Karma Points and Ranks

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Karma Points are a measure of a user's contribution to the WoW-Pro community. They are awarded for any action which helps enrich the community, including writing guides, leaving helpful comments, and working on the WoW-Pro Addon. You can also lose Karma Points if you do things that harm the community, such as leaving harmful comments or extremely inaccurate or harmful guides.

Ranks are awarded to users at certain Karma levels to allow them privileges on the website. Unlocked privileges include skipping the comment moderation queue, ability to revert bad revisions to wiki pages, and the ability to post news on the front page of the site. You can view the current highest ranking members by selecting the Rankings link at the top of each page.

I'll explain the different ranks and the methods for earning Karma below.

Ranks, Priveleges, and Points Needed

1. Member (0 points):

  • receive karma points
  • create/edit content
  • create/edit forum topics
  • edit wiki pages
  • view revisions
  • send/view private messages
  • access user profiles

2. Trusted Member (5 points):

  • skip captcha challenges (you know, those annoying codes you have to enter to validate every post you make)
  • post comments without approval (no more moderation queue for you!)
  • cancel own vote on polls
  • publish own guides without approvale
  • write user blogs

3. Honored Member (20 points):

  • revert revisions
  • rename the url of your articles
  • create polls

4. Revered Member (50 points):

  • create new encyclopedia books
  • administer smileys

5. Exalted Member (100 points):

  • post news on the frontpage!
  • outline guides into the encyclopedias (change their category)
  • inspect votes on polls

6. Moderator (You will be considered for moderator after 200 points):

  • administer comments and their approval queue
  • administer forums
  • edit guides (of anyone)
  • edit news posts

Gaining and Losing Karma Points

You can gain Karma points in three ways: comments, guides, and addon work. Comments and guides that actually detract from the site will result in a loss of Karma. Note that blatant trolling, flaming, or spam can still result in an immediate ban at the administrator's discretion


  • Useful comment = +1 Karma
  • Very useful comment = +2 Karma
  • Bad comment = -1 Karma
  • Very bad comment = -2 Karma


  • Okay Guide (two stars) = +2 Karma
  • Good Guide (three stars) = +4 Karma
  • Very good Guide (four stars) = +6 Karma
  • Awesome Guide (five stars) = +8 Karma
  • Bad guide (one star) = -1 Karma


  • Useful blog = +2 Karma
  • Very useful blog = +4 Karma
  • Bad blog = -1 Karma
  • Very bad blog = -2 Karma


  • Test one guide = +2 Karma
  • Update/revise code for one guide = +4 Karma
  • Code one guide from the website = +6 Karma
  • Code one guide from scratch = varies, based on the quality of the guide(see "Guides" above)
  • Detailed bug report = +1 or 2 Karma (varies, like comments above)
  • Bug fix = +4 Karma
  • Minor feature addition = +6 Karma
  • Major feature addition = +8 Karma

I didn't include any penalties for addon work considering addon submissions will all be approved by me or Jame before they are released to the site. Also note that by one guide I mean the full guide, not just the part for a single zone. An example would be the full Jame's 21-31 guide, not just the 28 step section involving Stonetalon Mountains.

Please post a comment if anything here needs to be clarified or if you have any other questions.


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New Revered Member

Congratulations to Pretzl on becoming our newest Revered Member!

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New Revered Member

Congratulations to Arixan on becoming our newest Revered Member!

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New Honored Member

Congratulations to Gylin on becoming our newest Honored Member!

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New Trusted Member

Congratulations to savagefool for becoming our newest Trusted Member!

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New Honored Member

Congratulations to BrianAT for becoming our newest Honored Member!

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Big Karma Update!

With all the excitement of finally getting a beta invite, and the frantic work on the addon, I managed to completely forget about Karma point updates for a while there! Sorry about that, folks.

I tried to get credit in for all of the comments over the last week or so, but I may have missed one here or there. If so, I apologize. I will do my best to keep up in the future Smiling

I am 99% sure I recorded credit for all *guides* released in that time. If you think you were missed, please let me know.

Finally, I did my best to assign credit for addon work and testing. I don't know everyone who reports on github or the addon sites, so if you did, please let me know who you are and I'll make sure you get Karma. Gameldar, Pretzl, TwoToad, BrianAT, rpotor, and Torak75 - thank you all for your contributions to the addon, you should have received Karma points accordingly Smiling

Keep up the good work everyone! We have a slew of new Trusted and Honored members after this update, I'm very happy to welcome you all to the ranks!

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Added a point reward for

Added a point reward for useful, detailed bug reports - basically the same as a useful comment!

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Mhm, that sure has been a

Mhm, that sure has been a while! Nice addition once again Sticking out tongue Wonder if I missed some points *thinks*

No idea actually. Not going to start playing World of Warcraft anymore, though. Although I'll help people out starting with writing their own guides, that's the least I can do.

27.07.10.. I await you..

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I think this is a great

I think this is a great idea! Eye

Karma was always a great motivator for me, and I think the awarding system will encourage other members (and lurkers) to be more active, too.

Hopefully there will be a new and revived group of members that will contribute greatly to this site, as others and themselves have done in the past.

Retirees such as myself, however, will be caught up by others and no longer possess an unique rank and status. Sad

Oh well, what is the point for a wow-retiree to be exalted? My guides will all be out-dated shortly and my contribution to this site will only have had a temporary value. I arose in the ranks very fast, but I now realise that the tale about the rabbit and the snail is true: in the end, the snail slowly surpasses the sleeping rabbit.

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Heh, well any retirees that

Heh, well any retirees that return to activity won't get passed up! Though I know you're no longer playing. You'll always be respected for your contributions, even if they are out of date Eye

It was never our intention to stop rewarding Karma, we simply got overwhelmed with all the stuff going on with the addon and with real life issues. I definitely hope rewarding it again will help to re-invigorate the community Laughing out loud

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Fun fact: If I had awarded

Fun fact: If I had awarded Jiyambi for everything she has done, she'd be well over 1000 Karma points by now Sticking out tongue

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Oh, well, I don't count

Oh, well, I don't count Eye

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It's true that there has

It's true that there has been a lull in activity here on WoW-Pro, but it's a little deceiving because a lot of people have been helping out over on the addon alpha's site and via PM and email with me Smiling

Regardless, the karma system will not only be an incentive, but a nice way to recognize those who have worked hard to improve the site.

Guide from scratch

So when it says Guide from scratch, does that include converting an existing web guide that wasn't in the old add-on or just everything from start to finish? If the former, then that is 2 guides there, and I revised one...or two guides I don't recall before the autoconverter. Smiling

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Hmmm, I should make that

Hmmm, I should make that more clear. What I meant there was, taking a guide that has not been put into addon form yet but which *had* been written on the site.

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*cough* Manovan's night elf

*cough* Manovan's night elf guide. *cough*