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Please post a comment here if you would like to write, code, or test a guide. Include whether or not you currently have a beta key, and specifically what guide you would like to work on. Please list only one guide at a time.

Once someone has signed up to lead a project, they need to create a forum post for that project (see the forum post for the Goblin Starter for an example).

If you are collaborating, you need to check in often. Even if you aren't give us updates on your progress. If you don't we're going to assume you aren't working on the guide and give the project to someone else. Check in *at least* once a week.

Guide Writers

If you are interested in writing a guide that will become an official WoW-Pro leveling guide, you need to make sure to follow Jame's format. I will be posting a guide in a day or two about exactly what you need to do, but for now, take a look at Jame's guides and make yours look like his.

Addon Guide Writers

You may be writing a "paper" guide at the same time or collaborating with someone who is. Our addon code format has changed a bit now that we've created our own addon. Make sure you are using the correct format! I'll be posting a more detailed guide about this within the next few days.

Guide Testers

Each guide will have a subforum here where you can post feedback. Be as clear as possible, making sure to let us know exactly what the problem is and where it is in the guide. If you are using the addon, make sure you note what version, and if there are any other addons you are using that might be causing the problem.

Good luck, and thanks!

Coord Macro

/script local px, py= GetPlayerMapPosition( "player" ) DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(string.format ( "(%s, %s) %s", floor(px * 100 + 0.5), floor(py * 100 + 0.5), GetZoneText() ))

Current Projects

In the Status column you can see what the current status of every guide is:

NeededThe guide has not been written yet, and is needed. Feel free to sign up for these guides!
Revisions The guide has been written, but it needs improvements.
In ProgressThe guide has been assigned to someone and they are in the process of writing it.
Complete The guide has been completed.

Kalimdor (1-60)
Guide Paper Addon Authors Last Update
Durotar (1-10) Needed
Troll 1-5 and Durotar 5-10 is Complete
Complete Jiyambi
Mulgore (1-10) Needed In Progress Gylin 09-11-2010
Kezan (1-5) Revisions Revisions Jiyambi
Lost Isles (5-12) Needed Revisions Malorajan 05-11-2010
Azshara (10-20) Needed Complete Bitsem 27-10-2010
Northern Barrens (10-20) Needed Complete Bitsem 21-11-2010
Ashenvale (20-25) Needed Complete Bitsem 01-11-2010
Stonetalon Mountains (25-30) Needed Complete Jiyambi 10-11-2010
Southern Barrens (30-35) Needed Complete Jiyambi 27-10-2010
Desolace (30-40) Needed Complete Jiyambi 12-11-2010
Dustwallow Marsh (30-40) Needed Complete Jiyambi 27-10-2010
Feralas (35-40) Needed Complete Jiyambi 12-11-2010
Thousand Needles(40-45) Needed Complete Jiyambi 30-10-2010
Felwood (45-50) Needed Complete Jiyambi 22-11-2010
Tanaris (45-50) Needed Complete Jiyambi 05-11-2010
Un'Goro Crater (50-55) Needed Complete Jiyambi 05-11-2010
Winterspring (50-55) Needed Complete Jiyambi 23-11-2010
Silithus (55-60) Needed Complete Jiyambi 05-11-2010

Guide Paper Addon Authors Last Update
Azuremyst Isle (1-10) Revisions Complete Crackerhead22 27-11-2010
Teldrassil(1-10) In Progress Complete Solitha
Bloodmyst Isle (10-20) Revisions Complete Crackerhead22 27-11-2010
Darkshore (10-20) Needed Complete Solitha
Ashenvale (20-25) Needed Complete wkjezz 01-12-2010
Stonetalon Mountains (25-30) Needed Complete wkjezz 02-12-2010
Southern Barrens (30-35) Needed Complete wkjezz 02-12-2010
Desolace (30-40) Needed Complete wkjezz 02-12-2010
Dustwallow Marsh (30-40) Needed Complete wkjezz 27-10-2010
Feralas (35-40) Needed Complete wkjezz 03-12-2010
Thousand Needles(40-45) Needed Complete wkjezz 27-11-2010
Felwood (45-50) Needed Complete wkjezz 27-11-2010
Tanaris (45-50) Needed Complete wkjezz 27-11-2010
Un'Goro Crater (50-55) Needed Complete wkjezz 27-11-2010
Winterspring (50-55) Needed Complete wkjezz 27-11-2010
Silithus (55-60) Needed Complete wkjezz 02-12-2010

Eastern Kingdoms
Guide Paper Addon Authors Last Update
Eversong Woods (1-10) Revisions Complete Liavan 27-10-2010
Tirisfal Glades (1-10) Needed In Progress Manovan 27-10-2010
Ghostlands (1-10) Revisions Complete Crackerhead22 27-10-2010
Silverpine Forest (10-20) Needed Revisions Malorajan 06-11-2010
Hillsbrad Foothills (20-25) Needed Complete AyaJulia 05-12-2010
Arathi Highlands (25-30) Needed Complete Jiyambi 23-11-2010
Northern Stranglethorn (25-30) Needed Complete wkjezz 04-12-2010
Cape of Stranglethorn (30-35) Needed Complete Dakota Fanning 04-12-2010
The Hinterlands (30-35) Needed Complete Jiyambi 23-11-2010
Western Plaguelands (35-40) Needed Complete Jiyambi 04-12-2010
Eastern Plaguelands (40-45) Needed Complete Jiyambi 04-12-2010
Badlands (45-50) Needed Complete Liavan 04-12-2010
Searing Gorge (45-50) Needed Complete Liavan 04-12-2010
Burning Steppes (50-55) Needed Complete Liavan 05-12-2010
Swamp of Sorrows (50-55) Needed Complete Liavan 05-12-2010
The Blasted Lands (55-60) Needed Complete Jiyambi 06-11-2010

Eastern Kingdoms
Guide Paper Addon Authors Last Update
Gilneas (1-10) Complete Complete rpotor
Dun Morogh (1-10) Needed Complete Gylin 27-10-2010
Elwynn Forest (1-10) Complete Complete Kurich
Westfall (10-20) Complete Complete Kurich
Loch Modan (10-20) Needed In Progress
Gylin 27-10-2010
Redridge Mountains (15-20) Complete Complete Crackerhead22
Duskwood (20-25) Complete Complete Kurich
Arathi Highlands (25-30) Needed Complete Bitsem 02-12-2010
Northern Stranglethorn (25-30) Needed Complete savagefool 27-10-2010
Wetlands (25-30) Needed In Progress Gylin 27-10-2010
Cape of Stranglethorn (30-35) Needed Complete Bitsem 02-12-2010
The Hinterlands (30-35) Needed Complete Crackerhead22 27-10-2010
Western Plaguelands (35-40) Needed Complete Bitsem 27-10-2010
Eastern Plaguelands (40-45) Needed Complete Crackerhead22 27-11-2010
Badlands (45-50) Needed Complete Crackerhead22 27-11-2010
Searing Gorge (45-50) Needed Complete Crackerhead22 02-12-2010
Swamp of Sorrows (50-55) Needed Complete Crackerhead22 27-10-2010
Burning Steppes (50-55) Needed Complete Crackerhead22 02-12-2010
The Blasted Lands (55-60) Needed Complete Crackerhead22 04-12-2010

Levels 80-85
Guide Paper Addon Authors Last Update
Mount Hyjal (78-82) Complete Complete Arixan
Mount Hyjal (78-82) Complete Complete Arixan
Vash'jir (78-82) Complete In Progress Arixan
Vash'jir (78-82) Complete Complete Arixan
Deepholm (82-83) Complete Complete Arixan
Deepholm (82-83) Complete Complete Arixan
Uldum (83-84) In Progress Complete Arixan
Uldum (83-84) In Progress Complete Arixan
Twilight Highlands (84-85) Needed Complete Liavan 08-11-2010
Twilight Highlands (84-85) Needed Needed Needed 27-10-2010


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The checklist above shows

The checklist above shows what has been completed and what is still needed for all Cataclysm guides.

As you can see, Arixan completely finished the first three zones, and was partway through Uldum on the alliance side when the beta servers were shut down.

Luckily on Horde side we had some users quest through Uldum and Twilight Highlands and record their questing, so we will have addon guides for those zones on Horde side for Cataclysm's release.

The only 80-85 guides that may not be covered at all on release day are Alliance Uldum and Alliance Twilight Highlands - however doing both 80-82 zones and Deepholm should get you almost all the way to 85, so hopefully this won't be too bad!

Well i might not be the guy

Well i might not be the guy for the job i had also expected to have more time to play on beta and test some stuff but now apparently ill have more free time. but i do lack some of the knowledge of how to code everything. If you guys have some busy work like i guess converting a paper guide to an addon and can show me what to do i could probably rough convert alot of it. If not no big deal just see alot of bored time in my future for the next 2 weeks.

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The git How to Contribute

The git How to Contribute page pretty much taught me how to code. lol. You could also search for my many questions about it. Jiya's answers explained them in terms I could understand. lol!

MagicSN and I have been working on some together if you'd like to try that first. I'm slow at converting the paper guides, but am getting faster at adding in needed codes. Magic has been formatting the steps, finding QID's and adding notes. I check them over and add Prequest, Rank, etc. tags.

Also, going through zones we don't have yet while recording and taking a few notes is huge!

Thanks!!!! Laughing out loud

Things I never thought I'd say...

"Your brother is not a dog! Get that leash off of him!"

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We have become so spoiled!

We have become so spoiled! But at least we have a start on those Horde guides.

I must keep telling myself that I should be excited, NOT stressed out about the Shattering coming out. If I keep repeating it maybe it will become true >_<

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Horde Felwood Complete!

I am REALLY impressed with the quests in Felwood. Several great questlines here:

  • You get to grow a treant protector from a seedling
  • Participate in several of Illidan's most famous battles along side him!
  • Play with cute furbolg cubs and save them when they get into trouble
  • Ponder the meaning of rainbows while scaring imps, and get your own rainbow generator!
...among other things. I was not looking forward to this zone, because based on the geography I didn't think it had changed much. Well it has and it's awesome! The quest flow is excellent and the quests are very fun. Highly recommended, I definitely prefer it to Tanaris (same level range).

