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Current Version: 2.1.2
Last Update: Jan. 15, 2011

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Basic Guide Window

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How To Install:

  1. Download the addon using the big shiny button.

  2. Download TomTom from WoW Interface or Curse. TomTom is important! Without it, you won't see the arrow telling you where to go!
  3. OPTIONAL: You may also want to download Lightheaded. While almost all of our guides provide their own coordinates, we haven't been able to update some of the older guides yet and our addon can pull them automatically from Lightheaded in the meantime!
  4. Unzip the downloaded files into your addons directory. (How do I unzip the file?)

    Windows XP location:

      C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons

    Windows Vista/7 location:

      C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons

    Mac location:

      Macintosh Main HD/Applications/World of Warcraft/Interface/Addons
  5. Log into the game. In the lower left-hand corner of your character select screen, you should see an "Addons" button. Click it. The WoW-Pro addon and TomTom should both be listed. Make sure they are checked, and you're ready to go!

  6. If you have any trouble installing the guide, stop by our Addon Help Chat Room to get help!

You can also visit the WoW-Pro Leveling Addon Troubleshooting Guide, where you'll find a fix for most common issues.

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  • Will cover EVERY zone, not just the "best" ones
  • Automatically checks off steps as you progress through the guide
  • Completely customizable view
  • Arrow and map points show you exactly where to go
  • Adjustable XP settings work with...
    • Heirlooms
    • Recruit-A-Friend
    • Dungeons
    • PvP
  • Works great with partially leveled characters
  • Integrated quest tracker (can be disabled if desired)
  • Integrated quest item buttons
  • Supports step skipping (the guide knows the difference between a skipped step and a completed step)
  • Innovative "sticky steps" help you manage quests you need to complete as you go!

Have a bug to report? Want to help us update guides? Check out our community page!

The Addon Dev Team

Lead Developers:

  • Core Addon: Jiyambi/Silvann/Ludovicus Maior
  • Leveling Module: Jiyambi/Ludovicus Maior
  • Dailies Module: Jiyambi/Twists
  • Dungeon Module: Silvann
  • Arrow Module: Silvann
  • Professions Module: Dunevon

Development Team:

  • Dunevon
  • Gameldar
  • Gylin
  • Jiyambi
  • Ludovicus Maior
  • Shakazahn
  • Silvann
  • Twists

Guide Writing:
  • Arixan
  • Bitsem
  • Gylin
  • Jame
  • Jiyambi
  • Kurich
  • Manovan
  • Snowflake
  • Svenn
Guide Coding:
  • Bitsem
  • Gameldar
  • Gylin
  • Hezkezl
  • Jame
  • Jiyambi
  • Liavan
  • AyaJulia
  • Malorajan
  • Pretzl
  • Tarix
  • MagicSN
  • AyaJulia
  • evl
  • Mezput
  • moraller
  • tash
  • toobulkeh
  • Tuluven
  • Twists
  • Zidomo


Horde hellfire peninsula guide bug

I'm getting a bug that relates to 'step' being a nil value when I try to load up the horde hellfire peninsula 60-63 guide. Specifically, "\AddOns\WowPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:221: attempt to index local 'step' (a nil value)" All other guides horde and alliance work fine. Clicking on the guide in the guide list also doesn't load up the completion/total steps number on the right side. I tried completely uninstalling the addon settings and all and reinstalling it from the wow-pro download link and it still doesn't work. Any ideas?

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The guide was broken, it is

The guide was broken, it is fixed and I'll be uploading a new version ASAP (probably tomorrow)

Any updates on this? Trying

Any updates on this? Trying to powerlevel a new main before the pre-Cata events pass me by and just hit Hellfire on RL day #4. Smiling

Any update coming?

I was also wondering if this will be fixed soon.

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Sorry for the hiatus in

Sorry for the hiatus in updates. Will be an update today!

Icecrown Guide

Also get a similar error when manually checking off the quest Free Your Mind for this guide:

Message: ...ce\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:131: table index is nil
Time: 09/22/10 18:58:46
Count: 1
Stack: [C]: ?
...ce\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:131: in function `SkipStep'
...ce\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:429: in function <...ce\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:426>

Jiyambi's picture

I see where the problem is

I see where the problem is with this one, will be fixed ASAP (probably later today).

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Jiyambi et all, something

Jiyambi et all, something that caught my eye today whilst looking at latest beta patch notes:

"Archaeology - Players now gain experience when collecting fragments." (condensed version!)

