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This guide will cover the goblin starting zone, Kezan, and is Horde only. I will cover 100% of the quests in the zone. Please note that this is based on a play through of the BETA version of the zone. Things can and probably will change. I will do my best to maintain the accuracy of the quests and objectives until finalized in the live version.

Everything in this guide can be done solo unless I specifically state otherwise. This zone makes very heavy use of phasing as you progress through the zone. Be aware of this if you are trying to get a group for anything, as they may not be in the same phase as you are.

I will add coordinates to the guide once Blizzard allows for the use of addons in the beta realms.

I highly suggest you make use to the built-in quest tracking on the world map. I will describe as best I can where the NPCs and quest objectives are, but the objective tracking on the in game map will show you precisely where to go in most cases.

Please post and feedback, errors, or suggestions as comments.

Table of Contents

  1. Color Code
  2. Taking Care of Business

Color Code

  • Quests
  • Items
  • Locations
  • Quest objectives to kill
  • NPCs
  • Locs

Level 1

You'll start off inside your headquarters. As a trade prince/princess, you live in a "nice" house and also have assistants, who have all lined up to greet you.

1. Pick up your first quest - [1] Taking Care Of Business - from one of them, Sassy Hardwrench.

2. Head outside. You should see Foreman Dampwick down the path just a few feet, and to the left. Turn in your quest to him and pick up the follow ups:

3. Head down the hill to the east. In this area, right-click red Defiant Trolls to "adjust their attitudes" and kill Tunnel Worms inside the caves.

==Note== There is NOT an item to use for this quest, just right click the trolls to complete the objective!

4. Once you've completed both quests, go turn them in to Foreman Dampwick at the top of the hill (2 on the map).

You should be level 2 by now.

Pick up the follow up, [1] Kaja'Cola.

5. Head back down into the mining area where you just were (3 on the map). The Kaja'Cola looks like little soda cans. Pick them up until you have 5.

6. Return to Sassy (1 on the map) and turn in [1] Kaja'Cola.

-- NEW MAP --

1. Pick up all the quests:

2. Time for the best part of the entire starting zone: Your race car!



Put your race car's ignition key on an easily accessible button - we'll be using it to get around from now on.


First we're headed to the field. There are roads leading there, but that's no fun. Get ready for some off roading! As soon as you get out of the gate, turn left. We'll head right down the cliffs onto the field.

At Kajaro field you pick up Gobber for [3] Cruising, and turn in [3] Report For Tryouts.

Accept the follow-up, [3] The Replacements.

3. Now we're headed to the bank. Follow the road west from the field to get there, picking up parts along the way.


==Tip== You don't even need to leave your car to get the parts!

Enter the bank from the north, head inside, and turn in [3] Off to the Bank. Pick up the follow-up, [3] The New You.

--- NEW MAP ---

1. Next stop, Drudgetown. When heading into the area, you actually want to fall off the road into the nasty slum below. Find Frankie Gearslipper and beat him up.

2. Next head a little south and beat up Jack the Hammer.

3. Head east and beat up Sudsy Magee.

4. Finally, go north-east and beat up Bruno Flameretardant.

5. Make sure you have all the parts you need for [3] The Replacements. Head up to Kajaro Field and turn in the quest. Pick up the follow up, [3] Necessary Roughness.

It's time to experience the delightful goblin sport of Footbomb, where your objective is... pretty much to blow the other team up. You'll be teleported into a mech suit. Just spam your only ability and blow up the other mechs. If you accidentally dismount early, talk to the coach to get back into the mech.

When you complete that game, it's time to kick a field goal. Turn in [3] Necessary Roughness and pick up [3] Fourth And Goal.


Use your ability and aim the ball between the smoke stacks. The results may be surprising!

Turn in [3] Fourth And Goal and pick up [3] Give Sassy The Good News

You should be level 3 by now.

--- NEW MAP ---

1. Time to pick our party clothes and the rest of our friends. First stop, Szabo, to get our Hip New Outfit. Head west from the field to reach him.

