Shikamaru's Weekly Gold Post

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You think the best way to make money is to farm instances, mine nodes for 6 hours a day or herbing the same plants over and over again? Guess what, it's not.

One big recommendation before even reading this is the add-on Auctioneer. Don't know how to use it? Don't worry, I am writing a guide on it as of now, and this is my top priority (also writing a guide on Cooking, Fishing and the Guardian of Cenarius Achievement)

If you are seriously going to read this post every week, I ask of you this:

  • Common Sense
  • If you are going to post a comment, only use serious theory crafting.
  • Mathematics will be included! If this makes your head hurt, don't bother reading.
  • Prices can and will vary for each server.

I am willing to make this a weekly post if the audience reading it is big enough, so that I can keep you posted with what I do every week, how I do it and what you can do.
And of course, I would love to read your experiences through comments below. I hope this will open the eyes of certain people.

The Auction House IS Your Friend

This is something that can't be ignored. The Auction House is the place where you can make bulks of gold, if you know what you are doing.
You think you can make more money farming? Dream on and get real, I'd even take a bet on that (and I don't take bets easily). With Auctioneer, you will be scanning the AH two/three times a day.
Do this for 3-4 weeks and you'll have a pretty accurate spreadsheet of how you server's economy is set up.

Patch Notes: D'oh!

People like me are always, always happy when new (PTR) patch notes are released. Don't know what I'm talking about? Shame on you! You have no idea what you are missing, or already have missed. These are the current PTR patch notes, they are updated frequently as Patch 3.2 is on it's way.

You should always read them and keep track of any changes that occur. For those who didn't know: Patch Notes are a gold mine.

For this week's post I'll be lighting out the 3.2 patch notes.

As some of you may already know, Jewelcrafting and Alchemy changes are going to take place. In 3.2 epic gems can be prospected, transmuted, purchased with honor and purchased with emblems.

Q: Epic gems.. Epic gems.. Epic gems.. Hey, that's cool!

A: Yes - it is. Now for the few people running in and out of the Auction House frequently (just like me), you already know this is a good, good thing.

Q: Gems? What gems?

A: There will be six new gems of epic quality added in patch 3.2:

There has a +10 to all stats gem added too, the Nightmare Tear (Requires 1 Dragon's Eye and 5 Infinite Dust, as of now)

Q: Interesting.. now to the point! How can we get money off of this?

A: Hehe, so impatient you are! As I said before in this post, the epic gems are prospectable and transmutable.

In patch 3.2 Titanium Ore can be prospected for Epic gems (along with Titanium Dust, blue gems and green gems).
Likely the case is the prices of Titanium Ore went up the last few weeks, since most of the people read the patch notes and knew what was coming, mass stock-up.

I however, was one of the first on my server to notice it and have bought up much, very much Titanium Ore stacks. Now the price is higher than it was. I am the current owner of 73 stacks of Titanium Ore.
But, it is not too late! You can still get your fair share of Titanium Ore, if you act RIGHT NOW!

Buy it, store it and sell it after the patch is released > Big profit!
I am now the one pointing this out, but you can do this all by yourself, just following the patch notes once in a while.

And not to be forgotten: the transmutes.
Alchemists will be able to transmute Epic gems from Blue gems + an Eternal (not every Epic transmute requires an Eternal, though)

Here's a list of the transmutes:

As you may see, Sky Sapphires, Forest Emeralds and Twilight Opals will be of use again! Their prices will rise. I've also stocked up on these.
Note: All transmutes have a shared cooldown of 20 hours!

As an addition to the rise in demand for the blue gems, Saronite Ore will rise in demand too, which results in a higher price.

That's it for today, tomorrow I'll continue with the mathematics and theorycrafting, but I'm very tired at the moment n_n

And as I said; comment! I want to read your experiences on this!
Did it work out?
Did it help?


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Hey, not sure if this is


not sure if this is active anymore (seems like the last time you posted was in july or something) any way i was just wondering about the new patch 3.3 if thorium was owrth investing because of the new thing blizz has created:

Mining - Enchanted Thorium: This ability now uses the Mining skill and is learned from trainers at a skill level of 250.

Here is the url for the 3.3 patch notes btw

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Great idea

I love the idea of making this a weekly post. Watching it closely. Not much time here for checking patch notes and such, so really appreciate all your work! Thanks!

Things I never thought I'd say...

"Your brother is not a dog! Get that leash off of him!"

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Great (mini)guide

The idea first of writing tipps weekly seems great to me as you'll have more time for each post, but we will be able to see (and profit Smiling) from your work and don't have to wait until the end ( like it often happens with massive guides, when until they are ready to present their informations may be outdated Laughing out loud). I hope this is the first one, I haven't missed anything Puzzled.

I like two basic ideas the AH part ( I've read about your auctioneer guide many times, is there any way to see at least part of it, as a wiki or something?) and the idea of making money from patch notes (or even PTR if you can it would probably be even better). I had thought both of this many times, but as for most AH guides you have to pay (and you don't know what you are going to get) I never really tried it (I have some ideas myself, but I find it too risky without any theoretical knowledge, and I'm not the kind of person who likes to take risks Eye). The first time I seriously thought about patch notes gold making was when argent tournament was released, the alliance only darnassus pet ( the mini Tree of Life Laughing out loud) sold for up to 10k gold in cross-faction exchange. At least that is what I heard, because unfortunately I wasn't playing when the patch was realeased Sad.

