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As many of you are aware of by now, Tour Guide has been purchased by Zygor for use with his pay-for-use leveling guides. It is expected that we will be asked to take down our addon, as it uses Tour Guide code as a base. Users are welcome to continue using any versions of our guide addon currently on their PCs, but we will most likely no longer be able to distribute the addon.

For more background on the situation, see Tekkub's (Tour Guide's author) blog:

More on what this means for us after the break.

What this means for our addon: Don't worry, it's not the end of the world! With Cataclysm and a huge revision of all the guides on the horizon anyway, this is the best time for this to have happened. WoW-Pro will be coding it's very own addon, possibly using the old addon Jahwo was working on as a base.

What we need from the community: First of all, patience. We will do our best to come out with an up to date, new addon quickly, but it will take time.

Secondly, we need input! Please post here with suggestions for features you'd like to see in the new addon.

Thirdly, we need help! We have a couple experienced coders in the moderator group here at WoW-Pro, but many of us are busy with RL activities and may not have a lot of time to devote to so huge a project. If you are experienced with addon writing, let us know and we'll see if we can put you to work!

Core feature list:

  • Check-able list of steps with the ability to access more detailed descriptions for each step.
  • Arrow pointing the way to coordinates associated with each step, and/or interaction with other arrow addons such as TomTom, Cartographer, and Carbonite.
  • Ability to read Tour Guide format guide files.
  • For now, ability to pull NPC coordinates from Lightheaded database. However, by default, hard-coded coordinates should override database coordinates. In the future, we should hard-code NPC coordinates in order to make our addon self-reliant.

Additional Feature List:

  1. Auto-completion, checking the user's completed quests and auto-checking off steps accordingly. The ability to input multiple completed quest requirements and and/or logic might be nice. Example: A fly to the area step that completes when the player enters the area, OR if they have completed all the quests in that section. This is a lower priority feature of the auto-completion.
  2. Integration of the arrow (as a separate, toggle-able module), and preferably a version more like Cartographer's than TomTom's, which changes color based on distance rather than direction. Maintain the ability to use other addons if the user desires (such as TomTom, Cartographer, or Carbonite).
  3. Create a "plug and play" functionality for the addon, so that guide for tradeskills, talents, money making, and all sorts of other things can be added. Essentially we would like to use one interface to run all the modules, so it looks and feels the same. Additional windows etc might be needed for individual modules, however (the talent module comes to mind).
  4. Additional step tags, specifically a "use" tag for non-inventory items (world objects) which will recognize when the corresponding quest objective is complete.
  5. Customization of the window: ability to choose how many steps are shown and how much information for each step. Possible options:
    • Mouse-over (one liner with mouse-over like Tour Guide)
    • Short (mouse-over info displayed at all times
    • Detailed (more like Jame's paper guides, with lots of detailed information)
  6. Improved path / area coordinates. Some ideas:
    • Ability to list a "path" without having to clutter up the note with a ton of coordinates. Preferably, a way to list coordinates hidden from display.
    • Map markings, for point locations, paths, and areas. Quest-helper has areas, I'm not sure what it would take to do this but it's really nice looking and would be awesome for quests where you just need to kill everything in an area.
  7. Improved logic/display for multi-objective steps. Not exactly sure how this would work, but perhaps have "substeps" which are displayed together, and checked off as they are completed.
  8. For guide coders, I'd like to see a little more formatting ability for the mouse over notes. There were many times I'd wanted to add new lines to improve readability, and was unable to.

Guide File Updates:

  • Include quest tags for each step (not just quest steps) so they will be auto-completed properly (I understand this was already being done when the addon switch was initiated).
  • Our own coordinates for quest givers and turn ins. Lightheaded sometimes lists incorrect coordinates for some NPCs due to NPC movement. It would also just make it easier for users so they don't need multiple addons.

