World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.

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Yup! The long awaited and - Imho - highly anticipated expansions pack "Cataclysm" is announced! The video explains a bit the lore, so I'm not going into it. I'm going to put the focus on leveling changes that will happen to the game, being WoW pro build on a solid leveling guide system.

1) Azeroth rediseigned: both Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms are redone, as Deathwing brings pain and death on the Earth. As some of the images suggest, there are now deep cuts in the land with probably some terrain changes;

2) flying mounts in Azeroth. FINALLY, we can fly all over Azeroth because the battle will take place there. Good for leveling faster I think;

3) new races: goblin and worgen. The first to the horde, the second to the alliance. This mean new starting areas (goblins will begin on some lost isles it seems, while worgen will begin in eastern kingdoms);

4) probably the most important leveling wise: new class-race combination. Though it may seem a lore killing, it's good to see new combinations. I had seen gnome priests and tauren paladins in the video. This is surely subject to changes, but it's a good point to start a discussion;

5) the level cap is raised to 85 and not to 90 as many have thought. Probably because the amount of xp requested by those 5 levels is way enough for leveling. I am eager to see the new areas added in this expansion;

6) new monster-dungeons-raids. Less leveling wise but also important for the site, it will add a lot of material to work on. Shadowfang Keep and Deadmines will be available as heroic mode: vancleef comes back a lot stronger!;

7) New SECONDARY profession -archaelogy-. I expected a new primary one but honestly after they have added Inscription a new secondary profession is well accepted. It's another good point of the discussion to find out its uses;

Cool new GUILD LEVELING system and CHARACTER PROGRESSION (path of the Titans). The first one made me happy, because if it'll be well done, it will surely be a good way to incentivate leveling and making it less boring. Maybe the wow-pro guild will be perfect for this system of leveling. About the character progression, I think it's a bit generic as it can be a whole separated quest chain providing good rewards or just some particular quests that, if completed, rewards you money, items, and so on.

Meh, this is a wall of text. I'm sorry but I thought it would be less eye-killing. I'm also sorry for the typos you'll find but I'm a bit tired and can't bother to check the text. Let's put here our thought about the expansion and expecially the things that regard leveling Smiling


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Beta Group

I wonder if there would be a way for a few of us from the community to get in on the Beta version. I wouls think maybe 5 at most would be perfect. That way we can run the new content and start working on guides for the release.

Just a thought. /shrug

I think the logical first

I think the logical first step would be to see which quests are relatively unchanged, so as to recycle the relevant parts of existing guides.

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Jame played the Beta of Lich

Jame played the Beta of Lich King to get his guides ready before launch, and I can only assume he plans to do the same here. It would probably be nice if some other site members who happened to be on the beta could help out. But that's a long way off yet and we have time to plan Smiling

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I can also recall that Jame

I can also recall that Jame said he was planning to do something to be able to provide WowPro users some beta keys for future expansions. That was only an idea and seeing how Jame is busy with his life I think he left behind that project!

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I'm in!

Assuming of course I can find out how to join and/or get accepted to join the Beta when it comes along, you can count me in to help out.

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I was wondering...

I was reading some of the lore on the Cataclysm site, and I found this about Goblins:

"Recently, the goblins of Kezan have found a new enemy in the Alliance – unexpected and unprofitable encounters with this faction have driven certain trade princes from their comfortable neutrality".

So this is the reason Goblins are now with the Horde. But, then, what are the Goblins of Kezan? And will be Booty Bay now a horde only area? Or are the booty bay Goblins from another faction that is still neutral?

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The Booty Bay (and the other

The Booty Bay (and the other current towns) goblins are members of the Steamwheedle Cartel. The playable goblins are members of the Bilgewater Cartel (what a lovely name). In essence, they're two separate organisations, so the existing towns will still be neutral. That is, if they're not destroyed; I get the feeling that the Cataclysm won't be nice to Booty Bay cause of where it is.

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Thanks for your reply and I

Thanks for your reply and I hope BB will still be there! One of my fav places ingame Sticking out tongue Anyway I'm thinking how the world will change and if maybe new isles will be created after their separation from the Earth... I mean, places like the WHOLE stranglethron vale could probably be cut off right at the bridge with Duskwood and become a separate isle. Imagine going to duskwood all the way south, walking on the bridge and then NOTHING, only water Laughing out loud Yeah I know it's too early to think of these things but I just can't stop Smiling

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Haha, it's fun to think

Haha, it's fun to think about though.

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There's a very bad part, and

There's a very bad part, and that's that many of the guides here will be made obsolete. For example, WPL is becoming level 35-40 and EPL is 40-50, so the current guides will no longer apply to those places. Feralas drops about 10 levels and Thousand Needles gains about 20, so those are off. And the Alliance has lost Astranaar and Southshore, so those quest hubs no longer will be available. It's all very sad really when it comes to the guides.

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Yup, this is going to

Yup, this is going to basically ruin all the hard work Jame has done Sad However, I am still looking forward to leveling my little goblin shaman through the new zones.

I've emailed Jame to see what his take on all this is, since I'm sure you'd all like to know. Hopefully he'll get back to me soon!

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Almost everything Jame has

Almost everything Jame has done was for nothing in the next expansion.
They're re-doing almost all quests!

Wonder how Jame will respond to this.

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I agree with all 3 of you, I

I agree with all 3 of you, I can imagine a slighlty outraged Jame Sad I mean, he has spent months of his life diong guides for the game and then they'll become obsoloete. Well, Cataclysm will hit the stores in 2010, October or so, we have plenty of time to think of the actual world Smiling I'm thinking of making a new character to enjoy for the last time the Azeroth content (and I mean really to ENJOY) before it will break up.

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I'm getting Loremaster with

I'm getting Loremaster with my main, so I'm hunting down all those hard to find quests Smiling


I can't wait for this to come out. It sounds great, can't wait to play as a goblin Sticking out tongue

However, there is one thing I'm worried about. The guides. If all of Azeroth is 'revamped' won't that mean that ALL non-Outland guides become obsolete? I hope someone can quench my fears on this.

But, other than that, I can't wait for it!

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I've found this:

Zones are transformed, featuring all-new quests, art, items, major updates to existing quests, improved zone-to-zone questing flow, phased terrain, and much more during the level 1-60 experience. (source: WoWEU official boards)

This means that as you go on with the lore, terrain will change. The more you come closer to end-game, the more land will be devastated (I think). Also, note the "improved zone to zone questing flow", probably they had never used Jame's guides because while following his work, the flow feels PERFECT Smiling.

I've also discovered that Archaelogy system is the way to follow the Path of the Titans char progression, which unlocks great char customization.

Very exciting as now!


Yes, they are making the questing similar to Outland. You will just go from zone to zone in a line. No need to go all over the place. I think there's going to be 4-5 "leveling paths". These would be a 1-60 path where you go from starting zone to second zone, etc, to final zone. Zone level ranges are only 5-10 levels each instead of big ranges like 15-30. So about 6 zones per path.

So it will be like
Undead/Blood Elf - Path 1
Human/Dwarf/Gnome/Worgen - Path 2
Tauren/Orc/Troll/Goblin - Path 3
Night Elf/Draenei - Path 4

Sounds kind of boring but you should be able to switch paths if you wanted to. Like do first two zones of Path 1 and then switch to Path 3 for a few zones. Then you can go back to Path 1 if you want.