As it is still selling very high now, my own little gold-making tip Smiling: These pets only cost 40champion's seals, you could find what pet of your faction sells the most and try putting it on neutral AH. If you are playing on a PvE realm, you can make an alt of the other faction and go spam trade channel kindly informing them that your pet is available for sale on the neutral AH. If it's a PvP realm, it's somehow harder, I tried making a trial account, but trials can't /w ppl who don't have them in their friend list, and they can't say anything in general or trade channel either, so it's pretty hard to make ppl listen. Still you can go in other faction's major city at the most populated point (AFAIK in front of bank/AH in Stormwind, and this strange roof I found in Orgimmar in one of my rare visits to the horde) and repeat this from time to time in say. To be more precise, this pets cost 40 champion's seals or in my server around 500-600g in my faction's (Alliance, somehow obvious isn't it ? Sticking out tongue) AH, while the alliance only pets sold for around 1000-1200g in the horde AH (at least my trial account has served for this). And still I didn't find the mini druid pet anywhere Laughing out loud.

So I hope so huge walls of text weren't too annoying, sometimes when I start writing I can't stop myself. By the way, you said something about theorycrafting and mathematical calculations which make your head hurt : bring them on, I like that part Laughing out loud. If your audience isn't big enough yet to make this weekly posts, you can count +1 (me Eye).

EDIT: I just saw somewhere that you can now make cross faction characters even on PvP realms. Is that true? I haven't confirmed it, because I wanted to edit my post before someone replies to it and I loose that option, but if it's true it will save a lot of evergy for me (although I'll have to delete one of my imba level10 alts Laughing out loud)

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It is true, you can now make

It is true, you can now make cross faction alts on PvP realms.

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How much des it go on your

How much des it go on your server cause on mine it goes for about 188g is that normal?

About the stocking of

About the stocking of titanium...i assume most people that work the AH know by know to stock titanium to resell for profit after the patch. Right now the price of Titanium ore on my server is insanely inflated. Once the patch hits all these people with many stacks of titanium are going to be putting them on the AH for increadibly high prices. With the prices so high after the patch and there being so much competition wont the price go down after all the JC's and BS's decide to get titanium elsewhere other than the AH? So it seems logical to me to farm or otherwise aquire titanium now and sell it for rediculously high prices beofre 3.2 to get the maximum amount of gold before the price most likely drops after the patch.


this is a great little post

doesnt include much though, you planing on expanding on diffrent "subjects" per news post? (this only covers patch notes and not anything else))

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For this week's post I'll be

For this week's post I'll be lighting out the 3.2 patch notes.

It's indeed my idea of taking on a new subject every week Smiling

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I do believe that's the idea

I do believe that's the idea (different subjects for each post).

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Gold Blogs and other stuff!

Now ive been playing with the auction house since WotLK came out.
A guide like this is really something people can use. In fact i thought it was hell hard to start it, and get it running. Especially the Auctioneer part can be hard to learn...

Back to the subject:

In my time as an Auction House player ive found a good bunch of blogs, but at the moment im only reading two:

Greedy Goblin

And My Favourite
Just My Two Copper

Furthermore. Marcko, the owner of, has the biggest gold making forum communite ever seen:

JMTC Forums

A last note is a 1 and a ½ hour long interview with Marcko made by ''How i WoW''.

How I WoW

All these sites provides great tips about everything about gold making.

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Another tip - since people

Another tip - since people will be leveling in battlegrounds after 3.2 hits, bottleneck profession items will be in high demand since those people will have no way to level their professions. No I didn't think of this myself, just passing along advice from other gold blogs.

I play to go grind some oozes in WPL, try to get myself a Disgusting Oozling, and in the process make a buck on the Thorium there.

aah... reminds me of the 3

aah... reminds me of the 3 days long grind for my Crimson whelp, when i was lvl 31 back in vanilla wow... but i got it at last. Laughing out loud

gained 2½ lvl just grinding them damn whelps. i tell you, its an awesome feeling once you get it. Eye

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Disgusting Oozeling..

Disgusting Oozeling.. haha.
I've grinded that for 4 days and didn't get one Sticking out tongue

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Yup, they are super super

Yup, they are super super rare. But if getting the Thorium is gonna be good for business anyways... I might as well, right? Smiling

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Titanium, not Thorium

Titanium, not Thorium Sticking out tongue

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*points at my comment

*points at my comment above*

Thorium is an important bottleneck material for people leveling professions. If serious PvPers are going to start leveling via battlegrounds in the next patch, they won't be able to collect minerals for their Jewelcrafting, Engineering, or Blacksmithing. So bottleneck leveling materials such as Thorium will probably rise in value. And since I am interested in the Oozling anyways... Eye

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True By the way.. How's

True Smiling

By the way.. How's this leveling going to work? Will it be just as fast as normal questing? Not like.. 1 level per 2 days or something. You get the point Sticking out tongue

Could anyone give me more intell about this?

