Which Class is the easiest to level at a low level?

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6% (188 votes)
10% (335 votes)
7% (211 votes)
2% (68 votes)
4% (118 votes)
6% (200 votes)
40% (1293 votes)
11% (339 votes)
15% (470 votes)
Total votes: 3222



hunter are quick levling because of their pet and you can solo things that you would otherwise need a group for also remeber always delete green and grays little or no xp for those
and try your luck at reds and oranges you never know what you will be able to do always look for instances to run with groups good drops,gold,and xp!

sordis hunter duskwood

How did Hunter get the top

How did Hunter get the top spot? Hunters don't even get a pet at the early levels. Once they get a pet, I'd put them in the top 3, but not before.

Imo, it has to be Warrior or Warlock. All other classes don't get their main abilities until lev 10+

The true answer is ---

The true answer is --- the class you like playing best!!! Jawdropping!

I like Hunters. but compared to a few years ago they all level up fast now.

I think Paladins are pretty

I think Paladins are pretty much easiest to level all the way. 1-19 their damage is nothing spectacular, but still quite ok. And they have zero downtime and can easily solo elites (both of these are true all the way to 80). From 20 and onwards, however, it gets pretty sick. Seal of Command, Exorcism and Consecration more than doubles damage output, and it stays high compared to other classes all the way to 80. They can also easily kill 5 or 6 creatures at once, only to kill them a lot faster than doing one at a time.

I just can't see how any classes can compete with that.

Paladin, Then Hunter

I would have to say that paladins from 1-15 would be the easiest. 1-10 is pretty much tank and spank and heal, then at 10 you have your bubbble and lay on hands, think of it as paladins have 3x their normal health. First their first stage just normal, then buble and heal, back down to about 5% hp use lay on hands, lets just say that if you die on normal mobs from 1-15 you're doing something real wrong. Hunters would have to be easiest from then on with the pet tanking and once mana goes viper it up Smiling Death knights from 55+ would be up there too.

My alt has heirlooms - So I must be l33t Smiling

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Laughing out loud I think the paladin is easiest because they can hit hard and heal (if there ret or holy i dont like protection) but thats my opinion Cool

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Most have it alright.

I think warriors below 20, but hunters have it quite easy the whole time, as do warlocks.

Not hard for anyone though really as long as you aren't on a healing spec.

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I answered warrior for

I answered warrior for low-level, considering low-level is 1-10.
Anything else (besides DK for 55+) would be hunter or warlock.

That's my opinion Smiling

Warlock is the best

I would have to say that Warlock is the best class to level the early levels.

Why? Near-immediate help. Recently, I created a human warlock. Before doing ANYTHING else, I imemdiately went to my warlock trainer and got the quest that would teach me how to summon an imp. With the aid of a passer-by, I quickly did the quest and was able to summon an imp just aqfter reaching 2nd lvl. Thereafter, fights were a breeze: just send the imp to attack, cast your DoT spells and sit back and watch.

Once I reached lvl 10, I took the true test of survivability and passed: I soloed Hogger.

What I did was send in my newly-acquired Voidwalker. While it ws attacking, I dropped a Corruption, a Curse of Agony and an Immolate on Hogger, refreshing them when they were about to run out. Just as important, I made sure I was near my Voidwalker so that, when it was near death, I could use bandages on it. Yes, it still died, but Hogger was at a mere 46 points of health (out of its original elite 660 or so), while I was still fresh. Another second later, and the big bad was bamfed.

Yes, higher than 10, Hunter does give Warlock a run for its money, but given that 'Locks can get their pet at lvl 1 instead of waiting until 10, the earliest levels go to the demon summoner.

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First of all, low level is to be specified. For this poll, I consider a 1-60 level range , even though 60 is not exactly low level. Well, the EASIEST class to level between the ones you have listed is without any doubts hunter - which is also one of the FUNNIEST to level. But other classes like DK are also easy but not fun, which is a big difference IMO.

Good day all.

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I guess to make things

I guess to make things easier i would have to say low level is about 1-29 and then, but yes i think i might go with a hunter.

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1-10: I would say

1-10: I would say Paladin/Druid.
10-55: Hunter is the best choice (followed my Warlock)
55-80: Death Knight would be my answer.

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Death Knights are pretty

Death Knights are pretty easy to level at their low levels.

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I consider 1 - 79 low level,

I consider 1 - 79 low level, and level 80 High level.

Paladin. Oh, it's not on the list.

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Added it.. *quietly sneaks

Added it..

*quietly sneaks back into the shadows*

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the reason i didn't have

the reason i didn't have paladin on the list is because i already have one, this is a personal poll so i can find an alt class to make. So if you could change it back it would be apprecated

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I don't think having the

I don't think having the paladin there damages the effectiveness of the poll for your purpose - just ignore votes for it and choose the second highest if it somehow wins at this stage!

This way, the poll is useful to other people than just yourself as well.

Roguez all the way

Im gonna have to say that a rogue is easiest to level at a low level, because all rogues do is stealth ambush faceroll a few more buttons and there done. They dont use any mana or anything just energy. Similar to a warrior, but i think rogues have cooler abilities then a warrior at low levels. Druids are fun to level in the middle, like 20+ because of kitty form to.

Highest crit: Infinite

Highest crit: Infinite

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Ya missed Paladin off the

Ya missed Paladin off the list, but I'm guessing that was on purpose as you already have a Paladin Eye.

A lot of people have said Hunter, before level 10 they are not the easiest I think, but as soon as they get their pet it becomes ez-mode.

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Ya i neglected to put on a

Ya i neglected to put on a couple classes (pally, and DK i think) because i already have a lvl 80 pally and DK arent exactly a low level since they start with a mount and at level 55.

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Yup thats why i voted priest.. priest for 1-10, Hunters for 10+

Not listed!

Paladin is the easiest to level from 1-10.

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Easiest t level - starting out

Hunters are easy for sure... but have to get use to the controlling a pet thing.

Pally's are by far the easiest to level.  had a Druid when I first started playing... got to LvL 26 and a bad case of the grinding woes.

Created a Pally to just try out a melee class.........   leveled to 30 in about 1 week of play.

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