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After recently coming back to the game after nearly a years break, I struggled finding gear for my Druid Tank. My aim here is to draw from my 'eventful' experiance and hopefully make it easier for you to reach Mid to End Game Raids. Currently my Druid has a gearscore of 2571, based on Wow-Heroes, which puts him in range of ICC10. To start this guide off, I will assume that you have recently hit 80, and therefore split it into 3 parts:

Table Of Contents

Basic Heroic Gear

Aim to have iLevel 187 gear to start tanking Heroics, you could always go as DPS rather than tank, but this takes a bit longer to get groups. Alot of this gear can be crafted by leatherworkers, which is explained in the last section of this guide, including a couple of great epics that you wont really need to replace for a while.







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Needs an update

This guide could use an update, but it's still useful as-is so it will be left up. If anyone would like to adopt this guide, please leave a comment. This guide will be moved to the archive section when Cataclysm is released.

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It's been a while since I was last on here, as  I havn't been playing WoW lately (Sister took over my account for a while), however, just getting back into it, and will be updating / rewritting at some point.

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Great Guide

Hey man, this is a solid guide and I hope to use it on my druid when he hits 80.

If you still haven't gotten the achievement Epic yet, you can substitute the Trinket 1 (in this case Ick's Rotting Thumb) with Trinket 2 (Black heart) and get the achievement off of that.

One little suggestion

I am new to druid tanking but mate i believe your red gem suggestion is wrong. I believe its better to use Delicate Cardinal Ruby

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Possibly, I'm not too sure

Possibly, I'm not too sure on the exact stat ratio's, so I'm going to say it's a matter of personal opinion until I see definitive evidence either way. Regardless, there's only 1 needed so it shouldn't matter too much which one you decide to use. Smiling

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Good Guide!

Hi Gmachine!

This is a pretty good guide - simple, easy to read, and to the point. Since I just geared up my tanking spec for my druid, I was interested when I first saw this. However, I'm going to have to disagree with you on a few things.

First off, I definitely think you should be going for the idol as your first purchase from frost badges, NOT the trinket. According to the simulator I use, RAWR, the Corroded Skeleton Key is actually WORSE than the Black Heart for my bear. It may be better for others, but I doubt it's a huge upgrade compared to the idol. The idol, on the other hand, is about TWICE as good as the Idol of the Corruptor (which is, from what I understand, BETTER than the Idol of Mutilation you have recommended above). While I don't necessarily trust myself on this, being somewhat new to bear tanking, my guild's main tank is a bear and he definitely thinks the idol is a big upgrade, it's his second purchase after the cloak (he was really needing a new cloak though).

For rings, I definitely recommend the Dexterous Brightstone Ring above the Bloodshed Band. I picked it up originally because I also go cat spec often. However, RAWR is definitely recommending it higher for my bear spec. Again, I'm not sure on all this, and it's based on my bear's gear - could be different depending on your gear.

Also I may have simply missed it, but you don't mention the triumph trinket, Glyph of Indomitability, here that I see. It's a great trinket adding another cooldown. While additional cooldown management may be harder than basic stat boosts for new tanks, it's a great trinket that is easy to obtain and shouldn't be overlooked.

All that said, this is a great beginner's guide to tank gearing and I'm excited to see it posted here Smiling thanks for all your hard work!

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Thanks for your feedback, I may have a few things slightly different / wrong, but that's due to it being based on my current gear, what I had before, and a couple of things I want from Frost (haven't actually looked through all the new Frost gear yet, or completed any raids).

I've just looked at Idol of the Corrupter and compared it with Idol of Mutilation and in my opinion Mutilation wins hands down, as Swipe is the main attack you will be using against multiple mobs, whereas Mangle is primarily based on a single mob. Therefore with Mutilation, the Buff should be kicking in a lot more often than with the Corrupter. Also, with Idol of the Crying Moon I feel the same rule applies, that it's more of a single mob Idol and therefore won't kick in as much unless you constantly use Lacerate. This may or may not suit your style of tanking, i know it doesn't suit mine.

Regarding the rings, you are totally correct, I can't believe I missed that one. Looks like I need that Ring too Smiling and I will update it soon. Also with Glyph of Indomitability I find it dependant on your gear and tanking style, I don't like to use Cool Downs, and rarely even use the 3 my Talents give me, and as I'm already at 65% damage reduction from my Armour, more Armour isn't a priority just yet.

On a final note, this is aimed at being a guide to get you into raiding, so I didn't want to speculate too much on what you should be aiming for gear wise once you get there. Even I'm not too sure about it as I don't raid much.

~ Oh forgot to mention, I will be adding an Enchantment section onto this, I just wanted to get it out there as soon as possible Smiling

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I definitely see where our

I definitely see where our differences on the idol come in now. I agree, for gearing up, off tanking, and heroics, swipe is good and Mutilation seems like the best choice.

For raiding, as a main tank, and on bosses specifically, I think Idol of the Crying Moon would be superior. You are always going to want to have a 5 stack of Lacerate up on a raid boss, which means the idol should be proccing fairly regularly. Again, tank is not my main spec, this is just the impression I get from the main tank in my guild and from my simulator. But, based on gearing up, I understand why you are recommending Idol of Mutilation.

Thanks for the interesting discussion! Smiling

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No problem Interesting is

No problem Smiling Interesting is my middle name.

But you are right, raiding as a main tank, the Crying Moon Idol will take preference over Mutilation. Chances are you won't be jumping straight to Main tanking in Raids, so that gives you a little bit of time to get it. I'm planning on having it after I get my new cloak, as I don't raid much and definitely not as Main tank Smiling

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To add

One thing you might want to go over is what enchants and enhancements (leg armors, arcanums, etc) that a new tank should get.

Also for gems, you might want to remind people that they do need one red gem to keep their meta active! I know its a simple thing but it's something that might get overlooked in the rapid gearing up new tanks go through.

Again, great job on the guide, don't worry too much about all these little suggestions - just trying to make a good thing even better! Smiling