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Item and Ability enhancement has been around in World of Warcraft since day one and has steadily evolved into a massive core part of developing your character. Every single primary crafting profession has involved in this in some way:

  • Tailors - Leg Enhancement
  • Leather Workers - Leg Enhancements (and other armor kits earlier on)
  • Blacksmiths - Temporary weapon modifiers, Extra gem sockets, Weapon Chains
  • Alchemists - Weapon modifiers (earlier content)
  • Enchanters - Largest contributor of general gear enhancement
  • Jewel Crafters - Sockets and Trinkets
  • Engineers - Non statistic enchants (now stacks with enchanting)
  • Scribes - Redefining spell books and personal shoulder enchants

And that is just a general over view. As of Patch 4.0.1 raised the stakes once more and introduced a new way of itemization enhancements, independent of skill or professions. Welcome to Reforging

What is Reforging? In a nutshell Reforging is a new game mechanic that allows you to reduce a statistic on your gear, and then gives you a choice of another statistic that you can replace it with.

Sounds simple; and I am sure the gears are turning in your head right now. However, there are a few ground rules you need to know.

What Stats can I change
You can change any secondary statistic on an item, and replace it with a new secondary statistic that does not already exist on that item.

A secondary statistic is the inbuilt enchantment on that item, or in simple language, the green text:

As you can see the item I have exampled has haste on it, however you have decided you would like to have a bit more Critical rating instead. With reforging you can do exactly that.

Are there any limitations?
There are a few limitations you do need to be aware of when reforging your gear. The first is the weight of the reforge. You can not take that 52 haste and turn it into 52 critical, you will only be able to reforge 40% of that value. So in theory you would be able to get 21 critical, leaving 31 haste as part of the original stat.

The second limitation is you can on reforge one stat on an item at a time. Don't panic though, as you can reforge an item as many times as you like, but you have to reset it's original state before you do so.

Where can I Reforge?

As of 4.0.1 Arcane Reforger was the generic NPC introduced to all major cities with the exception of Shatrath City, Darnassus and Exodar. Looking at the beta information they may individualize the mobs a little more. They can be found by the enchanting trainers.














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Aaaand another one: "You can

Aaaand another one:
"You can swap any of the following stats with one another, providing it doesn't double stack" <-- This one is just nitpicking and could just be my own personal opinion, but I don't think saying 'double stacking' is quite clear for a newbie.

Specifically, I'd state that:
"You can swap any of the following stats with one another, provided the stat that you wish to add through reforging does not already exist on that item."

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I'd also like to add two

I'd also like to add two more comments:
1) Should have a picture of the reforging menu, showing the two boxes on the reforging side.

2) Go a little over how to actually do the reforging (and would cover having a picture of the reforging menu). While I found it common sense...I actually have noticed people asking loudly near reforgers for people to explain to them how to get it to work.

They eventually get that it's just a drag and drop type deal, but just that they felt the need to ask in the first place brings me to suggesting you go over the process of it.

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Your picture for

Your picture for primary/secondary is incorrect. While you correctly labeled spirit as a secondary stat in the text portion, in the pic you've included it as one of the primary stats (it's the -one- stat that is still considered secondary despite showing up in the primary stat section)

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I disagree with the observation in part on "Double Stacking" being a terminology issue as I said what "double stacking" was in the above paragraph, thought I did reword it a little seems as that might be upsetting for people that have a chronic Wendy's addiction

Nice pick up on spirit, as you know my main is a pally healer and spirit is something I wish to try and pretend never made it's merry way into our repertoire (even if it is completely different in its function now, spirit still feels like a dirty word Sad )

As for showing the windows... I debated and debated and decided not to on purpose. I wanted this to really be an FAQ more than a guide; as much to say a Where to go and what does it do. And these are questions ive seen pop up the most in trade/forums albeit somewhat adapted to fit the broader category.

I did have the a bit featuring the trade window up there at some point, but it didn't look right being there to me; oddly enough; maybe it's because I worded it oddly, I will revise that draft soon maybe.

At one point I started getting neck deep into mastery and going off on each of the 30 mastery effects... but then decided not only do I not want to write that guide, it doesn't gel in with the FAQ nature of this piece.


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*nods* Masteries would

*nods* Masteries would probably be better handled by class guides.

As for Spirit being a dirty word, I personally don't think it's so dirty compared to Intellect due to a comic involving stacking +Int. =)

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i may have seen it... i have

i may have seen it...

i have deeeeeeeeep issues with spirit (almost as deep as my issues leveling a dk). my main alt is a detro lock. I had glyph of life tap that used to generate spirit with a talent that drew sp. from spirit when life tapping, it was all sexy:( now is gone. worse still, guess what trink I farmed for weeks to get... 1 clue; sarth 3d (10)


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Yah, mastery would warrant

Yah, mastery would warrant it's own guide, doesn't belong in this one.

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