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Things I never thought I'd say...

"Your brother is not a dog! Get that leash off of him!"

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Hey Jiya! Northern Barrens

Hey Jiya! Northern Barrens addon is now complete! It's under Cataclysm leveling guides. Moving on to Stranglethorn. Sorry it wasn't done for your update. Sad

Things I never thought I'd say...

"Your brother is not a dog! Get that leash off of him!"

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Oh hush with your sorries, is

Oh hush with your sorries, is not important Eye I'm just stoked that we are at least going to have Horde Kalimdor done by the Shattering.

Thanks for all your hard work, I'll update the sign-up tables!

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Uldum 83-84

Just finished recording quests in Uldum, Horde-side with a pre-made 85. I originally wanted to do it on my copied level 80 toon, so I could see what exactly the experience gains were, but I learned about the recorder far too late Sad I did, however, enter the zone after finishing Hyjal and Deepholme, so I was level 83. By the time I got done, I was ~20% or so past level 84. That being said, I don't really feel comfortable editing alot of the code that was recorded, so I made a seperate notepad entry with my notes including any mistakes I made. I apologize for such crude measures Sad If I was a bit more savvy I'd definately be up for editing, but with it being this close to Cataclysm I just wanted to get the data out there. This does not include any bread crumb quests leading INTO Uldum (as the portal from Orgrimmar that the quest 'Warchief's Command: Uldum!' says is supposedly there, was not displaying for me. So I just flew down to Tanaris and started the quest there.
Below is my recorder data for the addon, followed by my notes. Feel free to edit it in whatever way to make it easier to read >.> I tried my best! I'm now off to Twilight Highlands next! Laughing out loud (Also, for the previous/next ID things required to make a guide, I just put in 123 and 1234, as I obviously have no idea what the previous or preceding ID's should be.)

Recording data is between this dotted line, and the next.


WoWPro_Leveling:RegisterGuide('123', 'Uldum', 'Kittahsmash', '83', '84', '1234', 'Horde', function()
return [[

