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Hi folks.

As often happens, the new patch has broken our addon. Unfortunately I am not code-savvy and have no idea how to fix this. Now, I'm assuming that it is likely that TourGuide is the culprit here, NOT our plugin to it, but that could be wrong. We need to wait and see when Tekkub will release an update for his addon, which ours depends on. When that happens (and as of now there does not appear to be a new version), we will see if ours works with it without problems. If not, we'll do what we can.

I will post an update here as soon as we have more information. If anyone notices a TourGuide update before it is posted here, please leave a comment and link the website offering the update.

Thank you all for your patience, we'll do our best to get the addon working again right away.


Yes the guides show up in

Yes the guides show up in the Addon selection screen. I did disable the WOW-Pro guides and I don't get the error. If I re-enable the guide, the error comes back. So it appears to be something with the outdated guide.

lua:430 error with tourguide

I downloaded all the new components and set everything up per the instructions but when I log into WOW, I get a 7 page window with errors having to do wit TourGuide lua errors. When I close the window, the program doesn't load. Is anyone else having this issue?

still not working

I wonder if in my efforts to get the tom tom arrow up and working I changed some sort of setting in either tomtom or tourguide... anyone know of any issues I might have caused myself in the settings?

Everything works perfectly

I downloaded the newest Tourguide and Tomtom from Curse and the newest Lightheaded from Wowinterface.
First I thought Jame's guide did not work, but after ticking "load out of date addons" it did work.
Now I can continue leveling again Laughing out loud

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Awesome, thanks for the

Awesome, thanks for the info. I'll get some download links going here for convenience.

Thank you Jiyambi for the

Thank you Jiyambi for the links Smiling Got everything working, so far so good! Loving my new cat form look!! lol

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Haha, yeah cat is my new

Haha, yeah cat is my new solo spec for my druid Smiling I'm glad everything is working!

Lightheaded updated

Lightheaded also was not loading properly for me, but there is an update that I just got. Not tested. No guarantees. Just letting you know. Smiling

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It sounds like there are

It sounds like there are still some bugs with the group of addons. If *anyone* has this working perfectly, could you provide links to the download sites where you got your updates?

I can't test them out right now, but I might be able to tonight. Sorry folks.

TomTom isn't working

I get the guide to work but not TomTom even if I load out of date addons, anyone knows how to get the arrow back?

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Re: TomTom isn't working

It might just be a setting mixup, if you can get the green dot on the map try right-clicking it and clicking "Add To Arrow".

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Its Up Now

Download TourGuide for 3.2 from If it isn't named Tourguide after rename it and then move it to your addon folder and click "replace all". Do not replace the wow-pro folder though.

For me the TourGuide folder was named TourGuide-1, you cannot delete the old folder and then move the new one in because that might cause the loss of your progress in the guides.

I tested it and it works fine, just like it did before the update.

tom tom

It seems my issue is with the tom tom arrow... downloaded the updates in the posts below, but still I am not getting the arrow directing me to the next stop/quest. Any thoughts on why it appears everything is working except the arrow?

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Well , I don't really know

Well , I don't really know how to code an addon so I can't help but for sure some of our plug ins may need to be converted in order to work with the new version of the addon.
Also, I hate you americans >.< you get patches 1 day before us, poor dwellers of ol' Country Sad I also have a level 62 druid so I'm excited to see the new forms, but I'm more focused on leveling my warlock Eye

Quick Fix for the Guide addon

I ran into trouble today when trying to use Jame's guide inside of Tourguide. After updating Tourguide, the wowHorde guide was still showing up as Out of Date.

So I went digging inside the C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\WoW-Pro_TourGuide_Horde folder and found the WoW-Pro_TourGuide_Horde.toc file in that directory. I then changed the first line from:
## Interface: 30100
## Interface: 30200

After that the Addon was not Out of Date anymore and I could select the guide from tourguide. Hope this helps out a few people.

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Good point. I'll release a

Good point. I'll release a quick fix for this sometime soon, but until then you can either do this, or just "load out of date addons" until it comes out. I might be a bit busy for the next few days though, and don't have access to the guide files from this computer.

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Tourguide Updated

I have gone to the TourGuide download page, it is showing to be updated for the 3.2 patch. Not sure though if James addon will work with it. It shows to be out of date and gray for me in my addons folder.

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Update for TourGuide has

Update for TourGuide has been released on Curse. The add-on is now working. At least for me.

TourGuide has been patched

TourGuide has been patched and it is both. My tourguide is working now but your plug-in isn't.

Tah Da!

it's only the beta version of the update but it is 3.2 compatible.

The addon

Tourguide is updated and works fine. I was wrong it does work I forgot to load out of date addons.

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WoWInterface has an updated version of TourGuide for 3.2, installing this made my WoW-Pro Addon work.

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Confirmed, updated TourGuide

Confirmed, updated TourGuide fixes the addon issue. Works just fine now Smiling


Okay, I have confirmed that all the guides on TourGuide work, and it is updated. The link on the home page is sort of broken. If you click on it, it says that the link is broken but it redirects you to Tekkub's home page. Then you can click the TourGuide link on the right of the page to download it from the next page.
The link on the alliance and horde addon download pages to tourguide work correctly.



TourGuide is Updated!

TourGuide is updated! The link on Jame's post on the home page works and links you to the correct download of TourGuide. I suppose the guides in-game work correctly, but I will check it and inform you on another post if all the guides are working correctly on the updated patch.




There is now a new version out. I downloaded it and it doesn't show as out of date.

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TourGuide apparently updated

TourGuide apparently updated with a 3.2.0 beta version about an hour ago on CurseGaming.

Tour guide is up-to-date

Tour guide is up-to-date

good news

new tourguide is released it works with the wow-pro guides


I take Cash Checks and gold Laughing out loud

Btw Tomtom is outdated also so No arrows.

I'll try to find that one next.

Tourguide update

Just wanted to give a heads up tourguide has been updated on wowinterface. Smiling

Curse had a new beta of Tour

Curse had a new beta of Tour Guide

Everything seems to work fine with everything else once, I downloaded this!

Thanks as always for the great work everyone.

Just downloaded the up-to

Just downloaded the up-to date TourGuide from

Temporary fix

Open your interface\addons\tourguide\broker.lua file with wordpad

Line 72 should read:


put --(space) in front of that so that it reads:

-- WatchFrame_Update()

it should work fine. I don't claim credit for that, I got it off the TourGuide board.

WoW-Pro AddOn

It appears that the WoW-Pro AddOn does not have any problems. When you click any of the WoW-Pro guides in the TourGuide options in-game, and click the built-in guides, both of them have the same errors. So I would just send notice to Tekkub and wait for the updated version. In the meantime, everyone should just stick to the online guides.




any idea of an ETA for a update?? Sad