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The Argent Tournement is a world event that was released patch 3.1 were the houses was unfinished. In patch 3.2 (currently) the tournement has started, all the houses were finished and alot of daily quests were added/removed. The Argent Tournement takes place in the northern part of Icecrown. With this guide, our goal is to be exalted with the Silver Coventant and your racial faction. The only requirement for the guide is a Alliance character at level 80.

Friendly to Honored (Valiant)

Day 4

    You should now have 3 new dailies unlocked at your faction leader (in the room):
    • [80] A Worthy Weapon
    • [80] A Valiant's Field Training
    • [80] At The Enemy's Gates
    Along with
    • [80] A Valiant's Charge
    Which is equal to the aspirant one, optained at day 1.

    [80] A Valiant's Field Training

    West of Ymirheim, kill 10 Converted Heroes to the quest. They travel around in groups of 2-7, for some players, these are a bit hard to beat.

    [80] At The Enemy's Gates

    The quest is very simple, maybe a bit time consuming depending on your class/gear. You'll have to use your lance here, once again. You'll have to travel to the Argent Crusade forward camp at Corp’rethar, where there’s a Stabled Campaign Warhorse for you to mount. The mount got the same abilities as normal. The objective in the quest is to kill 3 Boneguard Lieutenants , 10 Boneguard Scouts, and 15 Boneguard Footmen, you can find them all east of the camp. Boneguard Commanders will also be spawning, keep an eye of these, they hit nasty, so try to avoid them.

    [80] A Worthy Weapon

    Before you can complete this quest, you must get 4 Winter Hyacinths that can be optained at the very southern end of Icecrown (the north of crystalsong forest) floating around on some ice flaws. When you've looted them, you'll have to fly to Ebon Watch in Zul'drak. Run south of Zul'dark until you reach Drak'mar lake. Use the 4 Winter Hyacinths inside the circle of lamps in the center of the lake to spawn the Maiden. The sword will spawn few seconds after you placed the hyacinths.


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Okay everyone, thanks for

Okay everyone, thanks for all the nice feedback you've posted, I finally got the reward list done along with a table of content, enjoy!

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Nice, thanks a lot for the

Nice, thanks a lot for the guide!

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Yay! Looks very nice

Yay! Looks very nice Smiling

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@ Silvann and Jiyambi - I

@ Silvann and Jiyambi - I think I got the time in the weekend to create the reward list along with a table of content, it's clearly needed alot.

@ Shinke - I've written a guide for the Black Knight quest chain, check it out: Eric's guide to the Black knight quest chain

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Awesome guide. A rewards

Awesome guide. A rewards section would be nice, as I'm interested in the Argent Hippogryph mount. Is that the guide I should follow to get that mount? Any idea on how long would take me? WoWhead's comments seem to give different answers...

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It depends on what point you

It depends on what point you are at in the tournament progression. If you already are exalted with your faction, you can get a total of 10 marks a day (I think). If you aren't exalted, or don't run HToC, or don't do TFA due to not finding a group, you get less. This is probably why you've seen different answers for it.

To Eric - a rewards section would definitely be nice, and as this user points out, perhaps a note at the top of each section of progression through the tournament as to how many marks/day you can earn.

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Eric, another awesome

Eric, another awesome guide.

One thing I noticed, however, your achievement links go to, not wowhead like they should. And also on the map you have the TotC 10/25 entrance in the wrong spot.

Other than that, I can't wait to use this guide for my daily grind!

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Thanks for the nice

Thanks for the nice feedback, I changed the URL Smiling

*facepalm*, I was thinking of Trial of the Grand Crusader, probably because I've never been in any of them, thank you for noticing.

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Noticed another 'thing.'

Noticed another 'thing.' Before you can accept and do the Chillmaw quest, you must do the Black Knight quest chain. I noticed this as I started the daily grind section and couldn't pick it up.

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Looks awesome, Eric! A few

Looks awesome, Eric!

A few things I noticed. First, I suggest you include the three daily quests that become available once you reach exalted with Sunreavers/Silver Covenant. I also suggest you include the Black Knight quest chain eventually - yeah it just gives Argent Crusade rep, but it's part of the Tournament story and it seems like it should be included.

Second, the note for the "Among the Champions" vs. the "Battle for the Citadel" - you note that Among the Champions is hard, but Battle for the Citadel is just as hard and harder because there are other mobs all around that can agro. The notes I'm referring to are in the final section, the "Daily Grind".

Anyway, overall great job as usual!

EDIT: A list of items available (why you'd bother even grinding this), Achievements available, and possibly a table of contents would also be very nice additions.

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Thanks for the kind words,

Thanks for the kind words, the guide was released a bit in a hurry, so I'll be adding a few things when I got the time, so far I have added an achievement section, more to come Smiling