Cataclysm Cinematic...

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I'm disappointed in it tbh. Ok teh graphical work they have come up with is pure awesome, but that doesn't translate to awesone cinematics. It's kinda dull, lacks depth, and revolves oh... Big fiery dragon who goes rawr n sounds like a chipmunk after puberty! Oh, and fire... Normally this would be AWESOMEOMFGEPIC, but it's just not in my eyes. It could have been so much better!

The actual game and what's to come... I'm hooked and in awe. Cannot wait!
Cinematic... Wrath one was better... As was TBC also... Wrath still the best though.

Anyway, what are everyones thoughts on the cinematic?


P.S. Oh, and as an added bonus we get rid of Sindragosa off the login screen, stupoid rawr sounds n cartoon looking thing... WTB SOMETHING AWESOME PL0X! Let's hope it is... Sticking out tongue


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I don't know what it is

I don't know what it is tbh... The actual cinematic itself is very good, great visualisations and everyone loves big fiery badass dragons stomping round n destroying everything, myself included.

I know though, that even on the 5,743rd time that I watch the Wrath cinematic, my hair will still stand on end. It's the perfect combination of environment, activity, heartfelt emotion, music, stunning graphics, and pure epicness. I watch it and as my hair rises my jaw drops. Every time, still!

Me and my mate were drinking at mine last night n he got a text saying the cinematic was up, so we had to check it out (naturally ofc we had too Sticking out tongue )! Both of our reactions was actually "Haha, Deathwing rampage... lol".

Great cinematic, but the Wrath one made me 'feel' it more.


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To be honest...

I think this cinematic is one of the best. To see Deathwing perched aloft Stormwind, destroying Auberdine, and the Dam in Dorf country was great!! (I may be Biased)

I'm not sure if you have read the Wowwiki article on Deathwing, but seeing the Twilight Hammer clan making DW's armour and being smacked to their death by a less than patient Deathwing is great to see. He hates all things mortal, but will tolerate them if it serves as an advantage, promptly dispatching of them when they expend their usefulness.

The one thing I don't like though is Deathwing's voice. WoW LK was generic bad guy voice (Which is a shame as it sounded cool in WC3), DW is once again generic bad guy voice..... Darth Vader without Asthma anyone?

LK's cinematic was meh though.

One thing I will say, we REALLY REALLY need a gnome being punted (Sorry Jame) in a Cinematic Sticking out tongue


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Hah! I agree, get Sindy the

Hah! I agree, get Sindy the heck off there!

Honestly, I really enjoyed the cinematic. I do agree that the pacing seemed very... off. But, I got to see Deathwing flying around burninating things, and that makes me so very pleased. Arthas never really inspired me as a villain - he just sort of sat up in his tower sticking his tongue out at us all expansion.

Deathwing... Deathwing is a force of nature, he's FREAKING HUGE, he's constantly leaving you with the feeling of OMGWTFI'MGONNADIE!!!! I just absolutely love it, and any cinematic featuring him being bad ass and destroying things is a winning one for me.