Reports of my death are slightly inaccurate...

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So yeah, I've been gone for a while now. I took about 3 months off from WoW and end up a father! How'd that happen!?! Anyway. My interest in WoW has waned greatly, but I'm still going to be around to help with anything that I can. I need to check up on my guides and see what needs updating.


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I know this is a big off topic but...can someone tell me what happened to James MMORPG blog? It hasnt been updated since May apparently

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I talked to Jame and he'll

I talked to Jame and he'll be posting a note about his absence tonight. He's been afk from the website (and I think from WoW as well) for some time due to RL matters.

Hey, Jiyambi, I realize that

Hey, Jiyambi, I realize that you may not know, but do you know when/if Jame is coming back?

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He keeps saying "soon" but I

He keeps saying "soon" but I dunno when that is or if he will return. Sorry guys Sad

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Soon! Blizzard's favorite

Soon! Blizzard's favorite word!

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Great to hear that you're still alive and kicking.....And a BIG gratz on the baby!!!!