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I'm going to be making one, releasing one or 2 a week on here. Anyone who wants their character in it just leave your name and class + race combo of what you'd like and you'll be in an episode/ issue/ whatever soon enough!

The role of Female Draenei Stalking Smelly Undead Prot Warrior has been taken though Sticking out tongue

The Cast So-Far:

  • Skumball Male Undead Prot Warrior with obsession over Female Draenei
  • Jiyambi achievement whore Female Tauren Tree
  • Maw Female Human Mage, trying to be a guy
  • Lunargecko Action House whore - Char?
  • Eric Male Human Warrior - old and wise monk
  • Davee raid-obsessed Male Blood Elf Prot Pally
  • Madrin Draka (Madrin) Male Blood Elf Death Knight, enjoys stomping demons/ Undead (even the faction!)
  • Brune Male Tauren Shaman with strange addiction to DEing his epic gear and replacing it with crappy greens... Sticking out tongue
  • Matthias Jealous Male Blood Elf Ret Pally who is 'used' by everyone as a disenchanter

- Skumball


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Hey dudes, sorry, I've been

Hey dudes, sorry, I've been away for a while... I may or may do this now I'm back, I'll see how things go with creating it first before I commit to it Smiling


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Great idea?

I'm an insanely active altoholic. That is, I'm on every single day, Haave 2 80s.... and I'm ALWAYS working on some level 12 Hunter somehow. I mean, I just made a Priest. Again. For the fourth time!

I think having something like that would be great, some recurring character who always looks different but is like ' Oh, it's me again'. 'WHAT?'


"Wise is the man who knows he does not know"...
...Or who knows why my mother keeps calling me.

"Wise is the man who knows he does not know"...
...Or who knows why my mother keeps calling me.

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Sorry guys, I've had no time

Sorry guys, I've had no time lately to even start the comic. It's coming thugh... Soon Sticking out tongue

- Skum

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If you need some more

If you need some more characters you can use mine:

  • Female Draenei Hunter - loves nothing better than grinding through huge packs of mobs with her gorilladin.
  • Male Human Pally - Is bringing the light to an instance near you!

Cheers and good luck writing this Eye

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Character list has been

Character list has been updated - let me know if this is OK with you guys Smiling

Lunargecko - what is your char for this?

- Skumball

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See here or scroll down

See here or scroll down Eye

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/dumbass Cheers NightHawk


Cheers NightHawk Smiling

- Skumball

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.. lol how about Doomadin the paladin that everyone uses for instance runs

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Not sure if you'd be up for

Not sure if you'd be up for breaking the fourth (or whatever number it is) wall, but I've got an 80 male Blood Elf Retribution Paladin. He used to get played for hours everyday, but a few months after he hit 80, he noticed that he was being played less and less. He eventually finds out that he's being cheated on by a younger, prettier female Blood Elf Rogue (23 Atm). Now he only gets logged on to disenchant the greens she mails him. Jealousy ensues.

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I've got Brune, lv 80 tauren

I've got Brune, lv 80 tauren shammy, who would enjoy a cameo if you're looking for characters =D

Wrecked with constant nervousness that's he's just replaced and DEd a better bit of gear than what went in the actual slot previously Sticking out tongue


Would you like to use my Bloode Elf Death Knight? Hewas beaten as a child so that caused him as a teenager to beat up other kids. Then now he takes out his anger on the Burning Legion and the Scourge as a member of Knights of the Ebon Hold

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If you need a Female Prot

If you need a Female Prot paladin who is addicted to epics and just want to raid all day... feel free to use my char xd

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Cool Davee will do BTW

Cool Davee will do Smiling

BTW what race is she?

- Skumball

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Blood elf Good luck with

Blood elf Sticking out tongue
Good luck with the comic btw Smiling

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Thanks - Skumball

Thanks Smiling

- Skumball

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I got a level 78 human

I got a level 78 human Warrior called Helgonice.
(He is a old man with monk hair)
Just if you need a character more to your comic Sticking out tongue !

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That's cool Eric, though I

That's cool Eric, though I would use your name of Eric with it being a WoW-Pro based comic.

