I'm Showing My Age......

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I was wandering around the web at work, working, of course. I somehow found an article about the old Amiga computer. I had an Amiga 500 and talked my previous employer into buying an Amiga 2000 for some of the programs I'd written (using AMOS), so I hold an EXTREMELY soft spot for the old girl.

After doing some more looking around on the current state of the Amiga, I brought up my YouTube page and there was a suggestion for a video about the Amiga computer. The song in the video is by Jonathan Coulton and sung by Ellen McLain. It's actually in the ending credits for the computer game Portal and can be seen here.

I've never actually played Portal, but I spent about 4 hours tonight playing WoW with my headphones on and kept rewinding that video on YouTube. The song just stuck with me for some reason and I absolutely LOVE it.

Just wanted to share.....