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All I know is that you will

All I know is that you will get XP from battlegrounds. I'm not a PvPer (at all!) so I didn't bother to look up the details.

For a flat cost, I think

For a flat cost, I think 10g, you will be able to toggle on and off gaining experience, including PvE.

Thorium is by far the most expensive mineral out there, other then Titanium and Titansteel. It use to cost 50g+ on my server, although I don't know the prices now because I haven't since May. A BS needs at least 500g worth of it, and you aren't guranteed a skill level up.

I use to farm Thorium in EPL, and collecting scourgestones at the same time, for Argent Champion title. Or another good use of time, if your server isn't constantly being thorium farmed, is to do a Thorium route, then do a Baron Rivendare run, which takes about 20-30 minutes, so that the nodes can respawn. The run itself, if you start from the back entrance, can bring in 6-7 Corruptors Scourgestones (600-700 Argent Dawn Rep [I am guessing, I can't remember the correct numbers for the rep points]), plus other Scourgestones, a few greens here and there, and some blues (or the occasional epic from Baron himself). This is another 50g+ a run. Of course, I am a level 80 Ret Paladin, but I am sure anyone dps class could do this, even at level 73.

Now I am off topic myself, sorry.

"Like sands through an hourglass, so are the the days of our lives." Yet, you can't flip life upside-down and restart.

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I don't want to turn it off,

I don't want to turn it off, I'd love to level some alts in Battlegrounds!

Wonder how it will be though. I know Blizzard stated it would be less than questing.. but how much less? And less than questing.. that could mean anything!
If you're a hardcore quester, you can ding several levels (5-10 until 60) per day. If you're casual, you'll do one or two per day. Eye
Would this be the same with Battlegrounds? Hardcore PvP'ers should be able to ding several levels per day, if it really wants to compete to questing and such, right? Sticking out tongue

Don't mind about being off-topic here (or at least, when me and/or Jiyambi is/are here), we like people speculating about certain things, and let our thoughts hover about it. Or at least, that's the way I'm thinking about it Eye.

Baron Rivendare.. so nostalgic. Hours and hours of farming for the mount. Got it > account banned. /fail!

Going to do it again on my Paladin, though! (Need Argent reputation anyways)

I dropped off the face of

I dropped off the face of everything Azeroth related for a few months, how did you get banned Shikamaru?

"Like sands through an hourglass, so are the the days of our lives." Yet, you can't flip life upside-down and restart.

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Don't apologize, this is

Don't apologize, this is good advice! Thanks Smiling

This is an awesome idea, I'm

This is an awesome idea, I'm actually logging in now to get on this!
Is this big to the point where spending my flying mount money on it would be prudent (since I might double or triple it, and since I can't fly until 77 anyway?)

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Yes, this is a very good

Yes, this is a very good idea.
If you're not 80 yet anyways, you can just invest the money into Titanium Smiling

If you do not yet have your

If you do not yet have your epic flyer yet wait until patch 3.2. In 3.2, if you are exalted with Valliance Expedition or the place in BC where you buy the riding skill, the cost drops from 5000g to 4000g, which can be a great money saver. Also if you are leveling multiple characters at once I reccomend buying the new heirloom item that teaches your characters Cold Weather Flying at level 68, and it only costs 1000g, which means after the 1st use it has payed back the cost, assuming you are just friendly, and you will save money anytime after that.

"Like sands through an hourglass, so are the the days of our lives." Yet, you can't flip life upside-down and restart.

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BoA Cold Weather at 68

As far as I can remember the Bind on Account Cold Weather Flying manual is consumed on use, so only 1 character can learn this after 68. Still, this is 9 levels of flying in Northrend plus faction discount from your main instead of your alt...

zyzx - Orc Warrior - Wildhammer - Pink n Pwning
Diskspace - Troll Priest - Wildhammer (guide test char)

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I believe Zyzx is correct,

I believe Zyzx is correct, but it's still worth it.

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Great stuff. I'll be looking

Great stuff. I'll be looking forward to it (weekly!)

This is a great guide, but

This is a great guide, but keep in mind that the patchnotes has been around for some time already and ore prices has already been skyrocketing on some servers. This information has been discussed on several gold making forums for some time already and just like the realworld those who get in late often pay to much and end up making a loss.

i'm alrdy thrilled to see

i'm alrdy thrilled to see this. Eye
but you said you would include math.. i see no calcuz. :>
do you got any "feelings" on what would increase the most in prize, since i got the posobility of getting everything. Laughing out loud

i mean.. Icy prism gives alot of gems + i can mine stuff if needed.. i know its not your purpose for us to go grind, but the server economy can scale alot from server to server, and my server ain't the best for AH'ing.. i've tried..


I definately plan to follow this. Now I just have to farm some money to start myself up.

Boldly going nowhere.

Boldly going nowhere.

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This sounds like a fun

This sounds like a fun weekly post, Shika! One of my main characters is a miner/jewelcrafter, and I'll definitely be taking advantage of this. I'll let you know how it goes.

Good to have you back and see some fun, quality posts about gold making! Smiling