Possible Future Addons:

  • WoW-Pro Talents - Easy talent recommendations while leveling, for all specs. Possibly include rotation suggestions as well. For players jumping in partway through, it should be able to detect their current talent changes and adjust accordingly, or recommend a respec if the talents are too messed up. Talents should be prioritized to make sure people pick up the most vital ones. Recommendations of glyphs would also be nice.
  • WoW-Pro Gold Making - Daily quests, gathering/farming circuits, perhaps even auctioneer advice.
  • WoW-Pro Reputation - Reputation guides created using the addon.
  • WoW-Pro Holiday - Holiday guides created using the addon.
  • WoW-Pro Achievements - Other achievement guides.

Please give us your input! We want to make this addon the best it can be for you, our users. Please let us know what you'd like to see in the new addon!


Guide for "Farming"

I was just wondering, is it possible, or not that much call, for a guide to let us know where and how to farm things such as Frostweave cloth or Sungrass or some such things.

Another request, of course, this is probably there and I'm just missing it, but a legend that lets us know what the conventions mean in the professions guide? For instance, at the moment, I'm using the tailoring guide, but I'm unsure what (and of course, I started using it when I was already level 398 in tailoring so the guide jumped to the correct spot for me.) 8:Bolt of Frostweave:40:130:1:Ethernium Thread:5:35 means. in the step for Duskweave Wristwraps.  I kind of figured out, it takes 8 frostweave bolts to make one Duskweave Wristwrap. That it takes 5 frostweave cloths to make one bolt therefore, the 40. It needs 1 Ethernium Thread. What is confusing me is the 130 and the 5:35. In the step above, Duskweave Leggings: Craft these from 404 to 405. Materials: 8 Bolt of Frostweave (8/138) 1 Ethernium Thread (1/36). Does the 130 and 35 in the following step correspond to the (8/138) and (1/36) respecfivly? In other words, are those numbers the estimated numbers needed to level to the appropriate place? I mean, it's estimated that it will take me between 40 and 138 Wristwraps to get to the next level due to the item turning yellow and green before I reach it? If that's the case, then I guess I'm not confused at all. :)

I thnk I just talked my way into understanding. However, in case I'm wrong, and also for anyone else that might be confused and not able to talk themselves into the understanding, I think I'm going to leave this in. Hopefully, it helps someone else understand. If I'm correct, that is.



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Farming Guides

While I love this addon and think its the coolest, I think Routes with Gathermate wil give you better what you are asking for.  Also another good resource is the farming and profession leveling guides on  There is also an android app that has the farming guides so you can see them on your phone :) I assume its made by the creaters of wow-professions since it seems to be the same work.

I don't really know anything about the wow-pro profession guides (other than that they exist) so I can't help you out there.

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

Bug Report





This has been happening, but I've not really read it until now. My guide is
telling me to report a bug.

"WoWPro: Resetting Guide EmmTow8990 due to upgrade. Forgetting skipped steps.

WoWPro No closest waypoint? Please report a bug: Guide EmmTow8990, Step N
[Abandoned Crate of Goods]

WoWPro: ALCD3: delta 757.783548,757.783548"

There was more, but I don't think they were part of the "report bug" thing. I think the rest was simply stating in chat window what wow-pro was doing. I.E. "Wowpro: Discovered Flight Point; [Longying Outpost]" and "AL:LFO ZC to 807/0." I'm thinking things like that are normal.

Do you want us to report all these things everytime? I'd hate to "double" report something someone else has already reported, but I'm not sure how to find out what was reported or if what I'm encountering was the first time it's come up.

BTW, I'd like to say again, thank you for an awesome guide. I'm still having issues with waypoints pointing me in the wrong direction at times. Frustrating, but I know, there are so many variables to the waypoint thing. What direction did you guys come from when setting it, what direction did I come from, what angles did we take to get there, etc etc. I am finding that once I hit a partial waypoint, (i.e. 1/3) if I very off the path slightly, the guide directs me back to the first waypoint rather than the next one I was going for. Not sure if that's a setting in config I have set wrong or what. But has caused me to use a colorful mediphore or two. :)

Thanks again,


edit: I saved and got that stuff at the beginning. Not sure what would happen if I delete it. I typed most of this in word and copy and pasted it, which might be it. But I'm a little concerned that if I delete it, it will make the word portion unreadable. Sorry if it's not needed and I should have deleted it. Let me know and I'll fix it in future posts.


