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Hello everyone.

I just wanna inform you that I won't be writing anymore guides, since I've quited WoW some weeks ago. Due to a guild breakup, I couldn't get started again. I will still be sneaking around here on the website, though. If anyone wanna continue on some of my projects, you can send me a PM, I'll gladly give you the stuff. I got a 1-12 Dwarf/Gnome guide almost done, an Alchemy Gold making guide that just need some pictures, and a very big gold making guide that's not finished yet.

And at last, some good news:
Tested WOW-PRO leveling addon, 1-80.

6 days, and 22 hours playtime. Quite good in my opinion.

I've had a nice time for the past years, and enjoyed the most amazing website ever created Smiling


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Sad to hear Eric, I hope

Sad to hear Eric, I hope you'll still be around on wow-pro at least. You've been one hell of a contributor to this community.

And you prove it once again by testing the leveling addon from 1 to 80, something I've been wanting to do for months but haven't had the time. So thank you!

ps: 6 days 22h from 1 to 80 is pretty damn sweet Eye

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You can't quit giving advice

You can't quit giving advice on the guides. Your gold guide is a work of art. If you have to stop playing, I respect that, but please keep looking at WoW-Pro and give the site your input.

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I will do my best.

I will do my best.

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Sorry to hear you might be

Sorry to hear you might be leaving. *coughs*

I tried to leave to, but the Lich King turned me into a minion again. Best of luck in any endeavors you may partake in the future.

Don't be famous, be infamous

Don't be famous, be infamous