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Leveling Tips

  • Always choose a spec that does the most damage as this will making killing things a lot easier and therefore leveling easier (i.e pallies go ret, preists go shadow, warrior go arms etc.)

  • Don't waste time or money buying gear from the Auction House, just use the gear from quests or from drops.

  • Make sure your gear has the right attributes to your spec (i.e if your a ret pally or warrior don't get something that gives you intellect).

  • If invited to an instance that you haven't make sure you grab the quests for the instance for extra exp.

  • Be in the right guild, if your level 21 then don't join a raiding guild, join a leveling guild.

  • Keep in mind that some quests will be long that doesn't mean that they are useless it just means that they are long.

  • If you get a group quest for an instance or anything don't focus on that one quest, do other quests and simply ask in the general channel for some help and if you want you can make a macro.

  • Set your hearthstone everytime you change locations because you don't want to be in outland and hearth to eastern plaguelands. Or simply set to the main city or camp that is closest to your leveling area.

  • Take breaks from leveling as this will keep your spirits up and not make you hate this game.


don't forget your professions

The following will sure slow you down, but it's nonetheless very important.
Level your professions and secondary-professions as you go. Not spending time on your professions will increase your leveling speed, but you will miss alot of gold and it's very very painfull to invest lots of hours if you have a lvl 80 toon that still sits at 100 fishing and so on.

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I have finally contributed

I have finally contributed to wow-pro! Can I get Karam for editing a Wiki? I wrote the second to last one.

The grammar and spell checker.

Added a few things, first entry!!

Hey, I have pirated the precious knowledge on these pages without contribution for far too long.

To the first of many!! Hopefully

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*raises glass* To the first

*raises glass* To the first of many!

Good to see a new face in the community, and those tips you added are excellent additions Smiling

- Skumball

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Added a couple of things:

Added a couple of things: intro, a little extra text formatting, as well as adding some tips and expanding on a couple of others.

Hope it helps!

- Skumball

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Great Comments

Great Comments ...add them it a wiki for a reason Eye

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Think the reason people is

Think the reason people is posting comments instead of adding it to the wiki is that they want some feedback on what they intend to add before they (hopefully) add it.

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Twink it up.

Always twink your toon.

Have all your gear enchanted with level appropriate enchants. At the early stages of the game, you will cycle gear too quickly to keep putting crusader on that new level 12 green, but greater striking is cheap. At higher levels, go for higher enchants as the weapons will last you many hours of game time. Minor Speed to boots is a must for level, especially before level 30.

Treat leveling just like raiding. Alway use foods, flasks and elixirs.


Not to sound harsh, but if this is your best attempt at communication the true "pwnage" is going to occur when you apply for a job that doesn't require you to wear a paper hat. - Doomplague


Not to sound harsh, but if this is your best attempt at communication the true "pwnage" is going to occur when you apply for a job that doesn't require you to wear a paper hat. - Doomplague
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"Always twink your

"Always twink your toon."


you can afford it. If you're starting at a new server and you're low on cash, or just have enough, then don't waste money on things mentioned above. Instead use your money wisely on things such as mounts, skills, bags and up-to-date food & drink. When you reach the higher levels, and cash is a more common thing for you, then you can begin to spoil yourself - but not before that; you'll just ruin yourself and end up running around in Orgrimmar "5g plx f0r mount raelly need plzz".

Fast leveling comes from skill and knowledge, not twinking, although it is a nice bonus.

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Appreciate this, I just wanted to specify that the hearthstone is more than tricky when levelling. From 1 to 70 Jame always specify where to set it , but in WotLK he won't write it, so every player must use it cleverly. My hint is to set the HS on some kind of "central" area, otherwise just set it in the faction major camp (Conquest Hold for Horde in Grizzly Hills etc.).