A Easy Money|QID|27003|M|30.52,65.58|Z|Tanaris|N|From Adarrah.|
C Easy Money|QID|27003|M|59.70,71.82|
T Easy Money|QID|27003|M|59.70,71.82|
A Traitors!|QID|27922|M|59.63,72.05|N|From Prince Nadun.|
C Traitors!|QID|27922|M|61.69,71.11|
T Traitors!|QID|27922|M|59.64,72.05|N|To Prince Nadun.|
A Smoke in Their Eyes|QID|27923|M|59.64,72.05|N|From Prince Nadun.|
A Kavem the Callous|QID|28105|M|59.64,72.05|
A Budd's Plan|QID|27924|M|59.71,72.03|N|From Budd.|
C Budd's Plan|QID|27924|M|60.91,74.08|
C Smoke in Their Eyes|QID|27923|U|63027|M|62.12,73.98|
C Kavem the Callous|QID|28105|M|59.96,73.92|
T Smoke in Their Eyes|QID|27923|M|59.65,72.05|N|To Prince Nadun.|
T Kavem the Callous|QID|28105|M|59.65,72.05|N|To Prince Nadun.|
T Budd's Plan|QID|27924|M|59.68,72.03|N|To Budd.|
A Escape From the Lost City|QID|28112|M|59.69,72.02|N|From Prince Nadun.|
T Escape From the Lost City|QID|28112|M|54.90,32.84|N|To King Phaoris.|
A Impending Retribution|QID|28134|M|54.90,32.84|
h Ramkahen|QID|28134|M|54.73,32.94|N|At Kazemde.|
f Ramkahen|QID|28134|M|56.18,33.66|N|At Kurzel.|
A Relics of the Sun King|QID|28141|M|52.98,27.78|
A Venomblood Antidote|QID|28145|M|52.98,27.78|N|From Sun Priest Asaris.|
C Venomblood Antidote|QID|28145|U|63086|M|46.64,20.64|
C Relics of the Sun King|QID|28141|M|46.39,21.60|
T Relics of the Sun King|QID|28141|M|52.98,27.75|
T Venomblood Antidote|QID|28145|M|52.98,27.75|N|To Sun Priest Asaris.|
A The Bandit Warlord|QID|28502|M|52.98,27.75|N|From Sun Priest Asaris.|
C The Bandit Warlord|QID|28502|M|45.72,16.20|
T The Bandit Warlord|QID|28502|M|52.98,27.63|N|To Sun Priest Asaris.|
A Take it to 'Em!|QID|27993|M|49.68,39.03|N|From Mack.|
C Impending Retribution|QID|28134|M|60.21,38.33|
A Thieving Little Pluckers|QID|28250|M|60.21,38.33|N|From Nomarch Teneth.|
C Thieving Little Pluckers|QID|28250|U|63351|M|58.60,39.58|
T Thieving Little Pluckers|QID|28250|M|60.25,38.32|N|To Nomarch Teneth.|
C Take it to 'Em!|QID|27993|M|64.21,23.11|
T Take it to 'Em!|QID|27993|M|64.38,22.39|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A Premature Explosionation|QID|27141|M|64.38,22.39|N|From Harrison Jones.|
C Premature Explosionation|QID|27141|M|64.67,28.60|
T Premature Explosionation|QID|27141|M|64.59,28.60|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A Field Work|QID|27179|M|64.59,28.60|N|From Sand Pygmy Corpse.|
A Just the Tip|QID|27176|M|64.85,29.53|
A Do the World a Favor|QID|27187|M|68.09,31.26|
C Just the Tip|QID|27176|M|68.08,31.51|
C Field Work|QID|27179|M|63.50,31.33|
C Do the World a Favor|QID|27187|M|64.38,32.13|
T Do the World a Favor|QID|27187|M|64.38,32.13|
T Field Work|QID|27179|M|64.60,28.65|N|To Harrison Jones.|
T Just the Tip|QID|27176|M|64.60,28.65|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A On to Something|QID|27196|M|64.60,28.65|N|From Harrison Jones.|
C On to Something|QID|27196|M|64.25,27.01|
T On to Something|QID|27196|M|64.55,27.97|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A The Thrill of Discovery|QID|27511|M|64.55,27.97|N|From Harrison Jones.|
C The Thrill of Discovery|QID|27511|M|64.48,30.27|
T The Thrill of Discovery|QID|27511|M|64.54,28.51|
A Be Prepared|QID|27517|M|65.16,33.71|
A Lessons From the Past|QID|27541|M|63.46,32.61|N|From Schnottz Scout.|
C Lessons From the Past|QID|27541|M|63.46,32.55|
C Be Prepared|QID|27517|M|61.81,30.15|
T Be Prepared|QID|27517|M|64.45,28.00|N|To Harrison Jones.|
T Lessons From the Past|QID|27541|M|64.45,28.00|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A By the Light of the Stars|QID|27549|M|64.45,28.00|N|From Harrison Jones.|
C By the Light of the Stars|QID|27549|M|62.15,32.93|
T By the Light of the Stars|QID|27549|M|64.48,28.05|
A Tipping the Balance|QID|27431|M|64.49,27.98|N|From Harrison Jones.|
C Tipping the Balance|QID|27431|M|64.41,27.32|
T Tipping the Balance|QID|27431|M|64.50,27.99|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A After the Fall|QID|27624|M|64.50,27.99|N|From Harrison Jones.|
C After the Fall|QID|27624|M|62.48,31.91|
T After the Fall|QID|27624|M|64.47,28.02|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A Do the Honors|QID|27669|M|64.47,28.02|N|From Harrison Jones.|
C Do the Honors|QID|27669|U|62054|M|64.48,31.04|
T Do the Honors|QID|27669|M|63.90,33.90|N|To Harrison Jones.|
T Impending Retribution|QID|28134|M|54.93,32.80|N|To King Phaoris.|
A Al'Akir's Vengeance|QID|28135|M|54.93,32.80|N|From King Phaoris.|
A That Gleam in his Eye|QID|27899|M|54.29,35.23|N|From Adarrah.|
T Al'Akir's Vengeance|QID|28135|M|45.23,37.92|N|To Prince Nadun.|
A Minions of Al'Akir|QID|27520|M|45.23,37.92|N|From Prince Nadun.|
A Under the Choking Sands|QID|27519|M|45.28,37.84|N|From General Ammantep.|
A The Prophet Hadassi|QID|27595|M|45.28,37.84|N|From General Ammantep.|
T The Prophet Hadassi|QID|27595|M|40.03,40.57|N|To Prophet Hadassi.|
A The Prophet's Dying Words|QID|27602|M|40.03,40.57|N|From Prophet Hadassi.|
T The Prophet's Dying Words|QID|27602|M|39.66,45.38|
A Colossal Guardians|QID|27623|M|39.66,45.38|
C Under the Choking Sands|QID|27519|M|40.63,39.15|
C Minions of Al'Akir|QID|27520|M|41.07,38.47|
C Colossal Guardians|QID|27623|M|41.19,37.73|
T Colossal Guardians|QID|27623|M|39.65,45.38|
A The Scepter of Orsis|QID|27706|M|39.65,45.38|
C The Scepter of Orsis|QID|27706|M|39.65,45.38|
T Under the Choking Sands|QID|27519|M|45.27,37.84|N|To General Ammantep.|
T The Scepter of Orsis|QID|27706|M|45.27,37.84|N|To General Ammantep.|
A Send Word to Phaoris|QID|27628|M|45.23,37.95|N|From Prince Nadun.|
T Minions of Al'Akir|QID|27520|M|45.23,37.95|N|To Prince Nadun.|
A The Vortex Pinnacle|QID|28845|M|45.25,37.79|N|From General Ammantep.|
T Send Word to Phaoris|QID|27628|M|54.79,32.72|N|To King Phaoris.|
A The High Priest's Vote|QID|27630|M|54.97,34.01|N|From Prince Nadun.|
A The Vizier's Vote|QID|27629|M|54.97,34.01|N|From Prince Nadun.|
A The High Commander's Vote|QID|27631|M|54.97,34.01|N|From Prince Nadun.|
T The High Priest's Vote|QID|27630|M|54.16,41.93|
A Stopping the Spread|QID|27836|M|54.16,41.93|
A Trespassers in the Water|QID|27837|M|54.22,41.93|N|From High Priest Amet.|
C Stopping the Spread|QID|27836|M|55.89,40.13|
C Trespassers in the Water|QID|27837|M|56.36,40.16|
T Trespassers in the Water|QID|27837|M|54.16,41.93|N|To High Priest Amet.|
T Stopping the Spread|QID|27836|M|54.16,41.93|N|To High Priest Amet.|
A The Defilers' Ritual|QID|28611|M|54.16,41.93|N|From High Priest Amet.|
C The Defilers' Ritual|QID|28611|M|49.89,40.11|
T The Defilers' Ritual|QID|28611|M|54.20,42.00|N|To High Priest Amet.|
A The Root of the Corruption|QID|27838|M|54.20,42.00|N|From High Priest Amet.|
C The Root of the Corruption|QID|27838|M|58.92,14.13|
T The Root of the Corruption|QID|27838|M|54.16,41.93|N|To High Priest Amet.|
T The High Commander's Vote|QID|27631|M|58.84,46.14|N|To High Commander Kamses.|
A The Weakest Link|QID|28198|M|58.84,46.14|N|From High Commander Kamses.|
A Ploughshares to Swords|QID|28201|M|58.84,46.14|N|From High Commander Kamses.|
A The Element of Supplies|QID|28200|M|58.91,46.14|N|From Sergeant Mehat.|
T The Weakest Link|QID|28198|M|59.56,47.27|N|To Salhet.|
A Shaping Up|QID|28210|M|59.56,47.27|N|From Salhet.|
T The Vizier's Vote|QID|27629|M|56.61,53.45|N|To Vizier Tanotep.|
A Tanotep's Son|QID|27632|M|56.61,53.45|N|From Vizier Tanotep.|
C Ploughshares to Swords|QID|28201|M|54.13,51.38|
C Tanotep's Son|QID|27632|M|58.63,59.88|
T Tanotep's Son|QID|27632|M|58.63,59.88|
A Neferset Prison|QID|27707|M|58.63,59.88|
C The Element of Supplies|QID|28200|M|54.53,46.47|
C Shaping Up|QID|28210|M|53.23,56.50|
T Shaping Up|QID|28210|M|53.23,56.50|N|To Salhet.|
A Salhet's Secret|QID|28276|M|53.23,56.50|N|From Salhet.|
T Salhet's Secret|QID|28276|M|56.94,62.41|N|To Salhet.|
A Salhet the Tactician|QID|28277|M|56.94,62.41|N|From Salhet.|
C Salhet the Tactician|QID|28277|M|56.41,62.89|
T Salhet the Tactician|QID|28277|M|56.94,62.45|N|To Salhet.|
A Return to Camp|QID|28291|M|56.94,62.45|N|From Salhet.|
C Neferset Prison|QID|27707|M|71.26,73.71|
T Neferset Prison|QID|27707|M|71.26,73.71|
A The Pit of Scales|QID|27738|M|71.26,73.71|
T The Vortex Pinnacle|QID|28845|M|54.42,16.14|Z|The Vortex Pinnacle|N|To Itesh.|
C The Pit of Scales|QID|27738|M|58.72,82.76|
T The Element of Supplies|QID|28200|M|58.97,46.16|N|To Sergeant Mehat.|
T Ploughshares to Swords|QID|28201|M|58.94,46.10|N|To High Commander Kamses.|
A Ancient Weapons|QID|27839|M|58.94,46.10|N|From High Commander Kamses.|
T Return to Camp|QID|28291|M|58.94,46.10|N|To High Commander Kamses.|
T The Pit of Scales|QID|27738|M|56.70,54.65|N|To Vizier Tanotep.|
A The High Council's Decision|QID|28533|M|56.70,54.65|N|From Vizier Tanotep.|
C Ancient Weapons|QID|27839|U|62534|M|60.43,58.56|
T Ancient Weapons|QID|27839|M|58.86,46.16|N|To High Commander Kamses.|
T The High Council's Decision|QID|28533|M|55.03,32.76|N|To King Phaoris.|
A Nahom Must Hold|QID|28561|M|54.93,32.75|N|From King Phaoris.|
T Nahom Must Hold|QID|28561|M|67.25,42.88|N|To Salhet.|
A The Secret of Nahom|QID|28498|M|67.25,42.88|N|From Salhet.|
A Punish the Trespassers|QID|28499|M|67.30,42.82|N|From Sun Prophet Tumet.|
C Punish the Trespassers|QID|28499|M|72.88,48.16|
C The Secret of Nahom|QID|28498|M|71.72,46.35|
T The Secret of Nahom|QID|28498|M|67.25,42.81|N|To Salhet.|
T Punish the Trespassers|QID|28499|M|67.28,42.79|N|To Sun Prophet Tumet.|
A The Cypher of Keset|QID|28500|M|67.26,42.79|N|From Salhet.|
C The Cypher of Keset|QID|28500|M|78.23,45.77|
T The Cypher of Keset|QID|28500|M|67.25,42.82|N|To Salhet.|
A The Defense of Nahom|QID|28501|M|67.25,42.82|
C The Defense of Nahom|QID|28501|NC|M|66.60,41.75|
T The Defense of Nahom|QID|28501|M|67.25,42.84|N|To Salhet.|
A The Push Westward|QID|28623|M|67.25,42.84|N|From Salhet.|
A The Curse of the Tombs|QID|27755|M|67.27,42.82|N|From Sun Prophet Tumet.|
C The Curse of the Tombs|QID|27755|M|69.58,58.50|
T The Curse of the Tombs|QID|27755|M|67.32,42.79|N|To Sun Prophet Tumet.|
T The Push Westward|QID|28623|M|52.06,65.43|N|To King Phaoris.|
A Lieutenants of Darkness|QID|28480|M|52.06,65.43|N|From King Phaoris.|
A Bleeding the Enemy|QID|28483|M|52.06,65.43|N|From King Phaoris.|
A Salhet's Gambit|QID|28486|M|52.88,65.55|N|From Salhet.|
C Salhet's Gambit|QID|28486|M|53.83,75.53|
C Lieutenants of Darkness|QID|28480|M|50.55,87.04|
C Bleeding the Enemy|QID|28483|M|52.42,79.47|
T Salhet's Gambit|QID|28486|M|52.92,65.55|N|To Salhet.|
T Lieutenants of Darkness|QID|28480|M|52.07,65.43|N|To King Phaoris.|
T Bleeding the Enemy|QID|28483|M|52.07,65.43|N|To King Phaoris.|
A The Fall of Neferset City|QID|28520|M|52.07,65.43|N|From King Phaoris.|
C The Fall of Neferset City|QID|28520|M|52.04,82.29|
T The Fall of Neferset City|QID|28520|M|54.89,32.82|N|To King Phaoris.|
A Return to the Lost City|QID|28870|M|54.89,32.82|N|From King Phaoris.|
T That Gleam in his Eye|QID|27899|M|43.94,57.10|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A I've Got This Guy|QID|27900|M|43.94,57.10|N|From Harrison Jones.|
A They Don't Know What They've Got Here|QID|27901|M|43.94,57.10|N|From Harrison Jones.|
A Efficient Excavations|QID|28132|M|43.51,56.03|N|From Schnottz Air Officer.|
C They Don't Know What They've Got Here|QID|27901|M|43.47,55.93|
C I've Got This Guy|QID|27900|M|45.63,54.43|
T I've Got This Guy|QID|27900|M|44.02,57.05|N|To Harrison Jones.|
T They Don't Know What They've Got Here|QID|27901|M|44.02,57.05|
A Ignition|QID|27903|M|44.02,57.05|
C Ignition|QID|27903|U|62611|M|45.34,59.06|
T Ignition|QID|27903|M|45.57,57.76|
A Tailgunner!|QID|27905|M|43.96,57.10|
C Tailgunner!|QID|27905|M|54.54,42.07|
T Tailgunner!|QID|27905|M|54.65,41.85|
T Return to the Lost City|QID|28870|M|31.78,16.78|N|To Captain Hadan.|
T Efficient Excavations|QID|28132|M|24.43,64.46|N|To Belloc Brightblade.|
A Eastern Hospitality|QID|27926|M|24.43,64.46|N|From Belloc Brightblade.|
f Schnottz's Landing|QID|27926|M|22.33,64.82|N|At Evax Oilspark.|
A Artificial Intelligence|QID|27760|M|22.47,64.82|N|From Salvaged Goods.|
T Artificial Intelligence|QID|27760|M|74.11,64.44|
A A Disarming Distraction|QID|27761|M|74.11,64.44|
A Core Access Codes|QID|27777|M|74.11,64.44|
C Core Access Codes|QID|27777|U|62542|M|73.33,72.69|
C A Disarming Distraction|QID|27761|U|62398|M|78.85,62.04|
T A Disarming Distraction|QID|27761|M|74.08,64.44|
T Core Access Codes|QID|27777|M|74.08,64.44|
A Hacking the Wibson|QID|27778|M|74.08,64.44|
C Hacking the Wibson|QID|27778|M|76.94,62.96|
T Hacking the Wibson|QID|27778|M|77.24,63.23|N|To Fusion Core.|
A Gnomebliteration|QID|27779|M|77.25,63.22|
C Gnomebliteration|QID|27779|M|81.56,57.75|
T Gnomebliteration|QID|27779|M|77.24,63.32|N|To Fusion Core.|
C Eastern Hospitality|QID|27926|M|22.44,63.21|
T Eastern Hospitality|QID|27926|M|24.42,64.53|N|To Belloc Brightblade.|
A A Favor for the Furrier|QID|27928|M|24.42,64.53|N|From Belloc Brightblade.|
A The Desert Fox|QID|27939|M|24.45,64.33|N|From Commander Schnottz.|
A Dirty Birds|QID|27940|M|43.87,72.14|
T A Favor for the Furrier|QID|27928|M|24.42,64.56|N|To Belloc Brightblade.|
A Fashionism|QID|27941|M|24.43,64.55|N|From Belloc Brightblade.|
T The Desert Fox|QID|27939|M|24.47,64.28|N|To Commander Schnottz.|
A Idolatry|QID|27942|M|24.47,64.28|
A Angered Spirits|QID|27943|M|24.47,64.28|N|From Commander Schnottz.|
C Fashionism|QID|27941|M|34.47,66.97|
C Idolatry|QID|27942|M|32.98,60.99|
C Angered Spirits|QID|27943|U|62794|M|32.77,65.27|
T Fashionism|QID|27941|M|24.43,64.56|N|To Belloc Brightblade.|
T Idolatry|QID|27942|M|24.45,64.11|N|To Commander Schnottz.|
T Angered Spirits|QID|27943|M|24.45,64.11|N|To Commander Schnottz.|
A Gobbles!|QID|27950|M|24.45,64.11|N|From Commander Schnottz.|
C Gobbles!|QID|27950|M|24.43,64.15|
T Gobbles!|QID|27950|M|24.43,64.15|N|To Commander Schnottz.|
A Make Yourself Useful|QID|27969|M|24.42,64.09|N|From Commander Schnottz.|
C Make Yourself Useful|QID|27969|U|62813|M|22.78,60.27|
T Make Yourself Useful|QID|27969|M|24.44,64.23|N|To Commander Schnottz.|
A Crisis Management|QID|28002|M|24.39,64.50|N|From Belloc Brightblade.|
C Crisis Management|QID|28002|M|21.94,64.25|
T Crisis Management|QID|28002|M|24.40,64.51|N|To Belloc Brightblade.|
A Battlezone|QID|27990|M|24.44,64.11|N|From Commander Schnottz.|
C Battlezone|QID|27990|M|24.23,64.03|
T Battlezone|QID|27990|M|24.37,64.08|N|To Commander Schnottz.|
A Missed Me By Zhat Much!|QID|28187|M|24.37,64.08|N|From Commander Schnottz.|
C Missed Me By Zhat Much!|QID|28187|M|22.51,63.21|
T Missed Me By Zhat Much!|QID|28187|M|22.51,63.21|N|To Commander Schnottz.|
A Lockdown!|QID|28193|M|22.51,63.21|N|From Commander Schnottz.|
C Lockdown!|QID|28193|M|21.90,64.13|
A The Great Escape|QID|28194|M|21.88,64.05|N|From Prolific Writer.|
T Lockdown!|QID|28193|M|22.49,63.21|N|To Commander Schnottz.|
A Sending a Message|QID|28195|M|22.49,63.21|N|From Commander Schnottz.|
C Sending a Message|QID|28195|M|26.05,68.71|
C The Great Escape|QID|28194|M|25.13,68.24|
T The Great Escape|QID|28194|M|21.87,64.05|
T Sending a Message|QID|28195|M|22.48,63.21|N|To Commander Schnottz.|
A Firing Squad|QID|28267|M|22.48,63.21|N|From Commander Schnottz.|
C Firing Squad|QID|28267|M|23.52,60.25|
T Firing Squad|QID|28267|M|23.52,60.25|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A Meet Me In Vir'sar|QID|28269|M|23.52,60.25|
f Oasis of Vir'sar|QID|28269|M|26.63,8.39|N|At Jock Lindsey.|
T Meet Me In Vir'sar|QID|28269|M|27.02,7.63|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A Friend of a Friend|QID|28273|M|27.02,7.63|N|From Harrison Jones.|
T Friend of a Friend|QID|28273|M|26.67,8.06|N|To Sullah.|
A Two Tents|QID|28274|M|26.67,8.06|N|From Sullah.|
C Two Tents|QID|28274|M|29.67,22.32|
T Two Tents|QID|28274|M|29.57,21.90|N|To Sullah.|
A Master Trapper|QID|28350|M|29.57,21.90|N|From Sullah.|
A Camel Tow|QID|28352|M|29.57,21.90|N|From Sullah.|
A Unlimited Potential|QID|28351|M|29.57,21.90|N|From Sullah.|
C Camel Tow|QID|28352|U|67241|M|29.76,30.26|
C Unlimited Potential|QID|28351|U|67232|M|28.70,26.77|
C Master Trapper|QID|28350|M|28.50,23.29|
T Master Trapper|QID|28350|M|29.56,21.92|N|To Sullah.|
T Camel Tow|QID|28352|M|29.56,21.92|N|To Sullah.|
T Unlimited Potential|QID|28351|M|29.56,21.92|N|To Sullah.|
A Jonesy Sent For You|QID|28353|M|29.56,21.92|N|From Sullah.|
T Jonesy Sent For You|QID|28353|M|27.02,7.62|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A Reduced Productivity|QID|28271|M|27.02,7.62|N|From Harrison Jones.|
A Missing Pieces|QID|28272|M|27.02,7.62|N|From Harrison Jones.|
h Oasis of Vir'sar|QID|28272|M|26.65,7.29|N|At Yasmin.|
C Missing Pieces|QID|28272|M|39.30,25.55|
C Reduced Productivity|QID|28271|M|38.86,25.83|
T Missing Pieces|QID|28272|M|27.02,7.61|N|To Harrison Jones.|
T Reduced Productivity|QID|28271|M|27.02,7.61|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A Stirred the Hornet's Nest|QID|28363|M|27.02,7.61|N|From Harrison Jones.|
T Stirred the Hornet's Nest|QID|28363|M|29.55,21.92|N|To Sullah.|
A Shroud of the Makers|QID|28367|M|29.55,21.92|N|From Sullah.|
C Shroud of the Makers|QID|28367|U|63699|M|40.57,24.16|
T Shroud of the Makers|QID|28367|M|27.04,7.64|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A Schnottz So Fast|QID|28402|M|27.04,7.64|N|From Harrison Jones.|
C Schnottz So Fast|QID|28402|M|37.14,19.74|
T Schnottz So Fast|QID|28402|M|36.21,20.31|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A Bad Datas|QID|28403|M|36.21,20.31|N|From Harrison Jones.|
C Bad Datas|QID|28403|M|35.97,23.27|
T Bad Datas|QID|28403|M|38.98,23.21|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A I'll Do It By Hand|QID|28404|M|38.98,23.21|N|From Harrison Jones.|
C I'll Do It By Hand|QID|28404|M|39.80,22.91|
T I'll Do It By Hand|QID|28404|M|39.00,23.23|
A Sullah's Gift|QID|28482|M|42.11,25.93|N|From Sullah.|
T Sullah's Gift|QID|28482|M|41.35,5.57|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A Fire From the Sky|QID|28497|M|41.35,5.57|N|From Harrison Jones.|
C Fire From the Sky|QID|28497|M|40.36,9.78|
T Fire From the Sky|QID|28497|M|41.34,5.58|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A See You on the Other Side!|QID|28613|M|41.34,5.58|N|From Harrison Jones.|
T See You on the Other Side!|QID|28613|M|36.14,15.74|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A Fortune and Glory|QID|27748|M|36.14,15.74|N|From Harrison Jones.|
C Fortune and Glory|QID|27748|M|35.01,17.43|
T Fortune and Glory|QID|27748|M|33.37,19.65|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A Harrison Jones and the Temple of Uldum|QID|28612|M|33.37,19.65|
C Harrison Jones and the Temple of Uldum|QID|28612|M|32.51,30.78|
T Harrison Jones and the Temple of Uldum|QID|28612|M|32.54,30.89|N|To Brann Bronzebeard.|
A Put That Baby in the Cradle!|QID|28621|M|32.54,30.89|N|From Brann Bronzebeard.|
T Put That Baby in the Cradle!|QID|28621|M|32.56,30.67|N|To Harrison Jones.|
A Three if by Air|QID|28622|M|32.56,30.67|N|From Harrison Jones.|
C Three if by Air|QID|28622|U|64668|M|32.04,31.66|
T Three if by Air|QID|28622|M|44.86,67.39|N|To Brann Bronzebeard.|
A The Coffer of Promise|QID|28633|M|44.86,67.39|
C The Coffer of Promise|QID|28633|M|44.97,67.36|
T The Coffer of Promise|QID|28633|M|44.87,67.36|N|To Brann Bronzebeard.|
A The Heart of the Matter|QID|28654|M|44.87,67.36|



