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The Argent Tournement is a world event that was released patch 3.1 were the houses was unfinished. In patch 3.2 (currently) the tournement has started, all the houses were finished and alot of daily quests were added/removed. The Argent Tournement takes place in the northern part of Icecrown. With this guide, our goal is to be exalted with the Silver Coventant and your racial faction. If you're familiar with The Burning Crusade, The Argent Tournement is pretty much equal to Isle of Quel'Danas, however much less over-crowded, and more challenging and rewardful. The only requirement for the guide is a Alliance character at level 80.
There is a inn, a mailbox, a flightmaster, almost everything that is needed for a good daily grind area. Also, the whole area is marked as a Sanctuary – like Dalaran or Shattrath and includes alot of mounted-combat. Get further information here.

Also, you might wanna check this little nice video out (yes, I know it's from patch 3.1)

Disclaimer: To avoid any confusion about this guide, I wanna tell you that The Silver Coventant is not really like other reputation factions. The guide will be based on a short grind every day, doing a few daily quests. Aslo, that does not exist a "tabard" like the other northrend factions (you cannot get reputation through instances, sadly).

Your lance, and Your mount

A lot of the quest at the Argent Tournement will be based on mount-combat. Mount-combat can be quite confusing at first, but I'm sure that you this section will cover the basics for you.

Before you can ride your Mount, you must hav a lance equiped. You can get your lance by right clicking the lance rank, at the entrance of the alliance pavilion, and the mounts outside the pavilion. Now, let's take a look at the action bar of your mount:

  1. Thrust - This is just a basic melee attack, got no cooldown (beside global cooldown which is about 2 sec). It damages your target for around 3250 damage.
  2. Shield-Breaker - This abilites removes (1 charge) of your enemy's Defend shield. It's a ranged attack, and deals 2000 damage, minimum 5 yards.
  3. Charge - You simple run toward your enemy with a very fast speed, and damaging around 6000 damage plus removing on charge of your enemy's Defend Shield.
  4. Defend - You can buff this on your self (3 stacks) so you're taking less damage that normal, you should always have this one on 3 stacks, obviously.
  5. Refresh Mount - This ability heals your mount for 50000-70000 HP, and has a bit to long cooldown (in my opinion).
  6. Duel – Challenges another (player) combatant to a duel.

Each spells has its unique way of use. The mount is a combat mount just to make it clear, so I will explain them in a fight-releated way.
Before the fight: Make sure you've stacked the Defend buff at 3 stacks.
The charge: Either just use charge, or you can cast Shield-breaker, then run a few steops backwards and cast charge.
During the fight: Use Thrust every time it's possible. Make sure you have 3 stacks all the time of your Defend ability. Keep your enemy's stacks at zero, for a lot more damage output.
End of the fight: Heal yourself up with Refresh Mount ability so you're ready to the next fight.

Hopefully you're now tuned abit in on how The Argent Tournement works, so let's start off!


==Note== I havn't included the Black Knight quest line as it gives Argent Crusade reputation, if you wish to follow it, check out This guide at WoWvault.

Day 1

    When you enter the Argent Tournement Grounds, go to the Argent Pavilion, where you’ll speak to Justicar Mariel Trueheart. She’ll give you the quest: [80] The Argent Tournament. Speak to an NPC in the Silver Covenant Pavilion.
    In the Alliance Pavilion, Arcanist Taelis gives you the [80] Mastery of Melee quest. Near Arcanist Taelis there’s Avareth Swiftstrike and Scout Shalyndria, who give you [80] Mastery of the Charge and [80] Mastery of the Shield-Breaker. These quests is entirely going to introduct you to the mount-combat.

    [80] Mastery of Shield-Breaker

      First, I suggest you listen to Valis Windcheser's instructions about shield-breaking (It's also an objective that is needed in the quest anyway, you will have to do it Smiling). Then just nuke the Defend stacks down until you get the quest completed on the ranged target dummies.

    [80] Mastery of Charge

      Same concept as the Shield-breaker. First, talk to Rugan Steelbelly for the instructions. Afterwards, get ready to complete the quest. Cast Shield-breaker on the charge target, and charge it when the dummy got no stacks of defend.

    [80] Mastery of Melee

      Talk to Jeran Lockwood for the instructions.


