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The professions of World of Warcraft is the best money makers. There is currently 14 professions, 3 Secondary professions, 3(exclusive fishing) Gathering professions, and 8 crafting/service professions. Today, I'll be talking about some of them that in my opinion is very optimal.

Gathering Professions:

    Mining is a gathering professions, like every other gathering profession it works very simple. There is nodes all over Northrend that you can farm and post on the Auction House. On my server, Mining seems to have a little more value than Herbalism and Skinning.


Sholazar herbalism route

In sholazar basin herbalism route you are skipping River's Heart... WHY? basicly there are always 2-3 herb spawns ( Rose thingy, long time since I farmed) might depend on server pop and the amount of people farming but the area around lifeblood pillar has no know herb spawns what I know of.

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you should consider adding

you should consider adding engineering mote extracting routes for northrend... I know you can farm a ton of air in Scholozar and there is also a very optimal fire route that can be achieved over dragonblight, wintergrasp, and borean tundra.

Just some ideas! Good guide!

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Looks great eric, enjoying

Looks great eric, enjoying this weekly series Smiling

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nice guide, i have only

nice guide, i have only really tried the sholozar one for mining, thats how i got my epic flyer but im thinking of trying ice crown as theres less people so ill check this out

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It is 'herbalists' not

It is 'herbalists' not 'herbers' Sticking out tongue

Looks great anyhow.

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I think "herbers" must be my

I think "herbers" must be my personal slang then, haha Laughing out loud

Thanks for noticing.