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WoW-Pro is pleased to present it's brand new, custom coded addon! In the future this addon will be able to bring all of our awesome guides into the game, but for now it is only compatible with leveling guides.

The addon is designed to provide easy, streamlined questing and leveling in a completely customizable package.

More details about the new addon and awesome screenshots after the break.


You can download our addon from:


The WoW-Pro addon currently REQUIRES TomTom (download here) in order to work properly.

INTERIM USE ONLY: Our addon will now pull coordinates from Lightheaded if none are provided. All coordinates WILL be provided in the future.


Automatic detection of objective completion:

  • Detect quest accept, completion and turn-in
  • Detect travel (in any form)
  • Detection of flight point discovery
  • Detection of Hearth point change
  • Conditionals based on player's class, race, completed quests, and item possession

Completely customizable frame:

  • Size can be changed to display many steps or only one
  • Step explanations can be displayed always or only show on hover over
  • Text can be customized: font, color, and size can be changed
  • Spacing and padding of the guide window can be customized.
  • Border and background texture can be changed or removed
  • Background color can be changed
  • Titlebar displaying zone and progress can be removed

Other awesome features:

  • Integrated quest tracker (can be disabled if desired)
  • Integrated quest item buttons
  • Easily accessed view of entire guide
  • Sortable guide lists
  • Automatic mapping of coordinates with TomTom
  • LDB quick open/close button
  • Profile management for display settings
  • Supports step skipping (the guide knows the difference between a skipped step and a completed step)

The Guide Window

Minimalist View w/ Mouse-over Notes

Dropdown Menu

Sort-able Guide List

Current Version: 1.7.0

NOTE: This addon is still in a heavy development stage. It is recommended that you delete the WoWPro.lua file in your WTF folder when upgrading to the new version. However, this will result in the loss of manually checked off guide progress and display settings.

New Features

  • Several guide files have been updated
  • Keybindings added!
  • Custom print function tells you when it’s our addon talking to you

Bug Fixes:

  • Serious crash issue related to quest items fixed!
  • Issue related to getting quest objectives fixed
  • Issue related to getting quest entries from the log fixed
  • Taint issues introduced by checking party members fixed
  • Addon now checks if item exists before attempting to set it as a use item.

Known Issues:

  • Unable to check off item - the step probably doesn't have a QID, which means it's a mistake in the guide file. There are sadly still a lot of these around. Try right-clicking the check box, or listing it as sticky. We'll fix these as they find them but we have to be focused more on Cataclysm guides right now. Sorry!
  • Profession Quest Error: Profession-specific quests currently cause the guide to throw an error, because of the changes to the profession window. Will be fixed in the next version!
  • Occasional crash/DC - the addon is causing occasional crashes and DCs. We are working to find the source of this issue - please report any occurrences of this so we can determine the problem! It may have to do with conflicting addons, so if you do experience this problem, try disabling other addons and see if that allows you to continue.

How To Help:

If you'd like to help code, update, or test guide files, head over to our How To Contribute page on gitthub!

Though this addon is now in it's release stage, it's still new. There may be bugs. The best place to report them is on github, but I will respond here as often as I can. Thanks!

Possible Future Features:

  1. Animation for checking off steps (a check mark appears, old quest fades out, other quests move up).
  2. Either integration of the arrow, or permission from TomTom's author to redistribute their addon, maintaining the author's name and the addon's original name (basically leaving the addon untouched).
  3. Support for area vs. patrol vs. player run path type coordinates.
  4. Auto-load a guide based on level
  5. A separate "shopping list" frame which can be opened with a button on the title bar, used for a couple things in the leveling guide but which will get the most use for profession guides.
  6. Improved logic/display for multi-objective steps. Not exactly sure how this would work, but perhaps have "substeps" which are displayed together, and checked off as they are completed.

