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How about making an addon that will guide you in lvling your professions? I know I get tired of having to tab out of game in order to see what I need to make next. Lately I've been following the prof guides at and it works really good. They're fast and also the way the guides take you, are very inexpensive gold wise. I think I dropped a total of 45g(not counting training), into tailoring to get it to 300. Mostly b/c I'm too lazy to farm. I'm sure you guys/gals here can make the addon and I'm pretty sure that there are even faster and cheaper ways of lvling professions.


This used to work

A few years ago these guides were working now they just skip all the crafting and go right to the "train next lvl". I was just wondering if this was being looked into or if it had fallen through the cracks.

Probably an old issue

This has probably been brought up somewhere else in the forums but I figured I would bring it up here. A while back, and I don't remember how far, but the in game guides for the crafting professions were working and now they just show the "train the next lvl" window with none of the steps in between. I was just wondering if someone was looking into this or if it has slipped through the cracks. Like Dulak I get tired of tabbing back and forth. Just a thought.


Sorry about not having these fixed.  Am planning on getting something out this weekend.  Since the hard drive crash, and with the release of the expansion, there really hasn't been much time other than leveling.  Then something came up in my personal life that has kept me from playing on a regular basis.  I just need to get out what I have.  The code changes I made doesn't seem to work now since the lastest redo of the code, so have to look into that but hope its a quick fix.  Fingers crossed.

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Re: Professions

If you check in your changes to the code into your branch, I would be happy to complete the port against my changes.


Updated Professions

Ok, its out in my fork when you are ready to pull it.  I improved the logic for the professions section in brokers that should make it work alot better.  Let me know if you have any issues.  Currently, there are only 4 guides.  Will work on the rest when I can.

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Re: Updated Professions

AOK, will merge and test tomorrow!


add profession routes to ingame addon?

first of hi :D have been using the addon guided for quite a while now 

and i was think in the wee hours of this morning that you have routes on the site for farming profession for example minning 

what would the possibility be to make routes for the ingame addon that lead round these routes just through way points (not a guide to level your professions but to lead you round the routes wich are best for farming in certian zones) :S with eventually being able to set the current guide list to reapet when it has finished (so people can do continues loops of areas) i know that on a route nodes can be far and few between at times but a simple waypointed route might help alot. was just an idea to see what people thought. 

looking fowrad to a reply :D 

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This was in development but

This was in development but I'm not sure what the current status is on it, as I've not heard from the guy who was working on it in some time. When I return to WoW in the summer I would be happy to work on adding some new modules, but for now I'm not able to work on it and I really don't want to add more workload to the folks who are maintaining the addon.

I know in your email you mentioned you are learning C and C++ - Lua (the language addons are coded in) is MUCH easier but there are a lot of very specific things to do with addons, and if you want to make a proffessions addon that plugs in to our addon you'll need to be familiar with the structure of our addon first.

My suggestion is - if you really are interested in working on addons, try making a simple one on your own first. There are some great books out there to help (I use WoW Programming), also there's a tutorial on this site written by Jahwo which is quite good, though it may be a bit out of date. Wowpedia also is an amazing reference, with lots of up to date information on interacting with Blizzard's API.

Once you can successfully make an addon of your own, go through the WoW-Pro addon and see if you can learn how it works. Only after that would you possibly be able to make a module.

Or, you can just wait until this summer, when I would gladly work on some modules and help you learn as well!

All the best,


I'm also interested in this

I'm also interested in this topic! i posted a coment elsewhere before i found this post! i wish i knew how to create an addon or i'd do it myself to help contribute. this is such a great site!


There are a couple addons that I use when working on gathering professions (Skinning you really shouldnt need an addon if your going to level from 1....) I use an addon called Blood hound it tracks all the mining/herb nodes ive been to and creates a simple arrow for me to fly in a route that is simple for me. Also it shows the position of ALL possible nodes, and if you would like to train only one of the two it has options so you may shut off the other when searching. Also it records what % chance you have to get 1. gems 2. stone 3. how many ore. And it will also show you the last time you mined it and the time before that (to give you an estimate on how long the respawn on that specific node is)


Its rather nice when you have a flying mount making it easy to get to 525 faster and make you money when you want.


Also I suggest using Bagnon for when doing it it makes it so much simpler (I have ocd when it comes to my bags so yeah) it takes your bags and puts them all in one big grid. Also it allows you to view whats in your alts bags and your guild bank from wherever you are (its handy when you want to look and see if theres some ore or herbs in your guild bank that you need and how much money is there so you can choose wether to repair with the guilds gold or your own)


And there is also Tom Tom which provides a "Crazy Taxi" arrow to your waypoints so if you set your waypoints at high respawn nodes it will lead you to them for your route making it verry easy to find your way.


I hope this helped.