Revized WoW-Pro Addon

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WoW-Pro's team is working on our very own addon! Though the initial use will be primarily for leveling guides, the addon will eventually encompass many of the guides which appear on this site.

This does mean we are no longer supporting or updating the old, Tour Guide based guide. In addition, we will only be providing limited support for the old guide files, since most of them will become obsolete when Cataclysm is released (Outland and possibly Northrend being notable exceptions).

The Guide Window

More details about the new addon and awesome screenshots after the break.

Dropdown Menu

Options Page

What we need from the community: First of all, patience. We will do our best to come out with an up to date, new addon quickly, but it will take time.

Secondly, we need input! Please post here with suggestions for features you'd like to see in the new addon.

Thirdly, we need help! The addon is currently in a closed ALPHA stage. Most features work but there are known issues and very few guide files have been converted to the new format. If you are a regular member of WoW-Pro, have some coding experience, and want to help out with alpha testing, please send me a PM.

Once the rest of the basic features have been added, and more guide files have been converted, we will release the addon for an open beta test by all our WoW-Pro users. Our goal is to have a finished, polished addon ready for Cataclysm.

Current Addon Features:

  • Check-able list of steps with detailed descriptions listed below step titles
  • Manual completion enabled for all steps
  • Auto-completion enabled for Accept, Turn-In, and Complete type steps.
  • Coordinate mapping for single coordinates supported through TomTom
  • Sort-able guide list showing zone, author, level range, and amount completed. Now has scrollbar (woopsie!)
  • Guide window is resizeable and can show number of steps from 1-15.
  • Guide list now correctly displays progress for all completed steps, not just manually completed ones.
  • Current guide pane which allows you to scroll through the entire current guide, completed and non-completed steps.
  • Addon automatically queries the server when you log in and updates a database of completed quests, so no progress will be lost even after a client crash.
  • Sticky steps! Used for "do as you go" steps, they appear above the normal step and stay there until completed.
  • New: Auto-completion is now supported for flight, hearth, run, boat, and get flight path steps.

Known Issues (to be fixed)

  • Coordinate mapping only works within the guide's title zone. Multiple zone support to be added soon.
  • Guide window resizing is not smooth and looks rather odd. It can also be resized to too small for 1 step (which means no steps display) or too large for 15 steps (leaving blank space).
  • Auto-completion not yet supported for partial quest complete, set hearth, loot, and use steps.
  • Next guide does not yet automatically load when you finish a guide.

Future Features:

  1. Need to add support for listing certain steps as dependent on multiple quests being completed to be checked off (steps to go to a questing hub, for example)
  2. Use item buttons. We're going with a look similar to quest helper, though may provide a move-able button or a keybinding for the current step similar to that in Tour Guide.
  3. Animation for checking off steps (a check mark appears, old quest fades out, other quests move up).
  4. Either integration of the arrow, or permission from TomTom's author to redistribute their addon, maintaining the author's name and the addon's original name (basically leaving the addon untouched).
  5. Support for area vs. patrol vs. player run path type coordinates.
  6. Display customization (font, font size, colors, amount of info displayed - ability to use mouse-over tooltips instead of displaying the full step)
  7. Support for step skipping (not the same as manual completion) - the guide knows you did NOT complete the quest and will not ask you to complete quests with follow ups. Perhaps has a confirmation message stating "Skipping this step will result in skipping X follow-up steps". Need to add support for quest dependencies for this to work.
  8. Auto-load a guide based on level
  9. A separate "shopping list" frame which can be opened with a button on the title bar, used for a couple things in the leveling guide but which will get the most use for profession guides.
  10. Improved logic/display for multi-objective steps. Not exactly sure how this would work, but perhaps have "substeps" which are displayed together, and checked off as they are completed.
  11. For guide coders, I'd like to see a little more formatting ability for the mouse over notes. There were many times I'd wanted to add new lines to improve readability, and was unable to.
  12. An optional target button, which allows you to target a named mob and places a raid icon above it's head. This will help locate wandering mobs. Ex: |T|Bjomolf| would find the wolf Bjomolf if he is in range, target him, and place a skull above his head so he can be easily located.
  13. Ability for the guide to double as a quest tracker (showing the current quest's completion status) as an option. Example: "Mobs slain: X / Y" would display underneath the |N| text display.