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Re: Bug Report

Some things in the chat logs are just informational messages that we should demote to debug messages.

At one point, discovery of flight points and automatic select were new features, so we printed out messsages saying what the addon was  doing.   Now that the feature is mature, it makes sense to demote the messages.   Problem is that we get used to them and dont see them any more even when they stare at us in the face.

So I ask you to report any messages.   If I give you are resason why we need to keep it around, see if you agree with me.  I don't mind being challenged.   But I may just say "oh, yeah, I'll get rid of that".

PS:   The waypoints getting reset on sequences is a sore point I have tried to fix a few times.   The problem is that I have to solve is that the waypoints get set every time the guide updates, which include  a ton of conditions like going in and out of combat, zone changes and other things you cant imagine.  But you may have "eaten" one or more waypoints out of a set.  Recoginzing that the new waypoint setting is a super set of the existing waypoint set and that it should or should not be reset is tricky.

PPS:   I would rather have a double or triple report than an omitted report.

PPPS:  If you are seeing "AL:LFO ZC", you have not updated to the official TomTom and you are naughty.

PPPPS:  You should post to the Towlong Steppes guide and yell at Emmaleah about the [Abandoned Crate of Goods]!

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But, but... I don't want to be  yelled at... ok ok. Ill go look at it.

I looked at it, There is a waypoint in there, so I dont know why it is complaining. Perhaps the map has chanaged / shifted so that isn't a valid waypoint?

 Its one of those treasure steps that have to be manually checked off.  It looks like I put it to a CC tag so it could auto complete.  Perhaps it could be changed to an A step with the QID for the tracking quest. 

Perhaps changing the note to say check this step off when you are done is the best way to deal with it? I will run over there on beta (because I dont have any live characters who havent picked it up ) and see If I can determine a better way to handle it.

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

Bug Report

I thouoght I had updated to the official TomTom. I went to the site that was in one of your posts. Deleted the old files and installed from the current download. This is the file I've downloaded, "Ludo_TomTom_for_WoD_2014_1018" I downloaded it on 10/19/2014. Is that the official one? If not, where can I get it? I hate using third party things as they inevitably don't work correctly. I'm also using "WoWPro+v6.0.0C" is that the latest and greatest? I downloaded that on 10/18/2014.



TomTom update

Try the WoWInterface page

This is (mostly) working for me; with the exception that I sometimes must right-click the guide step and select "Map Coordinates" for TomTom arrow to show up/point the right way..

TomTom update

That worked. Not sure where I got the idea to use the Ludo_TomTom_for_WoD_2014_1018 version, but it's working without all those messages.


sticky tag

What is the tag for sticky steps and how is it used? I'd like to modify the 30-60 a bit as I go (I know they're being replaced, it's just to keep me from being completely bored until Cata drops) for my own personal use. Even better, could someone share a link with a full list of tags and their use if it exists?

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Check out this page:

Check out this page:

Should have all the different steps and tags there Smiling

Once you get some practice with it, and Cata comes out, we can always use more people fixing guide bugs and such! Smiling

Be glad to help out. I

Be glad to help out. I already edit for a few online authors, and I'm a bit anal-retentive about details, so I'm perfect for the job! Laughing out loud

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Addon on WoW Interface!

I am pleased to announce that the WoW-Pro addon is now available on WoW Interface!

We may also list our addon on Curse in the future.

We hope that this will actually bring MORE users to WoW-Pro, as we get our name out there through the larger user-base of WoW Interface.

The current addon build can be considered a rough beta, it still has some known bugs.

Go try it!

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Addon Alpha - Version 0.12.1 - BETA CANDIDATE

Another round of bug fixes later, and it's that time again folks!

