got Hand of Reckoning (3.0.8 i believe)...

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Once again, awesome job

Once again, awesome job eric. Bumping your guide to the front page.

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Thank you jame, nice to see

Thank you Jame, nice to see you active again Eye

For your alternative

For your alternative strategy you suggest 2 paladin healers, paladin healers are probably the worst healers you can have in the back since they got no healing over time heal which is VERY useful when switching sides. We usually have a druid/shaman healer and a hunter in the back on 10 man and 2 druid/shaman healers, me (paladin tank) and a hunter in 25 man.

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I'm a holy pally and I

I'm a holy pally and I usually end up tanking an add at the back on 10 man and sometimes on 25man, with a beacon on the other tank we can keep going at the back as long as is neccessary. So long as we keep swapping over and staying in range that is.

Holy Shock is your friend when swapping over Eye.

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It honestly doesn't matter

It honestly doesn't matter who is in the back, I usually just have a couple low dps that have healing abilities go in the back. The horsemen don't hit that hard and paladins have no problem healing through it. Even ret pallies are okay back there.

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Thank you, didn't know that,

Thank you, didn't know that, I've changed it.