SIGN UPS --- Cataclysm Guides

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Please post a comment here if you would like to write, code, or test a guide. Include whether or not you currently have a beta key, and specifically what guide you would like to work on. Please list only one guide at a time.

Once someone has signed up to lead a project, they need to create a forum post for that project (see the forum post for the Goblin Starter for an example).

If you are collaborating, you need to check in often. Even if you aren't give us updates on your progress. If you don't we're going to assume you aren't working on the guide and give the project to someone else. Check in *at least* once a week.

Guide Writers

If you are interested in writing a guide that will become an official WoW-Pro leveling guide, you need to make sure to follow Jame's format. I will be posting a guide in a day or two about exactly what you need to do, but for now, take a look at Jame's guides and make yours look like his.

Addon Guide Writers

You may be writing a "paper" guide at the same time or collaborating with someone who is. Our addon code format has changed a bit now that we've created our own addon. Make sure you are using the correct format! I'll be posting a more detailed guide about this within the next few days.

Guide Testers

Each guide will have a subforum here where you can post feedback. Be as clear as possible, making sure to let us know exactly what the problem is and where it is in the guide. If you are using the addon, make sure you note what version, and if there are any other addons you are using that might be causing the problem.

Good luck, and thanks!

Coord Macro

/script local px, py= GetPlayerMapPosition( "player" ) DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(string.format ( "(%s, %s) %s", floor(px * 100 + 0.5), floor(py * 100 + 0.5), GetZoneText() ))

Current Projects

In the Status column you can see what the current status of every guide is:

NeededThe guide has not been written yet, and is needed. Feel free to sign up for these guides!
Revisions The guide has been written, but it needs improvements.
In ProgressThe guide has been assigned to someone and they are in the process of writing it.
Complete The guide has been completed.

Kalimdor (1-60)
Guide Paper Addon Authors Last Update
Durotar (1-10) Needed
Troll 1-5 and Durotar 5-10 is Complete
Complete Jiyambi
Mulgore (1-10) Needed In Progress Gylin 09-11-2010
Kezan (1-5) Revisions Revisions Jiyambi
Lost Isles (5-12) Needed Revisions Malorajan 05-11-2010
Azshara (10-20) Needed Complete Bitsem 27-10-2010
Northern Barrens (10-20) Needed Complete Bitsem 21-11-2010
Ashenvale (20-25) Needed Complete Bitsem 01-11-2010
Stonetalon Mountains (25-30) Needed Complete Jiyambi 10-11-2010
Southern Barrens (30-35) Needed Complete Jiyambi 27-10-2010
Desolace (30-40) Needed Complete Jiyambi 12-11-2010
Dustwallow Marsh (30-40) Needed Complete Jiyambi 27-10-2010
Feralas (35-40) Needed Complete Jiyambi 12-11-2010
Thousand Needles(40-45) Needed Complete Jiyambi 30-10-2010
Felwood (45-50) Needed Complete Jiyambi 22-11-2010
Tanaris (45-50) Needed Complete Jiyambi 05-11-2010
Un'Goro Crater (50-55) Needed Complete Jiyambi 05-11-2010
Winterspring (50-55) Needed Complete Jiyambi 23-11-2010
Silithus (55-60) Needed Complete Jiyambi 05-11-2010

Guide Paper Addon Authors Last Update
Azuremyst Isle (1-10) Revisions Complete Crackerhead22 27-11-2010
Teldrassil(1-10) In Progress Complete Solitha
Bloodmyst Isle (10-20) Revisions Complete Crackerhead22 27-11-2010
Darkshore (10-20) Needed Complete Solitha
Ashenvale (20-25) Needed Complete wkjezz 01-12-2010
Stonetalon Mountains (25-30) Needed Complete wkjezz 02-12-2010
Southern Barrens (30-35) Needed Complete wkjezz 02-12-2010
Desolace (30-40) Needed Complete wkjezz 02-12-2010
Dustwallow Marsh (30-40) Needed Complete wkjezz 27-10-2010
Feralas (35-40) Needed Complete wkjezz 03-12-2010
Thousand Needles(40-45) Needed Complete wkjezz 27-11-2010
Felwood (45-50) Needed Complete wkjezz 27-11-2010
Tanaris (45-50) Needed Complete wkjezz 27-11-2010
Un'Goro Crater (50-55) Needed Complete wkjezz 27-11-2010
Winterspring (50-55) Needed Complete wkjezz 27-11-2010
Silithus (55-60) Needed Complete wkjezz 02-12-2010

Eastern Kingdoms
Guide Paper Addon Authors Last Update
Eversong Woods (1-10) Revisions Complete Liavan 27-10-2010
Tirisfal Glades (1-10) Needed In Progress Manovan 27-10-2010
Ghostlands (1-10) Revisions Complete Crackerhead22 27-10-2010
Silverpine Forest (10-20) Needed Revisions Malorajan 06-11-2010
Hillsbrad Foothills (20-25) Needed Complete AyaJulia 05-12-2010
Arathi Highlands (25-30) Needed Complete Jiyambi 23-11-2010
Northern Stranglethorn (25-30) Needed Complete wkjezz 04-12-2010
Cape of Stranglethorn (30-35) Needed Complete Dakota Fanning 04-12-2010
The Hinterlands (30-35) Needed Complete Jiyambi 23-11-2010
Western Plaguelands (35-40) Needed Complete Jiyambi 04-12-2010
Eastern Plaguelands (40-45) Needed Complete Jiyambi 04-12-2010
Badlands (45-50) Needed Complete Liavan 04-12-2010
Searing Gorge (45-50) Needed Complete Liavan 04-12-2010
Burning Steppes (50-55) Needed Complete Liavan 05-12-2010
Swamp of Sorrows (50-55) Needed Complete Liavan 05-12-2010
The Blasted Lands (55-60) Needed Complete Jiyambi 06-11-2010

Eastern Kingdoms
Guide Paper Addon Authors Last Update
Gilneas (1-10) Complete Complete rpotor
Dun Morogh (1-10) Needed Complete Gylin 27-10-2010
Elwynn Forest (1-10) Complete Complete Kurich
Westfall (10-20) Complete Complete Kurich
Loch Modan (10-20) Needed In Progress
Gylin 27-10-2010
Redridge Mountains (15-20) Complete Complete Crackerhead22
Duskwood (20-25) Complete Complete Kurich
Arathi Highlands (25-30) Needed Complete Bitsem 02-12-2010
Northern Stranglethorn (25-30) Needed Complete savagefool 27-10-2010
Wetlands (25-30) Needed In Progress Gylin 27-10-2010
Cape of Stranglethorn (30-35) Needed Complete Bitsem 02-12-2010
The Hinterlands (30-35) Needed Complete Crackerhead22 27-10-2010
Western Plaguelands (35-40) Needed Complete Bitsem 27-10-2010
Eastern Plaguelands (40-45) Needed Complete Crackerhead22 27-11-2010
Badlands (45-50) Needed Complete Crackerhead22 27-11-2010
Searing Gorge (45-50) Needed Complete Crackerhead22 02-12-2010
Swamp of Sorrows (50-55) Needed Complete Crackerhead22 27-10-2010
Burning Steppes (50-55) Needed Complete Crackerhead22 02-12-2010
The Blasted Lands (55-60) Needed Complete Crackerhead22 04-12-2010