Possible Future Modules:

  • WoW-Pro Talents - Easy talent recommendations while leveling, for all specs. Possibly include rotation suggestions as well. For players jumping in partway through, it should be able to detect their current talent changes and adjust accordingly, or recommend a respec if the talents are too messed up. Talents should be prioritized to make sure people pick up the most vital ones. Recommendations of glyphs would also be nice.
  • WoW-Pro Dungeons - Guides to dungeons. Easy access while leveling, recommended dungeons for your level and gear. Include gear lists, etc. Step by step guides, preferably with pictures, includes boss kill strategies.
  • WoW-Pro Gold Making - Daily quests, gathering/farming circuits, perhaps even auctioneer advice.
  • WoW-Pro Reputation - Reputation guides created using the addon.
  • WoW-Pro Holiday - Holiday guides created using the addon.
  • WoW-Pro Achievements - Other achievement guides.
  • WoW-Pro Professions - Profession and tradeskill guides.

Possible Future Modules:
If I missed you or you think you should be included somewhere else on this list, please let me know! I'm very forgetful!

Lead Developers:

  • Core and Leveling Module: Jiyambi
  • Dungeon Module: Silvann

Development Team:

  • Gameldar
  • Gylin
  • Jiyambi
  • Silvann

Guide Writing:
  • Arixan
  • Bitsem
  • Gylin
  • Jame
  • Jiyambi
  • Kurich
  • Manovan
  • Snowflake
  • Svenn
Guide Coding:
  • Bitsem
  • Gameldar
  • Gylin
  • Jame
  • Jiyambi
  • Malorajan
  • Pretzl
  • Tarix
  • AyaJulia
  • evl
  • Mezput
  • moraller
  • tash
  • toobulkeh
  • Tuluven
  • Twists
  • Zidomo


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Addons CANNOT hack you - stop spreading misinformation!

First of all, let me repeat something that has been said here and on many other addon websites such as Curse and WoWInsider, and is common knowledge...


CANNOT. It is impossible. They are .lua files and can't do anything to your computer, and are not even loaded until well after you have entered your account information.

It *IS* possible to get keyloggers from bad websites, and sometimes even from good ones through ads (I believe I've heard of people getting keyloggers from Curse in this way). This is the reason for keeping your Flash up to date and making sure you have virus and spyware protection.

In terms of this Blizzard representative saying there is no WoW Guide... well, there isn't an official WoW guide. That's never been claimed by anyone on this site. This is a fan guide just like Lightheaded and WoWhead and every other fan-run site with fan-run addons. Are you going to go over to WoWhead and accuse them of hacking your account? You would be just as likely to be correct (which is to say, you would be incorrect either way).

If people are losing their accounts do to "guides", I'm betting they are downloading these "guides" in .exe (executable file) format - these CAN install things on your computer such as keyloggers. Or, much more likely, they tried to buy gold or go through a power leveling service - these are almost sure ways to get your account hacked!

Most importantly... Please, do yourself, Blizzard, and everyone you complain to when this happens a favor and get some ACCOUNT SECURITY. Things you NEED to do to protect your account include:

  • Get an authenticator. Seriously, they are free if you do either the mobile authenticator or the call-in version, and only about 5 bucks if you order the physical one. This is the easiest thing you can do to make sure you NEVER get hacked.
  • Get some anti-virus and anti-spyware software. I use a program called Avast, it covers both virus and spyware protection and it's FREE. Google it.

Finally... PLEASE do a little research before you post scare posts like this one. I honestly considered deleting it because it's spreading misinformation. But I decided to leave it and post a detailed response instead.

I did delete your duplicate post that you put up on a separate thread. Please post only once. Posting the same message multiple times in the future will get you negative points or possibly banned if it's excessive.

I also did NOT do the

I also did NOT do the "Exploitative Activity: Abuse of the Economy".

Jiyambi's picture

I responded to your first

I responded to your first post above, but in terms of this one - that's because whoever hacked you is almost certainly a gold seller, and posted a ton of stuff on the AH. Blizz caught them at it and banned the account - this is actually a good thing for you, as it prevents the hacker from continuing to sell all your stuff and freezes the account until you can get it back.