Guide File Updates:
Guide files will be needing some significant updates. You can help us out with these even if you aren't currently working on the addon.

  • Include quest tags for each step (not just quest steps) so they will be auto-completed properly (I understand this was already being done when the addon switch was initiated).
  • Our own coordinates for quest givers and turn ins.
  • Coordinates are no longer listed in the |N| section (that's just for descriptions of the step now). Instead they are listed in the |M| tag like so:

    A Your Place In The World|QID|4641|N|From the NPC in front of you.|M|43.3,68.6|

Possible Future Addons:

  • WoW-Pro Talents - Easy talent recommendations while leveling, for all specs. Possibly include rotation suggestions as well. For players jumping in partway through, it should be able to detect their current talent changes and adjust accordingly, or recommend a respec if the talents are too messed up. Talents should be prioritized to make sure people pick up the most vital ones. Recommendations of glyphs would also be nice.
  • WoW-Pro Dungeons - Guides to dungeons. Easy access while leveling, recommended dungeons for your level and gear. Include gear lists, etc. Step by step guides, preferably with pictures, includes boss kill strategies.
  • WoW-Pro Gold Making - Daily quests, gathering/farming circuits, perhaps even auctioneer advice.
  • WoW-Pro Reputation - Reputation guides created using the addon.
  • WoW-Pro Holiday - Holiday guides created using the addon.
  • WoW-Pro Achievements - Other achievement guides.

Please give us your input! We want to make this addon the best it can be for you, our users. Please let us know what you'd like to see in the new addon!


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Addon Alpha Build: 0.6

A new build is ready for testing on the addon alpha's website! See the news post there for information about the new features and bug fixes in this version. There are also a few other announcements there.

Thanks for the hard work everyone, keep it up! And remember, if any new features occur to you while you are testing, please let us know. We aren't just looking for bug fixes, we are making this addon from scratch so that it can be the best it can be!

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New Addon Alpha Build

For those of you participating in the addon's alpha test, there is a new build available! See the news post on the alpha site for more information, new features, and known issues.

I'll be busy all this week and coming weekend - moving week is here at last! I'll be back the following week and have a new version of the addon ready for the next weekend. I probably won't be able to respond to comments or PMs during this week, but I might be able to sneak a little computer time in here or there.

I hope the move went well.

I hope the move went well.

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It did, thank you. Still

It did, thank you. Still settling in to the new place, it's much different living in a house with several other people, especially when those other people are college kids. It makes me feel old to realize how different my boyfriend and I are from them - I'm used to having a fully equipped, *clean* kitchen with hot water that works without having to reach under the sink, for one thing >_<

Anyways, I am back and working on the addon again, new version should be released tomorrow. I want to get the multiple coordinate support done by then but I've hit a few snags so that may not happen. However several other fixes *will* be in the new version, so that is good Smiling

Dungeon Leveling Guide

Hey, I've been playing wow for about 3 years and recently found your site, and already got an elemental shaman to 80 in 6 days played!! I'd love to make a dungeon leveling guide (horde). I'm not into coding but I can make a text version that you can transfer into the new addon.



One thing i would like to see with the new addon is the ability to chose different guides if you have the BOA gear with the bonus XP vs the normal guide. I have leveled 3 toons with BOA gear and you normally out level the guide so your doing parts that are grey with little XP or your jumping from guide to guide without complete one that leads to another.

I only wish this thing would work....

Puzzled I have XP and Vista. Two computers, and have played wow for a little less than 3 years, have installed numerous add-ons, and i found this one. I have yet to get the thing to install as shown on your website. If anyone can give some advice on how this addon works as shown, let me know. I check this and e-mail daily.

I am the voice of reason.
I am the purveyor of the odvious.

I am the voice of reason.
I am the purveyor of the odvious.