Levels 80-85
Guide Paper Addon Authors Last Update
Mount Hyjal (78-82) Complete Complete Arixan
Mount Hyjal (78-82) Complete Complete Arixan
Vash'jir (78-82) Complete In Progress Arixan
Vash'jir (78-82) Complete Complete Arixan
Deepholm (82-83) Complete Complete Arixan
Deepholm (82-83) Complete Complete Arixan
Uldum (83-84) In Progress Complete Arixan
Uldum (83-84) In Progress Complete Arixan
Twilight Highlands (84-85) Needed Complete Liavan 08-11-2010
Twilight Highlands (84-85) Needed Needed Needed 27-10-2010


Gylin's picture

lol I had a good bug the

lol I had a good bug the other day, with the feedback/bug report button! Shocked

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Hah, well partial recordings

Hah, well partial recordings are better than nothing Laughing out loud Thanks for all you've done!

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Suspending recording in Azshara. I cannot access the Eastern part without getting a critical out of bounds error. Got a pre-build. Will check posts for needed areas.

Good luck with all your midterms, etc. Jiya!

Things I never thought I'd say...

"Your brother is not a dog! Get that leash off of him!"

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Northern Barrens was glitching out on me yesterday, so I guess I'll start recording in Ashenvale and see how it goes. Smiling

Things I never thought I'd say...

"Your brother is not a dog! Get that leash off of him!"

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Bits you still planning to

Bits you still planning to do more of Northern Barrens? Either way is fine, just wondering if I should add that one to my list or not Laughing out loud

Bitsem's picture


Yep. I'm working on Azshara right now, then N Barrens, then back to Ashenvale. lol. The first two were glitching out on me until the last patch. Azshara has been going well, so I'm hoping that N Barrens will too. Smiling

I'm hoping that I'm using the Rank tags correctly. If circuits are kind of out of the way, and don't seem to lead to another area, I've been giving them a 2. I haven't been paying much attention to the quest rewards, so I hope they're not too fantastic. lol!

I haven't given a 3 yet. I'm guessing they have to be a real pain to get one of those. Hope that's the case.

I'll be updating the Azshara part soon, complete for what I've done. (I hope.) Sticking out tongue Then back to recording that!

Things I never thought I'd say...

"Your brother is not a dog! Get that leash off of him!"

Jiyambi's picture

That's pretty much what I've

That's pretty much what I've been doing with the rank tags, Bits Smiling

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Hi everyone!

I just wanted to let you all know that I need to take a week-long hiatus from guide recording. It sucks because the Shattering could come any time now, but I have three midterms, a programming assignment, and several homework assignments this week, plus Halloween festivities, and I just don't have the time to commit to recording. If I can, I'll still try to get a few done, but the reality is that it probably won't happen until next weekend.

HOWEVER! I should be all caught up with schoolwork and ready to record like a mad woman next weekend, and I plan to get a TON of recording done at that time.

I'll still do my best to moderate comments in a timely fashion during the week - just don't expect me to do much else until this nasty week of doom is done!

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Could you also fit in

Could you also fit in running my alt through RFC 100times too? Sticking out tongue Good Luck on the Mid terms


Horde Hyjal is stuck on a

Horde Hyjal is stuck on a bugged quest so I'm stealing Vashj'ir from you! Laughing out loud

Enjoy your break! You definitely deserve it!

Jiyambi's picture

Hah, I only wish it was an

Hah, I only wish it was an actual "break" Eye

I think the tiny bit that I recorded of Vash'jir is in the Cataclysm download, so you are welcome to use it if you'd like!

I'm using what you have in

I'm using what you have in GitHub. Eye

As a random note ... currently we have Vashir before Hyjal but based on playing through with 200 ilevel gear I personally think Hyjal should be first. The first few "gear up" quests are much easier to complete than the Vashir ones.

(I only have a poorly geared mage and druid for beta and have been suffering a lot more in Vashir.)

Jiyambi's picture

Sounds good!

Sounds good!

hi, this is a record of my

hi, this is a record of my last full hyjal run. enjoy

WoWPro_Leveling:RegisterGuide('25091984', 'Hyjal', 'SKSUS', '80', '82', '25091985', 'Alliance', function()
return [[

