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Hi guys.

Sorry I haven't been as active around here lately. Grad school is kicking my ass a bit, and I've gotten my hands into a new hobby that is even nerdier than WoW guide writing - my guild plays DnD together and we use MapTool, and I've been writing a custom framework for it. It's been awesomely fun but very time consuming.

Anyway, I'm sorry I haven't been around as much here. I'll make sure to check comments regularly, but don't expect much new content from me for a while. Sorry folks, needed to try something new for a while!

However, I don't doubt that I will be writing guides again in the future Smiling


too bad

It's too bad this site doesn't have much activity anymore. Just the blues before an expansion I guess.

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So this is why the best female moderator of this site isn't being online as much as she used before ^^

Don't worry, Ji, you can see how slow things are going around here. I guess everyone has a life and can't be bothered to work for the site, it's ok, but lately I've seen a very few new guides-interesting topics. I regularly check the site but I don't post many posts myself, I just read here and there.

I'm just waiting Cataclysm to come because it will bring back life to the site with many new users and some of the Olds back and active Smiling

Anyway, have fun with DnD!


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Actually, I was just

Actually, I was just thinking about how I wanted to work on the guide eric had an idea for, this weekend - the one which has very short explanation for different bosses you can cut and paste into chat in game, or even use as macros.

I don't know for sure that I'll have time for it, but it's possible Smiling I know it's something I would use anyway!

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Sure, that's absolutely a

Sure, that's absolutely a very good idea. That would require some dungeon runs to test and tbh I'm not into end game pve so I cannot help.

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Note on my semi-AFK-ness

(I never check new forum posts, so this is for if you are like me and only check for new comments)