Planned release date?

Hi guys,

I used the guides + the first add-on you had and I am eagerly waiting for the new add-on. When do you think it will it be ready? Do you think you can have an estimated release date in the top section?


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Hi JJ. Hmmmm, a planned

Hi JJ.

Hmmmm, a planned release date... Well, as soon as the item button, multiple coordinate support, and the rest of the autocompletes are added, we'll be ready. I would tentatively say a month until a beta release, but that's *extremely* tentative. It may be a lot longer until all of the guides are updated, though one of users is making a tool to convert the old guides into the new format.

Storm Peaks for New AddOn


I took the Storm Peaks guide and converted it for the new addon.

You can find it at

Sorry, but I didn't see a way to contact you on the WoW-Pro Addon site. You don't have to post this message to the site.


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Thanks Velcrobelly! I'll

Thanks Velcrobelly! I'll upload the file to the site. Sorry it took a while to get back to you about this, been busy Laughing out loud

Another suggestion

It would be nice to have a way in a single step to give a few waypoints, once hit hit a way point (|WP| xx.xx, xx.xx| or something like that) it would move to the next waypoint or map location on the step.
For example from 000_1_12_Shinke_Tauren_Starter:

K Supervisor Fizsprocket |QID|765|N|Be careful with this quest, it might be rather hard right now. The entrance to the mine is at (61.4,47.3). Always stick to the right way and you will eventually find Fizsprocket at (64.4,43.7). Kill him, loot his clipboard and head back out of the mine.|L|4819||M|61.4,47.3|

As it stands, you can give directions to the entrance to the cave as above, but it would be better to make it a waypoint, so the end would look like

..|L|4819||WP|61.4,47.3| |M|64.4,47.3|

Once you pass the waypoint it would switch to the Map location.

Some of the other steps in his guide have a few waypoints in the notes.

The final waypoint would be expected to be a |M|, though a step could complete without a |M|.

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That's basically the plan,

That's basically the plan, though I'll probably make it a little simpler and have it look something like this:


Rather than having a separate tag for it. TomTom will map the first waypoint, then the next as you pass the first one. Don't have this going yet but it's high on my list of priorities Smiling

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Need Input!

So after questing a bit using the new addon, some new ideas have come to me.

One idea is having a /target macro built into the addon so you can press a button and target the quest mob. I'm not sure this is possible with an addon but it seems like it is. This wouldn't be important for most quests, but for steps where you need to find a wandering named mob, it could be awesome. Even better would be if it put a raid icon above the mob's head so you knew where they were (are these available while soloing?).

My second idea is to provide the option for a bit more information about complete steps, should the user want it. Basically, allow the addon to double as a quest tracker replacement.

Can I get some user opinions on these two possible features?

Re - Need Input

Hi Jiyambi

Here is my 2 cents for what it's worth Smiling

Regarding your second idea, I think that this could be a very good idea, here is why -
If you check out our competition there are two schools of thought on whether to provide this detail or not, the ones that do, don't always give you the option to "switch it off" within the addon config, when you are leveling a new toon and in a new zone/faction/starting zone or whatever there are occasions where you need this info, sometimes it is a case that you need it because it's been so long since you were at that location/quests. in this case it is very useful

However many times you don't need this information right in your face, rather a case of pulling it up as and when needed but it is still useful, i think that this could be a useful part of the addon and why not include it not just for usefulness but also for completeness, maybe if this is a bridge too far for this early stage of the addon then perhaps to add this into later versions of the addon

Regarding your first idea, this is another good one, why not? how many times have we all looked for that named mob wandering around only to find he/she/it is not at the target location or has been killed already and needs to respawn, whatever the reason this is certainly a useful macro in place.

One of the things that bugs the crap out of me is the fact that the addons i am currently reviewing, miss some basic detail and get lost in the point of "lets get this toon to 80 ASAP, no matter what' rather than being a leveling guide that really helps you out, I do hate the fact that these addons place a huge graphical interface on my game real estate which yes this can be minimized but then what's the point in that? WoW-Pro never did that and was nice and small and out of the way but with "to the point" information including coordinates etc.