A A Personal Summons|QID|28825|M|71.44,72.32|Z|Stormwind City|
h Trade District|QID|28825|M|60.36,75.20|Z|Stormwind City|N|At Innkeeper Allison.|
A Hero's Call: Mount Hyjal!|QID|27726|M|62.87,71.59|Z|Stormwind City|N|From Innkeeper Allison.|
T A Personal Summons|QID|28825|M|74.58,18.94|Z|Stormwind City|N|To Naraat the Earthspeaker.|
A Eye of the Storm|QID|28826|M|74.58,18.94|Z|Stormwind City|N|From Naraat the Earthspeaker.|
C Eye of the Storm|QID|28826|M|74.43,19.25|Z|Stormwind City|
T Eye of the Storm|QID|28826|M|74.56,19.18|Z|Stormwind City|N|To Naraat the Earthspeaker.|
C Hero's Call: Mount Hyjal!|QID|27726|NC|M|52.96,20.27|Z|Stormwind City|
T Hero's Call: Mount Hyjal!|QID|27726|M|45.45,44.74|Z|Moonglade|N|To Emissary Windsong.|
A As Hyjal Burns|QID|25316|M|45.45,44.74|Z|Moonglade|N|From Emissary Windsong.|
T As Hyjal Burns|QID|25316|M|62.08,24.89|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Ysera.|
A Protect the World Tree|QID|25317|M|62.08,24.89|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Ysera.|
f Nordrassil|QID|25317|M|62.14,21.68|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|At Fayran Elthas.|
A The Earth Rises|QID|25460|M|64.05,22.58|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Tholo Whitehoof.|
A Inciting the Elements|QID|25370|M|64.05,22.58|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Tholo Whitehoof.|
C Inciting the Elements|QID|25370|U|53009|M|67.11,22.08|Z|Mount Hyjal|
C The Earth Rises|QID|25460|M|64.61,22.62|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T The Earth Rises|QID|25460|M|64.03,22.66|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Anren Shadowseeker.|
T Inciting the Elements|QID|25370|M|64.07,22.46|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Tholo Whitehoof.|
A Flames from Above|QID|25574|M|64.06,22.51|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Tholo Whitehoof.|
C Flames from Above|QID|25574|U|55122|M|55.80,15.33|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T Flames from Above|QID|25574|M|64.05,22.50|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Tholo Whitehoof.|
T Protect the World Tree|QID|25317|M|47.68,35.51|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Malfurion Stormrage.|
A War on the Twilight's Hammer|QID|25319|M|47.68,35.51|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Malfurion Stormrage.|
A The Flameseer's Staff|QID|25472|M|47.68,35.51|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Windspeaker Tamila.|
C The Flameseer's Staff|QID|25472|M|43.41,28.80|Z|Mount Hyjal|
C War on the Twilight's Hammer|QID|25319|M|47.09,30.18|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T War on the Twilight's Hammer|QID|25319|M|47.74,35.43|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Malfurion Stormrage.|
T The Flameseer's Staff|QID|25472|M|47.74,35.43|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Malfurion Stormrage.|
A Flamebreaker|QID|25323|M|47.74,35.43|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Malfurion Stormrage.|
C Flamebreaker|QID|25323|U|53107|M|43.99,33.22|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T Flamebreaker|QID|25323|M|47.67,35.47|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Malfurion Stormrage.|
A The Return of Baron Geddon|QID|25464|M|47.67,35.47|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Malfurion Stormrage.|
C The Return of Baron Geddon|QID|25464|U|54463|M|44.43,26.95|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T The Return of Baron Geddon|QID|25464|M|47.75,35.44|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Malfurion Stormrage.|
A Emerald Allies|QID|25430|M|47.70,35.44|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Windspeaker Tamila.|
T Emerald Allies|QID|25430|M|48.47,19.05|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Alysra.|
A The Captured Scout|QID|25320|M|48.47,19.05|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Alysra.|
T The Captured Scout|QID|25320|M|44.57,18.88|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Scout Larandia.|
A Twilight Captivity|QID|25321|M|44.57,18.88|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Scout Larandia.|
C Twilight Captivity|QID|25321|M|44.81,21.97|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T Twilight Captivity|QID|25321|M|44.46,18.95|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Scout Larandia.|
A Return to Alysra|QID|25424|M|44.46,18.95|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Scout Larandia.|
T Return to Alysra|QID|25424|M|48.39,18.97|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Alysra.|
A A Prisoner of Interest|QID|25324|M|48.39,18.97|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Alysra.|
T A Prisoner of Interest|QID|25324|M|56.71,18.82|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Captain Saynna Stormrunner.|
A Through the Dream|QID|25325|M|56.71,18.82|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Captain Saynna Stormrunner.|
C Through the Dream|QID|25325|NC|M|52.58,17.31|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T Through the Dream|QID|25325|M|52.32,17.39|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Alysra.|
A Return to Nordrassil|QID|25578|M|52.32,17.39|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T Return to Nordrassil|QID|25578|M|62.04,24.87|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Ysera.|
A The Return of the Ancients|QID|25584|M|62.04,24.87|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Ysera.|
A Wings Over Mount Hyjal|QID|25985|M|63.27,21.56|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Tiala Whitemane.|
T The Return of the Ancients|QID|25584|M|35.70,19.47|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Oomla Whitehorn.|
A Harrying the Hunters|QID|25255|M|35.70,19.49|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Oomla Whitehorn.|
A In the Rear With the Gear|QID|25234|M|35.72,19.69|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Jadi Falaryn.|
A End of the Supply Line|QID|25233|M|35.72,19.69|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Jadi Falaryn.|
C In the Rear With the Gear|QID|25234|M|31.73,27.97|Z|Mount Hyjal|
C End of the Supply Line|QID|25233|M|33.55,32.73|Z|Mount Hyjal|
C Harrying the Hunters|QID|25255|M|33.79,26.14|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T End of the Supply Line|QID|25233|M|35.70,19.63|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Jadi Falaryn.|
A The Voice of Goldrinn|QID|25268|M|35.70,19.63|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Jadi Falaryn.|
T In the Rear With the Gear|QID|25234|M|35.70,19.63|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Jadi Falaryn.|
T Harrying the Hunters|QID|25255|M|35.69,19.55|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Oomla Whitehorn.|
T The Voice of Goldrinn|QID|25268|M|29.99,31.27|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Ian Duran.|
A Goldrinn's Ferocity|QID|25271|M|29.99,31.27|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Ian Duran.|
C Goldrinn's Ferocity|QID|25271|M|28.62,31.47|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T Goldrinn's Ferocity|QID|25271|M|30.05,31.34|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Ian Duran.|
A Lycanthoth the Corruptor|QID|25273|M|30.05,31.34|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Ian Duran.|
C Lycanthoth the Corruptor|QID|25273|U|52682|M|32.46,37.27|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T Lycanthoth the Corruptor|QID|25273|M|32.46,37.30|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Spirit of Goldrinn.|
A The Shrine Reclaimed|QID|25280|M|29.63,29.36|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Spirit of Goldrinn.|
T The Shrine Reclaimed|QID|25280|M|28.28,29.81|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Ian Duran.|
A Cleaning House|QID|25278|M|28.21,29.85|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Ian Duran.|
A From the Mouth of Madness|QID|25297|M|28.27,29.91|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Royce Duskwhisper.|
A The Eye of Twilight|QID|25300|M|28.34,29.97|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Royce Duskwhisper.|
T The Eye of Twilight|QID|25300|M|27.19,35.15|Z|Mount Hyjal|
A Mastering Puppets|QID|25301|M|27.19,35.15|Z|Mount Hyjal|
C From the Mouth of Madness|QID|25297|M|29.22,34.73|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T From the Mouth of Madness|QID|25297|M|28.35,36.38|Z|Mount Hyjal|
A Free Your Mind, the Rest Follows|QID|25298|M|28.39,36.23|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Hovel Brute.|
A Gar'gol's Gotta Go|QID|25328|M|27.26,40.75|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Kristoff Manheim.|
