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This is one of several guides proposed as collaborative wow-pro projects. This forum topic will serve as the guide writers' "base of operations". You can discuss, plan, and review the guide's progress here.

This project needs a leader! If you are interested, please leave a comment.

The Glory of the Hero Guide will cover heroic version boss fights and the achievements that lead to this meta. A basic familiarity with the fight and the instances will be assumed. Class specific advice and group make-up suggestions may be included.

This guide will be released in parts. It would be excessive to have a separate guide for each instance. I propose that three instances are discussed per guide.

Project Members:

    Project Head:

Please leave a comment if you are interested in working on this project.


Why dont you start by

Why dont you start by separate the archivements in instances and put a general description per instance (not per arch) and what would be expected of...

Im not yet the right level to do this meta but i can help doing some research in pages if you want...once i ding 80 i can help in the tank perception of things...but for now i just can help with some theory Sticking out tongue

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Alright, I listed you as a

Alright, I listed you as a "contributor" for now since it sounds like you will be helping out here and there but maybe not writing the main content (at least not for now).

I think the first thing we ought to do here is create a title page for the project with a list of what guides will be produced and an overall description of what the guide will contain. Then we can start making the mini-guides one by one.

Just a question if i want to

Just a question if i want to add some info about what i researc where i should put it.

By the way im now lvl 77 and planing to be 80 in this weekend or so....just if you need a test person for some feedback and so...i am a tankadin and planning to go with a ret pally a shammy healer a warrior dps and another one dont know in this moment but the other 3 its sure they came so i should be able to test all this info. And if you want record it in 2 perpectives (tank and healer)

I am Paladin - Play Free Online Games