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Argent Dawn Reputation Guide

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Reputation
    • Quests
      • Eastern Plaguelands
      • Western Plaguelands
    • Instances
      • Stratholme
      • Scholomance
  • Reasons To Get Exalted


The Argent Dawn is a lawful and good organization focused on protecting Azeroth from agencies that seek to destroy it, such as the Burning Legion and the Scourge. Base camps of the Argent Dawn can be found in the Eastern and Western Plaguelands as well as in Tirisfal Glades.


The Argent Dawn has many things to offer different classes, one of the best things about this faction is when you get exalted with Argent Crusade you get the title "The Argent Champion", which is always cool.


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Ooh neat. I'd just like to

Ooh neat. I'd just like to mention a couple things.
There's a short questline in Desolace that is very easy (especially if you're grinding the rep up at 80 or something) so it might be worth mentioning (1200 rep total). Also, a quest line that starts in Darnassus (for Alliance) or in Blackfathom Deeps (for Horde) gives 2000/1000 rep respectively. (Technically, the Horde can take the quest that starts in Darnassus because the NPC is Argent Dawn aligned and not Alliance, but that's a lot of trouble for 1000 rep.) Both these places are fairly out of the way, but are close together, so if you skipped them while leveling it might be worth a trip out there, if only to break up the monotony of doing classic Stratholme over and over.

Couple of comments on this

Couple of comments on this guide.

It's usually worthwhile to just kill the undead mobs in the instances (Scholo & Strat) until you stop getting rep from them. That's through honored for the trash and through revered for the elites - bosses give rep all the way to exalted. Save all your scourgestones until you get to that point and it'll significantly speed up the grind through exalted. I'd save as many WPL & EPL quests as possible until that point as well.

You need the keys for both Scholo and Strat for the Keymaster achievement, and the rep gains for Scholo are about 50% higher for a full clear than for a 45 minute Baron run on dead Strat.

I'd recommend doing the quest chains for Scholo at least, since there's some pretty cool stuff that happens in there and unless you played in vanilla WoW, you probably haven't ever seen it.

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you actually dont need the

you actually dont need the keys for either of them, strat you can get in the normal entrance and then just get the key to the city from the magistrate boss, and for scholo you can either duel someone at the top of building where the entrance is then jump off killing yourselfthenrun pass the door that you would otherwise ned to ulock and just repawn in there and just use the ever to let others in, or just keep on jumping off until you die.

Some notes

I have a couple of remarks:

- It might be good to note that the Scourgestones only drop if you have Argent Dawn Commission or the rare equivalents (Seal of the Dawn / Rune of the Dawn) equipped. Some information on how to obtain these would be nice as well.

- I find the comment about this faction not having a reputation tabard strange, since they weren't introduced till WotLK while this is a vanilla faction.

- Just killing undead (while wearing the trinket? haven't tried without) will also give you reputation, so a full clear of Scholo or Strat will easily get you a few thousand reputation, especially after turning in the Scourgestones. Note that this stops once you reach a certain reputation level, so it might be best to run the instances first and do the quests once you are revered or something.

You get AD rep regardless of

You get AD rep regardless of whether you wear the trinket or not, up to a point.

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ok, so after reading your

ok, so after reading your comment i have a few of my own. First i will add the commission trinket i must have forgot to add that so i will, second this faction was not released with wotlk that was argent crusade this one is pre-BC, and finally rep gains do not stop after a certain rep level, when i did this with my pally i ran strat to get my rep p and i was revered and i wet all the way to exalted and i got rep off kills too.

Yes, I worded that poorly.

Yes, I worded that poorly. Because this faction is from pre-TBC, I find it strange that you comment on the lack of a reputation tabard, because these tabards were only introduced with WotLK for the new factions.

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oh, well when I was farming

oh, well when I was farming for my rep i looked on wowhead, and other websites for their wuatermaster and where to get their tabard and found that the quartermaster did not sell it, however, if you (or anyone else) found it then I would appreciate it if you could tell me so i could add it in the guide.

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This is awesome. I will def. be using this guide once I get my new BE Priest to 80 and start working on getting lots of achievements/titles ect.

The way you set up the faction rewards next to the required level of rep w/ the pictures and tooltip link is very nice looking.

-Koviblade (And now, Elindeil on the Earthen Ring US Server Sticking out tongue)

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oh thx i got the idea of

oh thx Smiling i got the idea of the actual wow website

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Nvm this randomness

Nvm this randomness

This isn't randomness.

This isn't randomness. Argent Dawn is needed for the Argent Champion achievement. Sure it is outdated, but for title-whores, like myself, it is useful.

I just skimmed over it, but the links are good, but you should mention how much rep each scourgestone, or X scourgestones give, as well as some of the epic rewards that you could get from Strat or Scholo, namely the Baron Rivendale's Deathcharger and Book of the Dead. Those items give out a goal for people to go after, if you are into the whole vanity thing. Nonetheless very straight forward. I like it.

"Like sands through an hourglass, so are the the days of our lives." Yet, you can't flip life upside-down and restart.

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lol, no i wqas referring to

lol, no i was referring to the comment because i accendentally made a new note, but i was supposed to respond to Jiyambi's. Abot the epic drops and stuff, i don't really think they have much to do with the guide reasons being that one: If you are going through Strat or Scholo to raise your rep then you probably aren`t getting run or pugging with people because then it would take too long, therefore you would have to be a higher level which would make the drops not very good, however, Baron Rivendale's Deathcharger would probably be the best thing to mention because of it`s status and cool looks (Book of the dead falls under the too low level to be good category) and secondly this is a rep guide not a instance guide so possible loot would just make the guide longer, harder to digest, and would kind of change the main topic of the guide. Thanks for the imput tho Eye . And i think i will mention the mount only because normally its the only thing that keeps people from quitting the argent rep farming process.

You could also put a side

You could also put a side note that thorium is really high in EPL and you could mine that for some good gold if you come across some.

"Like sands through an hourglass, so are the the days of our lives." Yet, you can't flip life upside-down and restart.

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Once agian, I do not think

Once agian, I do not think that has a lot to do with the guide because thorium, though good to make money, has nothing to do with getting argent tournament rep, but thanks for the imput.

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The guide looks good! Those

The guide looks good!

Those flaming arrows are a little scary though Eye

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lol thx i made them myself

lol thx i made them myself Sticking out tongue