Suspicious Chat Messages

I'd almost bet that this person responded to a chat message saying that they needed to contact "" because they had violated the economy restrictions of the game(not exact wording of the message but close). I received one of these but luckily I didn't click on the link. I contacted WoW support & found that there is no "" associated with wow. It is malware. NEVER click on ANY chat messages that claim to be from WoW, Blizzard or Battle-Net. They WILL NOT contact you ingame about your acct!  If any messages even LOOK suspicious ignore them & report them to WoW support.

Good guide up to level 35

I've been using these guides eariler for leveling from 70-85, and jus started a new toon. This time I downloaded the addon, and have had a good ride up to 35. At 35 though, I've initited quests in 2 areas..... Dustwalow Marsh and Western Plaguelands... and within 10 steps or so, I get "grey" exclamation marks... .the quests can't be taken yet... Example... the quest "They Call Him Smilling jim" in Western Plaguelands can't be taken at 35...


Are the guides in addon updated for cataclysm after level 35?

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That's a little strange as

That's a little strange as both zones are -meant- to be 35-40 zones. Wowhead/Thottbot both list that particular quest you named as a level 35 quest too.

The addon guides actually are updated for cataclysm, though there are some bugs. Just not sure if the bug there is guide related or what, though, given that other sources seem to agree that those quests/guides are the right level.

I found it strange also, as I

I found it strange also, as I did check up the quest on wowhead to see what level it was ment to be.

I can't do any aditional checking on it at the moment though, but I will make sure to check up more on the next character I get to 35. I might actually level up my shaman just to check on this since he's 28 atm. I'll get back with results when it's rechecked.

For now I've just turned of the addon for this zone, and I'll turn it on when I switch zone at 40 again, most likely checking Eastern Plaguelands.

Edit: Just turned the guide on again at level 38, and it checks out to about halfway through, but these are problems I see atm, at level 38.

Western Plaguelands,Into the Woods. This quest turns up bery early in the guide.Quest requires level 39. The follow up step is also not checked, but not sure what that step is for.

small bug

Hey, me again. step 91 in mulgore (horde obviously) the thunderhorne cleasing is ticked off automatically, so you end up never doing the quest.

WoW-pro ingame addon

Hi WoW-pro Dev. Team!


I just wanted to say your guide is great! Im a beginning player, and this ingame addon for levelling/questing is just what i needed.

So great work and i im a fan! I will be using this guide for a long time!





Some minor misspelling....

Awesome guide! I'm really glad I made the switch from Questhelper.

I'm not sure this is where bugs are to be reported. Regardless, I'd like to contribute :)

No problems with the addon at all so far, though I did notice a spelling error for a few steps in the Duskwood guide whilst leveling an alt. The steps that involve the quest "Vulgar Vul'Gol" are spelled "Vlugar Vul'Gol", with the exception of the step to turn in the quest, which is spelled correctly. It may be a trivial spelling error, but I'm sure you guys like to keep your amazing guides in top shape.

As said, I'm really glad I started using the addon and I'll be recommending it to my guildies for sure! 

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Thanks a ton! You *can* post

Thanks a ton!

You *can* post bugs, etc, here, but the best place to do so is on either the General Bug Reporting page, or on the specific page for the guide that has the bug. You can reach those from the addon community page, it's linked in the main post above.

Hearthstone steps

As I was using your wonderfull guide, I started to notice that for some reason the "hearth to" steps were already ticked. so I unticked them, but they keep getting ticked. Maybe theres a setting in the addon that does it, but either way i'd be really happy if you could tell me how to fix it.


thanks again, love your guide. 

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Sounds like a naughty naughty

Sounds like a naughty naughty guide author used a bad quest ID number for those hearth steps - one you've already completed. Consequently, they have all been checked off.

Let us know the faction and zone and we'll fix it ASAP!

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Which zone and faction?

Which zone and faction?

ashenvale horde

ashenvale horde

Crackerhead22's picture

Thanks a lot, it did seem to

Thanks a lot, it did seem to be an issue with QIDs (copy and pasting with forgetting to change the QID).  Source page will updated once in a moment.

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Thanks Cracker, you rock!

Thanks Cracker, you rock!

No Guide Window

For some reason On one of my toons the guide window is missing..TomTom shows me where to go but the window is missing.

is this a bug or am i setting things up wrong



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Exactly what Cracker posted!