If those principals can be kept in mind then you're onto a winner for sure.... optional information is then at the discretion of the player using the addon and can mess with this data as they choose Smiling



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Wow, thanks a ton for the

Wow, thanks a ton for the detailed response T-dog Smiling

Basically, a short answer - yes, I want to do my very best to provide options for the addon's interface that will appeal to every type of user and UI. Right now the options are limited to a simple re-sizeable window. However, in the future I want to enable things such as limiting the window to a certain number of steps and resizing it to fit those steps, hiding the title bar, making the |N| note tag info only show on mouse over (like in Tour Guide), and finally, an option such as this one which will allow even more detailed info should the user want it. Additionally I hope to offer font, color, and size customization.

These things are all on the back burner for now but they are definitely features I want to add in the future.

Some Feedback

#1 That sounds great to me. Finding that named mob can be annoying. Is it possible? I don't know for certain, but from what I've seen addons do, I believe it is. And raid icons are available while soloing. As an example, examine how they code the button and raid icon in _NPCScan:
Note that addon works by scanning the creaturecache, and can only find the mob once without wiping the cache. I'm not advocating going that far. It does create a target button (or small window) when it finds a mob (with a little spinning graphic of the mob!), and you can click that 'button' to raid-target that mob. So I believe the Wow-pro addon should be able to make a permanent button that targets the closest given mob in range for the current quest and leave it to the user to go to the target area(s) and mash the button.

#2 Not sure what you mean. What do I need to know about complete steps? Allow the window to scroll so you can go backward in the list or what?


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Lode - thanks for the in

Lode - thanks for the in depth feedback and useful example!

A better explanation for the second idea: "complete" steps are steps where you actually go out and kill X mobs in order to complete the quest. However I noticed I had to open up my quest log to find out how many more of X mobs I needed to kill. My idea was to add an option (which could be turned off for people who didn't want it) for complete steps to also double as a quest tracker, showing "Mobs killed: X / X" sort of thing.

That second one for sure. If

That second one for sure. If you aren't using QuestHelper or Carbonite, then your only option is to dump to the quest log and check it out. So something like that would help a great deal.

Finding named mobs can be a pain, especially if they wonder around.

Holy COW!!!

So after splashing out on the Zygor WoW guide offering, i thought it best to get the next competitor for testing in this comparison review and what do i find. get this (apologies if you already know this folks)

Zygor's Horde Guide with all the so called free guides and stuff you get told about in their marketing blurb - $40
price for both Alliance and Horde guides and so called included free stuff - $60

Now - Dugi's guides....
Dugis Horde 1-80 Leveling / Dungeon / Dailies & Events guide with so called added free stuff - a WHOPPING $87!!!!!
Dugi's guides for both Horde and Alliance guides - $127 YIKES!!!! Jawdropping!

Incredible that these cost so much, now i know, these guys are just trying to make their way in the world and earn a little extra money blah blah blah.....

So next will come what happened when i tried Dugi's guides....


DugisGuides's picture

Please be fair.

Hi this is Dugi from

Perhaps you should compare Prices more accurately... your post is heavily biased towards Zygor for some reason.

You failed to mention that the price of $127 is a grand total of 6 guides and you can purchase them seperately for a much cheaper price of $37, let me list them for you...

Alliance Leveling Guide
Alliance Dungeon Guide
Alliance Dailies & Events Guide

Horde Leveling Guide
Horde Dungeon Guide
Horde Dailies & Events Guide

plus all the additional extras that we offer you for free, while the Zygor price that you have mentioned for $60 only included 2 guides.

Alliance Leveling Guide
Horde Leveling Guide

So if you wish to purchase Zygor's Dailies & Events which is strangely similar in design to our Dailies & Events guide which was released almost a year earlier, you would have to add another $50 on top of the $60 price tag.

making Zygor total to $110 (add jawdrop here)

for an extra $17 with Dugi you also get Dugi's Alliance & Horde Dungeon Guide, if you remove the Dungeon Guide option from Dugi's then it would only cost the buyer $97 ($13 cheaper than Zygor)

I really hate to invade this forum and sounding like some sort of Dugi's Guide commercial but if you're going to compare guides please compare them fairly.

