What an odd turn of events

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Ye know, I could have sworn that Blizzard had strictly forbid the ability of addons for their game being sold. And as it is, Zygor is attempting to have a monopoly on the in-game addon guides. I dunno about you guys, but I've used this site for a long time before becoming a member due to the guides and many years ago I had asked Jame about a in game addon and he had told me it was a work in progress. Now, due to Zygors meddling, the ability to use the guides is being taken away. I'm seriously thinking about sending them an email asking them how they are still able to sell their addon when Blizzard has said no to that. Does anyone else agree?


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Email from Zygor

We do not sell any addons. All addons we use with our guide are available free on our website. We only sell our guide content which is completely legal. We purchased TourGuide because our customers wanted our guide to work like TourGuide. Unfortunately if we simply just made it like TourGuide then we would be in violation of TourGuides copyright. Thus, we had to acquire the rights to TourGuide. This was not to punish the free guide community and we plan to put it back up for free in the near future. Take care.

- Zygor Support -

I got this as a response to the inquiry that I sent Zygors. Feedback on your thoughts please lol

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Hmmm, interesting response.

Hmmm, interesting response. Based on the fact that we have not been asked to remove our addon yet (as far as I know anyways), and this email, I think we might be able to continue providing our Tour Guide based leveling addon until the new one is completed.

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It's possible. Hard to say

It's possible. Hard to say though as to when they'll put it back up for free or if they're even aware that this site exists/has guides or not. I really don't think that TG would change much at all when patches occur, except for maybe when the new expansion comes out. Other than that, I dunno. Here's for hoping eh?

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One thing in this email

One thing in this email doesn't add up for me:

"Our addons are free!" (Well, free if you buy the guide first)

"We wanted our guide to work like Tourguide, but didn't want to violate it's copyright" Well, if their addons are free, why couldn't they just use Tourguide?

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I seen one on Curse not too

I seen one on Curse not too long ago. I think it was called Killer Guides. Works like zygors and everything from what I seen. Only went to 70 though and not sure if it's still being made or if it's the same as zygor just under a different name.