Exactly what Cracker posted! Thanks Cracker :)

This is indeed a bug and should be fixed in the next update, which I hope to release today or tomorrow if all goes as planned.


i downloaded the add on exactly as it said and my addons button wont show

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Have you tried our

Have you tried our troubleshooting page? Let me know if you still have questions!

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If resetting profile did not

If resetting profile did not work then...

Jiyambi wrote:

Go to the WTF folder in your WoW folder and find the character with
the messed up guide frame. Once you are in their folder, open the
layout-local.txt file and delete the entry for the WoW-Pro frame. This
will reset your frame to the default position.

Guide frame

Oops sorry didn't see Crackers comment!! thanks Cracker it did the job!!! you DO ROCK!!!!

and forgot to add Jamie this addon is Genius been using it for a while now least 3 toons ago

keep up the great job

to you and the other developers /clap/cheer/hugs!!

Minor error in Loch Modan guide

One cannot get the quest "Who's in charge here" until after you've completed "Kobold and Kobolder".

Thanks for a great addon!

Mistake in Un'goro Crater Guide

Hello, I have been using this guide since around level 30 and I have been following it all the way to level 50, which I am currently, and while using the Un'goro Crater guide I noticed there was a slight mistake. At around step 21-23, there is a step called Aberrant Flora which tells you to kill some lashers. After a minute or two of killing these lashers I notice that nothing seems to be happening so I look it up in the guide and notice that in none of the earlier steps does it ask you to pick up this quest. In fact, you do not even get the option of getting the Abberant Flora quest until you hand in the Bouquet of Death quest which isn't until after the guide tells you to kill the lashers for the Aberrant Flora quest. Just thought I would put that out.

wotlk guides

it seems that the guides arent up to date anymore in regards of 20% lesser ep needed for levelups  since cacalcysmi went tho howling fjord wit 68 and now im on step 269/377 and im already near lvl 72 (note i only did 2 daily dungeons and havent turned in the quests jet which would give some about 20% of my level)....... (should count + 20% from heilreooms and 10% guild exp buff^^) but i think  if i calculate the percents  and assme u would come with 70 which the guide suggests u wold be lvl 72 too.

and since most players would have atleast th +5% gild exp buff right now ...... they would be mostly 73-74 when they finish the fjord guide :=)


EDIT: i dont know if this is carbonites fault or not but somehow many waypoints  will bie displayed false for me eg step 326 of howlivg fjord guide it directs me back to kamaguya bit on the mep there  ware marked the tiny islands way of kamaguya ofc it is only an excample since its 4its allwaiy hampening random for me since when i close wow and stra it again it shows the rigt way  sometimes and sometimes not >.<

TomTom error.

Hello all.

Me and the Mrs are having trouble with the TomTom arrow in Mount Hyjal. The waypoint is fixed on the character. Is there a solution to that?




This has to be the best addon there is for quests.

I just I wished I found it sooner...after slowly getting 2 other toons to 80+ without it...

thank you for the great help!

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Alliance or Horde? I played

Alliance or Horde? I played through Hyjal as Horde and didn't encounter this issue, did you make sure you updated your version of TomTom? It won't work if you don't have the new version because TomTom won't know where Mount Hyjal is.

Alliance on EU server called

Alliance on EU server called Alonsus. I think we have the latest TomTom. Checking it up inspite that we downloaded it the other day.


Version 40000-1.0.9

*end edit*


Wow-pro addon & wow-pro_lvling version 2.1.0

*end edit2*

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Thanks, I'll look into it

Thanks, I'll look into it ASAP!

Thank you and Happy New Year

Thank you and Happy New Year Jiyambi, Jame and the rest of WoW-Pro community.

Cheers from Sweden. :)

Solved it. I had to download

Solved it.

I had to download it from the other site ( Curse.Com's was bugged. Thank you Jiyambi and please post a comment about it in FAQ page.



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Oh, the TomTom from Curse

Oh, the TomTom from Curse wasn't working properly? Well, hopefully that will updated soon, but I will check the links and add a post in the FAQ for now.