As and when I can logon without crashing, I'll try and see how this works

Bug-horde death knight

I just finished up the horde death knight guides through the addon this morning, and that was great. But as soon as I turned in the last quest it gave me an error that is long gone now, and now whenever I load up the character the addon gives me 12 errors that I am much too dumb to copy and paste (plus, that is a lot of text). Then after that if I try to load up a guide manually it gives me 21 errors Sad Everything works just fine on my alliance shaman on a different server, so I don't know what it could be.

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Oh my. That does not sound

Oh my. That does not sound good at all! I'll see what I can do to find the source of the problem.

Stuck on a step

I installed the current guide thru the Curse Client but it still says version 1.2.12 at the Interface screen.
I did not delete the whole WoWPro_Leveling folder in AddOns, should I? Everything has a date of 9/20/2010.
I'm in Dragonblight, at Stars Rest (at level 77). I have already done the quests for Azjol-Nerub, but the add-on is stuck at Don't Forget the Eggs! I checked the box for it, got an error and it won't go on to the next step. In the options for the current guide, the checkmark does not stay on that one nor on the next quest, The Faceless Ones. I tried zoning in and out of the instance, but that didn't help either. This is the error message: (yeah, I have a few other addons as well. any of those causing problems?)

Date: 2010-09-20 07:58:28
ID: 1
Error occured in: Global
Count: 1
Message: ...ce\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua line 131:
table index is nil
(tail call): ?
[C]: ?
...ce\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:131: SkipStep()
Swatter, v5.8.4723 (CreepyKangaroo)
WowheadLooter, v30319
AckisRecipeList, vv2.01
AtlasLoot, vv5.11.04
AtlasLootFu, vv5.11.04
AucAdvanced, v5.8.4723 (CreepyKangaroo)
AucFilterBasic, v5.8.4723 (CreepyKangaroo)
AucFilterOutlier, v5.8.4723.2531
AucMatchUndercut, v5.8.4723.2531
AucStatHistogram, v5.8.4723 (CreepyKangaroo)
AucStatiLevel, v5.8.4723 (CreepyKangaroo)
AucStatPurchased, v5.8.4723 (CreepyKangaroo)
AucStatSales, v5.8.4723.2842
AucStatSimple, v5.8.4723 (CreepyKangaroo)
AucStatStdDev, v5.8.4723 (CreepyKangaroo)
AucStatWOWEcon, v5.8.4723.2530
AucUtilAHWindowControl, v5.8.4723.3311
AucUtilAppraiser, v5.8.4723.2530
AucUtilAskPrice, v5.8.4723.3175
AucUtilAutoMagic, v5.8.4723.3142
AucUtilCompactUI, v5.8.4723.2530
AucUtilEasyBuyout, v5.8.4723.3583
AucUtilFixAH, v5.8.4723 (CreepyKangaroo)
AucUtilGlypher, v5.8.4723.2545
AucUtilItemSuggest, v5.8.4723.3108
AucUtilPriceLevel, v5.8.4723.2545
AucUtilScanButton, v5.8.4723.2530
AucUtilScanFinish, v5.8.4723.3576
AucUtilScanProgress, v5.8.4723.2530
AucUtilScanStart, v5.8.4723.2530
AucUtilSearchUI, v5.8.4723.3655
AucUtilSimpleAuction, v5.8.4723.4546
AucUtilVendMarkup, v5.8.4723.2530
BeanCounter, v5.8.4723 (CreepyKangaroo)
CensusPlus, v4.2.2
Configator, v5.1.DEV.130
Decursive, v2.5.1
Enchantrix, v5.8.4723 (CreepyKangaroo)
EnchantrixBarker, v5.8.4723 (CreepyKangaroo)
Gatherer, v3.1.14
GathererDBWowhead, v1.0.2009-12-09
Informant, v5.8.4723 (CreepyKangaroo)
Omen, v3.0.9
SlideBar, v5.8.4723 (CreepyKangaroo)
Stubby, v5.8.4723 (CreepyKangaroo)
TomTom, vwowi:revision
WoWPro, v1.2.12
WoWProLeveling, v1.2.12
Wr2, v
BlizRuntimeLib_enUS v3.3.5.30300

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See if the latest version is

Star's Rest bug

Current version (1.3.0) has the same problem prior version has. Here's output from current version:

Note that the cause of the problem seems to be the missing QID if that helps. If I manually add a QID for that step by editing the guide, the error goes away. The faceless ones and other quests produce the same problem, and the commonality seems to be a missing QID. To get past the problem, I manually added QIDs whenever I've encountered this problem.