C Gar'gol's Gotta Go|QID|25328|M|26.39,38.69|Z|Mount Hyjal|
C Cleaning House|QID|25278|M|25.88,41.06|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T Mastering Puppets|QID|25301|M|25.83,41.56|Z|Mount Hyjal|
A Elementary!|QID|25303|M|25.81,41.56|Z|Mount Hyjal|
C Elementary!|QID|25303|M|25.89,41.58|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T Elementary!|QID|25303|M|25.84,41.65|Z|Mount Hyjal|
A Return to Duskwhisper|QID|25312|M|25.84,41.65|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T Gar'gol's Gotta Go|QID|25328|M|27.24,40.74|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Kristoff Manheim.|
A Get Me Outta Here!|QID|25332|M|27.24,40.74|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Kristoff Manheim.|
C Free Your Mind, the Rest Follows|QID|25298|M|27.68,38.14|Z|Mount Hyjal|
C Get Me Outta Here!|QID|25332|M|27.19,35.79|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T Get Me Outta Here!|QID|25332|M|28.33,30.00|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Royce Duskwhisper.|
T Return to Duskwhisper|QID|25312|M|28.33,30.00|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Royce Duskwhisper.|
T Cleaning House|QID|25278|M|28.23,29.80|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Ian Duran.|
A Lightning in a Bottle|QID|25353|M|28.23,29.80|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Ian Duran.|
A Sweeping the Shelf|QID|25352|M|28.20,29.89|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Rio Duran.|
T Free Your Mind, the Rest Follows|QID|25298|M|28.21,29.90|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Rio Duran.|
C Lightning in a Bottle|QID|25353|U|52853|M|22.85,31.90|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T Lightning in a Bottle|QID|25353|M|22.85,31.93|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Howling Riftdweller.|
A Into the Maw!|QID|25618|M|22.87,31.93|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Howling Riftdweller.|
C Sweeping the Shelf|QID|25352|M|26.76,40.87|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T Into the Maw!|QID|25618|M|26.24,41.89|Z|Firelands Forgeworks|N|To Jordan Olafson.|
A Crushing the Cores|QID|25577|M|26.24,41.89|Z|Firelands Forgeworks|N|From Jordan Olafson.|
A Forged of Shadow and Flame|QID|25575|M|26.27,41.93|Z|Firelands Forgeworks|N|From Yargra Blackscar.|
A Rage of the Wolf Ancient|QID|25576|M|26.29,41.94|Z|Firelands Forgeworks|N|From Yargra Blackscar.|
C Forged of Shadow and Flame|QID|25575|M|30.11,39.21|Z|Firelands Forgeworks|
C Crushing the Cores|QID|25577|M|28.50,39.15|Z|Firelands Forgeworks|
C Rage of the Wolf Ancient|QID|25576|M|28.51,40.57|Z|Firelands Forgeworks|
T Rage of the Wolf Ancient|QID|25576|M|26.34,41.95|Z|Firelands Forgeworks|N|To Yargra Blackscar.|
T Forged of Shadow and Flame|QID|25575|M|26.30,41.91|Z|Firelands Forgeworks|N|To Jordan Olafson.|
T Crushing the Cores|QID|25577|M|26.30,41.91|Z|Firelands Forgeworks|N|To Jordan Olafson.|
A Cindermaul, the Portal Master|QID|25599|M|26.34,41.88|Z|Firelands Forgeworks|N|From Jordan Olafson.|
C Cindermaul, the Portal Master|QID|25599|M|30.75,41.61|Z|Firelands Forgeworks|
T Cindermaul, the Portal Master|QID|25599|M|26.30,41.87|Z|Firelands Forgeworks|N|To Jordan Olafson.|
A Forgemaster Pyrendius|QID|25600|M|26.33,41.88|Z|Firelands Forgeworks|N|From Jordan Olafson.|
C Forgemaster Pyrendius|QID|25600|M|32.08,45.76|Z|Firelands Forgeworks|
T Forgemaster Pyrendius|QID|25600|M|26.26,41.89|Z|Firelands Forgeworks|N|To Jordan Olafson.|
A Return from the Firelands|QID|25611|M|26.26,41.89|Z|Firelands Forgeworks|N|From Jordan Olafson.|
T Sweeping the Shelf|QID|25352|M|28.19,29.83|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Ian Duran.|
T Return from the Firelands|QID|25611|M|28.19,29.83|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Ian Duran.|
A The Fires of Mount Hyjal|QID|25630|M|28.18,29.87|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Rio Duran.|
T The Fires of Mount Hyjal|QID|25630|M|19.06,40.91|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Laina Nightsky.|
A Fighting Fire With ... Anything|QID|25381|M|19.06,40.91|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Laina Nightsky.|
A Disrupting the Rituals|QID|25382|M|19.06,40.91|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Laina Nightsky.|
A Save the Wee Animals|QID|25385|M|19.15,37.50|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Mylune.|
A If You're Not Against Us...|QID|25404|M|19.35,36.81|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Matoclaw.|
f Grove of Aessina|QID|25404|M|19.60,36.46|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|At Elizil Wintermoth.|
C Save the Wee Animals|QID|25385|M|15.10,45.94|Z|Mount Hyjal|
C Fighting Fire With ... Anything|QID|25381|M|12.96,41.84|Z|Mount Hyjal|
C Disrupting the Rituals|QID|25382|M|9.71,35.64|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T Disrupting the Rituals|QID|25382|M|18.95,40.96|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Laina Nightsky.|
T Fighting Fire With ... Anything|QID|25381|M|18.95,40.96|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Laina Nightsky.|
L Level 81|QID|25404|LVL|81|N|You should be around level 81 by this point.|
T Save the Wee Animals|QID|25385|M|19.21,37.91|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Mylune.|
A Oh, Deer!|QID|25392|M|19.21,37.91|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Mylune.|
C If You're Not Against Us...|QID|25404|M|22.20,44.89|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T If You're Not Against Us...|QID|25404|M|22.20,44.89|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Tyrus Blackhorn.|
A Seeds of Their Demise|QID|25408|M|22.20,44.89|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Tyrus Blackhorn.|
C Seeds of Their Demise|QID|25408|M|22.02,46.91|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T Seeds of Their Demise|QID|25408|M|22.25,44.98|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Tyrus Blackhorn.|
A A New Master|QID|25411|M|22.25,44.98|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Tyrus Blackhorn.|
C Oh, Deer!|QID|25392|M|19.24,37.90|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T Oh, Deer!|QID|25392|M|19.24,37.90|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Mylune.|
C A New Master|QID|25411|U|53120|M|14.36,45.64|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T A New Master|QID|25411|M|14.34,45.66|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Subjugated Inferno Lord.|
A The Name Never Spoken|QID|25412|M|14.35,45.54|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Subjugated Inferno Lord.|
C The Name Never Spoken|QID|25412|M|9.74,36.49|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T The Name Never Spoken|QID|25412|M|22.20,44.87|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Tyrus Blackhorn.|
A Black Heart of Flame|QID|25428|M|22.20,44.87|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Tyrus Blackhorn.|
C Black Heart of Flame|QID|25428|U|53464|M|14.92,44.48|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T Black Heart of Flame|QID|25428|M|22.20,44.92|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Tyrus Blackhorn.|
A Last Stand at Whistling Grove|QID|25940|M|19.06,40.87|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Laina Nightsky.|
T Last Stand at Whistling Grove|QID|25940|M|13.71,32.87|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Keeper Taldros.|
A The Bears Up There|QID|25462|M|13.71,32.87|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Keeper Taldros.|
f Shrine of Aviana|M|41.13,42.65|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|At Dinorae Swiftfeather.|
A Scrambling for Eggs|QID|25656|M|42.16,45.39|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Thisalee Crow.|
A The Wormwing Problem|QID|25655|M|42.23,45.31|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Thisalee Crow.|
T Wings Over Mount Hyjal|QID|25985|M|44.37,46.21|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Choluna.|
A An Offering for Aviana|QID|25663|M|44.37,46.21|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Choluna.|
C An Offering for Aviana|QID|25663|U|55208|M|40.38,44.35|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T An Offering for Aviana|QID|25663|M|40.40,44.36|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Mysterious Winged Spirit.|
A A Plea From Beyond|QID|25665|M|40.40,44.36|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T A Plea From Beyond|QID|25665|M|44.39,46.24|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Choluna.|
A A Prayer and a Wing|QID|25664|M|44.39,46.24|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Choluna.|