This time through, we had mostly bug fixes. The only new feature added is support for multiple profiles for your display settings, courtesy of Ace3 Smiling

Our addon alpha files have moved to github. Everything is still available in zip format for the many folks who aren't familiar with git, but we now to have a git repository available for the programmers out there!

Feel free to make an account over on github (it's free) and leave feedback there via the awesome issue tracker. However, I'll still respond to any feedback sent via WoW-Pro, email, blog, or twitter, just as I have been Smiling

Thanks for the hard work everyone, we are almost there!

In praise of Dugi (and his guide)

I am a new reader and subscriber to this forum and I mainly joined to reply to some of the comments made about Dugi and his guides.

First, I have to say that Dugi's guide works very well, I have never had any problems at all with anything, and I own them all.

Ok, many users of your guides may wonder why people buy guides. Well, you have to take into consideration that the price includes free updates forever, and the updates are quickly put into place. This is worth a lot in itself, I don't particularly want to wait months for an updated version to appear. (I had a quick look at one of the guides on this website, it still talks about "collecting wolf meat" at the beginning of the Human training quests. That is about six months behind the times) Its great having free guides but they are pretty useless if they are not up to date, particularly as your members see fit to slag off ones that are.

I have always found dugi and his team polite and very obliging when I have needed to contact them, that is also hard to find most of the time and worth payin for.

In short I am happy with my Dugi's guide and see no reason to replace it.

I am not writing this as I have any axe to grind with this website or the ppl that run it, I will read it and I am sure there is much here that is useful. But I fail to see why there is any need to attack other guides.

Best wishes


If by "collecting wolf meat"

If by "collecting wolf meat" you are referring to one of the first quests in the human starting zone, you still do that quest. Also, your post seems more like an advert for Duigi than a real critique of the WoW-pro guides.

That said, you do have one good point, the guides are way out of date and that is detrimental to new members enjoying this site. I don't refer just to the levelling guides, but to most of them. Perhaps when a guide has been on since before BC one might consider removing them?

Otherwise, I love this site.

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The post was in response to

The post was in response to a comment made almost two months ago now. Since the poster neglected to respond to that comment and instead posted here on the front page (and never explained why he did this), I am forced to conclude it was a simple attempt to get attention and sympathy for Dugi's guides.

Lets just move on, the above poster apparently already has.

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I am HUGELY impressed that

I am HUGELY impressed that as a TOTAL new reader who has NEVER visited this site before and is OBVIOUSLY in no way affiliated with Dugi has the commitment to trawl through literally hundreds of posts to find posts criticising Dugi, and raise your objections.

I salute your commitment in doing this for OBVIOUSLY NO PERSONAL GAIN WHATSOEVER, and purely out of a need to present fairly a paid guide which you have ABSOLUTELY no association with.


You are quite correct that I have no association with Dugi, I do not, other than using his guide, you are quite wrong that I trawled through the whole forum looking for comments about Dugi and his guide. I saw one which said tht Dugi's guide was a lot more expensive than Zygor. (It isn't) there were several replies to that comment.

What is it with people on this forum that they just want to slag everyone else off.

As far as I know there is nothing wrong with Dugi's guide and nothing wrong with the ppl who use it.

I'm not attaking this site or what you are doing here, as I have said before, it is fine.

Try to get on with folks.

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Eh, I think Brune was simply

Eh, I think Brune was simply defensive based on you coming to our forum, hunting through comments to find one about Dugi (and I'm sorry, that comment is on a page that isn't even visible anymore by default because it is so old, so I'm assuming you heard about it from someone on Dugi's site and hunted through to find it), and posted on OUR forum, "praising" (your words not mine) a competitors guides. Now, did we EVER come to YOUR forum and start "praising" Jame's guides? No - and if I'm wrong please correct me here.