Icecrown Guide

I'm only a little ways into the Icecrown guide and I can already tell that it's just not nearly up to the standards of the normal guides from WoW-Pro. No offense to its author, but it lacks quite a few arrows to direct one to their quest destination and does not seem to mark the most efficient quest pickups and routes. For instance, it told me to grab Eliminate the Competition after already sending me to the same area for another quest, when I could have grabbed it the first time around. This same problem occurs when it tells me to go do Eliminate the Competition, completely ignoring the other quests in the same area that I could do at the same time.

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We know, it's on the agenda.

We know, it's on the agenda.

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Vashj'ir (Horde)

Might just be me, but I keep getting annoyed in some cases from TomTom arrows.

It's not that it's pointing to the wrong spot, it's just that it's counterintuitive. What I mean by that is that I tend to go to the location directly, in a straight line. This does -not- help in the cases of grottos, because you need to get to the cave entrance, so I typically end up atop the cave, then waste a few seconds looking for the entrance. Similarly in the Damplight Cavern, I had a brief moment of confusion after killing the nagas because the arrow pointing looks like you want to go back the same way you came in, but there's another exit from the cavern that heads to next part of the zone.

It's a minor inconvinience at its worst, really, but I do think it would be useful to have an intermediate tom tom arrow aimed at the grotto entrances and then to the NPC.

For convinience, here are the grotto entrances and other intermediate suggested arrow points:
Smuggler's Scar (after various quests) = 53.36, 34.68
Deepmist Grotto (only really necessary for first turn in, I think, but could also be used for other turn ins) = 60.57, 65.00
Damplight Cavern (Entrance from Kel'thar Forest) = 49.00, 72.75
Damplight Cavern (Exit to Shimmering Expanse, after picking up "Rundown") = 53.46, 11.89

Damplight Cavern (Entrance from Shimmering Expanse) = 51.50, 16.33
Silver Tide Hollow (for the "Back in One Piece" hand-in) = 50.35, 38.25
Tunnel Entrance for "Overseer Idra'kess" = 62.83, 57.85

For "Capture the Crab" quest, the naga seemed to be in the upper area. The quest note points to the central/lower area (though addon does admit to arrow likely being wrong). Three of them seem to patrol between:  55.63, 47.86 (closest point to quest hub) and 58.90, 47.56 (farthest point). There's also a few in the other direction (closest point to quest hub: 53.10, 59.1), which is the direction you'll head for "We Are not Alone".

The turn-in is incorrectly labeled for "Overseer Idra'kess". It says "To Legionnaire Nazgrim" but the turn-in should be "Earthmender Duarn". The tomtom arrow points correctly to Duarn, however."Crafty Crabs" is oddly shifted a few steps down from when you should pick it up. It's set after the action for "Shelled Salvation", but you can pick it up along with the other quests in that hub (so pick-up should be three steps higher).

I'll post more running commentary (if I have any) as I go through Vash'jir.


After I finish up Power Bars, I'm considering making an AddOn called "Waypoints" which will hopefully allow other AddOns, such as this one, to more easily make "routes" in the game rather than just simply pointing to one quest location on the map. Thus, for a given quest, the author of the quest could put in several points on the way to the quest location if it's relevant and the AddOn would simply guide the user from point to point.

Hopefully I can get this done and, if I do, hopefully WoW-Pro's AddOn author's will consider implementing it into their design, that would solve this issue tremendously I'm sure. :)

Jiyambi's picture

If you are talking about

If you are talking about providing several waypoints in succession, TomTom already does this (or at least, we do this with TomTom).

Additionally, one of the other developers is already working on a WoW-Pro specific arrow. So while I really appreciate the offer and idea, it's likely that if we move away from TomTom it will be to our own module rather than another external addon.

RE: Arrow

Ah, no, this arrow is a bit different than that. I'll be working on it either way, so I'm sure you'll see it out there! Good luck with your guys' arrow. :)

JamesL85's picture

Slight Hijack

I hate to hijack the thread, but I'd like to request an option for the arrow?  I know using TomTom you can do a /way 50 50 Note, which puts in an arrow to 50,50 and the Note is whatever you want to show up on the mouseover of the waypoint.  Can this functionality be easily added to your mod?  I'm thinking especially in Vashj'ir, it would be handy to put a waypoint to the cave entrance with a note for Cave Entrance and another for the questgiver with a note for "Turn in here" or something like that.