Below this dotted line is my notes. Once again, I apologize for the crudity of it >.> I promise I'll get better at this for Twilight Highlands.


Line 4: Click on the camel, Lady Humps.
Line 8: Need to click on plant.
Line 10 through Line 12: Set bales of hay on fire, kill enemies to get scraps or find scraps on ground.
Line 24: Speak to Sun Priest Asaris @ 52.98, 27.78 for Impending Retribution quest
Line 26 and Line 27: Kill various camel-riding mobs and drain scorpions of their blood.
Line 33: Talk to Asaq @ 49.66, 39.13 for Impending Retribution Quest.
Line 34: Talk to Nomarch Teneth @ 60.21, 38.33 for Impending Retribution.
Line 35: Thieving Little Pluckers to the south by the trees.
Line 45: Do the world a favor gained from killing any hyena, but preferably Skarf, ridden by Sultan Oogah
Line 58: Should accept Be Prepared when you go to the south hyroglyphics for The Thrill of Discovery,

instead of where I did it. Should be inserted after Line 55.
Line 65: Gather the balls of light floating around the room
Line 68: Talk to Harrison and click 'Ask "What can I do to help?"'
Line 71: Gather the heads of the 4 statues.
Line 74: Use the Orbs of the Stars. Watch the cinematic and be teleported outside.

"While doing" the next set of quests, kill Scions of Al'Akir and rescue survivors
Line 85: "Talk" to the Sand-Covered Hieroglyph to turnin.
Line 97: Talk to XX inside instance, OPTIONAL

Line 102 and Line 103: Turnin/Accept @ High Priest Amet.
Line 110: Entrance to cave @ 52.18, 40.18

Kill alligators for 'Element of Supplies' quest while doing quests
Line 121: Vizier Tanotep wanders around
Line 125: Popup quest box

Line 128: Salhet shows up while you attack Hyenas. Quest turnin @ him
Line 131: Up on the ridge

Line 139: Exit Vortex Pinnacle
Line 140: Hearth
NOTE: Rescuing the guy from the Pit of Scales could probably be pushed back a couple of quests, such as

after Ancient Weapons, as we go back down roughly towards that area anyways.