C Smashing Through Ashes|QID|25490|M|20.07,59.28|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T Smashing Through Ashes|QID|25490|M|27.08,62.59|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem.|
A Durable Seeds|QID|25491|M|27.08,62.59|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem.|
A Fresh Bait|QID|25493|M|27.08,62.59|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem.|
A Firebreak|QID|25492|M|27.04,62.90|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Rayne Feathersong.|
C Firebreak|QID|25492|M|39.11,52.77|Z|Mount Hyjal|
C Fresh Bait|QID|25493|M|38.92,54.30|Z|Mount Hyjal|
C Durable Seeds|QID|25491|M|39.43,55.00|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T Fresh Bait|QID|25493|M|27.14,62.59|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem.|
A Hell's Shells|QID|25507|M|27.14,62.59|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem.|
T Durable Seeds|QID|25491|M|27.14,62.59|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem.|
T Firebreak|QID|25492|M|27.11,62.98|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Rayne Feathersong.|
A Prepping the Soil|QID|25502|M|27.11,62.98|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Rayne Feathersong.|
C Hell's Shells|QID|25507|U|54744|M|39.88,54.33|Z|Mount Hyjal|
C Prepping the Soil|QID|25502|M|41.91,56.01|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T Hell's Shells|QID|25507|M|27.16,62.59|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem.|
A Tortolla Speaks|QID|25510|M|27.14,62.75|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem.|
T Prepping the Soil|QID|25502|M|27.08,62.99|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Rayne Feathersong.|
T Tortolla Speaks|QID|25510|M|24.84,55.82|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Tortolla.|
A Children of Tortolla|QID|25519|M|24.84,55.82|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Tortolla.|
A Breaking the Bonds|QID|25514|M|25.01,55.53|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Tortolla.|
C Breaking the Bonds|QID|25514|M|24.00,55.88|Z|Mount Hyjal|
C Children of Tortolla|QID|25519|M|22.66,56.87|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T Breaking the Bonds|QID|25514|M|24.45,55.85|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Tortolla.|
T Children of Tortolla|QID|25519|M|24.49,55.81|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Tortolla.|
A An Ancient Awakens|QID|25520|M|24.49,55.81|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Tortolla.|
T An Ancient Awakens|QID|25520|M|27.10,62.57|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem.|
A The Last Living Lorekeeper|QID|25830|M|27.03,62.61|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Vision of Ysera.|
T The Last Living Lorekeeper|QID|25830|M|27.62,55.67|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Nordu.|
A Firefight|QID|25842|M|27.49,55.50|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Nordu.|
C Firefight|QID|25842|M|26.80,52.53|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T Firefight|QID|25842|M|27.39,55.49|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Nordu.|
A Aessina's Miracle|QID|25372|M|27.39,55.49|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Nordu.|
T Aessina's Miracle|QID|25372|M|19.51,37.83|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem.|
A Tortolla's Revenge|QID|25843|M|19.60,37.83|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem.|
T Tortolla's Revenge|QID|25843|M|41.56,60.91|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Tortolla.|
A The Hammer and the Key|QID|25904|M|41.56,60.91|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Tortolla.|
A Breakthrough|QID|25899|M|42.20,60.62|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Niden.|
A Lost Wardens|QID|25881|M|42.20,60.62|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Niden.|
T The Hatchery Must Burn|QID|25810|M|37.25,56.23|Z|Firelands Hatchery|N|To Farden Talonshrike.|
A Flight in the Firelands|QID|25523|M|37.25,56.23|Z|Firelands Hatchery|N|From Farden Talonshrike.|
C Flight in the Firelands|QID|25523|M|35.19,51.84|Z|Firelands Hatchery|
T Flight in the Firelands|QID|25523|M|37.27,56.13|Z|Firelands Hatchery|N|To Farden Talonshrike.|
A Wave One|QID|25525|M|37.27,56.13|Z|Firelands Hatchery|N|From Farden Talonshrike.|
C Wave One|QID|25525|M|37.86,51.26|Z|Firelands Hatchery|
T Wave One|QID|25525|M|37.30,56.09|Z|Firelands Hatchery|N|To Farden Talonshrike.|
A Wave Two|QID|25544|M|37.13,56.21|Z|Firelands Hatchery|N|From Farden Talonshrike.|
C Wave Two|QID|25544|M|34.51,54.03|Z|Firelands Hatchery|
T Wave Two|QID|25544|M|37.15,56.22|Z|Firelands Hatchery|N|To Farden Talonshrike.|
A Egg Wave|QID|25560|M|37.16,56.20|Z|Firelands Hatchery|N|From Farden Talonshrike.|
C Egg Wave|QID|25560|M|33.83,54.30|Z|Firelands Hatchery|
T Egg Wave|QID|25560|M|37.27,56.11|Z|Firelands Hatchery|N|To Farden Talonshrike.|
A Return to Aviana|QID|25832|M|37.30,56.27|Z|Firelands Hatchery|N|From Farden Talonshrike.|
T Return to Aviana|QID|25832|M|44.32,47.76|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Aviana.|
C The Hammer and the Key|QID|25904|M|48.54,56.05|Z|Mount Hyjal|
C Lost Wardens|QID|25881|M|48.38,56.61|Z|Mount Hyjal|
C Breakthrough|QID|25899|M|47.68,57.17|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T The Hammer and the Key|QID|25904|M|42.03,60.65|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Tortolla.|
A The Third Flamegate|QID|25906|M|42.03,60.65|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Tortolla.|
A Hyjal Recycling Program|QID|25901|M|57.02,55.92|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Logram.|
T Lost Wardens|QID|25881|M|57.16,55.96|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Captain Irontree.|
A Pressing the Advantage|QID|25886|M|57.16,55.96|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Captain Irontree.|
T Breakthrough|QID|25899|M|57.16,55.96|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Captain Irontree.|
C Hyjal Recycling Program|QID|25901|M|55.91,57.89|Z|Mount Hyjal|
C Pressing the Advantage|QID|25886|M|60.39,58.89|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T Pressing the Advantage|QID|25886|M|57.19,55.88|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Captain Irontree.|
T Hyjal Recycling Program|QID|25901|M|56.90,56.02|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Logram.|
T The Third Flamegate|QID|25906|M|64.29,53.58|Z|The Crucible of Flame|N|To Garunda Mountainpeak.|
A The Time for Mercy has Passed|QID|25910|M|64.29,53.58|Z|The Crucible of Flame|N|From Garunda Mountainpeak.|
A The Strength of Tortolla|QID|25915|M|64.29,53.58|Z|The Crucible of Flame|N|From Garunda Mountainpeak.|
C The Strength of Tortolla|QID|25915|M|65.91,58.00|Z|The Crucible of Flame|
C The Time for Mercy has Passed|QID|25910|M|63.28,53.99|Z|The Crucible of Flame|
T The Strength of Tortolla|QID|25915|M|64.23,53.65|Z|The Crucible of Flame|N|To Garunda Mountainpeak.|
A Finish Nemesis|QID|25923|M|64.23,53.65|Z|The Crucible of Flame|N|From Garunda Mountainpeak.|
T The Time for Mercy has Passed|QID|25910|M|64.23,53.65|Z|The Crucible of Flame|N|To Garunda Mountainpeak.|
C Finish Nemesis|QID|25923|U|56207|M|62.87,62.25|Z|The Crucible of Flame|
T Finish Nemesis|QID|25923|M|64.22,53.61|Z|The Crucible of Flame|N|To Garunda Mountainpeak.|
A Tortolla's Triumph|QID|25928|M|64.28,53.60|Z|The Crucible of Flame|N|From Garunda Mountainpeak.|
T Tortolla's Triumph|QID|25928|M|42.05,60.88|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Tortolla.|
A The Ancients are With Us|QID|25653|M|42.05,60.88|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Tortolla.|
T The Ancients are With Us|QID|25653|M|62.08,24.93|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Ysera.|
A Commander Jarod Shadowsong|QID|25597|M|62.08,24.93|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Ysera.|
T Commander Jarod Shadowsong|QID|25597|M|71.90,58.10|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Elementalist Ortell.|
A Signed in Blood|QID|25274|M|71.90,58.10|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Elementalist Ortell.|
C Signed in Blood|QID|25274|U|52683|M|74.82,61.12|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T Signed in Blood|QID|25274|M|71.96,58.16|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Elementalist Ortell.|
A Your New Identity|QID|25276|M|71.96,58.16|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Elementalist Ortell.|
T Your New Identity|QID|25276|M|76.89,62.09|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Condenna the Pitiless.|
A In Bloom|QID|25224|M|76.89,62.09|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Condenna the Pitiless.|
