Javascript and full HTML possible?

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Would it be possible to add Javascript and enable it to work in our guides and content here on the site? At least adding the functionality would be a good tool in my eyes.
Obviously with this though tehre would have to be certain restrictions on it for our user's secuirity, perhaps allowing Javascript could be implemented for user ranks 2 and above? once they have shown themselves willing participants on the site and that their intentions are purely related to this? I say this as if it's open to all ranks, people could spam make accounts, post a new guide, and have the scripting contain enough junk to royall screw them sideways, oh the joys of bot-programmers >.<


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Realized I never responded

Realized I never responded to this.

Unfortunately I know nothing about what support can or can't be added to the site. Neither does Jame really, actually - that was something Snowflake took care of.

I've contacted Jame recently about the issues with the rankings. He's forwarded my message to Snowflake, so hopefully I can be in contact with her soon and get that fixed and talk about possible site upgrades. Or (best of all) maybe she can direct me to a place where I can learn how to deal with all of this myself.

Anyway, your request has not fallen on deaf ears but it may be a while before we can explore the possibility of adding support for it.

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After digging into the

After digging into the options, I've found that I can enable Filtered HTML, Full HTML, and PHP for some member ranks. I'm not sure I can add support for Javascript, though.

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I enabled full HTML for

I enabled full HTML for ranks Revered and above. I don't know if that will allow Javascript or not - I know that the filtered HTML input does not allow it.

Go ahead and experiment and see how it works, let me know if you'd like me to try and change anything. Note that I don't think you can currently use BBCode along with the unfiltered HTML - I'd have to make a new input type for that, and I'd rather wait until I hear how the current one is working.

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Thanks Jiya, never had any

Thanks Jiya, never had any limitations or problems with HTML use in the past on here, but I'll give it all a try and see what's new Smiling
I think Javascript may be going a little beyond most people to use in their guides, and it does have it's risks (hence the rank appropriate suggestion), but if basic show/hide scripts or small functions could be used, then I think it would also be a great basis for people to start understanding it.
I'm not versed in PHP so I can't comment, but it's a good opportunity to learn it Sticking out tongue

Just my thoughts, and I'll let you know how it all works out in testing Smiling

Much appriciated Jiya thanks Smiling