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One huge contributing factor to being neat when writing blogs or web pages, is being consistent and often simple.

As many of you may have noticed I have recent re applied a new banner to all of my in date guides to offer a more uniform and un-imposing look, especially as they are on the front page of the website when they are new.

Jiyambi has taken a shining to this and has adopted a similar design. So for you entertainment I have created this short tutorial on how to adapt this into your guide should you so wish.

Getting Started
Although the original design was made using MS Paint (yep.. i went there) I will adapt this concept using one of Wow-pro's programs of choice Gimp

To download Gimp, open your browser of choice and visit website Http:// and follow the download links and install the version for your Operating system.

Download the Template
I have made a template file to make this easier and quicker for you to do. You can download this here.

Right Click on this Link and Save As

Editing the Template
The first thing we want to do is open our file with gimp. By default the file is called tempforguide.xcf; though you may have renamed this when you downloaded it.

Upon opening the file you should see something like this:

This doesn't look very much like a good template does it? Well, Let's start editing. What you want to do now is go back to gimp, and select:

File > New

You should see a new window open in gimp.
The dimensions I used in the template are 500x185, a bit smaller than my original, but that is me being fussy. Go ahead and use 490 x 185 for the new image. For now we will let this rest, we will come back to this

Now you want to select an image for your guide. I want to write a guide on Pandas today, so I am going to find an image of a panda on the internet (be sure it isn't copyright protected) So using the image category on a search engine (I use yahoo) I type in PANDA and find an image I like. I download this image to my hard drive by right clicking on the image, and selecting Save Image As (most browsers have an option like this)

Here is the image I want to use:

Now open your new image up with GIMP (this should make a 3rd window of gimp)

FILE > OPEN > Select your chosen File

Once this image opens; select all by holding down the CTRL button and then pressing A.

It should look like a bunch of ants are patrolling around your picture. Now you want to hit


Go to the blank 490x185 GIMP window we created earlier. Now do the following


If done properly it ought to look something like this:

Now you need to reposition, resize and or crop your image. The simplest way to do this is using the scale tool.

Then it is just a case of dragging the side or corner points on your image to fit. Once you have done this you should see a pop up box appear. It will have the word SCALE on a button, once you are happy, select scale.


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Awesome guide is Awesome, as

Awesome guide is Awesome, as always Smiling

Nice one Wkjezz!

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I was going to use this...

But it might be just a bit TOO silly Sticking out tongue


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Hahahahahahahahaha OMG


OMG there is so much win in that.

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Bastard! I can't stop

Bastard! I can't stop laughing! Sticking out tongue
Epic sir.


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My work here... is done

My work here... is done


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Wkjezz... your avatar

Wkjezz... your avatar inspired a twitter fest of 80s and 90s cartoon songs... thanks to Keeva from Tree Bark Jacket. Just thought you should know that you've inspired more than your yearly allotment of shenanigans this morning...

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I LOVED trapdoor

growing up, and I LOVE this remix, you might like it

And here is a pic you might like, my your avatar vs my avatar; lulz

Trapdoor Remix


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Hahah! Win! :D

Hahah! Win! Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud

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Video Support

Youtube is being a big silly right now; so I have temporarily removed the video embed until it sorts itself out.