    Day 4

      You should now have 3 new dailies unlocked at your faction leader (in the room):
      • Random: [80] A Worthy Weapon , [80]The Edge of Winter or [80] A Blade Fit For A Champion
      • [80] A Valiant's Field Training
      • [80] At The Enemy's Gates
      Along with
      • [80] A Valiant's Charge
      Which is equal to the aspirant one, optained at day 1. [80] A Worthy Weapon , [80]The Edge of Winter and [80] A Blade Fit For A Champion is random, means that they change daily which one you can pick up.

      [80] The Grand Melee

        This quest require you to "mount-fight". Pick up your mount (the Argent one not your normally ground mount!), and ride to the Valiant Ring, just north of the alliance pavilion. Make sure you have 3 stacks of your shield on before challenging one of the other NPC Valiants. When you're ready to fight them, talk to them and choose "I'm ready to Fight!" and there you go. Keep your stack on 3, while charging your enemy. Also use shield-break if the enemy are stacking his/her shield.

      [80] A Valiant's Field Training

        West of Ymirheim, kill 10 Converted Heroes to the quest. They travel around in groups of 2-7, for some players, these are a bit hard to beat.

      [80] At The Enemy's Gates

        The quest is very simple, maybe a bit time consuming depending on your class/gear. You'll have to use your lance here, once again. You'll have to travel to the Argent Crusade forward camp at Corp’rethar, where there’s a Stabled Campaign Warhorse for you to mount. The mount got the same abilities as normal. The objective in the quest is to kill 3 Boneguard Lieutenants , 10 Boneguard Scouts, and 15 Boneguard Footmen, you can find them all east of the camp. Boneguard Commanders will also be spawning, keep an eye of these, they hit nasty, so try to avoid them.

      [80] The Edge of Winter (Random)

        You will need to kill Lord Everblaze which is just west of the Unbound Thicket. He's walking forward and back very close to the temple. Lord Everblaze will drop an Everburning Amber. When you got the Everburning Amber, fly to Winter's Breath Lake, in the middle you'll find a maiden frozen in ice. Right click your Everburning Amber, and the quest should be completed.

      [80] A Blade Fit For A Champion (Random)

        This quest is a bit alternative. First, go to Ashwood Lake in Grizzle Hills. Here you'll find alot of frogs, and if you /kiss them, afterwards apply the Warts-B-Gone Lip Balm to the frog. If you're lucky, Maiden of Ashwood Lake will spawn. For an easier way of doing this, simple copy-paste this into a macro and use it instead:
          /use Warts-B-Gone Lip Balm
        When you finally got Maiden of Ashwood Lake spawned, talk to her and you will recieve the sword which let you complete the quest.

      [80] A Worthy Weapon (Random)

        Before you can complete this quest, you must get 4 Winter Hyacinths that can be optained at the very southern end of Icecrown (the north of crystalsong forest) floating around on some ice flaws. When you've looted them, you'll have to fly to Ebon Watch in Zul'drak. Run south of Zul'dark until you reach Drak'mar lake. Use the 4 Winter Hyacinths inside the circle of lamps in the center of the lake to spawn the Maiden. The sword will spawn few seconds after you placed the hyacinths.

      Doing these 4 daily quests should bring you 5 Valiant Seals, and around 1000 reputation points with The Silver Conventant.

    Day 9

      You should now be able to turn in the 25 marks for [80] A Valiant's Charge. Do that, and get the follow up: [80] The Valiant’s Challenge. In this quest, you'll basically have to fight a champion like you had to fight Valiants earlier. This one is just abit more difficult. When you challenge him he/she'll at 3 stacks Defend, he'll also do alot more to get your stacks down. The quest soloable, though.

      When you're done, turn in your quest back at the Alliance Pavilion. You should now be a Champion, and if you where exalted with your racial faction, you'll also get the title"[Name] of [Home City]" example: Voodóo of Gnomeregan.


    Day 10

      Pick up [80] A Champion Rises from the Alliance Pavilion, and turn it in at Justicar Mariel Trueheart. Pick up [80] The Scourgebane (or [80] Eadric the Pure in some cases).
      Eadric is in the Argent Pavillion, right next to where you get the quest and [80] The Scourgebane can be turned in close to the Trial of the Champion entrance.

