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Hi guys, I am Wkjezz, and I have been a memeber of wow-pro for 3 and a half years. Some of you may remember or have seen my BC Gold acquisition guide.

I have some exciting news to share with you.

After a few messages back and forward between myself and Jiyambi, not to mention scaring her a little bit

"At 0:32 it looks like there is a giant demonic totoro in the background. I'm afraid. Also, I feel famous :D"

I have started work on a video accompaniment to the levelling addon.

Obviously full work on this will not go into effect until Cataclysm goes live, however, for now you can get a feel for my style at the following link


However, many questions flood my mind. I would appreciate comments, and suggestions on the following.

When Cataclysm goes live, should I showcase the addon using:

Horde or Alliance; My choice will obviously be Worgen or Goblin; as I feel this will have the most original content.

I will also create a poll so you can simply cast a vote instead of wasting words on me Laughing out loud

Good Hunting!


Netherstorm Guide

The quest "Shutting Down Manaforge B'naar" once again requires you to complete the event to shut down the Manaforge.

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Is this on Scryer or Aldor

Is this on Scryer or Aldor side?

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The intro seems a bit long. Perhaps show the "title" part of it to begin with, then show the "thanks" (the credits) at the end. It does work fine as it is, though Smiling

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Part One

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Definitely want to note that

Definitely want to note that this walkthrough is for a windows install.

Also, you may want to mention that our addon IS available from WoW Interface and/or curse's downloader tool, so users can get automatic updates and easy installation for the technologically disinclined.

Overall, though, very very nice presentation and explanation for people using the basic method for installing addons. Thanks very much for making it, look forward to more. Now, on to watching part two!

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Part Two

Is currently uploading and should be available within an hour of posting this thread


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Part two was definitely a

Part two was definitely a bit more "rambly". While the witty banter was amusing, it might be better to fast-forward or just cut out most of the plainstrider killing and travel - leaving enough that the viewer gets the idea of how the addon works. Again, just a suggestion, it's looking great as is Smiling

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Yeah, I agree

Yes, Im definitely going to do that revision. I was in a rush yesterday as I had to go have a wisdom tooth extracted... UGH..... no more videos for me for a while without a cup to catch the drools ><

Thanks for the feedback


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Ah, that sucks! I got lucky

Ah, that sucks! I got lucky with mine, had to get em removed but they weren't impacted or anything so it was a pretty simple procedure.

Anyways... Thanks again for making the videos, they are a great start Smiling