2. Next we head north to Gappy Silvertooth for a Shiny Bling.

3. Around the block to the east is Missa Spekkies, who has our Cool Shades.

4. You'll find Ace to the northeast in a spotlight. Drive up to him and he'll hop in the car.

5. Finally, pick up Izzy on your way back to headquarters.

6. Back up the hill, and turn in all of your quests:

At this point you should also be able to access your first class quest. It's very simple, and just prompts you to train your level 3 skill. Complete it now.

Pick up [3] Life Of The Party. Put on your new outfit, it's time to entertain some guests!

This is a fun little mini game. Head to the south of your headquarters, and greet your party guests!


Follow the pictures above to match your action with the type of goblin you see. If a goblin has a heart above it's head, that means it is "partied out" and won't accept more actions.

Once you've entertained 15 of your guests, head back to Sassy Hardwrench and turn in the quest. Get the follow-up, [5] Pirate Party Crashers.

You should be level 4 by now.

Make sure to train your new skills!


Shamans, you can pick up your first totem now as well.

Back we go to the party area, this time to kill some Pirate Party Crashers. Once you've defeated 12, head back to Sassy again. she'll have a new quest for you, [5] An Uninvited Guest

Time to find out why Gallywix is causing you trouble! Head upstairs and turn in [5] An Uninvited Guest to Gallywix. Pick up the follow up, [5] A Bazillion Macaroons?!

Head outside and turn in the quest to Sassy, then collect all the quests:

  1. Hop in your car and head to the bank, running over looters on the way.
  2. Play the mini game and get your stuff back for [5] The Great Bank Heist.
  3. Get back in the car and head to the mine, and complete [5] Liberating The Kaja'mite
  4. Back to the starting building, turn in all three quests.
  5. Pick up .
  6. Head to Gallyqix's Villa and steal his stuff.
  7. Return to Sassy and turn in [5] Waltz Right In.
  8. Pick up [5] 447 from Sassy.
  9. Head inside your headquarters and prepare it for destruction, then destroy it!
  10. Turn in [5] 447 to the Claims Adjuster.
  11. Pick up [5] Life Savings from Sassy, and she'll drive you to the port.


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Anyone who wants to adopt

Anyone who wants to adopt this guide is welcome to do so. I just don't have time to update it :(

Lost Isles guide?

Is there a link to it that I'm missing?

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Unfortunately, the paper

Unfortunately, the paper version hasn't been written yet! However, there is an addon version (just as there is for almost every zone in the game), if you'd like to try it out - the link is in the top menu on every page of WoW-Pro :)

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Male/Female Kezan Starter Guide

I'm wondering if there will be two different Guides for male and female Goblins?

A few quests have different QIDs for the same quest, because some are given/finished by Candy Cane for male goblins and some are given/finished by Chip Endale for female goblins.

Life of party (from Candy Cane):
Life of party (from Chip Endale):

damn, I just wanted to start a female goblin guide ingame ... and BAM ...
final server shutdown of beta servers Sad

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Questobjective and phasing bug workaround

For the Quest: [1] Kaja'Cola you don't need to get back to the mining area.
Just turn it in at Sassy, because you get that Sixpack already by accepting that quest. Eye


To avoid the phasing bug on turning in the last Kezan quest: [5] Life Savings
you must do the following BEFORE you turn it in:

- delete your hearthstone
- open "Help request" dialog by hitting the red "?" button in your minibutton bar
- click "Unstuck character" (dont know exactly the buttons title, cause I'm @ work atm), then "Teleport to graveyard"
- while your character is now casting the teleport you have to turn in that last Quest

The game still freezes (for me) at this point, but after a few seconds you will see a loading screen.
Now I had to quit the game because the game didnt continue when the load progress bar reached the end, but after restarting the game, it continued with the cut sequence where you are lying on a raft and get reanimated.

The above workaround works for the Worgen bug too.