Message: ...ce\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:131: table index is nil
Time: Sat Sep 25 11:08:25 2010
Count: 2
Stack: ...ce\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:131: in function `SkipStep'
...Ons\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_CurrentGuide.lua:151: in function <...Ons\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_CurrentGuide.lua:148>

Jiyambi's picture

Due to a lack of quest ID.

Due to a lack of quest ID. Will be fixed tonight.

Jiyambi's picture

I've had this error message

I've had this error message reported by a couple other people as well. I'll look into it ASAP (though that might not be until later this week, sadly. Moving, getting ready for classes to start = busy Jiyambi!)

Dragonblight fix

I looked into the .lua files and found the following on lines 125 and 126 of 002_74_75_Jame_Dragonblight.lua

A Don't Forget the Eggs!
A The Faceless Ones

There is no QID for either one of them. Looks like that is why it can't clear it.

If you replace those 2 lines with these 2 lines. It works after a reloadui

A Don't Forget the Eggs! |QID|13182|M|26.00,51.00|
A The Faceless Ones |QID|13187|M|26.00,51.00|

I do not work with Jiyambi, and am not affiliated with WoW-Pro in any way other than as a loyal user of their guide. Change the lua files at your own risk.


this works

can you provide how to fix
canyon chase and return to sender too


Thank You!


I created a Wow-Pro account just to thank you for this tip. Thank you!

Having said that, I have been using Wow-Pro's (Read Jame's) guides since Vanilla and would not be working toward my 11th 80 without him. There is not a person in game that I do not point towards this site. I cannot wait for your work in Cata as no other guide nor community has done so much for the WoW community. Kudos to everyone that works on this site.


This worked for me, thanks

Smiling This worked for me, thanks dude! I used notepad to edit it, and just cut and pasted your lines into my .lua file. I saved them to a .old file in case it didn't work.

btw, before I did that, i used the option to make the step Sticky. this enabled me to carry on.

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Hellfire peninsula doesn't

Hellfire peninsula doesn't work (Horde).
When I click it in the guide list nothing happens :s

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You probably have something

You probably have something suppressing your error reports then, cause it throws a lua error in the current version. It is broken and has already been fixed, I'll upload that tonight or tomorrow if all goes well. Sorry for being out of the loop the last few days, moving sucks!

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Quality Control, My contributions

Good morning community, some of you may have remembered me and my plan to road test the leveling guide. All started well until I was told about the revamp of the addon and I actually moved away from the USA and came home to England (after 8 long years!!)

The new add-on is taking shape, however, I do feel the need to point out a major bug that I have encountered.

One of the best and defining parts of Jame's guide is the constant change and variety, not staying bogged down in the same area for a long time. I have always loved this element (especially in Vanilla content) and it makes life much more lively.

However, the add on struggles with this. One example I found is the Alliance quest line, "Hints of a new plague" which takes place mostly in Arathi, but the quest is obtained in the Hillsbrad zone and section of the guide. When it comes time to address the parts near the farm, the co-ord always wants to create a focus point in Hillsbrad instead of Arathi.

After similar occurrences happened in other parts (Badlands and Stranglethorn to name a few) It became clear that the guide only probably likes to address one zone at a time; either that or it was a mistake in the guide writing (as familiar and intimate as I am with Wow-pro guides, I know this is the least likely scenario.)

For me, this isn't a problem, I have used Wow-pro for well over three years and used these guides constantly (The only char left to hit 80 now is a Rogue, then i have a full house) Though, for someone new, a little blue and unfamiliar with the guide, and even wow, this may present a HUGE issue.

Because I am so convinced this addon on likes dealing with one zone at a time, my suggestion is cutting the parts up a bit. For every zone change, make a new guide section, even if there is only 3 or 4 motives in that zone at that time.

One other minor problem, that the above suggestion may also hinder (sadly) is the guide can sometimes lack seamlessness. Every step of the guide I have had to manually load (except one) and I am sure this is because when we revisit zones, the guide likes to think that all Stranglethorn objectives, belong on one guide section, for example.

Again, I am pretty tech savvy and have no issues with manually loading the next step of the guide, but I do have to consider, there are people out there who are not so tech savvy, and may become frustrated and give up, on the most excellent WoW Leveling guides known to the community.

Good Luck, Hope my input helps.



