Regarding spam stuff

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Out of curiosity, how is the spam getting through? Are member blogs not forced to go through the moderation queue thing for new members?


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Final Update

1) Blogs are trusted member and above. I think this is okay - they can be an earned privilege.

2) Guides can be worked on by any authenticated user, but can only be freely published by Trusted Members and above. New members can leave a comment or send a PM to an admin to get their guide published. Need to add documentation for this (curses, more documentation)

3) Abandoned guides may now be edited by anyone, going along with the idea of them being abandoned. Previously the settings were no different from Finished. Only admins, moderators, and the author can change them back to finished - so if the author comes back, he or she can change the guide back and regain control of it.

4) As stated before, Exalted member permissions are now (hopefully) set correctly).

Please let me know if any of this is NOT working as outlined here, those settings menus are scary places and I could have easily made a mistake.

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It sounds perfect!

It sounds perfect!

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Okay, update of what the

Okay, update of what the permissions are currently set to.

1) Members cannot create blog posts. Trusted and above can.

2) Members CAN create guides. Often spammers are too stupid to hit "finished" so these often don't get through anyway. Until I can find a way to make some sort of moderation option, I'll probably leave it as is.

3) Exalted members can no longer edit or delete guides, but you should be able to rearrange them, etc. I think.

Possible improvements:
--I can change things so that setting a guide to "Finished" does not automatically publish it. Basically, I could make it so that a user would need to request permission to publish the guide via a comment on the guide. Then a moderator or admin would have to go through and publish the guide. But I don't think there's a way for this to only apply to some users - it would apply to EVERYONE, because I'd just be changing the basic way the "finished" setting works.

I shall investigate further, but I think that would be our only option with the current decrepit drupal installation and my noobish admin skills, and would probably be way more trouble than it's worth.

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AHAHAHA! I found it! I can

AHAHAHA! I found it!

I can make the finished option unavailable to anyone below Trusted Member status.

This way users can create guides but can't publish them without getting approval. To get approval they simply need to post a comment on their guide, I (or a mod) will see that right away and head over there to publish it.

I ALSO found an awesome setting for Abandoned guides - they can now be edited by anyone Trusted or above, so all we have to do to make an old guide editable is to change it to abandoned setting!

I am pleased with myself. Sorry it took me so long to figure out - the admin side of things is a rats nest of settings.

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Busy girl!

Nice work Jiya!

All these "little things" add up to big awesome for the site!

Things I never thought I'd say...

"Your brother is not a dog! Get that leash off of him!"

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I think that you're probably

I think that you're probably right that limiting blogs would be more than enough. Every single of those spam entries was a blog at the very least. Don't recall ever seeing a spam guide.

Good job as always =)

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True, but once in a while

True, but once in a while one does slip through. I think my solution (above) should be okay.

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Out of curiosity... What

Out of curiosity... What spam are we on about?

I'll see if tehre's a way to block bots its we can narrow it down to that... If It's Wkjezz's guides though, tehres nothing I can do about that though I'm afraid, we just have to put up with it Sticking out tongue


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Heh. It's gone right now,

Heh. It's gone right now, Jiyambi (I'm assuming it's her) has been catching it pretty fast, but both yesterday and today, there's been some occassional blogs getting posted by 'members' that are spam posts, linking to random junk and such.

I just found it surprising to see, as I would have figured that since they had no karma points, they would have to go through the moderation queue, and was wondering if blogs were not set up for that queue, hence why it was getting through.

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Both blogs and guides do not

Both blogs and guides do not have a queue. How oh how I wish they did, but there is no way for me to set that Sad Basically I could make it so new members who aren't trusted yet can't post guides... which means they'd have to earn the minimum 5 karma points commenting before they could post.

I'm actually thinking that might be good. Pretty much everyone I can think of who has posted guides here has commented a few times first anyway. You only need 3-5 comments to get up to that point.

What do you guys think?

PS. I got some of those spam posts, but wkjezz caught two of them before I could Eye However, I don't think exalted members are actually *supposed* to be able to edit other people's guides, so I may need to take away that newfound power - as useful as it's been! Since there's no screening process for Exalted member status other than pure point total, it's probably not a good idea to have that rank able to edit or delete guides willy nilly.

wkjezz and Skum will qualify for moderator soon anyways, at which time they'll be able to do those things.

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I went ahead and pushed

I went ahead and pushed through these changes for now. I want to get feedback from people, though - I can always change it back.

What I really don't want to do is discourage new members from posting guides. But 5 karma points seems pretty easy to get from comments, and pretty impossible for spammers to get.

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I don't think it's

I don't think it's unreasonable to ask for someone to give a few comments before before posting a guide.

That said, a suggestion assuming it's feasible (it might very well not be as I'm not sure how drafts/guides are related for permission):

Given that administrators are able to view drafts, perhaps allow new members to work on the draft version of their guide and then they can post on the forum in the "Guide Discussion" thread saying that they are working on such a guide when they're ready to post it, ie switch it from Work In Progress status to Finished.

Given writing a guide would give them enough points to reach Trusted Member status in the first place (well, probably), that's sort of a moderation queue right there.

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Can members still create and

Can members still create and work on the content (guides), without publishing it? If so, then I agree with the change.

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Actually this is NOT the

Actually this is NOT the case... that's the problem.

If it WAS the case, if it was just a moderation queue, there'd be no question.

But drupal will not let me have a moderation queue for anything but comments. I HATE it. I can control whether they can make new nodes, or NOT make new nodes - not whether they can publish things or not. At least, not in the current set-up, and I'm still pretty new to drupal. I'm going to root around some more after this and see if I can get the permissions to be any more granular, but I doubt I'll be able to.

But as it is we're getting 5+ spam messages a day. I can get rid of them fairly quickly, faster once we get some more moderators - but they will still be there for a while, up to a day if I'm really busy and haven't checked in as often.

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Yes but before it gets fully

Yes but before it gets fully published it had to be approved by a mod first.
Jiya according to mod page exalted's shouldn't be able to edit othyer people's guide, though I have seen the option since the promotion.
I'll provide more info and sensible feedback when I sober up and am in a reasonable state... Not likely considering it's F1 tomorrow and according to my uber amazing shaman friend (ill pick his brains for some awesome shaman tips one cata is underway and he can eb bothered sharing the info... even though we drink and theorycraft almost every other night...) tomorrow is also gameday... Don't expect sense til tuesday at least =P-Skum
icant typze (:

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gnomes need little blue

gnomes need little blue pill. fact. (jame will return 1 day with ban hammers upon my head to that one)