What do you think?


Jiyambi's picture

This would take a pretty

This would take a pretty extensive change to how we are doing mapping, so probably not :(

But, we will be eventually adding waypoints at cave entrances - they just won't have a separate name.

kayeich's picture

Vashj'ir part ii (Horde)

I did notice that Diven commented on a few of these in the vashj'ir code thread, but including them for completion from my side anyhow, and since I'd already started posting them here, going to keep doing so (Unless Jiyambi or another addon person tells me they'd rather I post 'em in the source code comments).

Continuing with comments for Vashj'ir:
-There's currently no turn in arrow for "crafty crabs" through "Shelled Salvation".
-Legion's Rest (Grotto entrance) = 48.84, 65.51

-For "A Better Vantage", following didn't have tom tom arrows.
Northern Gardens = 39.18, 57.46
Tunnel West = 35.77, 62.88South Ruins = 40.41, 72.70

-For "Upon the Scene of Battle", it's worth noting that you could pick it up while doing the south part of "A Better Vantage", but we don't want to because of "The Call of the Blade" sending you there.

-Also, the turn in for "Upon" quest is incorrect. It should be 51.18, 62.98

-"Visions of the Past: Invasion of Vashj'ir" also has an incorrect tom tom location for pick-up. It's right in the grotto, but the tom tom arrow points to where you need to go to do the quest. Not going to give a coordinate since it's right there though.

-No tomtom coordinates for "To the Fathom-Lord's call"/"Build to Last". A note in case someone doesn't read quest text also helps, just a quick note saying: "Swim straight up" with tom tom 39.00, 57.72. Should ensure someone goes to right spot.

-Weird, but for the turn in for "Build to Last", it was WOW's arrow that was incorrect (and there's no tom tom coord either)! Coordinate for turn in should be 39.07, 58.55, and at bottom area. For next turn-in, you have to go back up to terrace. Not sure if a note is needed, but you can put one.

-For the turn-in to "Visions of the Past", tom tom points to an entirely different area even though you get popped right in front of the quest giver! Get rid of the tom tom arrow, I'd say.

-The next quest "Looking Forward" has no tom tom arrow. And the note has a spelling error, says "Captian" instead of "Captain". Coordinate for building entrance with Captain Vilethorn = 39.68, 54.79

-When doing "Not Entirely Unprepared", the tom tom arrow attached to it is used for "Properly Inspired", but vanishes if you finish that quest. It should be tied to "Properly Inspired" instead.

-For "Clear Goals", I was able to pick up "Ancient Elven Etching" as a drop quest from one of the Azsh'ir Infantry mobs there. Should have a note to keep killing past 10 if it doesn't drop, and to focus more on the infantry mobs rather than the Abyss Priestess mobs as they do not drop it, according to wowhead.

-For "Swift Action", the tom tom arrow is incorrect. The vehicle drops you right where the quest turn in is, so just get rid of it. "Visions of the Past: Slaughter of Biel'laran Ridge" pick up just a while later has an incorrect tom-tom arrow also, when you're right atop the quest giver for it.

-For "By Her Lady's Word", tom tom points out incorrectly where Overseer Idra'kess is. Coords should be 36.87, 79.78. This step also did not autocomplete when I talked to him. Trying to click it off skips the next step and thinks I'm skipping the quest. Telling it I'm not skipping it, it 'fixes' steps by clicking off more steps that I can't manually click after the two notes I can. =/

-Not sure if coordinate for Lady Sira'kess is right for the next step due to that bug, but in case it's not, it should be: 39.24, 77.98. Addon works fine again once I complete the quest, just weird issue with autocomplete and addon thinking I was skipping.

-"The Culmination of Our Efforts" did not auto-complete when I picked up the quest. Had to manually complete it.

