Free Image Software?

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Question, does anyone know where to get some free image software?

I have Fireworks but it's a 6year old version and isn't all that great in it's compatability with Windows 7. Ideally free as that's my budget atm Sticking out tongue And not photoshop as I hate it with an immense passion! :@

I've checked around myself but can't find anything that lives up to Fireworks in any way shape or form... I'm at a loss Sad

Any suggestions would be appriciated, I'll try somethign I've already tried if you can convince me it's great Sticking out tongue (that does not include photoshop though Sticking out tongue)



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Hi Skumball! GIMP is what I

Hi Skumball!

GIMP is what I use. I have no idea how it compares to this "Fireworks" you speak of, but it is sort of considered the open source version of photoshop.

I even have a guide here on WoW-Pro for how to get and use GIMP, at least very basically, and examples of one of the site's most common image types: making a map! It's not the most intuitive software to work with but I've found that it gets the job done for what I want to do, anyways.

The guide can be found here.

Hope that helps!

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Ahaah yes GIMP, totally

Ahaah yes GIMP, totally forgot about that one Smiling It was ok when I last used it but nothing special. Will check it out though again to see what's new with it n all that.