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Most, if not all of the

Most, if not all of the guides currently in the addon, are just converted from written guides here. Maybe the guide you were doing, was one that didn't move you from place to place originally anyway. Not that much of that really matters anyhow, as viturally all the current guides are going to need at least tweaking, or completely rewriting before Cataclysm goes live.

Also from what I've experienced so far in the beta, there's now not going to be so much requirement on travelling all over the world for quests. You get to a quest hub, do quests in that area, then get a feeder quest which takes you to the next hub. A lot of quests are being redone and moved about, in the areas they're done, the best route for completing them all, npcs are being moved about etc etc.

With all the changes not only to the way quests are working but also to the playing world, and all the class changes, I'm thinking that Cataclysm is less of an expansion, and more of an almost complete rewrite

Silvann's picture

Thanks for your feedback! I

Thanks for your feedback! I can say that the core addon itself can deal with steps that have waypoints set in different zones, regardless of where the player is in at the time. So this should be specific mistakes in the guide files. But since I'm currently working on the mapping/TomTom part of the addon, I'll take a look at it.

About the loading steps manually problem, I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean. Maybe Jiyambi or someone else does and can be more helpful.

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I didn't probably explain

I didn't probably explain the second part as clearly as I should have. Others look to have been experiencing it too. Basically when you get to the end of a specific guide section, it can say 67/100, but there is not information in the guide plain. You then have to go into the guide list and select the next part. However, considering you are having to write the guides and the addon from the basement up, is remarkable. I am leveling a lock currently, and on the 16th Sept I was 30, 18th 40 and tonight on the 20th I hit 50, without BOA gear.

I see the problems with the guide as small bugs, and to be honest it is much more friendly with TomTom than I found Tourguide to be.

Thank you all for your hard work in this addon, and as usual, it is a pleasure to accredit my character's expedited leveling to and all that the community does.


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Just an update: I reviewed the code and I think the zone specification in the steps it's not very friendly to guide writers. I'll propose a change to Jiyambi that should solve this issue.

At any rate, this should matter less in Cataclysm.

Horde Leveling Guide Hellfire Peninsula 60-63 error

Select guide in list, this error pops up. Previous build works fine.

Date: 2010-09-19 18:49:45
ID: 1
Error occured in: Global
Count: 1
Message: ...ce\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua line 221:
attempt to index local 'step' (a nil value)
(tail call): ?
[C]: ?
...ce\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:261: LoadGuide()
WoWPro\WoWPro_Broker.lua:41: LoadGuide()
Swatter, v5.8.4723 (CreepyKangaroo)
NPCScan, v3.3.5.5
AddonManager, v7
AdvancedTradeSkillWindow, v
AtlasLoot, vv5.11.04
AtlasLootFu, vv5.11.04
Auctionator, v2.6.3
BeanCounter, v5.8.4723 (CreepyKangaroo)
BossModTTS, v1.17
Cooldowns, v
DBMCore, v
Decursive, v2.5.1
DKPProfiler, v0.634
Enchantrix, v5.8.4723 (CreepyKangaroo)
EnchantrixBarker, v5.8.4723 (CreepyKangaroo)
Informant, v5.8.4723 (CreepyKangaroo)
LightHeaded, v304
MailGet, v
Mappy, v3.0b2
Omen, v3.0.9
PowerAuras, v3.0.0L
Quartz, v3.0.3.1
RatingBuster, v
Recount, v
SlideBar, v5.8.4723 (CreepyKangaroo)
Stubby, v5.8.4723 (CreepyKangaroo)
TidyPlates, v5.12.3
TidyPlatesThreatPlates, v3.0.4
TomTom, vwowi:revision
WoWPro, v1.2.12
WoWProLeveling, v1.2.12
BlizRuntimeLib_enUS v3.3.5.30300

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Thanks for the report, fix

Thanks for the report, fix will be uploaded tomorrow (hopefully)


Well for some reasons the coordinates are messed up at on my hunter (It began at level 18 in Ashenvale - Horde) while using "The Barrens, by Hosho" I thougt it was just him putting out wrong coordinates but then I used Jame's guide and it was the same, keeps pointing me like 5000 yards away.

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Some of the guides have some

Some of the guides have some issues with the way their coordinates are coded. It's something we're still trying to update, but we probably won't get them all straightened out before Cataclysm. Our cataclysm guides, however, shouldn't have this problem.

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Addon Update - v1.3.0

Hello everyone! Thank you for being patient with the last version of the addon, I know it was rather buggy. Hopefully everything has been fixed, but please continue with your excellent and detailed feedback should you find anything not working.