Line 172: 54.06 71.17 is where the path starts. At the top, the pack on the right does not engage unless you

get too close to them. The NPCs are far enough away to not trigger them.
Line 179: Hearth
Line 185: Kill Schnottz air Officers until you get Efficient Excavations item.

Line 191: Use meteors thrown at you to hit the Guardian.
Line 195: Turnin to Harrison Jones.

***Line 200 TO LINE :213 SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE / ACCEPTED BACK AT LINE 166. Quest item A.I.D.A. Communicator

drops from Crazed Diggers and Cursed Surveyors.

Budding artist @ 22.53, 64.58
Refined Gentleman @ 22.57, 64.65
Aspiring Starlet @ 21.95, 63.98
Ambassador Laurent @ 22.44, 63.21
Line 218: Kill a vulture to start Dirty Birds
NOTE: Screwed up and completed quests Favor for the Furrier, Desert Fox, and Dirty Birds. Turned in Dirty

Birds. All screwed up before I loaded up the guide and continued recording. Will need to be fixed. Dirty

Birds turnin automatically pops up when you kill all birds, and Desert Fox is a random friendly npc running

around the area where Favor for the Furrier is completed.

Line 222: FROM Commander Schnottz.

Line 236: Prolific Writer: 22.39, 63.85
Privileged Socialite: 22.28, 63.88
Pretentious Businessman: 22.30, 64.00

Line 318: Optional Dungeon Quest for the Halls of Origination

Lemme know if you need an explanation on any of my notes above >.>

Now that my computer works

Now that my computer works again I will have time to edit this.

Mega huge thanks for recording it all!

Jiyambi's picture

/cheer! I didn't really want

/cheer! I didn't really want to edit it but was planning to if no one else grabbed it Eye I will let you have it then, tarix!

Love the hard work, the Horde side 80-85 guides are almost done, from the looks of things. If anyone wants to start work on the Alliance side, it would be much appreciated!

Jiyambi's picture

This is absolutely excellent!

This is absolutely excellent! Thanks so much for the hard work!

Bitsem's picture

This is awesome! The detail

This is awesome! The detail will make it so much easier to edit! Unfortunately, I don't have time right now, but wanted you to know that the people that code the addon love to have posts like this!!!!! Thanks!

Things I never thought I'd say...

"Your brother is not a dog! Get that leash off of him!"

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Just so everyone knows - I've been in contact with Cladhaire (TomTom's author) about the state of TomTom and the beta.

He's been waiting to update TomTom until Astrolabe, the library TomTom currently uses, is updated. However it's only been partially updated so far, AND they've changed the API.

Since he's been working on a new, simplified version of TomTom specifically designed to make it easier for other addons (such as ours) to work with, he's considering scrapping an update to use the new Astrolabe API and instead move on with his revamp.

What does that mean for us? Hopefully nothing! If all goes well, we'll have an even better version of TomTom ready at launch, and from what I understand that is indeed Cladhaire's goal. However, since he is doing a full revamp of the addon, it's possible it won't be ready by launch date.

If this happens, I'm not really sure that there's anything we can do but wait Sad If anyone has suggestions, let me know!

Oh and Silvann - Cladhaire says that his new TomTom should work with the new dungeon maps without difficulty Smiling

Silvann's picture

Yay! Thanks for the news!

Yay! Thanks for the news!

long shot

I know its a long shot, but if you had any spare beta invites I would be more than happy to help test anything that was needed


Since I doubt Ill get one i really wanna say thanks to all who worked on all this, leveling with the guide that was made for Wrath really helped and I look foward to using this new guide for cata. 

Mekougnie's picture


Hello !

Thanks for the great work, and for allowing us to apply for the cataclysm guides !

I would like to test the Alliance 80-85 levelling guide.

Cheers !


Jiyambi's picture

Test away! If you are testing

Test away! If you are testing a portion that doesn't have an addon version yet, please consider downloading and using our guide recorder.

It would be a big help for us! Information on how to download and use the recorder can be found here: Using the WoW-Pro Recorder.

Thanks for your interest!

Bitsem's picture

Paper Durotar 5-12

Since I couldn't log on tonight, I started making a paper guide from the Addon version of Durotar. I have all the information in it and the quest links, but haven't started formatting yet.

If anyone else is interested, let me know, as I'm very slow at all of the guide writing/addon stuff. lol.

Things I never thought I'd say...

"Your brother is not a dog! Get that leash off of him!"

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Bitsem's picture

lol. Don't cheer 'til it's

lol. Don't cheer 'til it's done! You may change your mind! Smiling

Added Quest color formatting. Think that much went okay. Hope the rest does!

Things I never thought I'd say...

"Your brother is not a dog! Get that leash off of him!"

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Stonetalon Mountains Horde - Done!

This zone was great! Got me really worked up and pissed off, then resolved everything with a great ending where Garrosh is actually awesome and not a jerk-face. In fact, he starts quoting Saurfang! W00t w00t!

Bitsem's picture

Awesome work as usual

Rock on Jiya!

There's so much that I can't wait to try!!!!

Things I never thought I'd say...

"Your brother is not a dog! Get that leash off of him!"

Bitsem's picture

Azshara Addon

Azshara is finished! It was a fun (and funny) zone. I know it needs testing. I haven't even loaded it up yet, so hopefully it's a go! Eye

Things I never thought I'd say...

"Your brother is not a dog! Get that leash off of him!"

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Thanks a ton Bits!

Thanks a ton Bits! Laughing out loud

Mount Hyjal (Horde)

The addon version is now 100% complete! It needs testing and comments but it also assumes that TomTom's waypoints point you in the right direction and currently that is not the case!

Jiyambi's picture

I listed it as "Revisions"

I listed it as "Revisions" up there just because |PRE| and |RANK| tags will eventually need to be added, but those are really minor and can be added at a later time. What I've seen of the file looks awesome, thanks very much for all your hard work!

It probably needs at least

It probably needs at least one play-through by someone who isn't me. I might not have added enough detail since I had Arixan's guide on the second monitor.

Also the Blizzard "Quest Helper/Guide/Thingy" is pretty damn good these days so that can be referred to until TomTom is updated.

As far as the |PRE| and |RANK| stuff goes ... I think I know how to use |PRE| according to your last docs it mainly goes on A steps. |RANK| seems more ambiguous especially with the modern quest design ... do you have any guidelines for that yet?

Jiyambi's picture

It's use is described in

It's use is described in general on the wiki on github, but it's still a bit confusing. I'll describe the three rank tags:

|RANK|1| -

    You don't need to use it, it's implied if no rank is listed. Never skipped no matter what setting. Use for quest chains that lead to the "final" quest in the zone. I'm not sure how the high level zones go, but for the mid level ones there is usually one quest that yields very high quality rewards and "finishes" the story for that zone. All quests leading up to and including this kind of a quest should be rank 1.

|RANK|2| -

    These steps are only skipped by people on the lowest completion setting. Use this for quest chains that don't lead to the "final" quest - though NOT if there are a ton of quest chains like this. I would say as a general guideline, between 1/4 and 1/3 quests should have this tag.

|RANK|3| -

    Really our of the way or annoying quests with little return. I haven't been using it too often. Something the typical user would NOT want to do, something only completionists would want to do.

The only other note to this: If you use a rank tag, you must make sure all quests following that one in a chain must have the same rank or higher. We don't want the user to be instructed to pick up a quest that he or she has not done the prerequisites for.

As for PRE tags - they are pretty simply, they should go on every A type step that has prerequisites. The point of them is to allow us to warn a user when they try to skip a quest that has follow-ups.

Hope that helps!

Yes, that is perfect! That

Yes, that is perfect! That sooooo belongs in the wiki. Sticking out tongue

Jiyambi's picture

Added to the wiki

Added to the wiki Smiling

ah so its dont have anything

ah so its dont have anything to do with the guides tomtom is actually broken? i tried to run my guide on a diffent toon after i made it and the arrows did not seem to work at all.

Jiyambi's picture

It's actually not really

It's actually not really TomTom's fault - it's because Astrolabe, the zone library TomTom runs on, hasn't been updated yet.

Cladhaire is thinking about doing a big revamp of TomTom, so for now I think we just have to wait and see.

Jiyambi's picture

They do seem to put the blip

They do seem to put the blip in the correct place on the world map, though. I've been playing with Crazy Arrow temporarily disabled.

I've also been talking with Cladhaire (TomTom's author) and it sounds like he's going to be doing some redesigning of TomTom that will be advantageous to us. So yay!

Thanks for the awesome work, tarix!

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NICE! Smiling

Things I never thought I'd say...

"Your brother is not a dog! Get that leash off of him!"

hmm i tried running the

hmm i tried running the mount hyjal guide from here too and the first part was just putting the green circle on my toon and moved with me. maybe its something on my end i dunno.

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It's possible it doesn't

It's possible it doesn't work in all zones. My experience is based on the Southern Barrens, I assumed it would translate because it's a newly named zone, but maybe not!

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Please consider Mulgore up for grabs. I tried to do it, realized I did it wrong, went back to start over... then succumbed to a bad allergy attack and couldn't think my way out of a paper bag.

Since then I've just been either too tired or not had time. Unfortunately I don't know what, if anything, I'll be able to further for guides.

Sorry guys! Sad

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Ok if no-one else wants to jump in, I'll pick it up when I'm done polishing up code for Dun Morogh, loch Modan, and Wetlands. I already started it a while back, so shouldn't be to bad to finish it off.

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Completely understandable,

Completely understandable, solitha! Hope you feel better soon!

Twighlight highlands

I do believe that this covers the total zone i got the achi and about 10-12 quest past it. the very last quest i was on was bugged so there might be one or two more. i hope some one can put this to good use, first time running the recorded did not add any extra note just lvled and recorded.