On that note, I'm rather interested as to why you didn't reply to the comment that this whole conversation is actually relevant to. Posting on the front page instead of replying to the comment in question is rather inflammatory. I have to assume that you realized that comment was NOT visible, and wanted more attention paid to your "rebuttal" than is actually paid to the original comment. Meaning, you're muck dredging here, bringing something that's already been discussed and put to rest back up to the front. It honestly looks as if you are doing this purposefully to make us look bad, when in fact WoW-Pro responded politely and quickly and in a way MORE than reasonable to Dugi's requests.

I agree, it's fine that Dugi corrected the issue about the price. Did I delete his comment? No. It's still there, and anyone with the immense amount of free time and boredom necessary to hunt through several pages of comments to find and look at that old conversation can easily see his reply and correction. I took down the more inflammatory comment by one of our users that Dugi had also objected to.

I also notice you have no response to my comment below, where I clearly outline how Dugi has either come here himself or paid/asked others to come here and spam advertising. So please forgive us if we are slightly defensive regarding people coming here to talk about Dugi's guides - we've had bad experiences in the past with such.

Please try to understand that we have been MORE than fair to you and Dugi. I feel as though I've kept a fairly cool head despite criticism of our guides, our community, and the previous rudeness perpetrated by Dugi's guides here on WoW-Pro. And remember, this occurred MONTHS ago, so your sudden post is completely out of the blue. It's no wonder people are defensive.

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First, these guides are not

First, these guides are not "useless" - far from it. Some are a little out of date, this is true, but as a team of volunteers with limited time and energy it seems very foolish to update guides when they will be completely irrelevant in a few months (Cataclysm) - Instead we've focused our efforts on creating an awesome addon and preparing guides for the new expansion.

I understand why people might want to pay for something that is updated more often by people who can devote time to it like a full time job, and I've personally never had a problem with that, though I feel that our guides have always gotten the job done for me.

Also calling our guides useless... then talking about how it's not cool to attack other guides... yeah.

Secondly, I lost ALL respect for Dugi when he or his toadies started spamming advertising here on our website. I am quite irked that he had the balls to come onto the site acting all high and mighty and offended by our talk comparing different guides on OUR site, but then sends in regular spammers to try to advertise here. For shame!

In any case, I'll take our community of active, helpful people above pay-for-use guides with annoying and pushy advertisers any day! Smiling

Not useless.

I didn't say all the guides on this site are useless, I said that guides that are out of date are useless, and they are, how can you work accurately from an out of date guide. But mainly I was making the point that part of the price of Dugi's guide is for quick and accurate updates.

I am not attacking the guides here, I'm sure they are very useful, as I said before. Tonite I started levelling a blood elf warlock with the ingame guide from here and it worked fine.

I think Dugi came on to this website because what had been written about his guide was just not true, I am refering to the price comparison between his guide and Zygor. Surely he was entitled to do so.

There is nothing wrong with Dugi's guide, or the people who use it, so what is the point in slagging it off and making personal attacks on other who happen to disagree with you.

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Panther - I was fine when

Panther - I was fine when all Dugi had done was come here to throw in his two cents in a discussion about different guides, paid vs. free guides, etc.

What you aren't seeing is the very frequent attempts at free advertising and customer sniping he or someone he employs post here on WoW-Pro. This occurs both through comments on our guides and through "guides" he (or his lackeys) post here that essentially say "Come to Dugi's site for the best guides!". Needless to say these posts are deleted when I find them, so unfortunately I cannot show you examples of this. But THAT is the behavior I am condemning, not his reasonably polite post here a few months back.

I AM still upset that he came on here with that "polite" post, acting as if he held a moral high ground, when at the same time he sends advertisers here to attempt to steal our customers. It's rude, underhanded, and not at all polite.

Users here may have been criticizing his guides (and please understand, the site owners NEVER did, that was simply one of our users who decided to try out other guides and post his OPINIONS here - which, if you bothered to check, we took down at Dugi's request). But no one from our site, at least as far as I have been informed, has gone over to his site and spammed advertising. If that HAS happened and I am mistaken, please let me know and I'll do my best to stop it. I'm not the owner of WoW-Pro, but I'll do what I can.