This should be the last major update until Cataclysm - bug fixes and small guide updates will continue, but no new features are planned until after the Cataclysm guide writing frenzy is done.

Thank you all and enjoy!

WoW-Pro Addon - v1.3.0

NOTE: This addon is still in a heavy development stage. It is recommended that you delete the WoWPro.lua file in your WTF folder when upgrading to the new version. However, this will result in the loss of manually checked off guide progress and display settings.

New Features

  • Several new tags added to help make our guides even more clear! See the "guide writers" section below for details
  • Scrolling in the normal guide frame! You can now enable scrolling in the display options, which will also display ALL quests, including optional and skipped ones.
  • Target button - if the guide coder provides the name of a target mob or NPC, the guide will now show a target button next to the step which will target that mob or NPC if they are in range and place a skull above their head, so you can easily locate patrolling or otherwise hard to find mobs.
  • New step ranking system ranks the importance of steps! This allows you to choose how complete you would like your experience of a zone to be. If you just want to level and get out of there, and if you have heirloom gear or recruit a friend bonuses or run instances, you can set the addon to a lower level of completeness to skip unnecessary quests. NOTE: While this has been implemented in the addon, it has not yet been added to guides. This will happen gradually, but should be implemented in Cataclysm guides by the expansion's release.

Guide Writers
Several new tags and steps have been implemented:

  • LVL - use this tag to denote a step that completes once the user reaches that level. There is also a new step type, L, to denote a step that completes once the user levels up.
  • LEAD - use for lead in or breadcrumb type quests, followed by the QID for the quest it leads to. This step will be checked off if the user has already completed the quest it leads up to.
  • T - target tag. Follow by the name of the mob or NPC you want the user to be able to target.
  • r - Repair/restock step. Behaves exactly like a N step in that it must be checked off, but has a nice repair/restock icon.
  • P - profession tag. Follow by the name of the profession, and optionally the level of the profession required for the step. The step will only be displayed if the character has that professions at that level.
  • RANK - this tag should be used as much as possible from now on, and denotes how important a quest is. 1 is the most important and will NEVER be skipped. 5 is the least important. Vital quest chains with great XP and item rewards should be marked 1. Things that are neutral in rewards but which are convenient to do should be around a 3. Things that take you out of your way and aren't particularly rewarding should be marked a 5. Anything unmarked will be considered a 1. In general, a character with heirlooms and RAF should be able to get through the guide on a setting of 1, while a character with none of these bonuses and who doesn't do instances or have rested would need a setting of 5.

Bug Fixes:

  • Conflict with BlizzBugsSuck resolved
  • The |NC| noncombat tag will now only apply to C complete steps.
  • Several bugs due to lack of a check to make sure the QID was provided
  • Addon should now correctly count skipped quests toward guide completion in the progress count
  • General restructuring and streamlining of quest skipping and display functions should improve performance and reduce bugs
Silvann's picture


Cool! I'm back now, sorry for disappearing! Pulling it from github to check what's being done and see if I can push my old changes.

New Version!

Great to see a new version with lots of features added...
So if you have a step that a user needs to be at level 5 for example, you place the L step type before that with a LVL tag saying "Kill mobs until you reach level 5 to continue"? Do you use the QID of that next quest (that is will it complete okay even though that QID hasn't been picked up yet)?
The RANK tag will be cool.

Jiyambi's picture

Your example is exactly how

Your example is exactly how the L and |LVL| features should be used Smiling


I'm having a bunch of problems with the addon. But, my main one is the Progress information. For example, my Ashenvale progress is at 10/19, but when i click on it to see what I missed, the quest guide is empty. For the Thousand Needles, the progress is at 29/67, yet its quest guide is also empty. My problem is that I don't know if I missed any quests (since I just reinstalled WoW after a long break and now I have to find where I left off). My quest log is now just a big mess.

Another problem is the way-point arrow. A lot of the co-ordinates that are set on the map are thousands of yards off. No problem, I could just look at the quest details and search around for my objective, but then why install this add-on? I would like to suggest involving your fans on this one. Please make an option for people to fix the co-ordinates. I would gladly help out in this.

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Hi there! The progress

Hi there!

The progress issue is due to the step skipping feature, and should be fixed in the next version of the guide, to be released tomorrow.