      Now, when you've mastered one faction, our goal is to master every faction! IT's up to you who's next, just pick one the quest that the faction grand champions back in the alliance pavilion offers you (example: if you take the Stormwind quest, you'll be championing Stormwind). You will now start as a Valiant for you new faction AND you will still be able to pick up the Champion dailies from your own faction. All the previous quest from the Valiant phase should now be able again, and they fit very well together with the new champion dailies that should be availible to you:

      • [80] Among the Champions
      • [80] Taking Battle to the Enemy
      • [80] Battle Before the Citadel
      • [80] Threat From Above

      [80] Among the Champions

        This quest is abit challenging, though. You'll have to defeat 4 Champions in the Champion ring. Use same stategy as earlier (like in [80] The Valiant’s Challenge). I suggest you start with doing this quest, as it's very close to where you get it - fast done, and easy to turn in.

      [80] Taking Battle to the Enemy

        This is a simple and easy quest that shouldn't cause you any problems. You'll have to kill 15 members of Cult of the Damned which can be found west of the Argent Tournement Grounds. The cults doesn't group or hit specially hard, but keep an eye on their spells, they can hit for a bulk of damage.

        ==Note== This can be done together with [80] A Valiant's Field Training, as they are very close to each other.

      [80] Battle Before the Citadel

        This quest should clearly be done together with [80] At The Enemy's Gates. Like in [80] At The Enemy's Gates, you'll have to mount up from the littlew camp west of Icecrown Citadel. Then kill 3 of the Commanders. They are abit hard, but easy soloable. The Commanders start up with 3 stacks of their Defend, and 252k hp - they pretty much equal to the champions of Argent Tournement, same stage of difficulty.

      [80] Threat From Above

        This quest is the first group daily quest in the game. Hurra for that. You'll basically have to kill a big drake south west of Argent Tournament Grounds. In my opinion, you can 2 man this without major problems. However, going 3-man it like suggested is ofcourse optimal. The drake hit for about 2,000 on plate, and got 102,000 HP. It will also summon two adds which have 25,000 HP each.

    Daily Grind


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Okay everyone, thanks for

Okay everyone, thanks for all the nice feedback you've posted, I finally got the reward list done along with a table of content, enjoy!

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Nice, thanks a lot for the

Nice, thanks a lot for the guide!

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Yay! Looks very nice

Yay! Looks very nice Smiling

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@ Silvann and Jiyambi - I

@ Silvann and Jiyambi - I think I got the time in the weekend to create the reward list along with a table of content, it's clearly needed alot.

@ Shinke - I've written a guide for the Black Knight quest chain, check it out: Eric's guide to the Black knight quest chain

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Awesome guide. A rewards

Awesome guide. A rewards section would be nice, as I'm interested in the Argent Hippogryph mount. Is that the guide I should follow to get that mount? Any idea on how long would take me? WoWhead's comments seem to give different answers...

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It depends on what point you

It depends on what point you are at in the tournament progression. If you already are exalted with your faction, you can get a total of 10 marks a day (I think). If you aren't exalted, or don't run HToC, or don't do TFA due to not finding a group, you get less. This is probably why you've seen different answers for it.

To Eric - a rewards section would definitely be nice, and as this user points out, perhaps a note at the top of each section of progression through the tournament as to how many marks/day you can earn.

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Eric, another awesome

Eric, another awesome guide.

One thing I noticed, however, your achievement links go to, not wowhead like they should. And also on the map you have the TotC 10/25 entrance in the wrong spot.

Other than that, I can't wait to use this guide for my daily grind!

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Thanks for the nice

Thanks for the nice feedback, I changed the URL Smiling

*facepalm*, I was thinking of Trial of the Grand Crusader, probably because I've never been in any of them, thank you for noticing.

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Noticed another 'thing.'

Noticed another 'thing.' Before you can accept and do the Chillmaw quest, you must do the Black Knight quest chain. I noticed this as I started the daily grind section and couldn't pick it up.

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Looks awesome, Eric! A few

Looks awesome, Eric!

A few things I noticed. First, I suggest you include the three daily quests that become available once you reach exalted with Sunreavers/Silver Covenant. I also suggest you include the Black Knight quest chain eventually - yeah it just gives Argent Crusade rep, but it's part of the Tournament story and it seems like it should be included.

Second, the note for the "Among the Champions" vs. the "Battle for the Citadel" - you note that Among the Champions is hard, but Battle for the Citadel is just as hard and harder because there are other mobs all around that can agro. The notes I'm referring to are in the final section, the "Daily Grind".

Anyway, overall great job as usual!

EDIT: A list of items available (why you'd bother even grinding this), Achievements available, and possibly a table of contents would also be very nice additions.

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Thanks for the kind words,

Thanks for the kind words, the guide was released a bit in a hurry, so I'll be adding a few things when I got the time, so far I have added an achievement section, more to come Smiling