As far as I'm concerned, Dugi has done a whole lot of coming to our site and interfering one way or another. I'd really prefer you and Dugi and anyone else who uses his guides please just stay on your own site, we'll stay on ours, and we can agree to disagree about what makes a guide worth using.

As a final note - I am curious why you've decided to bring this issue up MONTHS after the comment you are referring to was already discussed and taken down. I read every comment posted on WoW-Pro and Dugi hasn't even been mentioned here since then, aside from his spammers. Is there a reason you suddenly have a bone to pick with us?

Well, I don't know what has

Well, I don't know what has occurred in the past between you and Dugi or anyone else.

As I have said I am nothing to do with Dugi, or any other site.

BUT, I find your attitude strange. You seem to be saying "anyone who disagrees with anything posted here can get off our site."

A forum is all about discussion. I joined this forum because I genuiely wanted to see what your guides were all about.

So far all I have seen is some rather rude and aggressive people who just seem to want to cause aggrevation.

This is all rather sad because the concept of free guides, written by players for players is a great idea. But if others get the welcome I got I dont see them staying long. Much like myself.

So I will wish you a fond farewell. (Or perhaps not so fond)

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*sigh* No, if that was my

*sigh* No, if that was my intention, I could simply have chosen not to publish your comment. I was indicating I'd like the advertising and "praising" of a competitor's guide to stay off our site, and I think that's perfectly reasonable. I somehow wonder that if I wondered onto Dugi's site and started "praising" WoW-Pro I would not be well-received.

As for this being all about discussion - if that's how you feel, I still don't understand why you didn't respond to the actual comment you were addressing, rather than bringing a completely unrelated issue to the front page of a topic that is supposed to be about our revised addon. It just seems to be a needless, drama-generating act to post here instead of as a reply to the actual issue.

You have also neatly side stepped the many (valid) points brought up here by saying "Oh, you are all bad aggressive people". Is there some reason that you refused to respond to those points?

I for one am very sad that you seem more interested in implicating our site as being the "bad guys" than in talking about the issues at hand.

Regardless, I'm sorry we couldn't come to an understanding. Good luck.

Using the Guide

The guide was very accurate from 1-30ish but then fell apart. But 70-80 it picked back up and was on spot.

I figured out if I just random dungeon from 30-68 it would be easy, which it was.
I'm just guessing this guide is for the hardcore Quester out there cause random dungeoning just makes leveling quick and easy.

Maybe you could add a guide where if you do a few quest then, let say grind a dungeon, and come out higher level than the guide then there would be a option for a pick up guide from your level not one with pre chain quest. like part 2\2 of any quest. Considering you didn't do part 1\2, but instead went to a random dungeon. Sticking out tongue

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Skyward - thanks for trying

Skyward - thanks for trying it out and for the comment Smiling

The guides for 30-60 fall apart because they are extremely outdated, written in Vanilla WoW. We haven't been focusing out efforts on updating them because a lot of that content will be completely overwritten in Cataclysm.

You are correct that these guides were designed for leveling via questing. However we are hoping to add some new features which will allow you to skip certain sections manually (and then skip follow-ups automatically), or optionally have a setting indicating you'd like the guide to automatically skip some of the quests. This would be ideal for people using the dungeon tool, or people with recruit a friend or heirloom items.

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Auto-complete on level

I noticed that the addon does not support auto-completion based on level, like "Grind until level 2" (unless I missed it). Is it worth it in Cataclysm?

Jiyambi's picture

It is not yet supported, but

It is not yet supported, but it will be Smiling The code will most likely be something like |LVL|2| for something that will show up until they hit level two. We also want to add one that will only show up after they are a certain level.

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Frame resizing/text messing up

I was wondering what caused this for a while, but then I realised that when you resize the frame or finish objectives while in combat, the frame messes up until you resize it.