A Trial By Fire|QID|25223|M|76.97,62.20|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Condenna the Pitiless.|
A Waste of Flesh|QID|25330|M|76.99,62.16|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Instructor Cargall.|
C Trial By Fire|QID|25223|M|81.81,64.04|Z|Mount Hyjal|
C In Bloom|QID|25224|M|81.02,63.88|Z|Mount Hyjal|
C Waste of Flesh|QID|25330|U|52819|M|78.95,63.18|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T Waste of Flesh|QID|25330|M|77.09,62.23|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Instructor Cargall.|
T Trial By Fire|QID|25223|M|76.95,62.15|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Condenna the Pitiless.|
T In Bloom|QID|25224|M|76.95,62.15|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Condenna the Pitiless.|
A Twilight Training|QID|25291|M|76.95,62.15|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Condenna the Pitiless.|
T Twilight Training|QID|25291|M|89.54,59.05|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Instructor Mylva.|
A Physical Training: Forced Labor|QID|25509|M|89.54,59.05|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Instructor Mylva.|
A Gather the Intelligence|QID|25296|M|88.36,58.57|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Instructor Mylva.|
A Walking the Dog|QID|25294|M|90.08,56.48|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Instructor Devoran.|
C Gather the Intelligence|QID|25296|M|89.40,55.47|Z|Mount Hyjal|
C Physical Training: Forced Labor|QID|25509|U|54788|M|87.70,54.95|Z|Mount Hyjal|
C Walking the Dog|QID|25294|U|52717|M|88.06,56.12|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T Gather the Intelligence|QID|25296|M|88.30,58.49|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Spawn of Smolderos.|
A Seeds of Discord|QID|25308|M|88.35,58.53|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Spawn of Smolderos.|
T Physical Training: Forced Labor|QID|25509|M|89.53,59.07|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Instructor Mylva.|
A Agility Training: Run Like Hell!|QID|25499|M|89.53,58.98|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Instructor Mylva.|
T Walking the Dog|QID|25294|M|90.14,56.50|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Instructor Devoran.|
A A Champion's Collar|QID|25494|M|90.15,56.39|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Instructor Devoran.|
C Agility Training: Run Like Hell!|QID|25499|M|88.64,57.99|Z|Mount Hyjal|
L Level 82|QID|25494|LVL|82|N|You should be around level 82 by this point.|
T Agility Training: Run Like Hell!|QID|25499|M|89.53,59.09|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Instructor Mylva.|
A Mental Training: Speaking the Truth to Power|QID|25299|M|89.53,59.09|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Instructor Mylva.|
C A Champion's Collar|QID|25494|M|84.78,46.72|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T Seeds of Discord|QID|25308|M|88.25,58.55|Z|Mount Hyjal|
C Mental Training: Speaking the Truth to Power|QID|25299|U|52828|M|89.09,59.14|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T Mental Training: Speaking the Truth to Power|QID|25299|M|89.52,59.09|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Instructor Mylva.|
A Spiritual Training: Mercy is for the Weak|QID|25309|M|89.52,59.09|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Instructor Mylva.|
T A Champion's Collar|QID|25494|M|90.13,56.48|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Instructor Devoran.|
A Grudge Match|QID|25496|M|90.13,56.48|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Instructor Devoran.|
C Spiritual Training: Mercy is for the Weak|QID|25309|M|92.00,48.28|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T Spiritual Training: Mercy is for the Weak|QID|25309|M|89.56,59.04|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Instructor Mylva.|
C Grudge Match|QID|25496|M|77.82,51.42|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T Grudge Match|QID|25496|M|90.16,56.44|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Instructor Devoran.|
A Twilight Territory|QID|25311|M|89.59,58.98|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Instructor Mylva.|
A The Greater of Two Evils|QID|25310|M|89.59,58.98|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Instructor Mylva.|
C Twilight Territory|QID|25311|M|67.00,67.06|Z|Mount Hyjal|
C The Greater of Two Evils|QID|25310|U|54814|M|65.05,64.53|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T The Greater of Two Evils|QID|25310|M|89.56,59.04|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Instructor Mylva.|
T Twilight Territory|QID|25311|M|89.56,59.04|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Instructor Mylva.|
A Speech Writing for Dummies|QID|25314|M|88.31,58.53|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Instructor Mylva.|
C Speech Writing for Dummies|QID|25314|M|78.77,57.51|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T Speech Writing for Dummies|QID|25314|M|88.23,58.48|Z|Mount Hyjal|
A Head of the Class|QID|25601|M|88.23,58.48|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T Head of the Class|QID|25601|M|89.53,59.05|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Instructor Mylva.|
A Graduation Speech|QID|25315|M|89.53,59.05|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Instructor Mylva.|
C Graduation Speech|QID|25315|M|95.22,51.33|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T Graduation Speech|QID|25315|M|95.31,51.34|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Commander Jarod Shadowsong.|
A Twilight Riot|QID|25531|M|95.31,51.34|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T Twilight Riot|QID|25531|M|72.21,74.69|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Commander Jarod Shadowsong.|
A Slash and Burn|QID|25608|M|72.21,74.69|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Commander Jarod Shadowsong.|
C Slash and Burn|QID|25608|M|80.25,65.47|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T Slash and Burn|QID|25608|M|72.15,74.03|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Commander Jarod Shadowsong.|
A Might of the Firelord|QID|25548|M|71.97,73.97|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Commander Jarod Shadowsong.|
A Secrets of the Flame|QID|25554|M|71.96,74.01|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Cenarius.|
f Gates of Sothann|QID|25554|M|71.57,75.24|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|At Althera.|
C Might of the Firelord|QID|25548|M|58.59,79.89|Z|Mount Hyjal|
A The Twilight Egg|QID|25644|M|59.07,83.85|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Twilight Subjugator.|
C Secrets of the Flame|QID|25554|M|59.57,80.77|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T Secrets of the Flame|QID|25554|M|71.90,74.07|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Cenarius.|
A The Gatekeeper|QID|25555|M|72.03,74.12|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Cenarius.|
T Might of the Firelord|QID|25548|M|72.08,74.05|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Commander Jarod Shadowsong.|
T The Twilight Egg|QID|25644|M|72.20,74.00|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Aronus.|
A Brood of Evil|QID|25552|M|72.11,74.06|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Aronus.|
A The Sanctum of the Prophets|QID|25549|M|72.07,74.06|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Commander Jarod Shadowsong.|
C Brood of Evil|QID|25552|M|58.53,78.47|Z|Mount Hyjal|
C The Gatekeeper|QID|25555|U|55153|M|57.65,69.09|Z|Mount Hyjal|
C The Sanctum of the Prophets|QID|25549|M|58.56,71.64|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T The Gatekeeper|QID|25555|M|71.88,74.00|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Cenarius.|
T The Sanctum of the Prophets|QID|25549|M|72.07,73.97|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Commander Jarod Shadowsong.|
A Magma Monarch|QID|25550|M|72.21,74.01|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Commander Jarod Shadowsong.|
T Brood of Evil|QID|25552|M|72.21,74.01|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Aronus.|
A Death to the Broodmother|QID|25553|M|72.21,74.01|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Aronus.|
C Death to the Broodmother|QID|25553|U|55173|M|54.29,85.50|Z|Mount Hyjal|
C Magma Monarch|QID|25550|U|55179|M|43.25,83.25|Z|Mount Hyjal|
T The Firelord|QID|25551|M|72.09,74.07|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|To Commander Jarod Shadowsong.|
A The Battle Is Won, The War Goes On|QID|27398|M|72.09,74.07|Z|Mount Hyjal|N|From Commander Jarod Shadowsong.|