WoWPro_Leveling:RegisterGuide('2', 'Azshara', 'Liavan', '84', '85', '3', 'Horde', function()
return [[

A Ready the Air Force|QID|26358|M|60.17,50.46|N|From Captain Krazz.|
T Ready the Air Force|QID|26358|M|54.58,51.06|N|To Fleep.|
A Smoot's Samophlange|QID|26361|M|54.58,51.06|N|From Fleep.|
T Ready the Navy|QID|26335|M|53.52,47.36|
A Beating the Market|QID|26337|M|53.52,47.36|
C Beating the Market|QID|26337|M|58.12,52.42|
C Smoot's Samophlange|QID|26361|M|54.73,48.78|
C Ready the Ground Troops|QID|26374|M|55.24,48.15|
T Smoot's Samophlange|QID|26361|M|54.57,51.27|N|To Fleep.|
A Pre-Flight Checklist|QID|26372|M|54.57,51.27|N|From Fleep.|
T Beating the Market|QID|26337|M|60.14,50.40|N|To Warlord Krogg.|
T Ready the Ground Troops|QID|26374|M|60.14,50.40|N|To Warlord Krogg.|
T Pre-Flight Checklist|QID|26372|M|60.14,50.40|N|To Captain Krazz.|
A Twilight Skies|QID|28849|M|60.14,50.40|N|From Captain Krazz.|
T Twilight Skies|QID|28849|M|50.69,73.97|N|To Friz Groundspin.|
A Twilight Skies|QID|26388|M|50.69,73.97|N|From Friz Groundspin.|
C Twilight Skies|QID|26388|M|81.97,50.32|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Twilight Skies|QID|26388|M|82.53,49.90|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Admiral Stonefist.|
A Stalled Negotiations|QID|26539|M|82.53,49.90|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Admiral Stonefist.|
A Emergency Aid|QID|26538|M|82.55,50.02|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Warlord Krogg.|
T Stalled Negotiations|QID|26539|M|78.84,51.75|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Ornak.|
A Madness|QID|26549|M|78.84,51.75|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Ornak.|
C Madness|QID|26549|M|73.71,53.85|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Madness|QID|26549|M|73.75,53.88|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Zaela.|
A Negotiations Terminated|QID|26608|M|73.75,53.88|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Zaela.|
T Negotiations Terminated|QID|26608|M|82.42,49.79|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Admiral Stonefist.|
C Emergency Aid|QID|26538|M|76.53,49.47|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Emergency Aid|QID|26538|M|76.53,49.49|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Gregor.|
A Dangerous Compassion|QID|26540|M|76.53,49.49|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Gregor.|
T Dangerous Compassion|QID|26540|M|82.58,49.91|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Warlord Krogg.|
A You Say You Want a Revolution|QID|26619|M|82.58,49.91|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Warlord Krogg.|
T You Say You Want a Revolution|QID|26619|M|76.59,49.55|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Zaela.|
A Insurrection|QID|26621|M|76.59,49.55|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Zaela.|
C Insurrection|QID|26621|M|74.96,52.62|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Insurrection|QID|26621|M|76.56,49.54|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Zaela.|
A Death to Mor'ghor|QID|26622|M|76.56,49.54|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Zaela.|
C Death to Mor'ghor|QID|26622|M|75.43,55.57|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Death to Mor'ghor|QID|26622|M|74.73,53.07|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Garrosh Hellscream.|
A Securing the Beach Head|QID|26786|M|74.73,53.07|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Garrosh Hellscream.|
A Cementing Our Victory|QID|26788|M|74.29,53.34|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Ornak.|
T Securing the Beach Head|QID|26786|M|73.83,53.90|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Artesh.|
A Muddied Waters|QID|26784|M|73.83,53.90|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Artesh.|
C Cementing Our Victory|QID|26788|M|66.20,44.15|Z|Twilight Highlands|
C Muddied Waters|QID|26784|M|65.01,41.58|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Cementing Our Victory|QID|26788|M|74.23,53.25|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Ornak.|
T Muddied Waters|QID|26784|M|73.82,53.89|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Artesh.|
A The Warchief Will be Pleased|QID|26798|M|73.82,53.89|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Artesh.|
T The Warchief Will be Pleased|QID|26798|M|48.16,70.56|Z|Orgrimmar|N|To Garrosh Hellscream.|
A Traitor's Bait|QID|26830|M|48.16,70.56|Z|Orgrimmar|N|From Garrosh Hellscream.|
C Traitor's Bait|QID|26830|M|43.73,63.68|Z|Orgrimmar|
T Traitor's Bait|QID|26830|M|48.10,70.67|Z|Orgrimmar|N|To Garrosh Hellscream.|
A Return to the Highlands|QID|26840|M|48.10,70.67|Z|Orgrimmar|N|From Garrosh Hellscream.|
f Dragonmaw Port|M|73.81,52.82|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|At Gorthul.|
T Return to the Highlands|QID|26840|M|75.30,54.84|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Zaela.|
A The Northern Flank|QID|27583|M|75.30,54.84|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Zaela.|
A The Southern Flank|QID|27607|M|75.30,54.84|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Zaela.|
T The Southern Flank|QID|27607|M|78.18,62.43|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Rok'tar.|
A Scouting the Shore|QID|27610|M|78.18,62.43|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Rok'tar.|
A Blood on the Sand|QID|27611|M|78.18,62.43|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Rok'tar.|
C Scouting the Shore|QID|27610|NC|M|77.57,65.12|Z|Twilight Highlands|
C Blood on the Sand|QID|27611|M|77.42,66.74|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Blood on the Sand|QID|27611|M|78.24,62.63|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Rok'tar.|
T Scouting the Shore|QID|27610|M|78.24,62.63|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Rok'tar.|
A Mo' Better Shredder|QID|27622|M|78.40,62.59|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Juice Gnugat.|
C Mo' Better Shredder|QID|27622|M|69.17,63.25|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Mo' Better Shredder|QID|27622|M|78.41,62.63|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Juice Gnugat.|
A Krazzworks|QID|28583|M|78.41,62.63|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Juice Gnugat.|
T The Northern Flank|QID|27583|M|70.24,43.30|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Gralok.|
A Blood in the Surf|QID|27584|M|70.24,43.30|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Gralok.|
A Shells on the Sea Shore|QID|27586|M|70.24,43.30|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Fergus Gearchum.|
C Shells on the Sea Shore|QID|27586|M|70.72,38.45|Z|Twilight Highlands|
C Blood in the Surf|QID|27584|M|70.11,38.77|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Blood in the Surf|QID|27584|M|70.25,43.27|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Gralok.|
T Shells on the Sea Shore|QID|27586|M|70.30,43.39|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Fergus Gearchum.|
A Blast Him!|QID|27606|M|70.30,43.39|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Fergus Gearchum.|
C Blast Him!|QID|27606|U|61928|M|72.10,41.42|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Blast Him!|QID|27606|M|70.32,43.32|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Fergus Gearchum.|
A Narkrall, the Drake-Tamer|QID|27690|M|70.23,43.29|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Gralok.|
T Krazzworks|QID|28583|M|77.61,16.67|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Captain Krazz.|
A Wildhammer Infestation|QID|28588|M|77.61,16.67|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Captain Krazz.|
A Pool Pony Rescue|QID|28586|M|77.61,16.67|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Flashbang Rothman.|
A Quality Construction|QID|28584|M|77.61,16.67|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Brett the Bomber.|
C Wildhammer Infestation|QID|28588|M|75.55,16.39|Z|Twilight Highlands|
C Pool Pony Rescue|QID|28586|U|65162|M|81.07,21.19|Z|Twilight Highlands|
f The Krazzworks|QID|28584|M|75.37,17.76|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|At Harpo Boltknuckle.|
C Quality Construction|QID|28584|U|65146|M|75.70,17.76|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Wildhammer Infestation|QID|28588|M|77.60,16.72|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Captain Krazz.|
T Quality Construction|QID|28584|M|77.60,16.72|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Brett the Bomber.|
T Pool Pony Rescue|QID|28586|M|77.60,16.72|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Flashbang Rothman.|
A Everything But the Kitchen Sink|QID|28589|M|77.60,16.72|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Captain Krazz.|
C Everything But the Kitchen Sink|QID|28589|M|77.43,15.91|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Everything But the Kitchen Sink|QID|28589|M|77.66,16.63|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Captain Krazz.|
A Reprisal|QID|28590|M|77.66,16.63|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Captain Krazz.|
T Reprisal|QID|28590|M|81.00,70.05|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Patch.|
A Off The Wall|QID|28591|M|81.63,70.34|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Patch.|
C Off The Wall|QID|28591|M|79.08,80.40|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Off The Wall|QID|28591|M|78.57,80.33|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Patch.|
A Highbank, Crybank|QID|28594|M|77.70,78.86|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Patch.|
A Of Utmost Importance|QID|28593|M|77.21,77.53|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Patch.|
A Parting Packages|QID|28592|M|77.09,75.72|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Ticker.|
C Highbank, Crybank|QID|28594|M|80.48,76.76|Z|Twilight Highlands|
C Of Utmost Importance|QID|28593|M|79.47,77.61|Z|Twilight Highlands|
C Parting Packages|QID|28592|U|64669|M|82.02,73.29|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Parting Packages|QID|28592|M|81.86,80.31|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Ticker.|
T Of Utmost Importance|QID|28593|M|82.08,80.05|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Patch.|
T Highbank, Crybank|QID|28594|M|82.08,80.05|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Patch.|
A Krazz Works!|QID|28595|M|82.08,80.05|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Patch.|
T Krazz Works!|QID|28595|M|77.72,16.62|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Captain Krazz.|
T Narkrall, the Drake-Tamer|QID|27690|M|54.81,44.14|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Narkrall Rakeclaw.|
A Drag 'em Down|QID|27929|M|54.81,44.14|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Narkrall Rakeclaw.|
A Crushing the Wildhammer|QID|27751|M|54.81,44.14|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Narkrall Rakeclaw.|
A Total War|QID|27747|M|55.10,43.67|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Harkkan.|
f Bloodgulch|QID|27747|M|54.16,42.28|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|At Bramok Gorewing.|
A War Forage|QID|27750|M|53.84,43.30|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Griff.|
C War Forage|QID|27750|M|49.11,37.78|Z|Twilight Highlands|
C Total War|QID|27747|M|46.08,37.61|Z|Twilight Highlands|
C Drag 'em Down|QID|27929|U|62775|M|51.38,39.98|Z|Twilight Highlands|
C Crushing the Wildhammer|QID|27751|M|52.28,42.17|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T War Forage|QID|27750|M|53.86,43.25|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Griff.|
T Drag 'em Down|QID|27929|M|54.77,44.19|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Narkrall Rakeclaw.|
T Crushing the Wildhammer|QID|27751|M|54.77,44.19|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Narkrall Rakeclaw.|
A Bait and Throttle|QID|28041|M|54.77,44.19|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Narkrall Rakeclaw.|
T Total War|QID|27747|M|55.11,43.51|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Harkkan.|
A Blood in the Highlands|QID|28038|M|55.11,43.51|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Harkkan.|
A Paint it Black|QID|27945|M|53.24,42.74|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Mallia.|
A A Vision of Twilight|QID|27947|M|53.24,42.74|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Garona Halforcen.|
C Bait and Throttle|QID|28041|M|51.60,47.95|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Bait and Throttle|QID|28041|M|51.60,47.95|Z|Twilight Highlands|
A How to Maim Your Dragon|QID|28043|M|51.60,47.95|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Blood in the Highlands|QID|28038|M|50.69,58.37|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Wodin the Troll-Servant.|
A The Crucible of Carnage: The Bloodeye Bruiser!|QID|27863|M|50.69,58.37|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Gurgthock.|
C How to Maim Your Dragon|QID|28043|U|62917|M|54.52,43.00|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T How to Maim Your Dragon|QID|28043|M|54.33,43.88|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Zaela.|
A The Demon Chain|QID|28123|M|54.33,43.88|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Zaela.|
T A Vision of Twilight|QID|27947|M|57.85,33.58|Z|Twilight Highlands|
A We All Must Sacrifice|QID|27951|M|57.85,33.58|Z|Twilight Highlands|
C Paint it Black|QID|27945|M|60.46,34.42|Z|Twilight Highlands|
C We All Must Sacrifice|QID|27951|M|56.37,33.10|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T We All Must Sacrifice|QID|27951|M|57.91,33.55|Z|Twilight Highlands|
A The Eyes Have It|QID|27954|M|57.91,33.55|Z|Twilight Highlands|
C The Demon Chain|QID|28123|M|49.15,28.20|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T The Demon Chain|QID|28123|M|54.33,43.83|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Zaela.|
A Fury Unbound|QID|28133|M|54.29,43.77|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Zaela.|
T Paint it Black|QID|27945|M|53.19,42.73|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Mallia.|
A The Weeping Wound|QID|27375|M|53.19,42.73|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Mallia.|
T The Eyes Have It|QID|27954|M|53.28,42.72|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Garona Halforcen.|
A Eye Spy|QID|27955|M|53.28,42.72|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Garona Halforcen.|
C Eye Spy|QID|27955|M|53.36,42.89|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Eye Spy|QID|27955|M|53.31,42.73|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Garona Halforcen.|
T The Weeping Wound|QID|27375|M|44.01,10.49|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Earthcaller Torunscar.|
A Torn Ground|QID|27299|M|44.01,10.49|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Earthcaller Torunscar.|
C Torn Ground|QID|27299|M|41.92,11.56|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Torn Ground|QID|27299|M|44.06,10.52|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Earthcaller Torunscar.|
A Pushing Back|QID|27300|M|44.06,10.52|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Earthcaller Torunscar.|
A Unbroken|QID|27301|M|44.02,11.23|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Earthmender Duarn.|
A Simple Solutions|QID|27302|M|44.39,11.50|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Initiate Goldmine.|
T Unbroken|QID|27301|M|44.27,18.08|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Earthcaller Yevaa.|
A Mercy for the Bound|QID|27303|M|44.27,18.08|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Omak'Tul.|
C Pushing Back|QID|27300|M|42.50,18.64|Z|Twilight Highlands|
C Simple Solutions|QID|27302|M|42.61,18.50|Z|Twilight Highlands|
C Mercy for the Bound|QID|27303|M|38.32,16.82|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Mercy for the Bound|QID|27303|M|43.90,11.23|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Earthcaller Yevaa.|