Many of the coordinates have not yet been updated - the main issue is usually the correct zone is not tagged so the guide picks an incorrect zone. Many of our users are already revising guides and helping in that process. If you'd like to help, the syntax for the addon's guide files can be found using the link in the "How to Help" section above.


I found there is a conflict with the add-on Ackis recipe List. Ackis tells you what recipes you don't have using a scan button it adds to the upper right of any crafting pace (including Cooking and First Aid). For whatever reason, the Scan button for Ackis doesn't work with the new Wow-Pro loaded. It doesn't react to hovering over it with the mouse either. Turn off the Wow-Pro and reload the UI and it's fine.

Jiyambi's picture

Thanks very much for

Thanks very much for reporting this conflict. I'll look into it ASAP, don't want our addon breaking things!

grizzly hills errors

In one of the very early quests in grizzly hills I had a problem with disconnects. Once I disabled the addon and did the quest manually, I could reenable it, and no further problems existed. Didn't have a problem with any prior content with the addon, and it was the content addon, not the core utility addon.

Also around the quest Fate and Coincidence, I get the following error:

Message: ...ce\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:246: table index is nil
Time: Sun Sep 12 14:49:20 2010
Count: 3
Stack: ...ce\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:246: in function ...ce\AddOns\WoWPro_Leveling\WoWPro_Leveling_Parser.lua:241

Jiyambi's picture

Unfortunately this is a

Unfortunately this is a problem many people are having with that particular step in the guide. I think it might be fixed in the current development version of the addon - I'll be uploading a compilation shortly (probably later today). I'm not 100% sure the fixes I've put in will solve the problem, though, since it's something you have to play through and I don't have a character in that level range.


The instance quests for Azjol-Nerub are bugged. [Don't Forget the Eggs!] and [The Faceless Ones] won't go away when completed and an lua error box pops up when I tried to manually check them off.

Dragonblight fix

I posted this in a reply further up, but this is the same issue, so I am posting it here as well.

The lua file for the Dragonblight guide is missing some information for these 2 quests.

Lines 125 and 126 of 002_74_75_Jame_Dragonblight.lua should read:

A Don't Forget the Eggs! |QID|13182|M|26.00,51.00|
A The Faceless Ones |QID|13187|M|26.00,51.00|

I am in no way affiliated with Wow-Pro and do not work with any of their staff. I am simply another user who loyally follows these guides. Alter the lua files at your own risk.

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Thanks for letting me know,

Thanks for letting me know, I will see if I can find the problem.

Public Test Realm updated to 4.0 and Live

None of the exciting changes are available, no new races, no new class combos, no archaeology, all quests and maps are the same as pre-Cata. What you can test is the new UI and the new talent trees... and that appears to be it for now.
As it tests the new UI, would be safe to guess this allows a larger test of the add-on as it will behave in Cata for those of us without beta keys ? As this PTR uses the existing quest lines, it may be a better test until we get some Cata guides loaded in...
Huge 16GB download.
More info at:

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Definitely true, though so

Definitely true, though so far there have been relatively few issues with the addon on the Cataclysm beta. Mostly there has been a few strange scrolling bugs and a problem with saving profiles, but as a whole the addon functions properly.

Anyway, it still would be nice if anyone already trying out the test realm wanted to see how our addon works there and report any bugs!

Couple of Issues

Hey, the new guide app is coming along nicely.

The guide opens on my existing characters behind the standard right-side action bars. I have to pull it out, but then it's fine.

The other is that the Enable Drag option indicates that you can (left) click anywhere on the guide window to move it. In actual practice, only clicking on the title bar moves the window. Either the window needs fixing or the Enable Drag tooltip. However, it is rather impossible to move without the title bar enabled.

I just pulled it off of Curse, if that makes a difference.

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Ah, I don't play with those

Ah, I don't play with those bars turned on so I didn't even think about that. I'll see about changing the default location.

As to your second point - technically you CAN click anywhere on the window to move it. The problem is, the rows containing the step items are on top of the window, and can't be clicked through (and have their own click functionality). You can still move the window without the titlebar, however, since I often play without the bar - you just need to grab the very edge of the window. Still, it's probably best if I change the tooltip. Thanks for pointing that out!

Missing steps

The problem seems to be the steps you have to manually check off to continue. I am also running into this.

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Hmmmm I think I know what's

Hmmmm I think I know what's happening here. savage, you are using the most recent version up on the git repository, not the compilation that's on WoW-Interface etc, right? I'll see about fixing this ASAP.

up to date

Yes, I am using the newest version on Git.