Jiyambi's picture

Yes, I noticed this

Yes, I noticed this yesterday as well. I'm fairly certain this has to do with WoW locking down frames during combat. I'm going to have to add a refresh for the guide for when you leave combat, and something to keep it from updating while you are in combat.

Maw's Guide - Waypoint bugs

I'm not sure where the best place to post this at, but since it seems to be related to the new addon I'll post it here.

Playing through Maw's guide for Loch Modan and Westfall, it tells me to follow the waypoints at three locations to get to my destination. The problem is only the first waypoint is created.

I'm not sure if this is a universal error, but it'd be great if it'd be fixed. Smiling

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Vent - this most likely has

Vent - this most likely has to do with the tool used to automatically convert one guide to another. In the future this issue will be fixed. I'll look into it just to make sure, but I'm thinking it's just a guide file issue and not something wrong with the addon itself.

Unfortunately issues with guide files are pretty low priority at the moment since most of them will have to be completely redone come Cataclysm anyways.

Thanks for the feedback, though, and keep it up Smiling

Thanks for the quick

Thanks for the quick response J, true enough. Smiling

Where should I post lua errors if/when I encounter them?

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Posting them here is fine,

Posting them here is fine, or you can send them to me via PM. If you'd prefer email, go ahead and PM me with a request (I prefer not to just post it here for all the spammers to find Eye )

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Addon Alpha - Version 0.12 - BETA CANDIDATE

Hi everyone!

Here's a quick taste of what's in the newest alpha build for the WoW-Pro addon:

  • Lots of vital bug fixes
  • |O| and |PRE| tags should now be operational (these need testing!)
  • Item button cooldowns
  • Mini-map button now can be hidden (and is a panda!)
  • ..and more!

See the full post for details. After we root out any bugs in this build, it's ready for beta. I'm hoping this coming weekend will be our big beta release!

New Addon

This new guide looks great. I'm using the old add-on now to level my Alli Pally. I can't wait to give the new one a try.

Thanks for all the great work!


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LOVE the add-on! Saves so

LOVE the add-on! Saves so much time instead of having to scan over the guide again and again! Bravo Jiyambi and all who are working to keep it nice... it really is awesome!

Comment me on my blog.

Jiyambi's picture

I'm really glad you are

I'm really glad you are enjoying it Smiling Let me know if you have any problems with it or suggestions for new features!

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Addon Alpha - Version 0.10 - BETA SOON!

Hi everyone!

Here's a quick taste of what's in the newest alpha build for the WoW-Pro addon:

  • Fully functional item buttons, for sticky frames as well as normal frames
  • TONS of customization options
  • Tooltip/hover over style notes if you don't want them always displayed
  • Mini-map button and double-click-titlebar functionality to allow you to quickly hide the guide when needed.
  • ALL NEW FEATURE: A built in quest tracker for the quests associated with each step!
  • Click the step to open it's quest in your log (if you have it).

See the full post for details. Hope you guys are as excited as I am, if all goes well we'll soon have a fancy, stable beta build posted here on the site!

Brune's picture

Might be something stuffing

Might be something stuffing up on my end, but if I don't have a guide loaded and click on the checkbox next to 'no guide loaded' my client locks up.

Like this a lot more than the mess there was previously with no guide loaded though Sticking out tongue

Jiyambi's picture

Ouch, I know why that is.

Ouch, I know why that is. It's trying to load the next guide after NilGuide, which does not exist. I'll fix that ASAP, thanks much Brune as always.

EDIT: Actually I had it trying to load itself infinitely. Fail. Will be fixed in the future, for now, DON'T CHECK THAT OFF! >_<

Brune's picture

Well that does explain it

Well that does explain it Sticking out tongue

Another issue which you may not be able to get around with coding is that, for quests such as Disrupt their Reinforcements ( in HFP the addon calls for you to collect 4 Demonic Runestones, Disrupt Xilus, collect 4 more and then disrupt Kruul. Unfortunately, in quests like this, after you get the first 4 the second 4 removes itself from the to do list too. Since the coord of the second (in this case) demon gate is linked to the second gathering of the demonstones, you also lose that information when it happens.

