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Me and my friend are going to play a double game, where wenever we are both online (very often) we will quest and level, and whenever we are on our own we will boost our proffessions.
Now i am asking what are some of the best class combo's out there e.g
Beast Mastery Hunter with Tenacity pet
Healer Priest.
Etc Etc,
if you can please send multiple combinations
we will both be playing as Worgen.


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Anybody? No? Dust?
Anybody? No? Dust?
Anybody? No? Dust?

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I'm pretty sure that a

I'm pretty sure that a paladin/mage or priest/warrior combo will work out. A pally can hold a bunch of mobs for a while, while the mage AoEs them down. For the priest/warrior combo, the warrior rounds up some mobs and the priest just heals them (this combo should be able to handle more mobs provided the warrior can keep the threat).

Happy leveling. Smiling

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Thanks dude,

Me and my friend have decided on:
Him being a Hunter with Tenacity pet
Me being a ''Melt Your Face'' Priest,

Me and him being DPS, his pet Tanks, i can occasionaly heal me, him and his pet and he can also heal his pet.

What you guys think?

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Sounds excellent

Sounds excellent Smiling

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Pretty Indestructable IMO