Jiyambi's picture

Thanks! Would anyone like to

Thanks! Would anyone like to take on this code and improve it?

Jiyambi's picture

Cataclysm Addon Update

Hi folks! I've updated the Cataclysm recorder package to include the most recent exploits of both Bitsem and myself. You can download it here.

If you have recorded files, send em in! I'll try to update this package every time a new guide section is completed. Thanks for all the hard work!

Jiyambi's picture

The Shattering

The Shattering is going to happen in a few weeks. If I understand what will happen correctly, it's at this time that the old 1-60 content will be destroyed, and the new 1-60 content will be made available.

This means we'd like to try and have the 1-60 content available within the next few weeks!

Jame has mentioned he'll be concentrating on the Alliance side. I'll be working on Horde side, starting with Kalimdor, then moving to Eastern Kingdoms. Anyone who can fill in the gaps with the recorder or test the guides that others have completed would be a HUGE help!

Remember, I'm updating our recorder and Cataclysm files every few days, so check back often to get updates!

Mount Hyjal (78-82) addon writing

Hey guys!

I'm interested in writing the addon for the Mount Hyjal (78-82) Alliance guide! Smiling
I just need someone to test it ingame because i haven't got any beta keys >.<


Jiyambi's picture

Sounds great ecoue, I know

Sounds great ecoue, I know we have some people who want to test stuff but not write! I'll list you as working on the addon version, please give us updates every few days as to your progress - you could even submit small parts of the guide as you go so that it can be tested.

Malorajan's picture

Addon Guides

I'll try to run through 1-60 as an 85 to make it fast. Horde, Alliance; maybe both.

solitha's picture

Have fun with the Forsaken.

Have fun with the Forsaken. Silverpine in particular is EPIC awesome.

Jiyambi's picture

Alright, signed you up for

Alright, signed you up for Tirisfal addon writing. Were you interested in writing the "paper" guide too?

Thanks for this, it's great to have more people jumping in to help!

Jiyambi's picture

I think someone mentioned

I think someone mentioned wanting to work on Mulgore, so if you'd like to work on the Undead area, that would probably be best!

I'd highly recommend adding

I'd highly recommend adding a part on the guides recommending you to pick up mining and herbalism; not only does it provide gold via the auction house, gathering a node of either now gives experience!

