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What do you do when it's 12:36 PM, you're lying in bed and it's still 25 degrees Celsius outside? You start writing. This will just be a small reporting in post, to let you know what I'm up in the upcoming weeks (and/or months).

My final test week has flown by, and I have passed it with ease. This is quite an achievement, considering the fact that 90% of the time I was swimming and/or playing football. Life's simple.
Now that I've past this, there's 9 weeks of boredom lying ahead (not taking work into account, that's quite fun). Oh.. wait.. not 9 weeks. Around 2 weeks, actually. Or, to be more exact.. 16 days. At long last, Starcraft 2 will be released on the 27th of July. I've been waiting for ages for this!

I haven't been able to experience the beta of SC2 (sad face), but I'm excited nevertheless. I've pre-ordered the Collector's Edition and I'll be at home waiting on the 27th for it to arrive! From what I've seen and read, it's going to be a killer of a game.

I quit WoW around 8 months ago after playing for 3 years. How do you think Starcraft 2 will impact your life? Will it be as addicting as WoW, or not at all?
This was just a quick heads up before going to sleep (or.. trying), there's more news incoming =)