Don't really know much about the addon, but presumably the fix is telling you to collect 8, go here when you have 4, then go to the next one (which appears after you reach the first tomtom coord) and get another 4.

That makes about as much sense as I can make it, hope it's understandable Sticking out tongue

Jiyambi's picture

It is, and I think at this

It is, and I think at this point that's the best solution. Otherwise we'd have to code it so the loot tag only autocompletes the very next step, which is possible I suppose, but it may cause later steps not to complete correctly if the user already has the items needed to complete them. I think it would be much more complicated and generally a bad idea - lets use the work around you suggested for now.

Silvann's picture

It's looking pretty nice,

It's looking pretty nice, good job Jiyambi! I don't really have free time right now, but eventually I'll be able to help with the future WoW-Pro addons. Once the WoW-Pro addon is in beta and when I have more free time and such, I'll send you a PM to see if you need further help.

~ Silvann

Jiyambi's picture

Thanks very much Silvann! I

Thanks very much Silvann!

I *just* uploaded a new alpha build that's packed with features! If all goes well, it will be posted here on WoW-Pro as the beta next week, or a week later at the latest.

I need to update this page with all the latest info but I think I will go ahead and wait until we get a beta build to do that Smiling

Another request - quick hide/resize

This was sort of requested before, but I am going to modify the request. I was playing today and got in a battleground and the guide takes up lots of room. One could resize the box by using the bottom right, but a "-" in the top right would be better, when clicked it would do a quick shrink to just that icon which then changes to a "+" which restores it to the last set size. This way a minimize in Battleground/Dungeons option doesn't need added to the options with the logic for it, just a quick minimize and restore button.

Speaking of said menus though, it would be nice if eventually you could set the default size in PvE/PvP areas, Battlegrounds and Dungeons. The last two we don't want to always hide the guide (we probably do if the Battleground and Dungeon modules aren't loaded, and for now until those modules are created) as when it enters one of those it should switch to the correct module and load up the guide for that Battleground/Dungeon. The menu would give the option to always minimize, set a default size in each, etc.

Quest tracking I would also push up the priority list, so we can track "mob x of y killed".

The add-on in fairly stable, and I think nearly ready for Beta, once the guide loading issues that remain are resolved (and lots of those were still in the TourGuide version anyhow), and we get a quick minimize/restore (the quest tracking would be nice, but not needed to push to Beta).

Jiyambi's picture

Thanks very much for the

Thanks very much for the suggestions, Brian. I like them both!

The plan currently is to push the guide to Beta once it does all the things Tour Guide once did for us. So we still have two high priority things to fix - add the last few auto-completion types, and the item button. The former should be done this week. The latter may take more time. Once those two things are done, I think the addon works well enough to release to the general public. However, I think I'll still keep the alpha site around for the possibly less stable builds where brand new features such as the ones you suggested are added Smiling

Item button? Is that the

Item button?
Is that the part that puts an icon of the item next to the stop so when it comes up you just use it without having to go to your bags?

Jiyambi's picture

Indeed. However, I'm wanting

Indeed. However, I'm wanting to do something more similar to questhelper so you can have several buttons available at once.

New Tag Suggestion

May I suggest a |P| tag for Profession for profession level quests? I am using Manovan's Night Elf Starter, and one of the steps is available only if you are an alchemist. Both Manovan's and Taralom's Night Elf guides have a quest that is available only if you have the Cooking profession. Both guides have a note right before to get Cooking to get the quest, but if somebody closes out of it and goes on, then the quest wouldn't show up. The tag would work just like |R| for Race and |C| for Class.
So a step might read:
A Recipe of the Kaldorei |QID|4161| |P|Cooking|
If the API even allows for knowing a character's professions (I am guessing it is in the TradeSkill Functions, probably GetTradeSkillInfo, but I am too sleepy to read everything at this point).