-For "Desperate Plan", there's no tomtom arrow. Coords for Fiasco Sizzlegrin = 50.34, 78.97

-Note that I think it's silly to set "Come Prepared" after "Hostile Waters", since you'll be killing muckskins while inside the boat. It's better to kill them going into the boat doing Come Prepared, then kill remainder outside if needed.

-Also, there is another boat at 48.86, 84.37. I don't know if it's that the box can spawn in either boat, or you just have the wrong boat, but I had to go to the boat I'm showing coordinates for to do the quest.

-I'd put a tom tom arrow for quest hand in for "Welcome News" to Nazgrim. Coords to grotto as above: 48.84, 65.51

-There's no "When in Vash'jir" quest.

In unrelated news, I LOATHE rich-text. It keeps turning comments into blocks of text that I have to disable rich-text for and format as html. UUUUGGHHH!! >_<

Jiyambi's picture

For anything more than a very

For anything more than a very brief message (like this one!) - I just change the input format to BBCode, makes everything go back to how it used to be in terms of the text editor.

In terms of the content of your comments - the Horde Vash'jir guide was rushed to completion and was actually adapted at the last moment from the Alliance guide, and is missing a lot of details like this. I have made a rule for myself that I won't be moving comments into the guide wiki files - I have too many other things to be doing and I'm just going to burn myself out if I do that. If you or another user would like to move these notes into the source code wiki file, that would be awesome. The notes all look good and I definitely agree with the awesomeness of more waypoints/explanation, I remember being quite frustrated with that zone.

Sarok's picture


When startng the Wetlands guide, picking up the quest Checking on the Boys comes after turning it in in the objectives and left me confused for a few minutes.

hellfire penisuela

there are severeal obsolete points in this guide

# Messenger to thrall and follow up arent in the game anymore and portals to capitals dont exist anymore

i think that applys to all outland an nordend guides where portals where used


mfg smeagol

Saved Variable Stuff!

Disabling the AddOn whenever I log-in feels a bit silly! I know that I can simply disable it from Blizzard's menu and it will remain permanent, but I like being able to disable and enable the functionality of an AddOn in-game. As I'm not currently doing any questing which would require WoW-Pro, I find that I have no need of it on my Paladin, but when I uncheck "Enable AddOn" it simply loads in again enabled when I log-out and log back in. A fix would certainly be pleasant. :)

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If you download Addon Control

If you download Addon Control Panel you can completely enable or disable addons without ever having to log out. This does not apply to newly-installed addons while you're in the game, however.

RE: AddOn Control Panel

You can do the same thing with Option House, which I have. However, my point is made because I come from a principaled design philosophy which I use in my AddOns and which I'm hoping others will incorporate in theirs, which is, ultimately, to rely less on users having a specific AddOn in order to fully enjoy the use of your AddOn.

Now, obviously sometimes it's better to simply rely on another AddOn than to "reinvent the wheel" and add functionality yourself. The use of TomTom by this AddOn is a perfect example. There's no need for WoW-Pro to implement their own arrow system when they can simply hook into one which exists for the purpose of being used in such a fashion by its users and by other AddOns.

On this issue, however, forcing the user to have another AddOn in order to control whether or not a certain feature exists is not an appealing design choice. The addition of the feature I requested shouldn't actually be terribly difficult and I actually considered simply adding it myself before I realized that WoW-Pro uses a profile lib. Now, I could still go through and look through all of their code and probably still add it myself. But, I figured that before I decided to subject myself to all that work that I might simply suggest it first and see if one of the authors wanted to tackle it.

The biggest thing is that this feature ALREADY EXISTS in the AddOn. You can already disable it right in the game, within the AddOn code itself. The problem is that it doesn't record this in your saved variables. Adding my suggestion should be as simple as adding a saved variable entry in the profile for whether or not the AddOn's display is enabled. And, whenever the AddOn loads in the game it would check that value and then run the function to hide everything if it's disabled.

Would it require a bit of work and testing? Yes. But I think it's a reasonable request.

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Warning for Deepholm quest: Explosive Bonding Compound

When doing this quest, watch out for a large patrolling elite called Porecite the Silent.

"You're already dead.."