T Simple Solutions|QID|27302|M|44.37,11.49|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Initiate Goldmine.|
T Pushing Back|QID|27300|M|44.07,10.56|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Earthcaller Torunscar.|
A The Maw of Iso'rath|QID|27376|M|44.07,10.56|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Earthcaller Torunscar.|
C The Maw of Iso'rath|QID|27376|M|44.41,10.72|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T The Maw of Iso'rath|QID|27376|M|48.38,14.52|Z|The Maw of Madness|N|To Earthcaller Yevaa.|
A Devoured|QID|27377|M|48.38,14.52|Z|The Maw of Madness|N|From Earthcaller Yevaa.|
C Devoured|QID|27377|M|48.26,13.86|Z|The Maw of Madness|
T Devoured|QID|27377|M|33.32,50.40|Z|The Maelstrom|N|To Thrall.|
A The Worldbreaker|QID|27378|M|33.32,50.40|Z|The Maelstrom|N|From Thrall.|
C The Worldbreaker|QID|27378|M|33.37,50.22|Z|The Maelstrom|
T The Worldbreaker|QID|27378|M|48.68,16.61|Z|The Maw of Madness|N|To Earthcaller Yevaa.|
A The Terrors of Iso'rath|QID|27379|M|48.68,16.61|Z|The Maw of Madness|N|From Earthcaller Yevaa.|
C The Terrors of Iso'rath|QID|27379|M|47.24,15.80|Z|The Maw of Madness|
T The Terrors of Iso'rath|QID|27379|M|48.63,16.59|Z|The Maw of Madness|N|To Earthcaller Yevaa.|
A Nightmare|QID|27380|M|48.63,16.59|Z|The Maw of Madness|N|From Earthcaller Yevaa.|
T Nightmare|QID|27380|M|44.02,10.58|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Earthcaller Torunscar.|
A Warm Welcome|QID|27486|M|44.04,10.51|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Golluck Rockfist.|
C Fury Unbound|QID|28133|M|36.59,38.18|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Fury Unbound|QID|28133|M|36.45,38.15|Z|Twilight Highlands|
A Whispers in the Wind|QID|28149|M|36.43,37.99|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Buunu.|
A Purple is Your Color|QID|28147|M|36.76,38.01|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Rotgrum.|
f The Gullet|QID|28147|M|36.86,37.99|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|At San'shigo.|
C Warm Welcome|QID|27486|M|27.59,21.11|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Warm Welcome|QID|27486|M|29.29,26.01|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Calen.|
A Even Dragons Bleed|QID|27504|M|29.29,26.01|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Calen.|
T Even Dragons Bleed|QID|27504|M|29.85,31.27|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Velastrasza.|
A Draconic Mending|QID|27505|M|29.85,31.27|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Velastrasza.|
A Life from Death|QID|27506|M|29.85,31.27|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Baleflame.|
C Life from Death|QID|27506|U|61323|M|31.08,33.58|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Life from Death|QID|27506|M|29.85,31.41|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Baleflame.|
C Draconic Mending|QID|27505|M|29.87,33.36|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Draconic Mending|QID|27505|M|29.82,31.26|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Velastrasza.|
A In Defense of the Redoubt|QID|27564|M|29.82,31.26|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Velastrasza.|
T In Defense of the Redoubt|QID|27564|M|29.33,26.04|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Calen.|
A Breach in the Defenses|QID|27509|M|29.33,26.04|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Calen.|
A Far from the Nest|QID|27508|M|29.33,26.04|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Lirastrasza.|
A Encroaching Twilight|QID|27507|M|29.33,26.04|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Calen.|
f Vermillion Redoubt|QID|27507|M|28.50,24.92|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|At Aquinastrasz.|
C Breach in the Defenses|QID|27509|M|17.85,16.82|Z|Twilight Highlands|
C Far from the Nest|QID|27508|M|21.90,19.18|Z|Twilight Highlands|
C Encroaching Twilight|QID|27507|M|20.08,14.66|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Far from the Nest|QID|27508|M|29.35,26.03|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Lirastrasza.|
L Level 85|QID|27507|LVL|85|N|You should be around level 85 by this point.|
T Encroaching Twilight|QID|27507|M|29.35,26.03|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Calen.|
T Breach in the Defenses|QID|27509|M|29.35,26.03|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Calen.|
A Patchwork Command|QID|27576|M|29.40,26.07|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Calen.|
T Patchwork Command|QID|27576|M|27.31,36.76|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Patch.|
A Easy Pickings|QID|28091|M|27.31,36.76|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Patch.|
A Precious Goods|QID|28090|M|27.31,36.76|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Patch.|
C Easy Pickings|QID|28091|M|25.13,38.76|Z|Twilight Highlands|
C Precious Goods|QID|28090|M|25.62,37.92|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Precious Goods|QID|28090|M|27.31,36.77|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Patch.|
T Easy Pickings|QID|28091|M|27.31,36.77|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Patch.|
A The Gates of Grim Batol|QID|28097|M|27.31,36.77|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Patch.|
T The Gates of Grim Batol|QID|28097|M|29.59,41.00|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Warlord Krogg.|
A If The Key Fits|QID|28092|M|29.59,41.00|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Warlord Krogg.|
A Paving the Way|QID|28094|M|29.61,41.14|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Patch.|
C Paving the Way|QID|28094|M|31.16,47.67|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Paving the Way|QID|28094|M|29.53,51.85|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Patch.|
C If The Key Fits|QID|28092|M|29.74,51.70|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T If The Key Fits|QID|28092|M|29.31,52.24|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Patch.|
A Pressing Forward|QID|28093|M|29.31,52.24|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Patch.|
C Pressing Forward|QID|28093|M|22.60,56.26|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Pressing Forward|QID|28093|M|22.13,56.54|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Calen.|
A Enter the Dragon Queen|QID|28712|M|21.81,57.03|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Alexstrasza the Life-Binder.|
C Whispers in the Wind|QID|28149|M|40.88,47.50|Z|Twilight Highlands|
C Purple is Your Color|QID|28147|M|40.90,45.93|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Whispers in the Wind|QID|28149|M|36.41,38.09|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Buunu.|
A Thog's Nightlight|QID|28166|M|36.42,38.09|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Buunu.|
T Purple is Your Color|QID|28147|M|36.73,38.08|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Rotgrum.|
A Dressed to Kill|QID|28151|M|36.73,38.08|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Rotgrum.|
C Thog's Nightlight|QID|28166|M|40.67,32.86|Z|Twilight Highlands|
C Dressed to Kill|QID|28151|M|40.70,30.72|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Dressed to Kill|QID|28151|M|36.73,38.00|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Rotgrum.|
T Thog's Nightlight|QID|28166|M|36.43,38.04|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Buunu.|
A Night Terrors|QID|28170|M|36.43,38.04|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Buunu.|
C Night Terrors|QID|28170|U|67537|M|34.11,35.63|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Night Terrors|QID|28170|M|36.37,37.99|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Buunu.|
T Enter the Dragon Queen|QID|28712|M|14.93,16.28|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Lirastrasza.|
A Battle of Life and Death|QID|28758|M|14.18,15.44|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Calen.|
C Battle of Life and Death|QID|28758|M|19.21,46.71|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Battle of Life and Death|QID|28758|M|22.08,56.61|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Calen.|
A And the Sky Streaked Red|QID|28171|M|22.08,56.61|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Calen.|
C And the Sky Streaked Red|QID|28171|M|22.08,56.61|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T And the Sky Streaked Red|QID|28171|M|59.06,69.82|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Lirastrasza.|
A A Fitting End|QID|28191|M|59.06,69.82|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Lirastrasza.|
A Blackout|QID|28173|M|59.06,69.82|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Lirastrasza.|
A Shining Through the Dark|QID|28175|M|59.06,69.82|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Velastrasza.|
C Shining Through the Dark|QID|28175|U|63139|M|63.86,77.93|Z|Twilight Highlands|
C Blackout|QID|28173|U|63092|M|62.60,86.62|Z|Twilight Highlands|
C A Fitting End|QID|28191|M|60.69,83.65|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Blackout|QID|28173|M|59.06,69.79|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Lirastrasza.|
T A Fitting End|QID|28191|M|59.06,69.79|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Lirastrasza.|
T Shining Through the Dark|QID|28175|M|59.06,69.79|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Velastrasza.|
A Following the Young Home|QID|28176|M|59.06,69.79|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Lirastrasza.|
C Following the Young Home|QID|28176|U|63126|M|49.88,85.69|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Following the Young Home|QID|28176|M|44.99,90.95|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Baleflame.|
A Last of Her Kind|QID|28247|M|44.99,90.95|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Baleflame.|
C Last of Her Kind|QID|28247|NC|M|45.07,91.82|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Last of Her Kind|QID|28247|M|59.06,69.78|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Lirastrasza.|
A Crushblow|QID|28249|M|59.06,69.78|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Lirastrasza.|
T Crushblow|QID|28249|M|45.32,75.42|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Warlord Zaela.|
A Ogres & Ettins|QID|27493|M|45.32,75.42|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Warlord Zaela.|
A Kor'kron Drop|QID|27491|M|45.32,75.42|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Lady Cozwynn.|
A Call in the Artillery|QID|27497|M|45.32,75.42|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Lady Cozwynn.|
f Crushblow|QID|27497|M|45.68,76.25|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|At Tokrog.|
C Kor'kron Drop|QID|27491|M|39.17,64.57|Z|Twilight Highlands|
C Call in the Artillery|QID|27497|U|61367|M|41.25,72.13|Z|Twilight Highlands|
C Ogres & Ettins|QID|27493|M|42.47,71.21|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Ogres & Ettins|QID|27493|M|45.26,75.42|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Warlord Zaela.|
T Kor'kron Drop|QID|27491|M|45.26,75.42|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Lady Cozwynn.|
T Call in the Artillery|QID|27497|M|45.26,75.42|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Lady Cozwynn.|
A Move the Mountain|QID|27495|M|45.26,75.42|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Warlord Zaela.|
C Move the Mountain|QID|27495|M|38.10,66.24|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Move the Mountain|QID|27495|M|38.10,66.24|Z|Twilight Highlands|
A Signal the Attack|QID|27499|M|38.10,66.24|Z|Twilight Highlands|
C Signal the Attack|QID|27499|U|61511|M|40.45,62.23|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Signal the Attack|QID|27499|M|40.45,62.23|Z|Twilight Highlands|
A Four Heads are Better than None|QID|27501|M|40.45,62.23|Z|Twilight Highlands|
C Four Heads are Better than None|QID|27501|M|37.73,71.26|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Four Heads are Better than None|QID|27501|M|45.34,75.49|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Lady Cozwynn.|
A Up to the Citadel|QID|27503|M|45.34,75.49|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Lady Cozwynn.|
C Up to the Citadel|QID|27503|M|37.61,65.53|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Up to the Citadel|QID|27503|M|37.71,64.96|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Cho'gall.|
A Just You and Garona|QID|27638|M|37.73,64.89|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Cho'gall.|
T Just You and Garona|QID|27638|M|36.37,65.93|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Garona Halforcen.|
A Dark Assassins|QID|27653|M|36.37,65.93|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Garona Halforcen.|
A Bring the Hammer Down|QID|27655|M|36.37,65.93|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Garona Halforcen.|
A Help from the Earthcaller|QID|27658|M|36.37,65.93|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Garona Halforcen.|
C Bring the Hammer Down|QID|27655|M|38.61,75.54|Z|Twilight Highlands|
C Dark Assassins|QID|27653|M|36.46,73.71|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Dark Assassins|QID|27653|M|36.34,65.97|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Garona Halforcen.|
T Bring the Hammer Down|QID|27655|M|36.34,65.97|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Garona Halforcen.|
A Distract Them for Me|QID|27689|M|36.34,65.97|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Garona Halforcen.|
A The Elementium Axe|QID|27696|M|36.34,65.97|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Garona Halforcen.|
C The Elementium Axe|QID|27696|M|40.20,84.02|Z|Twilight Highlands|
C Distract Them for Me|QID|27689|M|43.23,88.32|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Help from the Earthcaller|QID|27658|M|37.57,88.70|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Earthcaller Yevaa.|
A Portal Overload|QID|27659|M|37.57,88.70|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Earthcaller Yevaa.|
A Unbinding|QID|27662|M|37.57,88.70|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Initiate Goldmine.|
A Spirit of the Loch|QID|27660|M|37.54,88.72|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Earthcaller Yevaa.|
C Unbinding|QID|27662|M|40.12,77.88|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T The Elementium Axe|QID|27696|M|36.39,66.01|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Garona Halforcen.|
T Distract Them for Me|QID|27689|M|36.39,66.01|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Garona Halforcen.|
A Dragon, Unchained|QID|27701|M|36.36,66.02|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Garona Halforcen.|
C Portal Overload|QID|27659|M|32.96,62.41|Z|Twilight Highlands|
C Dragon, Unchained|QID|27701|U|62248|M|32.41,68.60|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Dragon, Unchained|QID|27701|M|36.36,65.95|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Garona Halforcen.|
A Coup de Grace|QID|27703|M|36.36,65.95|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Garona Halforcen.|
T Spirit of the Loch|QID|27660|M|27.65,63.91|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Countess Verrall.|
A Fire the Cannon|QID|27661|M|27.65,63.91|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Countess Verrall.|
C Fire the Cannon|QID|27661|M|40.87,79.07|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Fire the Cannon|QID|27661|M|27.64,63.87|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Countess Verrall.|
A Water of Life|QID|27798|M|27.64,63.87|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|From Countess Verrall.|
C Water of Life|QID|27798|U|62503|M|35.07,61.04|Z|Twilight Highlands|
T Water of Life|QID|27798|M|36.34,65.97|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Garona Halforcen.|
T Portal Overload|QID|27659|M|37.50,88.50|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Earthcaller Yevaa.|
T Unbinding|QID|27662|M|37.52,88.65|Z|Twilight Highlands|N|To Initiate Goldmine.|


