Instance/Raid Boss Macros

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This is one of several guides proposed as collaborative wow-pro projects. This forum topic will serve as the guide writers' "base of operations". You can discuss, plan, and review the guide's progress here.

The Instance/Raid Boss Macros guide will list copy/past shorthand descriptions of boss fights for heroics and raids. The idea is to allow quick fight explanation for new or pug group members.

This guide will be released in parts. Heroics can probably be covered in one mini-guide, with each raid as it's own small guide.

Project Members:

    Project Head: eric

Please leave a comment if you are interested in working on this project.


Send to any channel

I tested out the mod to make sure. Here is a screenshot:

I selected Nexus for the dungeon and Ormorok The Tree-Shaper for the boss. You can see the Tactics area has a short tactics description for the boss. Then I clicked on the "Send to" drop down and chose Guild. The output was sent to Guild chat. The addon took care of separating the message into multiple lines to avoid the character limit.

You still might want to do this project though. Some people don't want to install an addon (Boss Notes used ~780kb memory). If you have a nice listing, some people would use it over the addon. Also it doesn't seem to have any dungeons and raids below Wotlk. Classic and BC players would still be interested in strats for the old bosses.

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Thander, you kick butt.

Thander, you kick butt. Thanks for researching this for us!

I'll leave the project up here, but I'm pretty busy anyway and I won't be working on it for a while at least. I will probably download that addon as well and see how it is.

Thanks again for the info Smiling


This seems similar to a mod called Boss Notes. For every boss it has Tactics, Abilities, and Notes. Tactics has the basic strategy for the boss. Abilities has the links for the abilities that boss uses. Notes is an area where you can put your own information about what you need to do for the fight. This could be something like a mage having to decurse or which mobs you have to offtank in that fight. All of these sections can be sent to the default channels like party, guild, etc. I haven't used this addon, but you might want to take a look. No use in doing a lot of work when it's already been done before. (unless you are adding novel features)

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First of all, that mod

First of all, that mod sounds awesome and I will look it up.

However I don't think we are talking about the same functionality here. That mod is great, but only if you have it. The point of this guide would be for a PuG raid or instance leader to quickly send instructions for a boss fight to everyone, regardless of what addons they might have. Unless I misunderstood your comment, it doesn't sound like the Boss Notes mod will do that. If it does, then you are right, there's not a ton of point to this guide.

Or do you mean you'd simply copy+paste the information from the Tactics section? I'm still not sure that would invalidate the usefulness of this guide, but it would be worth looking into.

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Hey eric, I think I'm going

Hey eric, I think I'm going to start working on this project. If you think you'd like to be involved, I can make the page for it a wiki - otherwise I'll just write it. I know you are pretty busy with your gold guide currently.