I love wow-pro for making free guides available but with paid guides you do get what you paid for which is the quality guide, faster updates, and technical support as we work full time on the guides.

While some of you may find the price offensive unfortunately this is the reality of todays marketing we have to balance our price point for advertising and affiliates. Imagine if we set our price at $10 we would make a loss because we have to spend at least $20 on advertising just to make 1 sale (this is just an example cost per conversion can actually be much higher) on top of that we provide unlimited technical support to our customers to make sure that they are satisfied with their purchase and yes technical support cost money.

WoW-pro is free but it is still a business, banners that you see on this very page earns a nice commission of 15 cent per click or more but wow-pro don't have any obligations for updates or technical support, due to the free content that wow-pro is offering the website receive high ranking spot in search engines so wow-pro doesn't need any advertising, it is harder for paid guides to get top spots in search engine rankings unless we offer a ton of free content aswell. wow-pro is just a different business model something that we considered ourselves.

As I said, I really hate to invade wow-pro forum but T-Dogs post building up to be a slander to our business that is starting to become biased towards Zygor on a very public and high traffic forum, I believe it would be unprofessional for wow-pro to let T-Dog continue his "honest review"

Thank you for reading.

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Hi Dugi. Thanks very much

Hi Dugi.

Thanks very much for the polite rebuttal to T-Dog's review. You showed a high level of professionalism and for that I salute you Smiling

I don't know the legal particulars about what does and does not qualify as slander. T-Dog was posting his opinion and it was definitely stated as such, and is not the opinion of WoW-Pro, Jame, or myself. I personally have never used your guides, perhaps that's foolishness on my part in not checking out a competitor's wares but in any case, I haven't. I also haven't used Zygor's.

I don't think there is anything wrong with t-dog posting a review of our competition, but I do think he could have done so in a more polite manner. This does not mean I'm going to keep him from stating his opinion - part of the point of WoW-Pro is that it is a community, rather than a single person writing guides, and that would be rather against the spirit of the site. But I'm going to take down his current post since I agree it's a bit inflammatory, and will ask him to reword it in a re-post.

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I sincerely hope you didn't

I sincerely hope you didn't pay for them Sad

Re - I sincerely hope you didn't

Hi Malorajan - yes i did, I knew that when i did this i would get some raised eyebrows and why the hell questions.

My original posts say it all really but for what it's worth, 12 months ago I was not in any position to be able to help and do the things i wanted to do here neither time or money allowed for this, now i can and one of those things is to check out our competition as this has been bugging the hell out of me since the Zygor incident with cease and desist letters ... still makes my blood boil even now....

For what it's worth, i wanted the WoW-Pro community to see these other "guide vendors" for what they are..........i'll let you use your own colorful metaphors for that.




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"[..] wanted the WoW-Pro

"[..] wanted the WoW-Pro community to see these other "guide vendors" for what they are [..]"

I think all the people here at WoW-Pro already knew that ;]

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I am glad that you are doing

I am glad that you are doing this, I don't think there will ever be a reason to pay money for things like that because all those people want is the profit, they don't care about the quality of their guides that much. Here this is all everyone cares about.
Thanks for spending so much money and proving that it's not worth it.

Re - I am glad that you are doing

Thanks Konrad, it is a pleasure, some would call me foolhardy and some would say that i state that which is already known or obvious but to look at your competitions guides regularly does us good. thanks for the support, more will follow.



Addon - keep going

Hey folks.

So over the past few days i decided to look at the competition, in this case i first tried our arch nemesis Zygor and his addon offering.

So why do this, well the reason was simple, I wanted to prove that the Wow-Pro addon and guides are better than anything you'll pay for.