Hezkezl's picture

I'll be using this on my

I'll be using this on my runthrough of TH to make sure it's accurate Laughing out loud If it's not, I'll post suggested changes afterwards!

Jiyambi's picture

Awesome! Thanks very much!

Awesome! Thanks very much!

Hezkezl's picture

Unfortunately, I wound up not

Unfortunately, I wound up not using the raw data published there, I wound up using the Twilight Highlands guide that comes with the new(er?) version of the guides that you published a day or two ago. All seems well with that except the beginning quests, which I think I also submitted the other day. Waiting for my posts to be approved sets my time frame in my head off a little bit, lol. OTHER than the beginning quests with the Twilight Highlands (which I can resubmit if need be), that guide seems to be working out perfectly for me!

Jiyambi's picture

If you are talking about the

If you are talking about the Cataclysm/Recorder package I uploaded a day or two ago - that should be this guide here Eye

if there is anything else i

if there is anything else i can do to help i will i plan on running all the zones a few more times if that will help i can do whatever and more. still waiting on a few bugged quest to get worked out in a few zone but most bugged quest ive managed to unbug or get to work.

Bitsem's picture


Hi! If you happen to go through Azshara, I need recorder details for some of the later quests. I had an error that shut WoW down and lost a few. Thankfully, I'd been saving often!

Specifically, I need info on the Farewell, Minnow quest and Airborne Again. I have no coordinates and am not certain of the quest givers and turn-ins. I have pieced together what I can, but Wow-head doesn't have this info yet.

I'll still finish the addon for Azshara, probably tonight, but that part may not be as accurate. lol.

Recording is so awesome!!!!! Smiling

Things I never thought I'd say...

"Your brother is not a dog! Get that leash off of him!"

Vash'jir is now also stuck

Vash'jir is now also stuck on quest bugs so I've moved on to Deepholm.

One of these days I'll find a zone that I can actually complete!

where in vash are you

where in vash are you getting stuck at the only quest i found to be bugged there was the mind control a shark one. it took me about 5 min to work around it so it totally doable if that is where you got stuck.

That's the one. I tried a

That's the one. I tried a few of the work-arounds but it didn't want to complete even once. There are so many other zones to do that it's not a big deal. Plus part of me wants to keep reporting it as bugged until it works properly.