If wished I will *try* and add a tag to the WoWPro Parser (note that I AM new to using Lua in WoW AddOns, but am not new to Lua itself).

solitha's picture

XP from professions

I'm assuming you still have to be lvl 5 to learn a profession. Every race I've played so far (not sure offhand about the worgen/goblins) has had a general Professions Trainer in the first town. These can teach primary gathering and production professions, and I've been adding a note about herbalism and mining already in the guides I write.

I didn't know about archaeology, and the Professions Trainer doesn't teach secondary professions, although they mention them. However, there's almost always a quest to teach noobs to use flight masters that takes them to the main city, and it's also at the right level. So when they take that flight, add a mention that while they're there they might want to pick up that profession too.

For that matter, I would also mention the city QM. First of all, they sell a city tabard that can be used to gain rep with the home city in dungeons (perhaps saving some money). Also, by the time the player is ready to go home and get a mount, they probably have enough rep to pick up a 16-slot bag from the QM as well.

Blizz has done great by adding small bag rewards to the low-level experience. I haven't yet run out of space unless I just plain forgot to sell when I should have. But those 16-slotters are nice at that level nonetheless.

solitha's picture

Whoops, yeah, have to be lvl

Whoops, yeah, have to be lvl 20 to train Archaeology. So maybe put in a big "get a mount, get a bag, get Archaeology" suggestion at that level.

Gylin's picture

Yes you get XP from nodes,

Yes you get XP from nodes, only thing is it's not very much per node (or at least it wasn't last time I checked - 50xp per node at level15). One proffession I'd highly recommend picking up is Archaeology at level 20, the xp you get from one artifact discovery is roughly the same as a decent quest (2k+ at level20 last time I did any) and digsites are around quest areas you'll be doing at the same time

wkjezz's picture

Nodes at 80+ can get 6K last

Nodes at 80+ can get 6K last time I read the comments on website etc


Gylin's picture

Lol my farming toons won't

Lol my farming toons won't even need to do quests!

wkjezz's picture


A little off topic, but i just got 21 levels (20-41) in 14 hours spamming dungeons as a pally tank. Im level 41 with out my 100 quests achievement >.< I doubt someone could level that far on herbing alone seems as it does get significantly let the higher your trade skill level ?>?


Jiyambi's picture

I don't think a new tag

I don't think a new tag needs to be introduced. But it could be listed as a N (note) tag at the beginning of low level guides, if people want to do so - probably at the same time that the character gets to an area with profession trainers.

Jiyambi's picture

Moving right along with the

Moving right along with the Horde addon work! Dustwallow Marsh is done, heading to Thousand Needles next!

Jame's picture

Great work Jiyambi! *goes

Great work Jiyambi!

*goes back to guide writing*

Bitsem's picture

*does a dance of joy for all

*does a dance of joy for all the great things happening on the site* Eye

Things I never thought I'd say...

"Your brother is not a dog! Get that leash off of him!"

Jiyambi's picture

w00t w00t

w00t w00t Smiling

Jiyambi's picture

Update Complete!

While the level 60-80 stuff could all do with a good polish, particularly on the addon side, and some zones in that range are still missing from the paper version or the addon or both... I'm not going to list those here right now, for fear of this page becoming WAY too crowded.

Things that are listed as Needed are not yet being worked on!

PLEASE check AND post here before you start working on something, we don't want people wasting time working on something that's already done or being done.

IF you posted here a long time ago and I didn't see any progress being made on your guide, I may not have listed you in the above chart. Please RE-POST if you are still working on a guide and it's not listed up here!

solitha's picture

Headed off to Mulgore. I'll

Headed off to Mulgore. I'll try both versions so long as someone can do the paper guide formatting.

Edit: Um, yes.... Mulgore... right after... I get done... staring at the.... beautiful... new... login... screen...

Jiyambi's picture

In the process of updating

In the process of updating this page, too sleepy to continue right now. Will finish tomorrow.

solitha's picture

Whoa! Nice! I put Darkshore

Whoa! Nice!

I put Darkshore for the addon here:

What is Silverpine 1-10? Is that the worgen? I thought it was already being worked on, but if not I'll get to recordin'.

Jiyambi's picture

Oops! Silverpine should be

Oops! Silverpine should be 10-20.

And it's the follow-up for undead - I don't know if Worgen quest there or not.

solitha's picture

And oh yes... Worgen are

And oh yes... Worgen are channeled through Darnassus to Darkshore, from what I've seen. Although there's so much worgen story in Silverpine, it's a shame that only the Forsaken get sent there.

kayeich's picture

Gilneas is labeled "Worgen

Gilneas is labeled "Worgen Starter" up there.

Silverpine 1-10 would be the new Forsaken/Undead starter.

solitha's picture

Jiyambi's right, the

Jiyambi's right, the Forsaken still start in Tirisfal.

solitha's picture

I was working on Ashenvale,

I was working on Ashenvale, but I think I'm only really going to be good for the lower zones.

Problem is that once you get into the 20+ zones, the quests become less streamlined and more scattered around the map. The farther I got into the zone the more confused I got about which direction to go, and I feel like I'm really wasting time. Which is why I came to Jame's guides to begin with.

So I guess I'll concentrate on the newb zones, getting them recorded if I don't see them posted anywhere. They're more my speed Sticking out tongue

Jiyambi's picture

Jame is going to be doing a

Jame is going to be doing a lot of the mid level stuff (yes he's back and working on his guides!)

So doing the newbie zones is a big help!

Gylin's picture

So roughly what level should

So roughly what level should we be making guides up to then? 35? 40?

Jiyambi's picture

For now, I think Jame is

For now, I think Jame is concentrating on Alliance, and I know he's starting off with the worgen stuff, building off what rpotor already has.

I would suggest going up to level 20 to start, with all the starting areas. Then we'll see what Jame has done, what other people have done, etc. This page is being revamped so we can more clearly see what people are working on.

Gylin's picture

Ok, I'll get to the end of

Ok, I'll get to the end of Wetlands then see where we are, I'll post my recorder code somewhere or PM you it, or just load it on git

Polishing code for gnome and dwarf start currently, the rest of Dun Morogh is done (I think) just want to check it through again, same with Loch Modan.

One more thing, I started Wetlands at level 20, as I also grabbed archaology before heading there.

Jiyambi's picture

Awesome, I'll list Dun

Awesome, I'll list Dun Morogh and Loch Modan as complete and put your name up there, and list Wetlands as in progress. Thanks for the update!

Assuming your code for Dun Morogh through Loch Modan includes Notes, |PRE| tags where applicable, and |RANK| tags?

Having trouble..

...finding the Goblin Starter forum post. Sticking out tongue Can I get a link please? Laughing out loud