The only concern i had with the Wow-Pro addon since Tour Guide was removed was the Tom-Tom guidance system, in so many cases it was way off, pointing you in directions you just could not fathom, I could not be ass'd to fix this so i just carried on but when i saw that our venerable dudes and dudettes were making a new version of the addon, i thought, ok, lets see what we are up against here.

I am sure that there are many of you out there that have tried the other guides (or not as the case may be) but for what it's worth Zygor's guides, although they do what they say on the package, they are certainly not as good as Wow-Pro.

Here is an example, when you get your shiny new Death Knight, Wow-Pro takes you directly to the Plaguelands and keeps you there until it is time to move onto the Portal and Outlands, Zygor has your Death Knight going all over the place, from Everlook to Ungoro Crater then over to the Plaguelands and then back again, its a travelers nightmare.

you spend more time flying than anything else, what crap is this i asked myself Smiling

I'll be looking at the next addon soon, you know, either Dugi or Joann whichever one takes my fancy and see how the stack up.

So what's my point..... it's this, keep going, keep working on the addon, all of you out there who contribute to this addon and spend hours of your own time working on it, testing it, making it better, reporting bugs, you name it, whatever your part is, keep it up, you'l be hard pressed to find a free addon such as Wow-Pro that in my view is better than the paid for junk that's out there.

Cheers folks


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Wow, thanks for the

Wow, thanks for the supportive post! You rock T-dog, and don't worry, we're still chugging away on the new addon Smiling

You're welcome

Hi Jiyambi - you are more than welcome, as i test these other expensive wannabe guides i'll post more here, our community is getting the best deal out there and after all that's happened of recent times i figured that it needed pointing out that all the folks who make up this community and write code/guides/testing etc are the real hero's who ask nothing for what they do or their time.

It makes playing WoW even more enjoyable.

So more comparisons coming soon...


other languages


Though I have no problem understanding english I use the german game-client.
The tourguide-based addon worked fine with that. Everytime coordinates were given it printed a message in the chatbox saying something like "Zone not found, using current Zone". Which was not a big problem because it only gave wrong directions when the location was in another zone. (and for some reason some coordinates in other zones worked)

From that behavior I guess that zones are identified by name.

Will the new addon work in a similar way ?
I'd love to see the new addon still work with the german client.

thanks everybody in the wow-pro community for your great work and dedication !!


Jiyambi's picture

Hi Nol! I'm doing my best

Hi Nol!

I'm doing my best to make the addon completely Localization ready. In addition, quests will be identified by QID and not name, so even if you use a german client but know English, you should still be able to use the addon without even needing a translation for the guide files! However I know we have quite a few translators, especially for German and French, so I don't think this will be too much of a problem.

Now, this is my first addon and I haven't ever actually used a client in a language other than English, but I think the method I'm using should work fine with other clients based on the code for other addons that I've looked at Smiling

TL;DR: Yes. Laughing out loud

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Being German and using the

Being German and using the German game client as well I would also appreciate the zone "problem" be fixed/improved on. However, Jiyambi, I think you missunderstood what was said. The quests are identified with QIDs, that is correct and has never showed to be a problem with other language clients. The zones however in statements like

|R The Hinterlands |QID|650|N| (87,29)|Z|Hillsbrad Foothills|

are being identified by name. Zone names are however translated to the game client language and the addon does hence not match them. For the above statement the addon would have directed you to 87,27 in the zone you were currently in, Hinterlands, rather than to hillsbrad. The problem could be solved by either using variables with arrays full of all translated zone names, or by identifying zones with a ZID Smiling

Jiyambi's picture

Hmmm, I understand. The

Hmmm, I understand.

The zone ID would be possible, but I think using the localization approach I've begun with the addon will work just as well, especially considering that TomTom does not, from what I understand, support a zone ID.

Essentially, I can set it up so that the addon will automatically look up in the localization file to see if there is a local term corresponding to the English zone name supplied in the guide file. If there is a local version available, it will then pass that to TomTom - otherwise, it will pass the English name. It will still be up to a translator to provide zone names in different languages, but they only need to be provided once, rather than in every single guide file.

