Instance Healing Guide

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This is one of several guides proposed as collaborative wow-pro projects. This forum topic will serve as the guide writers' "base of operations". You can discuss, plan, and review the guide's progress here.

This project needs a leader! If you are interested, please leave a comment.

The Instance Healing Guide will cover the heroic version of all current instances (and I mean "current" in the "currently run" sense, not in the "all of them to date" sense). It will also cover raid content. It will focus on boss fights, but may include notes for special pulls or other useful information regarding the rest of the instance.

For each boss, the guide will cover the basics of healing that boss. In addition, class specific tips will be included for each healing class.

This guide will be released in parts. It would be excessive to have a separate guide for each instance. I propose that three instances are discussed per guide, with raids each getting their own guide. Raids of varying difficulty settings need not be separated, but differences should be noted.

Project Members:

    Project Head:
    Druid Writer: Jiyambi
    Priest Writer:
    Paladin Writer:
    Shaman Writer: AlecBeCrazy
    Other Writers:

Please leave a comment if you are interested in working on this project.


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I can also write some on the

I can also write some on the shammy part if its needed.

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Shaman Healing.

I have extensive experience healing all heroics as well as raids on my shaman. I could help with the writing of the guides themselves, as well as class specific tips for shaman.

Raiding is hard. Sometimes there is fire. You have to move out of the fire.

Shaman Healing.

If you're not in a guild, join one. Get them to run you through ToC and the new Icecrown dungeons. ToC drops ilevel 200 (normal) and 219 (heroic) gear and the Icecrown dungeons drop ilevel 219 (normal) and 232 (heroic) gear. There's plenty of healing gear in all of them.

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