Favorite Battleground

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I haven't seen many people posting lately (although I'm not really one to talk), so I decided to start a thread of my own.

What's your favorite Battleground, and why?

For me, it would have to be AB. I'm not sure why I like it so much, but I do know why I dislike the others:

WSG - This may just be a problem on my battlegroup, but I find that the games tend to last way to long for my taste. Playing a single match for 30 minutes only to get one mark, isn't really my idea of fun.

AV - It's kinda hard to slaughter the alliance when you're getting less than a FPS (yeah, my computer sucks that much).

EotS - We lose every single time.

SotA - Two reasons. The lag, and the fact that the Alliance always starts first..

So what about you guys?


Hmm... About battlegrounds

Well, so I'm new to this site. I have however used Jame's guides to level my ally toon. Let me say what everyone else is saying: They're f**ing awesome! Thanks jame, you've probably heard this so many times, u prob dont even acknowledge it anymore, but for fairness i had to say it.

Anyways, seeing as how this site has great levelling and profession and instance guides. Could we have a guide for pvp. I've tried two battlegrounds: WSG and AV and they both seemed really chaotic. There was no coordination and people died too quickly because of the mismatch in numbers at any one point. Maybe I'm doing something horribly wrong, but I really want to experience the pvp aspect of WoW. Not only does it have great rewards but it seems like a huge awesome feature of the entire WoW experience. Can someone please help me through this?

Also, how can i learn to play my character better. In regular quests, the mobs are predictable and not-too-difficult to kill. pvp seems to offer the best way to really master a character. but mu experience there has been not-fun. Can I practice pvp anywhere? I want to fight real players at around my same level, but not in a battleground. And I cant do Arenas. So what can i do?

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Meh, any BG is good for me..

Meh, any BG is good for me.. I have a few chars so I change it up here and there.. but I still find all the BGs enjoyable..


I love AV, I don't know why

I love AV, I don't know why but I just throughly enjoy it.
But that is on my Hunter, on my Mage however. I enjoy WG and AB.

I think it al depends on what class you are and also what you feel comfortable doing.

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I have to agree with the

I have to agree with the OP.

The thing about AV is that it's too quick nowadays. It used to be sooo fun; not anymore!

War is not about who is right, it is about who is left.

I find EOTS fun. I was never

I find EOTS fun. I was never a big fan of WSG and it seems that in most brackets of PvP, the horde just can't learn that a 4-1 / 5-0 victory in Arathi just isn't going to happen. :l