What spec is he/ you? Just so I know how to use him in the comic and how his appearance should be.

- Skumball

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Yeah thank you, didnt think

Yeah thank you, didnt think that someone found him useful at all Sticking out tongue He's Arms at the moment, wearing a big twohand axe. Actually, this guide got a picture of him (the man in black at the front picture).

I'm up for anything about me, just bring it on Laughing out loud !

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I have an auction house

I have an auction house whore named Erosonne who spends 1-5 hours a day reposting about 2000 auctions. Laughing out loud

War is not about who is right, it is about who is left.

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Thanks Lunargecko, I'll use

Thanks Lunargecko, I'll use that character then... What would your race/ class be for it?

BTW guys also, I will be using everyone's names on here - not ingame. Just so less confusion ensues.

- Skumball

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Female Bloodelf. She has a

Female Bloodelf. Smiling

She has a lovely black dress, a diamond tipped cane, and ruby shades. I especially love how the cane is shiny in game. Laughing out loud

War is not about who is right, it is about who is left.

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Thanks guys Up to now the

Thanks guys Smiling

Up to now the character list is as follows:

  • Skumball: Undead Prot Warrior with obsession over Female Draenei
  • Jiyambi: Cow Dr00d who is an Achievement whore
  • Maw: I'll use your Rogue with oversized swords or your cross-dressing Mage if it's ok? Haha!

This could be great Sticking out tongue

- Skumball

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i have a character

I have a character named Xaelo,a lvl 74 night elf death knight,if u need another


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I have some possible

I have some possible candidates. I don't know if they're really that funny, but anyhow, here's my 70+ characters:

  • Human Female Rogue that have way too big swords for her own size. Combat rogue. Never seem to get the stun-lock to last long enough.
  • Human Male DK that got abandoned right after dinging 80. He looks awesome, though.
  • Human Female Mage that I really wish was male. Ditched her 'cause I really couldn't stand the human female spell-casting animations. Could make some transsexual joke about this one Sticking out tongue
  • Orc Male Shaman that changes specs every 3rd level or so. By the time I get full up with enh gear, I respec to elemental, and for some odd reason I sold my elemental gear when respecced to enh. This goes the other way around, too.
  • Night Elf Female Hunter. Can be a real bitch, and thinks she looks too plain with the merciless hunter shoulders. Sometimes dances (half-naked) in Ironforge or Stormwind to earn some cash, eventhough I got more than enough money *hihi*.
If you decide to use some of them, you can just use whatever names you want. That's up to you. Don't wanna give names cause some of them would seem kind of lame since it's some internal humor with my friends.

Really looking forward to the comics Eye

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Haha yes, I'm the smelly

Haha yes, I'm the smelly Undead with the obsession over Female Draenei's.

Cheers Jiyambi, I think your achievement whore would a be a good character for the comic if that's ok? I'll try and stick to our usernames on here (ofc it makes more sense if that's your character name ingame anyway Sticking out tongue ) just to keep it less confusing for people.

If other people want a cameo just shout! Though I may add you due to something going on on the site that I think would make a good comic Smiling Be afraaiiid...

- Skumball

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Haha, that's fine, feel free

Haha, that's fine, feel free to use my username then Smiling I don't really care as long as you don't make her do anything dirty or mean! Laughing out loud

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Haha, I also misunderstood

Haha, I also misunderstood that sentence the first time through.

You can add my toons if you like, though I dunno if they are that funny. I have:

  • Serious raiding tree druid Honani (female tauren) who is also an achievement whore.
  • An abandoned main still at level 71 who could be bitter and jealous, that's the original Jiyambi, female troll rogue with a mohawk (which she had before everyone else had mohawks tyvm.)
  • Up and coming prot paladin Deedlet (female BE), soon to be 80.

Use em all or none, I don't mind! Smiling

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I think I'll wait a couple of episodes to see how things turn out before I add my name into the series. I have a twisted sense of humor and may be able to add some ideas to it.

I have to admit....When I read the taken part I completely misunderstood. I thought you were a Female Draenei that stalked Smelly Undead Prot Warriors until I looked at your avatar. I'm pretty sure it's the other way around.....LOL