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Small quest changes

After the "Kaja'Cola" quest at Level 2, which the previous poster noted has changed, Sassy will give you the quest "Megs in Marketing". You just need to run outside and turn it in. You then get the keys for your ride. Smiling

The quest "Cruising" has been changed to "Rolling with my Homies". You must complete this quest before you can get the next three quests. (Report for Tryouts, Do It Yourself, Off to the Bank)

A minor thing, after accepting "Necessary Roughness" I wasn't teleported into the mech, I had to jump in. No biggie, but thought I'd note it anyway. lol. Laughing out loud

Another great guide!

Things I never thought I'd say...

"Don't stretch your brother's face like that!"
"Pointed sticks are NOT toys, regular sticks are fine."

Things I never thought I'd say...

"Your brother is not a dog! Get that leash off of him!"

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Awww, they make you complete

Awww, they make you complete Rolling with my Homies before the others now? Lame sauce.

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Latest Patch

The latest patch on the betaservers fixed the above issue.
So there is no need for that workaround anymore.

Haven't checked Worgen yet, but i'll do right it now. Smiling

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Thanks for the in-depth

Thanks for the in-depth workaround! Should help people who are testing the guides! Laughing out loud

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Jiyambi! You got your key!

Jiyambi! You got your key! \o/

Quick note, as I was looking over the guide... The horn on the race car does actually do something. If you use it, goblins in your path will move away.

It doesn't seem to actually make any difference though, and watching them go flying as you plow through 'em is kinda fun Laughing out loud

Note #2... from what I could tell, the friends you pick up on "Cruising" will assist in combat, including in "Do It Yourself." A newer player might find those friends helpful; however, I don't think it was particularly necessary to use them.

Note #3... "Life of the Party"... the guests also have a buff on them that shows what they want. It matches the icons on the buttons you have. This may help for those who zoom their cameras out.

I'll give the guide a run-through... overall, the new zones are extremely well-done in regards to quest flow. Guides are becoming almost redundant.

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They are, at this point I

They are, at this point I wouldn't use a paper guide honestly. However I will definitely still use the addon - for the order of doing things, not having to read quest text or even open my map.

Still, the guides can be helpful for people who are brand new to the game Smiling

Anyways... Note #1 - I thought it might wasn't sure.

Note #2 - I noticed this, I'll add a note when I have time Smiling

Note #3 - I did not know that! Will add a note.

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"Guides are becoming almost

"Guides are becoming almost redundant."

"Still, the guides can be helpful for people who are brand new to the game"

They are VERY helpful in mitigating cognitive disability as well. Without these guides(paper NOT addon!) the last couple of years would have been miserable for me. I can honestly say that without them, I most likely would not have continued to play WoW.

I'm a bit distraught at the small number of non-addon guides. While the quest flow is definitely easier to follow, I still get lost in-game quite often. These guides and accompanying pictures and maps were such a help, especially for finding the not-so-obvious quests and item drops that started quests. I came here looking for a guide to try out for the beta Tirisfal Glades area.

I wish I could help with writing the guides but I'm dealing with no sense of direction in-game as well as memory issues. Unfortunately I'm one of the ones who needs them.

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Val - there aren't many

Val - there aren't many addon guides for the beta yet either.

One thing I'm hoping that the recorder will allow us to do is to much more easily make both addon guides AND "paper" guides. It makes addon guides easier for obvious reasons, but it really helps get an initial order, set of quest and NPC names, and coordinates down in basically an outline format for writing a paper guide.

I know everyone really wants all the beta guides done ASAP, and we're working on it (okay mostly other people are working on it, at the moment I'm very busy and can mostly only be the core addon/website person and not really produce content). With the recorder, it is my hope we'll be able to get everything ready by release, or at least MOST things ready by release.

Thanks for you patience, and thank you for sharing one more way that the guides here are awesome Smiling I try to think about things from all perspectives, but the truth is I'm pretty darn privileged, and I don't always remember to think about those with disabilities such as yourself.

I'm curious, is there anything that would allow you to use the addon successfully? Or do you just prefer the paper guides in general? Let me know, I'd like to make it accessible to everyone Smiling

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Nice guide! I will test it

Nice guide! I will test it as soon as I'm done with its worgen counterpart. Smiling

The NPC name Szabo by the way literally means Tailor in the hungarian language. Laughing out loud