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Following a private correspondence I got via Facebook regarding my recent work flow on the site I felt the need to establish my stand point regarding my recent productivity on the website. I am not going to mention names, as the message was actually polite, albeit negative, and I love constructive feedback. Following now is the reply message I sent, and I wanted to publish this so that if others feel the same way as this individual who contacted me they can maybe see my motives more clearly.

"I admit I've been on a Surge lately and have submitted a large quantity of guides. It is my best intention to try and do as much as I can to help keep the site fresh and up to date with content.

and yes, I have had a monopoly on the front page this week, but I can guarantee that was not my motive nor my intention.

These are all ideas and guides I have wanted to do for some time, but have either held off from, or been gathering solid information to construct. Recently I have had some down time and spent some time away from the game and visiting family I have not seen much in the last 8 years as I was in the states.

There isn't much going on in rural land and we don't have TV out here, so I have taken a liking to producing these guides at the same time as listening to music on the internet etc.

I first used Wow-pro over 4 years ago, never signing up as a member until about 6 months later. Jame's guides and support team have been inspiring, (Snowflake then Jiyambi leading the charge)

Recently I had noticed a little rust in the content in places, as did Skumball and Jiyambi and I really wanted to do my part to help.

Skum and Jiyambi have been knocking the rust off very well, but normally when you knock rust, it leaves a hole. I have been trying to drop right behind the purge with my new guides as a sort of filler and to give people new stuff to read.

There have been many great guide writers in the midst of Jame and Wow-pro and two of my favorites have been Eric and Maw.

With Cataclysm coming out it is my hope that we have content on offer that other places do not. We were the one of the first sites to have an up to date Justice Point conversion post as well as the only site I know of that is simultaneously developing addons for Live and Beta versions of the game at the same time.

Above all else, our community is sound. Alakhazam and Thottbot were the original 2 MMO monster sites, and their non lackluster moderation of the user comments made way for the likes of Wowhead to come along and lead the way. Even recently Wowhead has somewhat let the moderation loosen up a bit, that make it is so nice to come on to wow-pro and see there is little negativity at all.

We all came to wow pro because we wanted to improve, either by leveling, making gold or understanding Scarlet Monastery (that was my introduction, Game's Scarlet Monastery guide). And many of us have improved and have had the desire to teach.

In essence I will be slowing down in guide production now as I have covered all but 1 topic I have lots of ideas on."

So fear not, I am not trying to take over the web site, just trying to bolster it's presence Smiling



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So we're now being

So we're now being criticised for publishing stuff to help people out? Awesome >.<

I wanna say this... I've taken an interest in bringing the site up to date with Cataclysm and all of it's content, I'd hate to see the community which helped me and gave me so much fade away because it didn't have accurate up to date information. I spoke to Jiyambi about this over a period of weeks and we've finally done it. So that's that... As for Wkjezz having the monopoly on the front page, AWESOME! His stuff is greatly useful, well presented, and very well thought out. You want someone else to have the monopoly on the front page? It will be me soon - I have 7 or 8 rather large guides coming. If you want more users to have their say on the front page, they need to write guides! That's what Wkjezz has done, what I'm doing, and whateveryone else has done in the past. The only reason Wkjezz beat me to it is because I'm still working on my guides due to the scope of the projects I'm undertaking.

If someone wants to critisize for being a good help, *censored* off! Wkjezz has contributed alot of great content over the past few days, and has also helped out in ways you don't see or even know!

Bottom line is without people like him the site would be dead. End of. So think before you comment.

And Wkjezz, keep up the good work dude! It's greatly appriciated by the right people Smiling

Next thing will be Jiya getting critised for looking after the site and help keep it going while Jame has other commitments... /facepalm. The sheer level of some people's stupidity astounds me.


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What he said. x2

What he said. x2 Smiling

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What he said!

Things I never thought I'd say...

"Your brother is not a dog! Get that leash off of him!"

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It's not nothing to be too

It's not nothing to be too worried about, I mean, I sort of understood the point being made, and it wasn't met with any offence, I just felt compelled to throw in my 2 cents.

To produce nearly 10 guides in a month you might think... is there any quality in it, but i am a nerd with wow, I have a note pad that I pencil my ideas down, especially when running new content. For my Abyssal Maw and Caverns preview I spent about 3 hours one day with my note pad reading comments and publications on other sites.

Oh wells, I must be off, I have a concert I am participating in tonight, I gotta get my instrument tuned up and everything Laughing out loud



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Hah, being criticized for

Hah, being criticized for being to helpful. In a way I understand the commenter's feelings, whoever they were, as perhaps feeling overwhelmed or intimidated by the speed and volume with which you were producing content. And seeing a website of "all wkjezz, all the time" would be a little too much awesome for me to handle Eye Luckily that's NOT the case, and we have LOTS of awesome contributors. You guys can't all see the work in progress guides, but I can (yes kayeich, I'm a naughty naughty admin!). I know there are many high quality guides in the works by many authors, not to mention those already on the site.

And I understand wkjezz's position as well. When I first started becoming active here on WoW-Pro, I was worried people might think I was too big for my britches, so to speak, when I left comments everywhere - even though I was trying to be helpful. Luckily Jame is awesome and supported me all the way - hopefully I can do the same for you and any other user who gets in that situation!

I only wish I had time to write more guides like I used to, but managing the website and the addon seem to take up most of my WoW-Pro time these days.

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FOr the next 2 weeks if you see some guides posted by this fella

It's not me



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See, now that's just silly

See, now that's just silly Eye