Unfortunately unless we completely integrate the arrow (which we may do, but it won't be for a while), I don't think we'll be able to use an ID. But I think the approach I outlined should fill our needs Smiling

feature request

Don't know if this was stated already... I like being able to see if a quest is in my guide while looking at the quest giver dialog. Sometimes while gathering quests with quest givers in close vicinity, you run in circles picking up the quests in the order the guide has given. This used to be in another addon (at the top of the quest dialog it would say "This quest is not in your guide"). Thx.

Jiyambi's picture

Good to hear, I wasn't sure

Good to hear, I wasn't sure if people still cared about this feature or not, it is something that Tour Guide does. Currently the new addon recognizes quests by QID and not by name, but I'll see what I can do.

Maw's picture

The addon looks

The addon looks awesome!

Considering making a trial account just to test this Sticking out tongue

Jiyambi's picture

Haha, I'm glad you approve

Haha, I'm glad you approve Eye Would love to have you test it if you end up coming back to the game. But I am glad to say we have a LOT of support so far and lots of people constantly messaging me about wanting to test or sending me error reports. I have 7 PMs since last night Shocked

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I think that you guys should have a "upload new guide" feature in your AddOn. If you do sorry for the inconvinence. Smiling

Jiyambi's picture

I don't think we can upload

I don't think we can upload guides directly from the addon, but I'm hoping to make a guide recording addon once the actual addon is done, and make it a bit easier and less confusing to upload guides here to WoW-Pro.

Thanks for the feedback! Smiling

Question and suggestions

Will we be able to run the beta of the new add-on while keeping the old one? I probably would want the old one for my main since it is fairly stable (outside of missing the hearth steps and some rout steps), while testing the new one on my alts.

Here is a feature that I thought of today. A required level tag, perhaps |RL|. Using the current add-on (and the 000_1_12_Shinke_Tauren_Starter guide), I was told to pickup a quest, but it wasn't listed from the NPC. I dropped to Windows and used Wowhead to find more about the quest, it required level 6 and I was level 5 (one kill from level 6). It could be like this:
A Dwarven Digging |RL|6| |QID|746|
This would add an automatic tooltip if you are still under the required level something like this:
"Dwarven Digging requires level 6 to pick up."

Suggestion for the multiple guide types. Rather than list all, it would be nice if the header gets modified to include a guide type. If it doesn't say what type of guide it is, it defaults to leveling guide. The goal is when I ask it to show guides, I can use filters to see which ones I want to display at the time. Perhaps I want to take a break from leveling and use the fishing/cooking guide, I flip to the Guides, turn the filter to Professions and pick the fishing/cooking guide... unless we can display 2 or more guides at one time, which may be a bit confusing and take up too much screen.

The guides should have the option to hide in combat.

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Brian, thanks for the

Brian, thanks for the awesome feedback!

Yes, you can have both addon types installed at once but I wouldn't recommend having them both enabled at once. It sounds like this solution will work fine for you though: just disable the new addon on your main and disable the old addon on your alts that you want to do the testing with.

For feature 1 - awesome idea! I've been kicking around a similar idea, we definitely want to add some way for the addon to know your level and decide what steps to display based on that. I do think having it let you know that there is a step you can't do due to your level is a good thing though. I'll have to see what I can do.

For feature 2 - I think the way I'm planning to do the guide lists is: we have a separate little page for each module (leveling, professions, etc) so it should be easy to sort through. I was originally thinking about having multiple guides available to view at once, but I think that will become both cluttered and complicated. I still might try it out, or at least have a place for some of the guides to display at the same time (such as the leveling and talent guide).

For feature 3 - hiding on combat would be a nice option, especially since our guide can be a bit bulkier than TourGuide was (though I am planning to add customization options where it becomes less bulky).

Swiping Ideas from Other AddOns...

#1 - Color coding or mark it in some way like a * next to the quest name if RL > char level. For the most part the guides in the past have had notes like 'You should be halfway through level 5 here.' At least in the early levels. For the most part, I think the quests should be arranged so that the level is taken into account and you shouldn't really get out of synch with what you can accomplish.

#2 & #3 - Refer to this screenshot of QuestGuru. Note the small buttons in the upper right corner.

There is actually a third button not seen in that screenshot. It is either an A or a Q, and it allows for swapping between quests and achievements. So the buttons look like A-O or Q-O. O is for options, and goes directly to the options for QuestGuru, which is nice for convenience. The dash would handle #3 - it minimizes the quest window down to just the title. Though with this guide addon it might be more like switching between the original TourGuide one-line interface and the new quest list interface.

The A & Q buttons show us that we could have switching buttons to allow for guide swapping. So it could load a guide for an achievement, a zone's quests, and a profession. Or sevaral zone quest guides. I could see having two guides up as being useful for testing, especially the new Cataclysm quests, by bouncing between a list just sorted by level and area and the one being worked upon. I don't know whether that should take the form of separate buttons (marked 1, 2, 3...) Or a few specific buttons (Q for quests, A for Achievements, P for Professions). But I do know QuestGuru did it already, so their code can be reviewed to reproduce the basic function.

On another note of swiping things from other sources: In game Blizzard added a quest list a few patches back. It just adds quests to the list as you gain them. QuestGuru is more advanced, organizing by zone and level. TourGuide and what we have in development here are even more refined, organizing quests by optimal path and survivability. When QuestGuru loads, it turns off the in-game Blizzard default, or takes it over. I can't tell which, but it would be nice if the new addon could suppress the default window also, so they aren't fighting it out.

Just some more ramblings.

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Lode - absolutely excellent

Lode - absolutely excellent feedback, thanks a ton for this! I'm off for my Thursday game night right now, but I'll be back tonight and look into what we can learn from QuestGuru Smiling Thank you!

I'm hoping to release a new version of the addon for your bug testing pleasure this weekend. It probably won't have item buttons available yet, but it should be more functional and have a few more features than the current version.

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NEW FEATURE: Sticky Steps

I've added a new feature to the addon. It's not yet in the alpha build as I have a few more logic bits to work out, but here is a screenshot for your viewing pleasure!

The |S| sticky tag will make a step sticky. It will appear at the top of the guide frame in a gray colored box. This is intended for "Do as you go" steps or reminders. No arrow will be mapped from sticky steps. They will complete just like regular steps.

Enjoy the sneak peak and look forward to this in the alpha build by sometime next week! Laughing out loud

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Everyquest is great for

Everyquest is great for this, as Malorajan mentioned. However, the addon will be set up to check and keep track of your completed quests, and it could be a good tool for this if someone made some guides which include every quest in the zone.

Also, the new addon already is set up to use race/class tags Smiling so as long as they are coded correctly in the guide file, they should be automatically skipped if you aren't eligible for them.

As for the confirmation message when moving on to a new guide... I was actually already considering that, since it always seemed rather abrupt to automatically change guides without at least informing the user. Now that I know at least one of our users also thinks that's a good idea, I think I'll put it in once I get around to coding the change from one guide to another.

Thanks a ton for the thoughtful input! Smiling

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Quest Hunting

Your best bet would to just use EveryQuest and the plugins for it, EveryQuest_QuestGivers and Handynotes.


Where is the "Download" link??????????

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Please read the entire post

Please read the entire post before you ask questions. No offense, but one of the reasons I did not post a download link here was so we didn't get a ton of people asking "y this broke!!!????" - this is a CLOSED ALPHA. If you want to help test the addon, it says quite clearly in the post how to obtain it, but that means you actually have to read the post.

Small mistake..

Draenei 1-12 guide:
In the quest called Inoculation it says "Go to the Nestlewood Thicket at (78,60) and use you Inoculating Crystal on the non-aggressive owlkin."
None of the owlkin are aggressive anymore. Smiling You can know which one is the objective by:
1) The color. The objective ones are the yellow/light brown ones, ignore the red ones.
2) The name. The objective ones are called Nestlewood Owlkin, the others are called Mutated Owlkin.
Hope this helps. Smiling